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The Strange Mystery of Sarah Joe

On February 19, 1979, five men from the Hawaiian island of Maui – Benjamin Kalama, Ralph Malaiakini, Scott Moorman, Patrick Woesner, and Peter Hanchett—went on a fishing trip on a vessel called the “Sarah Joe”. The boat and its crew all vanished after a terrible storm hit the area. It would seem obvious that the five men probably got lost at sea and drowned, but things got really weird in 1988 when pieces of the “Sarah Joe” were found on an island over 2000 miles away.An unmarked shallow grave was also found on the island where the remains of Scott Moorman were buried under a pile of rocks.

However, no trace of the other four men was found, so if they were the ones who buried him, what happened to them afterward? And if they didn’t bury him, then who did? To make things even weirder, this island had apparently already been searched a couple years beforehand and no one found the pieces of the Sarah Joe or the grave at that time. The fate of the four other missing men and the mystery of how Scott Moorman was buried remains unsolved.

Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased by tales, so is the other.
--Francis Bacon

The Dyatlov Pass

The Dyatlov Pass is located in the Ural Mountains of Western Russia.

On February 2, 1959, 9 experienced ski hikers died under extremely strange and somewhat frightening circumstances.

At the point of their disappearance, the goal of the ill-fated expedition was to reach Otorten, a mountain that was approximately 6 miles away.

The unfortunate hikers never reached their destination, and chillingly enough, the word “Otorten” translated from Mansi (indigenous peoples in the area) language, means “Mountain of the dead men.”

The expedition originally began with ten hikers, and it was led by a 23-year-old man named Igor Dyatlov.There were eight men and two women.


The two women on the expedition were Zinaida Kolmogorova and Lyudmila Dubinina, and the other men were Alexander Kolevatov, Rusterm Slobodin, Yuri Krivonischenko, Yuri Doroshenko, Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle, Alexander Zolotarev, and Yuri Yudin.

The hikers were students or recent graduates of Ural Polytechnic Institute, which has since been renamed Ural State Technical University, of which, Boris Yeltsin is an alumni.

On the morning of January 27, 1959, the group left Vizhai to begin their trek.Vizhai is the northernmost inhabited settlement in the region. 

On January 28th, one of the hikers, Yuri Yudin, fell ill and had to turn back.This turned out to be a life-saving turn of events for Mr. Yudin, as he is the sole survivor of the doomed expedition.

Remaining members of the exbidition recorded the days afterward with diaries and cameras.On January 31, the group began to climb.

On February 1st, the hikers reached Kholat Syakhl, the mountain pass that has since been renamed “Dyatlov Pass” since the incident occurred.

When they reached the pass, their plan was to cross over and set-up camp on the other side.

Weather conditions worsened, a snowstorm ensued, and the hikers lost their direction due to decreasing visibility.

In the confusion of being lost, the group discovered that they had hiked to nearly the top of the mountain pass, so they decided to pitch camp where they were, and head out the next day.They never made it past this point.

It was decided beforehand that Igor Dylatov was to send a telegraph on February 12th to the group’s sports club as soon as they reached Vizhai upon their return.

February 12th came and went, with no communication from the hikers.

Most people were not alarmed because delays are not uncommon for expeditions – besides, they were nine experienced and capable hikers.

The families of the hikers became increasingly concerned in the days that followed.

On February 20th, the Ural Polytechnic Institute formed a rescue party consisting of students, and faculty – to no avail. 


Eventually, police and army forces mounted a full-scale official search and rescue party for the nine missing hikers

Finally, on February 26, 1959, the exhibition party was discovered.Their camp was abandoned and their tent had been ripped apart from the inside out.

Some of the bodies of the hikers were found strewn across the slope a short distance away.Others were found farther away, buried beneath the snow in a ravine.

Some of the hikers were found wearing ripped pieces of clothing that were torn off of other hikers who had died before them, some were missing a shoe or a sock, and some of them were shown to have high doses of radioactive contamination on their clothing.

Their bodies showed no visible signs of wounds, yet one of the women was missing her tongue, and autopsies revealed that Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle endured fatal skull damage, and the bodies of Alexander Zolotarev, and Lyudmila Dubinina had been fatally struck with a force that can only be compared to a car crash.

The rest of the expedition died of exposure (hypothermia).


The first guess as to what might have happened to the group was perhaps nearby Mansi peoples had attacked them.

However, no footprints except for those of the hikers was found in the snow in and around the camp.

The Mansi attack theory, any other human attack theory, was dismissed when it was revealed that the blows to the bodies of the three injured victims had been too strong to be perpetrated by human beings , and there was no soft tissue damage nor any signs of hand-to-hand combat.


The case was officially closed in 1959, the files were secretly archived, and a few photocopies were finally made available more than 30 years later in the early 1990s.

The verdict of the inquest into the mysterious disappearance was that that the hikers died of a “compelling unknown force.”

A journalist by the name of Yuri Yarovoi published a fictionalized account inspired by the mysterious events of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

The book, published in 1967, is called Of the Highest Rank of Complexity .

Yaravoi completed extensive research for his novel, and he attempted to released several previous versions, but they were both declined due to censorship.

Yaravoi died in 1980, and all of his research has since vanished.

Lev Ivanov was one of the police officials who led the case.Ivanov had previously published an article in 1990 where he wrote about receiving reports of strange spherical shapes in the sky during the time of the incident.


We will all, someday, experience death, and become obsolete as a dead leaf falling from a tree, crushed by passersby to ashes underlying the earth.
--Kim Elizabeth

The Missing Sodder Children

At about midnight on Christmas Eve, 1945 in Fayette, West Virginia, Jennie (also ‘Jeanie’) Sodder was awakened by her phone ringing. On answering it a woman asked for a man whose name Jennie did not recognize. The woman at the other end let out a weird laugh and then hung up.

Jennie then noticed that there were lights still on in the house. She had gone to bed soon after her husband that night. She told the younger of her nine children to do the same, but they had pleaded to be allowed to stay up late to play with their toys. Jennie gave in, but told them to make sure all the lights were off and that the house was locked before turning in.

This apparently, had not been done.

Jennie returned to bed, but was soon re-awoken by what sounded like a rubber ball being bounced either on or in the roof. Soon after this, as Jennie attempted to drift off to sleep, she noticed her room filling with smoke.

The house was on fire.

Jennie called for her husband and children to get up and get outside. This was quickly followed by a flurry of movement as the Sodder’s left the house… but five of the children were unaccounted for, the ones who asked to stay up late that night. The Sodder men (George Sodder and his two eldest sons) attempted to re-enter the house, but the lower floor was completely ablaze. George quickly ran to the side of the house to grab his ladder, intending on entering the building at the second level – but it was not there, the ladder was missing.

Several other attempts were made by the Sodder’s to enter their burning house, but all failed. One of the girl’s ran to the neighbors to call the fire department, but they would not arrive until morning was well and truly set in. As it turned out there was no real work for the fire department, as within 45 minutes the entire house had burned to the ground, the remains piling into the basement.

Maurice (14), Martha (12), Louis (10), Jennie (8) and Betty Sodder (6) did not survive the fire… or so it was claimed.

The investigation did not last long. Investigators claimed the fire had begun as the result of an electrical fault, however many claim that if this was the case, why had people seen the Christmas tree lights still illuminated during the fire?

Several fragments of bones and pieces of internal organs were found in the ruin. However the fire was fast and should not have been able to completely obliterate the remains of the five Sodder children. Analysis revealed that the ‘human organs’ were in fact beef liver. Still the coroners called it case closed, the children had died in the fire, a fire which was accidental, and the investigation was finalized.

George Sodder piled soil over the houses remains, and that was that.

But there were still some lingering questions that nagged at the Sodder’s, and the rest of the community. For several days leading up to fire the children had reported seeing a stranger watching them from a parked car. A man was seen going through the Sodder’s garage during the fire itself – he was also fined for cutting the Sodder’s phone lines. The missing ladder was also located, seemingly tossed down the side of an embankment. Finally some witnesses stated what looked like ‘fireballs’ being hurled at the Sodder house shortly before the blaze.

With such reports it is little wonder the cause of fire being due to faulty wiring was not taken too seriously, and soon another possibility began to emerge – the Sodder children had been abducted and the fire was to cover it   

When George and Jennie Sodder began to ask further questions about the case they were told by the fire chief that the investigation had found more remains, and that they were buried at the site of the fire. In 1949, George Sodder dug up the box containing these remains and four vertebrae and some smaller bones were discovered. Initial analysis (done by a pathologist who had helped in the original investigation) found they came from a child, about 14 years of age, the same age as Maurice Sodder who was thought to have died in the fire.

George still did not believe any of his children had perished, so he sought another analysis. This time the bones were found to come from someone older, an adult and, what’s more, there was no sign of fire damage to the bones…

(Note some versions have it that the bones were the first things found in the investigation and that it was the beef liver that was discovered in the box later)

This, as you can imagine, fueled further questions. There was now literally no proof that the children had died in the fire.

Six years after the fire, George and Jennie Sodder erected a billboard at the site of their former home. The billboard contained photographs of their missing children, a summation of the events, and a $5000 reward (a lot of money in the early 1950s). the reward increased over time.

In 1968 there was one other baffling piece to this puzzle. The Sodder’s received a letter shortly after a detective magazine ran a piece on the mystery. The letter was from Kentucky and contained a photo of a man and written on the back were the words: “Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Ilil Boys. A90132 or 35”.

The Sodder’s hired a private detective to look into this new lead but after he set out for Kentucky he vanished and was never seen or heard from again.

What happened to the Sodder children… we will likely never know, but there are some very interesting questions that need to be answered.

Who was the mysterious man reported to be watching the children in the days before the fire?

Why did the police only fine a man who cut phone lines at a house fire… why not question him further? 

Why was the ladder not found where George Sodder usually left it?

Where did the bones of an adult male come from and why did one of the original investigators get their analysis so wrong?

Finally, what of the photograph delivered to the Sodder’s in 1968 and the missing investigator?

George Sodder passed away in 1969 and Jennie following him in 1989.

Haunted by a Cursed Pearl

When the first Anglican Bishop of North Western Australia, Gerard Trower, moved into his new residence the ‘Bishops Palace’, he was not expecting it to be already occupied. One night Bishop Trower awoke to find a ghostly figure illuminating his bedroom. Although Bishop Trower described the figure as dressed in the garments of a Rabbi, many others who have seen the spectr e describe it as looking more like an affluent gentleman.

Who was the mysterious figure haunting the bishops residence?

The answer many give is that the ghost is of a man who used to live in the house. His name was Abraham de Vahl Davis and he died in Australia’s worst civilian maritime disaster, only a few years beforehand.  

Case settled?

Not quite, for the tale of Abraham Davis’ death is one surrounded by mystery, murder, suicide and the curse of a pearl, that might not have even existed…

The gem in question is the “Roseate Pearl”, known for its magnificent size and beauty. The early history of the pearl is a little hard to trace, but suffice to say that where treasure moves, tragedy follows!  

The following is an excerpt from the book “Coast to Coast: The Great Australian Coastal Liners”:

‘The pearl had been found by a white pearler, but stolen from him by another pearl diver. The pearl was stolen from him by 2 Chinese underworld figures who were later hanged for an unrelated murder. The pearl was then purchased by a man who died of a heart attack, while the next owner committed suicide after the pearl was stolen from him.’

After this early snippet of history, we can start to follow the Roseate Curse through the newspapers of the day.

In 1905, the body of a man was found face-down in the ocean near Chinatown, Broome. On investigation, it was found that he had died from blows to the head and subsequently drowned. He had a large sum of money on him, and was soon identified as Mark Liebglid - a well known pearl dealer. Before long three men, Hagens, Espada and Marquez, were arrested for the crime and the story of what had taken place that night came to light.

The men had lured Liebglid to a boat offshore under the pretence of selling him a valuable pearl. When Liebglid was aboard the vessel, one of the men struck him in the head with a slingshot and Liebglid went overboard. As he could not swim, Liebglid held to the side of the boat crying out “Help, Police they are murdering me. I am done!” The men in the boat endeavored to drown Liebglid, one jumping over board to push him under while the other two battered him about the head to get him to let go. The three criminals were unable to drag the body into the boat, as people with lanterns appeared onshore. They left the body in the water and quickly made their getaway.

After the arrest and trial the three were sentenced to hang in Fremantle Gaol. The first to the Gallows was Hagen, who always maintained his innocence till the last. His final words lasted a quarter of an hour and stated his innocence before he went through the trap door. Hagens Death was instantaneous.

Marquez and Espada were hanged together. Their final words (which were difficult to understand, as they were in broken English) were taken as an apology and admission of guilt. When the hood was drawn over their heads Espada cried ‘Oh, let me see’ and the hood was raised. Espada and Marquez then proceeded to have sharp words and argue with one another. Marquez made a grab for the rope over his head, and in the confusion, the hangman began to cry like a child.

As all of this was happening, the Chief Warder stepped forward to try to stop Espada’s struggles, but unfortunately this was the moment that the executioner chose to pull the lever, opening the trap door. The three men fell into the twelve foot deep pit, two stopping abruptly before the bottom by the noose around their necks and the Chief Warder, a man in his mid-fifties, hitting the floor head first.

No one is quite sure what happened to the pearl directly following the murder of Mark Liebglid. It was supposedly in the possession of a Philippine man who, living in an almost destitute state, sold it to man named Gomez. The Philippine used the money to travel home, but died as soon as he set foot on his native soil. Gomez soon had the pearl stolen from him and committed suicide out of despair.  

It is here that we finally arrive at Abraham de Vahl Davis, who purchased the Roseate Pearl for twenty thousand pounds, at Port Hedland Western Australia. Davis was set to travel aboard the SS Koombana, to make his way home to Broome.  

On the morning of 20th March 1912 the Koombana, followed by SS Bullarra, set-off but soon had to change course due to a heavy North Easterly gale. The two ships became separated before ‘A Howling Hurricane’ tore through the ocean. The Bullarra made it back to Port Hedland after the cyclone had past directly over her, but she was not unscathed, losing her smokestack. Several other ships were beached and wrecked but the Koombana was never seen again. To this day, all that has ever been found of the SS Koombana is a piece of planking, a state room door, some air tanks and a few other pieces of paneling.  

All 157 on board, including those labelled as ‘a Japanese’, ‘a aboriginal’ and ‘Malay prisoners,’ perished in what has been called ‘Australia’s Titanic’. It is the worst civilian maritime disaster in Australia’s history. It is supposed that the pearl was lost to the depths, its curse unable to take another life.

There are those who say the Roseate Pearl never existed, and is just a fantastic urban legend. There may have been one way to find out; to ask the ghost of Abraham Davis who haunted the Bishops Palace! Unfortunately the building was demolished in 1980.

Though it be in the power of the weakest arm to take away life, it is not in the strongest to deprive us of death.
--Thomas Browne

Ed Gein – The Plainfield Ghoul  

Despite being heavily touted as "inspired by a true story," both Tobe Hooper's original 1974 film and the 2003 Marcus Nispel remake are only lightly based on the real-life murderer Ed Gein, who is suspected to have taken several victims between 1954 and 1957. Perhaps the most recognizable similarity is the film's house, whose gruesome content was similar to that found in Ed Gein's home in 1957.

The real Ed Gein did wear a human's scalp and face. The real Ed Gein did this however, to help quell his desire to be a woman, not because of a skin disease as with Leatherface in the film. Also included in his uniform, Ed Gein wore a vest of skin complete with breasts and female genitalia strapped above his own.

On November 16, 1957, Plainfield hardware store owner Bernice Worden disappeared, and police had reason to suspect Gein. Worden's son had told investigators that Gein had been in the store the evening before the disappearance, saying he would return the following morning for a gallon of anti-freeze. A sales slip for a gallon of anti-freeze was the last receipt written by Worden on the morning she disappeared.

Upon searching Gein's property, investigators discovered Worden's decapitated body in a shed, hung upside down by ropes at her wrists, with a crossbar at her ankles. The torso was "dressed out" like that of a deer. She had been shot with a .22-caliber rifle, and the mutilations performed after death.

Searching the house, authorities found:

  • Four noses

  • Whole human bones and fragments

  • Nine masks of human skin

  • Bowls made from human skulls

  • Ten female heads with the tops sawed off

  • Human skin covering several chair seats

  • Mary Hogan's head in a paper bag

  • Bernice Worden's head in a burlap sack

  • Nine vulvas in a shoe box

  • Skulls on his bedposts

  • Organs in the refrigerator

  • A pair of lips on a draw string for a windowshade

  • A belt made from human female nipples

  • A lampshade made from the skin from a human face

The Babushka Lady

In the hours and days following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, investigators would rely heavily on statements by spectators of the motorcade and, more importantly, those persons who were filming or photographing JFK when the shots were fired.

Once the movies and films were developed, law enforcement would use the subsequent images to try to piece together exactly what happened on the afternoon of November 22, 1963.

The photos and films were not necessarily of the best quality. In the excitement following the shooting, bystanders fled for cover and confusion reigned. As it was not immediately clear which direction the shots came from, people ran in every direction, running in to each other and fleeing towards whatever “safe” places they could find.

The days following the assassination were a whirlwind for investigators. There was clearly too much conflicting information and too many witnesses to wade through — but the outraged public were demanding immediate answers. The shooting of the main suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, just added to the confusion.

Eventually, as the photographs and films were developed, yet another mystery of an already puzzling crime surfaced. Clearly shown in several photographs is a woman with what appears to be a camera of some kind in front of her face, pointing at the president’s motorcade when the shots were fired. She is standing somewhat close to the street, a very good vantage point for capturing the events surrounding the shooting. Over her hair she is wearing a scarf of a tan or light brown color — the headscarf earning her the nickname of the “Babushka Lady,” a reference to a similar Russian scarf. While she appears in several photos, probably the best and closest image of the woman is from a movie taken by Marie Muchmore, a spectator of the motorcade. Unfortunately, the mystery woman has her back to Muchmore, obscuring a clear identification. She appears in several other photographs, but never clearly enough to make some kind of identification.


The investigating officials were intrigued. If the Babushka Lady had been so close and had taken photos or movies, the law was eager to see them. Also intriguing is the fact that photographic evidence shows that instead of running away after the shots were fired, as many people did, the Babushka Lady continued filming the procession.

A call went out from the FBI to everyone who had been in the vicinity of the assassination and had been taking photos or movies.

The Babuska lady never came forward, despite evidence showing that she was capturing the tragedy in some way from a relatively good position.

Interestingly, a Dallas film developer later told FBI agents that he had developed a single color slide brought in by an unknown woman. The slide was somewhat blurry, but from the developer’s description, it matched up as being taken from the spot the Babushka Lady was standing — or very close to it.

The trail of the mystery woman seemed to come to a dead end until 1970, when a certain Beverly Oliver claimed to be the Babushka Lady. Oliver claimed that her camera had been confiscated by the FBI on the day of the assassination and never returned. At first this seemed to be the solution to the mystery, until Oliver identified the camera she had used, which was a model that had not been in production until several years after the assassination. Similarly, witnesses who had been standing near the Babushka Lady stated Oliver was not nearby. Additionally, analysis of the photos that included the Babushka Lady seem to indicate a woman much older and heavier than Oliver, who was 17 and slim in 1963.

Why hasn’t this enigmatic woman come forward? What does she have to hide? Could it be, as one theory suggests, that the object she was holding was not a camera but a set of binoculars and so she did not realize that the authorities were looking for her?

It is most likely too late for the Babushka Lady to step forward, even if she is still alive.

Over the subsequent years, countless theories and “facts” about the events connected to the assassination have surfaced. Grainy images of the Babushka Lady on film are just another puzzle in a very mysterious Dallas afternoon.

Magdalena Solis

Magdalena Solis’ date of birth is unknown. It is estimated it was in the 1930s. As a young peasant girl she sold her body for sex, with her brother Eleazar acting as her pimp.

Magdalena’s ‘big break’ came when she and her brother were approached by the Hernandez brothers, a pair of criminals who had a money making scheme in mind, with a bit of sexual motivation thrown in. The brothers planned on exhorting the poor, superstitious, peasant folk in the area out of their money, and into their beds, by showing them a god!

At first they had claimed they were Inca Priests (even though the Inca’s are in Peru, not Mexico), and they said they had a wealth of gold to share with the villages, should the villages keep them, the priests’, bodies cleansed… the best way to cleanse the body was to have sex with them, repeatedly and often. This worked for them for a while, but after eventually the villages wanted to know where their promised gold was, so the Hernandez brothers needed to try something different. Using smoke and a dark, dank cave, they presented Magdalena as the reincarnation of an Inca goddess. This done, it restored the faith of most of the villages.

The main problem with the Hernandez brothers’ scheme was that they had chosen a brutal, sadistic mad-woman to be their god! If a villager ever started to doubt that Magdalena was a deity, they would be named as ‘unbelievers’. As an unbeliever, they would need to be sacrificed, ritualistically. The ritual Magdalena favored consisted of the brutal beating, burning, cutting and maiming of the victims. Their blood was then mixed with chicken blood and marijuana, and the ‘god’ demanded the blood be consumed by the faithful using ceremonial goblets – after which, everyone had to have sex with everyone else. She called the ritual “el ritual de la sangre” – meaning “The Ritual of Blood”. It wasn’t long before Magdalena had many fanatical followers in the villagers.

Over a six week period it is estimated that eight villagers were sacrificed in this manner. They only stopped when 14 year old Sebastian Guerrero was walking in the woods one night and heard sounds coming from a cave. He made his way over and witnessed one of these sacrifices. He was so scared by what he saw that he ran 17 miles to the neighboring village to tell the police what he’d seen.

The scene described by Sebastian was so far fetched that the police didn’t believe him, and laughed at his tales. Sebastian was obviously distraught, so to keep him happy they sent one officer back with him to the scene. Neither were ever seen alive again. The police officers disappearance in particularly prompted the police to create a type of taskforce, made up of police officers and soldiers, to go in search of him.

On 31 May, 1963 the taskforce raided the site described by Sebastian. It was there that they found the murdered remains of Sebastian and Officer Luis Martinez. Martinez’s heart had been torn from his chest. The police found Magdalena and her brother stoned off their faces at a nearby home. They were arrested without a struggle. The same cannot be said for the Hernandez brothers, nor twelve of Magdalena’s villager followers. There was a classic ‘shoot-out’ with the police which resulted in one of the Hernandez brothers being killed. It was later found that the other brother had been killed by one of their ‘supporters’ – a man who had realized the truth and decided he wanted his own cut in the profits.

The twelve followers were sentenced to 30 years in prison. It depends on what source you read to find out how long Magdalena and her brother were sentenced for. Some sources say 30 years, some say 50 years. Either way, who knows how long her bloodthirsty reign would have lasted had that poor school boy not walked past when he did.

Amelia Earhart  

On July 24th, 1897 a girl was born in a small town in Kansas, who would later become an American legend and aviation pioneer. Her name was Amelia Mary Earhart and during her short 39 years of life (that we are aware of), she was to set numerous aviation records, and was one of the first female pilots to achieve celebrity status all around the world. The charismatic, confident and independent Earhart became not only a national icon in the States, but was (and still is) regarded as a feminist icon, daring to tread in the exclusive “boys only” arena of aviation at the time, and spurring a whole new generation of women to believe in themselves and squash stereotypical perceptions of women.

In May 1923 she was the 16th woman to receive a pilots license by the then aviation authority, after setting a world record for female pilots 7 months earlier. She was selected to be the first female passenger on a trans-atlantic flight five years later, writing a book on her experience which would see her being called the “Queen of the Air.”

Earhart’s fame grew when she became the first woman to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic in 1932, and during the early 30’s began contemplating a circumnavigation of the world flight - in March 1937 she attempted to start said record flight but due to the plane needing repairs the flight was postponed.

On June 1st, Earhart and her co-pilot/navigator Fred Noonan flew out from Miami and over the next month made several stops in South America, Africa, India and Asia before arriving in New Guinea on the 29th, having completed 22,000 miles (35,000 kms) of the journey.

On the 2nd of July they departed for a small piece of land named Howland Island, situated a little north of the Equator in the Pacific. However Earhart, Noonan and their aircraft were to vanish without a trace soon after. The US Coast Guard vessel assigned at Howland Island, to guide them via radio transmissions, received a final message indicating that the pilot could not locate the island, and that they were low on fuel, before all contact was lost.

A number of search efforts, beginning an hour after her last transmission, turned up nothing, even though search efforts lasted 3 weeks. Earhart was declared legally dead in early 1939, and the US Navy concluded that the Lockheed Electra plane ran out of gas and sank into the ocean near Howland Island – however, no wreckage was (or has ever been) found. The fact that a distress or mayday call was never made has fueled rumors over the years of some kind of conspiracy taking place, that the public have not been informed of the full “real” story.

So what did happen to Earhart and Noonan?

Over the years many have speculated about what their fate was and a number of theories have emerged. Many believe that the official crash and sink theory is wrong and that perhaps due to an error made by Noonan in his navigational calculations, they may have crash-landed on the wrong island or a nearby atoll, where they perhaps perished soon after due to injuries. Perhaps the Navy missed them in their search efforts?

A disturbing notion emerged that Earhart was a secret US spy who was working to gather evidence, during this flight of Japanese activity in the Pacific, and was to report back to the US Government when she returned. A WWII-era film named Flight for Freedom reinforced this myth, with the film ending with the Japanese becoming aware of the characters mission, forcing the heroine to ditch her plane off-course where nobody can find her. Did this scenario really happen?

Another scenario put forth is that the Japanese may have shot them down and captured both pilots, whether or not Earhart, or both her and Noonan were spies, and held as prisoners for years afterwards, perhaps even being executed. Inhabitants of an island named Saipan,which is roughly 1500 miles northwest of Howland Island, have claimed for years that in 1937 the local prison held “a white American woman who was captured on a plane and is a spy.” One man claims to have seen two graves he was told held the bodies of two American spies shot down over the Pacific. It has also been claimed that at some point US Marines supposedly found Earharts briefcase in a safe on Saipan, and photographs have emerged supposedly showing not only Earhart during her captivity, but wreckage of the plane which was claimed to have been destroyed by the Japanese army.

In 1970 a book was released called ‘Amelia Earhart Lives’ and made the claim that Earhart had in fact finished the flight, moved to New Jersey, changed her name and re-married. She was named as one Irene Craigmile Bolam, but research showed that the woman could not be the famous aviatrix and she subsequently filed a lawsuit against the author and publisher!

In 1990, US television show ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ interviewed a woman who claimed to have witnessed the two being executed. The photos and this persons claims have either been proven false or remain mysterious. Many other locals of the island have come forth over the years telling their re-collections of seeing or hearing of Earhart and Noonans’ presence.

Of course, it was also speculated that Earhart and Noonan were abducted by a UFO, or were found by the Nazis and held prisoners, maybe perhaps both were brainwashed into becoming double-agents, allied to watch American activity and after fulfilling their work, made new lives for themselves in another country?

Or perhaps Noonan killed Earhart, then himself, to fulfill some mysogynistic ideal to stop females advancing in a “man-orientated” world?

This mystery is sure to be one that will tantalize and stir the curiosity of generations to come. But what do you think? 


If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it.

Annabelle the Haunted Doll  

In the 1970’s a terrible event took place in a small apartment, lived in by two nursing students. For quite some time strange goings on where noticed by the students, which included strange hand written messages on paper, objects moving around the house and strange dreams had by all who stayed the night.

It would all culminate when a friend was attacked with bloody and burned claw marks, torn into their chest.

The culprit? A Raggedy Anne Doll named Annabelle, who was thought to be possessed by a demon, and taking on the guise of the ghost of a little girl…

It all began when Donna, a nursing student, was given a Raggedy Anne doll as a birthday gift from her mother. Raggedy Anne (and Andy) Dolls were quite popular in the 1960’s/70’s, and the graduate student very much liked this gift.

The doll was placed on her bed as a decoration, and not much more was thought on the matter by Donna or her room mate Angie.

However, the girls soon began to find the doll creepy – something was not quite right about it. It sat on the bed in Donna’s bedroom, but the girls felt as if they were being watched. Over time these strange feelings would develop into fear, as the doll took on a life of its own.

It began with the doll seemingly moving about the house on its own. The room-mates would come home and find the doll in the most unexpected of places. At first, its pose on the bed had changed, but soon the doll would be found throughout the house.

Much of the time the girls would arrive home to find it sitting cross legged on the couch, a place where the girls would spend much of their time. Donna thought the room-mate may have been joking, so in the morning, before classes, she took the doll off her bed and placed it on the couch. However, she came home before her room-mate and found the doll back on her bed.

The strangest and most inexplicable way the doll was found was standing upright and leaning against a chair. This very much startled the girls, and they knew something was definitely up, as the dolls legs were too flexible to support its own weight.

About a month after receiving the doll and dealing with it moving about the apartment, a new phenomena began.

Donna and Angie would arrive home to not only find the doll moved again, but also pieces of parchment containing short messages written in a seemingly childlike hand. The messages would say things like “Help”, “Help Us” and “Help Lou”.

Enough was enough! Not only were the messages creepy, but the girls could not find a source for the paper, as neither kept parchment paper in the house!

Donna sought out the help of a medium, who soon made contact with the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins. Annabelle used to live in a house near to the land where the apartment complex was built. Annabelle was only seven when her body was found on the field where Donna’s apartment stood.

Annabelle, in spirit, had been staying in the complex for many years, but when Donna and Angie had moved in, she liked the girls and found the doll suitable for habitation and manipulation of the surroundings.

Donna gave Annabelle permission to stay with them, as long as she stopped doing things that scared them.

Donna, Angie and the medium seemed happy with the arrangement, but their friend Lou did not like what was happening. Lou felt that the doll was evil and should be gotten rid of. When he stayed in the apartment, he would have very vivid dreams about Annabelle attacking him.

One evening Lou and Angie were sitting on a lounge, reading over maps in preparation for a road trip the following day. They were startled by rustling sounds coming from Donna’s room. Fearing it was a burglar; Lou quietly crept up to the bedroom door then suddenly rushed in to confront the intruder.

No one was there except, once again, Annabelle had moved. This time she was sprawled out on the floor, the feeling of life having left her. Lou walked up to the doll to inspect it, then got the distinct impression that someone was standing behind him. He turned, expecting to see Angie, but was rather surprised by a burning sensation in his chest.

Lou fled the room to the safety of the living room where he removed his shirt. To his and Angie’s amazement seven distinct claw marks were found burned and bleeding in his chest, three were vertical and four were horizontal. The wounds slowly beaded blood, but the burning was more pronounced.

Something unseen had definitely attacked him.

Donna now believed the doll to be possessed by an evil entity, and once again sought help. Help arrived in the form of Ed and Lorraine Warren who had worked on many cases concerning dark/negative spirits, including the Amityville Case.

It was soon decided that the doll was not possessed, but was rather being used to give the impression that it was possessed. The entity in this case was not capable of possessing the doll as it needed a human host, and since this can take time to succeed, the doll was used to fool the girls into believing that it was a much more friendly spirit.

Essentially, in their minds a ‘demon’ had attached itself to the doll, but wanted so much more and through the previous seance, Donna had unwittingly given it free reign of the house when she gave it permission to stay.

It seemed that the intent was to possess Lou with the doll, trying to get his attention and possible sympathies through the hand written notes, many of which had Lou’s name on them. The dreams, scratches and burns typical of the early stages of the demon making its mark and intent to reside within a human form.

An exorcism was performed on the apartment, and the Warrens took the doll with them. Donna, Angie and Lou were now free of the terrors that had plagued them for the last few months.

As for Annabelle the Doll, she sits locked in a glass case in the Warren Occult Museum, Monroe, Connecticut, together with a sign that says ‘Warning. Positively Do Not Open’. The presence can still be felt within the doll, by those with sensitive abilities, but as for why the entity stays attached with the doll?

Was the sinking of the Titanic predicted?

On an Aprils night, more than a century ago, a vast ocean liner was making a transatlantic voyage. This unsinkable ship was the largest of its type ever constructed but, tragedy was about to strike.During the night the ship struck an iceberg on the starboard side, causing the entire vessel to shudder as it punctured the hull. Water quickly began to well over the decks as passengers scrambled for the life boats.Unfortunately some safety requirements were flaunted due to the owners and operators taking great faith in the indestructibility of the ship. There were less than half the required number of lifeboats to cover the passengers and crew.More than half of the passengers and crew lost their lives as the ship sank…Sound familiar?

Well it should, and it shouldn’t. The previous events took place in Morgan Robertson’s ‘Futility’ first published in 1898. Futility is a short novella that details the transatlantic crossing of the fictitious ‘Titan’, an ocean liner and the largest ship afloat.Described as ‘unsinkable’, the titan sank after being struck by an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean on an April night in the late 1800’s. With not enough life boats for all of the passengers and crew, over half would perish in the freezing cold waters.This is incredibly similar to the fate of the real ‘RMS Titanic’. The Titanic was the worlds largest passenger liner, which struck an iceberg and sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912; a full fourteen years after the book ‘Futility’ was published. As with the ‘Titan’, there were less than half of the required lifeboats for the passengers and crew, and more than half lost their lives in the cold waters on the North Atlantic.

Both vessels were travelling at similar speeds (22.5 Knots Titanic, 25 knots Titan), both were about 800 feet long, both had a similar passenger and crew capacity (about 3000 people max), both had less than half the required number of life boats, both were considered unsinkable, both were struck by an iceberg on the starboard side, both sank about 400 miles from Newfoundland, both had more than half of their passengers and crew drown in the tragedies.And, of course, there are the very similar names: ‘Titan’ and ‘Titanic’. With fourteen years between the two ‘events’ was it coincidence or something more?With the event of the Titanic’s sinking, the publishers of ‘Futility’ attempted to cash in, by making small changes such as the ships tonnage and to the cover of the book. A subheading was added to the title, changing it from ‘Futility’ to ‘Futility, The Wreck of the Titan’ or in some cases just ‘The Wreck of the Titan’. However that was the only real change made to the book.But wait it gets a little bit weirder (though this is a little dubious) 

1935 the ‘Titanian’ was crossing the North Atlantic when its lookout, William Reeves, spooked that he could not see ahead in the misty night, panicked and sounded the alarm. The Titanian very soon came to a complete stop, but not before hitting an iceberg.Luckily the damage was not great, but icebreakers from nearby Newfoundland needed to be called in to free the ship.So there you have it, three similarly named ships, placed years apart all making for some weird trinity of coincidence, synchronicity or bizarre prediction.One final strange note…. William Reeves, the lookout that saved the Titanian… he was born 15 April 1912.The same day the Titanic Sank.

Karl Denke “The Cannibal of Ziębice”

Karl Denke was a devout Christian. He was much admired by all who knew him, and had been nicknamed “Pappa Denke”. He was the man you went to if you were in trouble. He assisted at Evangelist funerals by carrying the cross and he played the organ at church. He was most well known for the assistance he gave beggars, vagrants and weary travelers… and he was also a ritualistic cannibal who killed at least 40 people, pickled their flesh and sold it as ‘pork’ at the Wroclaw markets…Not too much is known about Karl’s childhood. He was born on 12 August, 1870 in a small village in Prussia which is now a part of Poland. He ran away from home at the age of 12, but again, not much is known about Karl until he turned about 25. At this point in time his father died and left Karl a small inheritance which he used to buy a house in the small town of Münsterberg, known today as Ziebice. He tried his hand at farming for a while, but wasn’t very successful, so sold his farm and ended up supporting himself by starting a small business as a door to door salesman and market stallholder, selling all kinds of things, ranging from leather belts and shoelaces to boneless pork – as he was licensed by the butchers guild.

At the end of WWI Karl lost his savings and was forced to sell his house, but managed to continue to rent an apartment in the building on the ground floor, as well as a small shed in the backyard.Just before Christmas, on 21 December, 1924, a homeless man named Vincenz Olivier appeared at the Munsterberg Police Station covered in blood. He swore blind that he was attacked by Karl Denke, wielding an axe. At first the police refused to believe him. Not Pappa Denke – he would never commit such an atrocity. But Vincenz was adamant, so the police had no choice but to check his story out. They questioned Karl who admitted to attacking the vagrant, saying that it was self defense as the man tried to rob him. So they could further investigate, and clear Karl’s name, they placed him in a holding cell overnight. At some point during the night Karl knew what was coming, and decided to end it all. He was found the next morning dead, having hanged himself with his handkerchief (other sources state he hanged himself with his suspenders or a bed sheet).It was after his death that his entire double life emerge.

Denke was a complete psychopath. The police had no idea what they were walking in to when the entered his property to secure it for his relatives. It was Christmas Eve, which in Europe is actually a bigger deal than Christmas Day. I’m sure the officers assumed it would just be a routine search, before heading home to their families.What they found instead was a meat processing shop – which was scientifically confirmed to be full of human remains. It is better if we just quote directly from the source – that of a report given by the head of the Institute of Legal Medicine in Breslau, Friedrich Pietrusky dated 1926.“The first findings made in Denke’s house during the search were bones and pieces of meat. The latter were in a salt solution found in a wooden drum. There were altogether fifteen pieces with skin. Two parts of the breast, which is strongly hairy.


 The remaining pieces belong to the side and back parts. The largest is about forty by twenty centimeters large. Particularly striking was a very clean anus with large parts of both buttock three medium-sized pots filled with cream sauce, some cooked meat, partially covered with skin and human hair was found. The meat was pink and soft. All pieces seemed cut from the gluteal area [buttocks]. One pot had only half a portion. Denke must have eaten the other piece short before being arrested.In the third pot were found numerous pieces of human skin and parts of the aorta in a gelatinous mass. A bowl on the table in his room was filled with amber colored fat, that appeared to be human. Biological test gave a weak-positive result for the presence of human protein.In the shed, in which the meat pieces were found, was also a barrel full of bones that were cleaned of tendons, muscles etc. that most probably have been prior cooked. The investigation initially revealed the existence of six forearm bones, which means that they belonged to three people at least. Another traces were found behind the shed. A part of a leg remained in the pond that Denke had dug many years before and also skeletal pieces were uncovered in the local forest. Here is the full list of what has been sent to us for examination:- sixteen femurs of which one pair of remarkably strong ones, two pairs of very thin ones, six pairs and two left femurs; - fifteen medium-sized pieces of long bones; - four pairs of elbow bones; - seven heads of radii; - nine lower parts of radii; - eight lower parts of the elbow; - a pair of upper shinbone; - a pair of lower elbows and radii, of which extremities still remain well connected; - a pair of upper arms and a pair of upper arm heads; - a pair of collar bones; - two shoulder blades; - eight heels and ankle bones; - one hundred and twenty toes and phalanx; - sixty-five feet and metacarpal bones; - five first ribs and one hundred-fifty pieces of ribs.


Considerably more revealing was Denke’s dental collection. We received a total of three hundred and fifty-one teeth.These were found in a moneybag and in two tin boxes, on which “Pepper” and “Salt” was written, as well as in three paper bags, which were destined to keep pepper. They were partly sorted according to their size: the molars were in the moneybag, while the others in the two boxes and in the paper bag. In yet another paper bag were teeth that belonged probably to a single person, and in a third bag three lower incisors were found with strongly strophic structure - this one came probably from an old individual. All teeth, with the exception of six, were well preserved.”The remains of Karl’s victims were turning up still in the late 1940s with investigators eventually concluding that at least 40 people were murdered by this mad man.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

The Witch of the Joshua Ward House in Salem, Mass


The town of Salem, Massachusetts is no stranger to macabre record and disturbing legends, but for the first time perhaps something belonging to the town’s supernatural facet has been caught on camera.

The Joshua Ward House has stood in mute witness to a dark history. The Georgian/Federal style building was constructed by Joshua Ward, a wealthy merchant sea captain, in the late 1780s on the remaining foundations of former sheriff George Corwin’s house on Washington Street. Corwin was a bloody figure whose zeal added to the unfortunate events surrounding Salem in the late 1600s. Nicknamed ‘The Strangler’ after his preferred torture modus operandi (which included tying his prone victims’ necks to their ankles until the blood ran from their noses), he is said to be responsible for many of the ‘witches’ deaths, including that of Giles Corey, a man who stood accused of witchcraft who Corey crushed to death by placing heavy stones on his chest in order to extract a confession (and, it must be said, to seize his property). Despite the horrific treatment Corey never confessed, indeed he is said to have implored his torturers to pile on more rocks and hasten his departure.

Legend states that just before he died, Corey cursed Corwin and all sheriffs that follow in his wake for his despicable acts of barbarism. It should be noted here that every sheriff since Corey uttered his curse had died while in office or had been ‘forced out of his post as the result of a heart or blood ailment.’ Corwin himself died of a heart attack in 1696, only about four years after the end of the trials. By the time of his death, Corwin was so despised that his family had to bury him in the cellar of their house to avoid desecration of the corpse by the public.

In the early 1980s a real estate company named Carlson Realty had bought the house with the intention of turning it into their headquarters. After moving in, a realtor by the name of Dale Lewinski began the task of taking photographs of the staff members to add to a welcome display. Lewinski was using a Polaroid camera to snap the head-and-shoulders, passport-style pictures. Upon photographing a colleague by the name of Lorraine St. Peter a peculiar sight greeted Lewinski.


The Polaroid was developed and, instead of showing St. Peter, it appeared to depict a frightening image: a strange, black-haired, feminine figure. St. Peter was nowhere to be seen (the photograph has not been cropped at all; St. Peter has been entirely replaced by the ‘apparition’). 

This reproduction was originally published in the book Haunted Happenings by Robert Ellis Cahill (himself an ex-sheriff) in which he describes St. Peter as “both genuinely frightened and embarrassed by the picture.”

A hoax is of course, always possible, but unnecessary considering the rich nature of other paranormal occurrences that are reported to take place within the Joshua Ward House: apparition (objects moving of their own accord), candles that leap from their holders and subsequently melt, candles that are found bent into ‘S’ shapes, alarms that go off by themselves (one alarm was triggered over sixty times in two years), phantom strangulation's and the sightings of a myriad spirits including an elderly-looking spirit sitting by a fireplace and along with the photograph in questions subject, another ghostly woman roams the upper floors.

One room in particular seems to be more haunted than the rest. An employee would ‘lock her office door nightly only to return in the morning to find books and papers thrown across the floor, the wastebasket upside down and lamp shades askew.’

Sheriff Corwin’s body was eventually moved to the Broad Street Cemetery, but it is said that his spirit too lingers in the Ward House.

Dead Children's Playground

In 2007 the city of Huntsville, Alabama, attempted to remove a playground in order to enlarge the neighboring Maple Hill Cemetery. A public outcry at the removal of the park was heard and soon new play equipment was installed. Local children could continue to use the parks facilities… but many who know of the legends of the area will tell you that not all of those children are living.

Many locals know the playground, located in Maple Hill Park, as the ‘Dead Children’s Playground’ due to the reportedly high level of ghostly activity that has been experienced there. Children playing, children calling out to each other, mothers calling their children’s names, the playful footfalls of running children… all of these events have been experienced by many people who enter the playground after dark. It is believed that the most active time is between the hours of 10pm and 3am, as the children reclaim the park from the living, so they too can enjoy their play.

It is believed that the vast majority of these children come from the adjacent Maple Hill Cemetery – the largest and oldest in Huntsville, with well over 80,000 burials. The original land (much smaller than the size of the cemetery today) was sold to the city in 1822 by planter LeRoy Pope. Although this is the official date, it is known that the land was used for burials prior to this time, with the oldest intact grave marker being that of infant Mary Frances Atwood, who was buried there in 1820.

Later the cemetery was expanded to encompass the nearby private cemetery of the Pope family. Many of the new burials at this time were of Confederate and Union Soldiers who died during the Civil War. Over the years the cemetery grew and grew with new land purchases in order to keep up with the growing city.

It was not until 1901 that the cemetery was given its official name. Up until that time it was simply referred to as ‘the burying ground’. 


The cemetery still needs new land and in 2007 it made the attempt at taking over the local park resulting in the public outcry.

The Dead Children’s Playground, aside from its reputation of a haunting ground for deceased children, also has another macabre tale attached to it, though this one probably falls more into the realm of urban legend.

Between 1945 and 1955 the area the playground now sits was the site of a limestone quarry. The high cliffs that surround the playground are not natural and were all formed as part of the quarrying process. When the quarry was closed and abandoned, plant life began to reclaim the land and wildlife along with it. Soon, within a matter of years, the area will have been a natural bushland, filled with weeds and trees of a more opportunistic nature.

Come the 1960’s a unknown person made use of the old quarries and the thick plant growth for their own dark opportunities.

A series of child disappearances began to be reported in Huntsville, and, with none of the children turning up, it was soon feared a child murderer was prowling the neighborhoods. These fears were soon given substance when a small skull was found by someone walking through the abandoned quarries. On investigation several skeletons were recovered, along with the small corpses from fresher murders.

It was never determined who the murderer was but it was discovered that the children were not simply taken and killed, they rather they showed signs of a long detainment, with malnourishment and partly healed wounds found on the bodies of the more recent victims.

With the discovery of the bodies the disappearances stopped and the tragedies all but removed from the memories of those who lived in fear for their own children.

Many of the children's remains, being local, were buried in the adjoining Maple Hills Cemetery. In 1985, twenty years after those terrible events, the quarries and surrounding land were turned into Maple Hill Park and the original play equipment was erected. 


Today the equipment is quite modern and the park is well looked after. Even if you did not know of the stories and legends, visiting the park is said to be quite eerie. Although you are not too far removed from the suburbs, the natural rocky bowls, the well grown trees and other natural features leave you feeling like you are in the deep wilderness. It is eerily quiet and once night falls the area takes on a different feel.

Come 10pm you might be lucky enough to witness the vestiges of play, the swings move as if occupied and mothers calling out the names of their lost children.

Haunted  Salem for all your Paranormal Needs

Ghosts of the Saxtown Ax Murders

On the night of March 19, 1874, someone clubbed the Stelzriede family to death inside their Millstadt, IL home. The victims included Friedrich and Anna Stelzriede, their two-year-old son Karl, their eight-month-old daughter Anna, and Friedrich’s elderly father. In addition to clubbing each member of the family, the murderer also slashed the adults’ throats. An unlucky neighbor discovered the gruesome crime scene the next day.

The Stelzriede’s ransacked home suggests robbery as a motive, though this is merely a guess. Police interrogated several suspects, including two Stelzriede nephews, but were unable to solve the crime. Could that be why ghosts reportedly walk the old Stelzriede property on Saxtown Road?

The Stelzriede’s log home has long since been demolished, but that hasn’t stopped rumors of ghosts. According to the newly published book The Ax Murders of Saxtown , owner Randy Eckert had an experience his first week on the property. 


“Eckert and his wife were awakened by what sounded like a door closing and then by a dog barking,” author Nicholas J.C. Pistor writes. “They looked outside and searched the small house and its surroundings. Nothing was there. But their own dog was posted silently at the foot of the bed – shivering, shaking. Scared to death.”

Eckert claims weird things typically occur on or near the anniversary of the murder. A renter once awoke to a knock at the door, while his girlfriend heard someone walking up the steps of the basement. Other tenants have heard dogs barking, doors opening, and unexplained knocking sounds. Paranormal investigators once visited the property and recorded EVPs.

Much like the Lizzie Borden Murders and the slaying in Villisca, IA; the Saxtown massacre has inspired a slew of ghost stories. But are they true or merely trumped up tales fueled by tragedy? What do you believe?

The Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama

The Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama is considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth. In the year of 1882, this particular industrial establishment began transforming the coal and various types of ore that was located in the area into steel that was hard and extremely durable. This steel was used for a variety of things, such as skyscraper construction, automobile construction, and other projects. Today, it is believed that several spirits lurk in the Sloss Furnace, and that is why it is considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth.

A man by the name of James Withers Sloss constructed the various furnaces that are now known as the Sloss Furnace . Construction was completed in 1881, and the first operation started in the following year. At the time in which the establishment opened, the furnace was referred to as “City Furnaces” . James Withers Sloss was a planter and was also known as an investor in the area of Northern Alabama at the time. By the time that the 1920’s rolled around, it was time to add a little modernization to the establishment. It was at this time that at least 500 people were employed by the establishment and were also producing steel at the rate of 400 tons daily.

Individuals that worked at the furnace also lived at the facility. There were only men employed by the establishment. Colored men and white men both worked in the furnace. Until the time of the 1960’s there was a high degree of segregation at the facility. There were different time clocks, bathing houses, and more. Despite being separated by color, the workers at the furnace united in their work. They worked in severe conditions. The temperatures were high, and the other environmental conditions of the jobs were extremely dangerous. Several hundred men died as a result of working at this facility.

One of the hauntings that seem to occur at the Sloss Furnace appears to be a man by the name of Theophilus Jowers. This individual was extremely proud to be a part of the iron industry. He often bragged to his wife and his friends that the furnace was his friend”. Unfortunately, a tragic accident occurred one day. He slipped and actually fell into one of the furnaces. It is believed that he felt little to no pain and that his death was instantaneous but it is believed that his spirit still walks among the catwalks and performs his duties in Sloss Furnace.

The next individual that seems to be haunting the Sloss Furnace is a man by the name of James Wormwood. It is believed that this individual was one day overtaken by methane gas while working. When this happened, he was at the top of Big Alice that is actually the highest furnace at Sloss. When he was overtaken, he fell and was consumed by the scorching fires within the furnace. Seeing that he was not known to actually work on top of this furnace, several are under the belief that many workers actually threw him into the furnace because of the fact that he created harsh work conditions.

There have been several apparitions seen at Sloss Furnace. In reviewing the picture that displays the workers that served at the facility in employment, witnesses to paranormal activity have been able to identify these two particular individuals in the picture. In addition to this, several other spirits are believed to linger around the facility.

Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.


Banishing Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 4 small pieces of paper
  • 1 black candle

1. Light the candle.

2. Draw a pentagram on the back of each of the 4 pieces of paper.

3. On each piece of paper, write what ever is bothering you or the curse or spell that you need to banish and the name of the person that is being attacked. Write a different need on each of the 4 pieces of paper.

4. Take the first piece of paper and burn it over the candle flame saying: I banish the ( what ever you want to banish ) with the power of mote it be...

Take the second piece of paper: and throw it into the water... you can use the sea river or just flush it down the toilet and say: I banish the ( what ever you want to banish ) with the power of mote it be...

Take the third piece of paper and throw it out the window or as far as you can throw it...and say: I banish the ( what ever you want to banish ) with the power of the mote it be...

Take the fourth piece of paper and bury it in the ground, and say: I banish the ( what ever you want to banish ) with the power of mote it be...

Meditate a few minutes, seeing yourself free of the situation, then just forget about it...put it completely out of your mind.

Let the black candle burn itself out.

St. James Hotel in Alabama

The St James Hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in all of Alabama. Located in the town of Selma, the residents and many visitors to this particular establishment have issued several accounts of hauntings and paranormal events that have occurred in their presence. The history of this hotel is considered to be rich in hauntings. The hotel is in a wonderful location to attract visitors from several different areas. It is located in the center of the historic district of the town, overlooking the famous Alabama River. You can find it on Water Avenue, numeric 1200. Here, you will learn why the St James Hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Alabama today!

This massive structure was constructed in the year of 1837. Based on the date of construction it is documented as one of the oldest facilities as far as hotels that is still operational in the State of Alabama. In the early days of the building, it was referred to as “The Brantly”. Individuals on business trips, and those of high social standing in Alabama would often visit this hotel in order to simply rest and relax. It served citizens in the area and travelers under this name for approximately fifty years.

During the time of the Civil War , the soldiers who served on the Union side used the structure as a place where they could meet to discuss strategies and also to rest. Then, the infamous “Battle of Selma” occurred. When this happened, the entire town of Selma became subjected to a harsh beating by opposing forces. As a matter of fact, most of the prestigious town was actually burned to the ground. The luxurious hotel, however, continued to stand as one of the most prominent hotels in the town.

The Civil War ended, and a man who was African American was the first to be issued a position in Congress. His name was Benjamin Sterling Tower. He actually acquired ownership of the hotel. Shortly after this, the hotel was visited by a popular group of outlaws. This group was lead by Jesse James. The group was actually quite pleased with the establishment. The rooms were quite nice and to their liking, plus there was a tavern in the building that allowed them to drink, relax, play some cards, and have a great time. This occurred in the year of 1881.

By the year of 1892, the financial difficulties occurring in the world affected the hotel. It was simply becoming too expensive to operate the establishment. The doors were closed on the building, and were not reopened for a century . A group of individuals who were known for their knack in investments discovered the old building and instantly became attracted to it in the early 1990’s. They decided to purchase the old hotel in Selma and after putting in approximately six million dollars in restorations, they were able to officially reopen the doors of the establishment in the year of 1997. It was then opened as the St James Hotel.

The hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in Alabama because it is believed that a few different spirits enjoy spending their time in the building – in the afterlife. Two of the apparent hauntings that are said to occur include that of the popular outlaw, Jesse James, as well as his girlfriend who was named Lucinda. Several have claimed to have seen the apparition of a man dressed in attire that was common for a male in the late 1800’s. He is most often seen in the rooms in which he typically stayed in when he was alive on the second and third floors. However, he is also known to inhabit a certain table in the bar area of the St James Hotel.

Lucinda is an individual who is actually pictured in the ground floor area of this haunted hotel. There are many things that are known about his beautiful lady. For one, she enjoyed the scent of lavender so much that when someone smelled the scent, they knew she was near. Today, several witnesses claim that they are able to smell lavender with no logical explanation. In other instances, a full apparition of the popular Lucinda is said to be walking within the halls and various floors of the structure.

In the area of the courtyard, many strange and unusual events are said to occur. First, several witnesses have observed what appears to be residual hauntings of individuals who are fully clothed in dress that was common to the 1800’s in the area. They seem unaware of the living that surrounds them. It is said that it looks as if there is a social event , or a social party occurring with upscale guests. Paranormal investigators believe that this is a type of energy memory etched in the courtyard. In addition to this, and surprisingly, the sounds of what appears to be ghost dogs can be heard in the area.

Many strange and unusual phenomenons that seems to point to only paranormal explanations and coincidences has been captured on ghost hunting equipment such as digital cameras, video recorders, thermals, KII meters, and digital voice recorders.

Haunted Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

It is said that the James farm in Kearney, Missouri where the notorious outlaw Jesse James grew up is haunted. Jesse James’ parents moved from Kentucky to Kearney in 1842. 

His father was a Baptist minister who wanted his boys to be well educated. However, in a trip to the California gold fields he died leaving his sons without a father, Jesse was just 3 years old. 

His mother, Zerelda lived on this farm for the rest of her life, through three marriages and eight children. 

During the Civil War in 1863 the James’ farm was brutally attacked by Union soldiers. Shortly afterward Jesse age 16 and his older brother Frank became Confederate guerilla soldiers, riding with William Quantrill and “Bloody Bill” Anderson.

Quantrill’s Raiders as they later became known operated out of Missouri. They ambushed Union patrols and supply convoys. They seized the mail and occasionally struck towns on the Kansas-Missouri border. Their main focus though was against the local pro-Union civilians-- which they tried to drive out of the territory. 
After the Civil War the James brothers, Jesse and Frank now officially outlaws started to attack trains, banks and stagecoaches that were controlled by the Northern side which bought brutal control to the Missouri legislation.

From 1860 to 1882, the James gang was the most feared band of outlaws in America. Responsible for 20 bank and train robberies they murdered countless individuals that stood in their way. They stole an estimated $200,000. Despite their ruthlessness they became folk heroes to some. They literally became “legends in their own time”. 

The local citizens of Kearney kept quiet when they were home on the farm during this period of time. Clay county where the farm is located was in a part of Missouri called "Little Dixie", the entire state was 75% southern sympathizers. Both Jesse and Frank were devoted husbands and fathers who spent a lot of time with their families. They were not modern Robin Hoods though, for they kept the money they stole. 

In 1869 the gang robbed a bank in Gallatin, Missouri. Jesse shot the banker through the heart feeling he was responsible for the callous murder of Bloody Bill Anderson. The James gang lost some public favor after this. Local newspapers started to call for the capture of “this blood thirty gang”. 

Frustrated at how the locals protected them, Governor Crittenden had the railroad place an enormous price on the James brother’s heads. Pinkerton detectives hired by several bankers raided the James farm in 1875 thinking the older brothers were there.They threw a bomb in the window killing Jesse and Frank’s younger half-brother, Archie as their mother watched. She lost part of her right arm and hand during this struggle.

In one bank robbery several members of the gang were killed. After this the Youngers, a part of their gang were sent to prison for 25 years. 

In 1882 the brothers planned one last robbery with Charley and Bob Ford. They did not know these brothers intended to betray them for the large price on their heads. 

On the morning they were to commit this robbery Jesse ate breakfast with the Ford’s, placed his gun on one of the farm house beds and stopped to straighten a picture that hung on the wall. Bob Ford shot Jesse in the back of the head. He died instantly and was buried in the side yard of the James’ farmhouse. His remains were later moved to the family plotat Mount Olivet Cemetery in Kearney. 

The locals did not appreciate what the Ford brothers had done. Bob Ford who was pardoned by Governor Crittenden was driven out of Missouri known as the coward who had shot Jesse. He traveled around in a Wild West show ironically about the James gang. He was shot and killed in Creede, Colorado in 1892. His older brother Charley stayed in Missouri but was shunned. He committed suicide ten years after his brother was murdered.

Frank James gave himself up after Jesse was killed. He was tried several times but there never was enough evidence to convict him. He lived peacefully for the rest of his life at the farm. In later years he charged tourists money to give them a tour of the place.

The James farm and house have been considered haunted for over 100 years. Located off James Road in Kearney,Missouri the farm is a museum today. Employees at this farm still report odd occurrences. After the museum closes for the night many have spotted lights going on and off in the farmhouse. Others report that doors have slammed shut in front of them without cause.

Several witnesses have reported hearing horse hooves stomping outside on foggy nights. When investigated nothing has been found. Others have reported hearing whispered conversations inside the house when no one is there. Some have even heard the bomb going off or cries and gunshots as if a Civil War battle is happening outside. Many staff at the museum today will not go into the house alone. They state that they feel an unnatural intense presence in the home that scares them.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were two of American’s most famous gangsters during the Great Depression. The two met originally in 1930 in Dallas, Texas. 

They both came from desperate poverty and both had an utter contempt for authority. Bonnie, 19 fell madly in love with the 21 year old Clyde. 

Shortly after their first meeting Clyde was sent to jail for burglary. Bonnie managed to smuggle a gun to him and aided his escape. But Clyde was recaptured and served a 12-monthsentence. 

Once out he hooked up with Bonnie again in 1932, swearing never to go back to prison. Bonnie knowing Clyde would probably end up dead vowed to die with him. 

The couple spent the next 21months on the road, with others who became known as the Barrow’s Gang. They quickly moved from petty thievery into bank robberies, kidnapping and murder.It is stated that Bonnie didn’t shoot anyone but that she would reload Clyde’s guns. 

Their crime spree spanned the rural parts of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Missouri. The “yellow press” at the time romanticized the pairs’ exploits--to many Depression era Americans they became a badly needed form of entertainment. 

But the reality was Bonnie and Clyde carried out ruthless bank and store robbers where sometimes they kidnapped or wounded their victims. 

Clyde and various gang members murdered 13people, two of which were police officers. The pair actually didn't live up to their glamorized image, but they did leave a blood bath in their wake.

They managed to elude the police for almost two years but as their crimes became more violent law enforcement doubled and then tripled their efforts. The police did not take kindly to cop killers. 

In the end one of their own gang members betrayed them.In May of 1934 the couple were driving a back wooded road near their hideout at Bienville Parish, Louisiana when police officers from Texas and Louisiana setup a roadblock near Gibsland, Louisiana. These five officers ambushed the stolen car Bonnie and Clyde were in and within minutes the car was riddled with over 100 bullets.

Bonnie got her wish, her body was found dead slumped over Clyde.  The two bodies were towed from the site still in the car. 

Before this was done however, onlookers managed to snip hair and other souvenirs from the bodies. One man even tried to cut off Clyde’s ear and trigger finger but the officers managed to stop him. Since their deaths many people claim their ghosts still remain.

The most active of these hauntings is at the site in the wooded area near where they were shot and killed in Louisiana. Today a weather worn marker is placed at the spot were Bonnie and Clyde’s car rolled off the road. 

Many visitors to this spot have reported strange anomalies and mists showing up in their photographs. Most state that these strange lights appeared in just one of the many photos they took.

The car itself is also considered haunted by their ghosts. For 30 years this blood splattered,bullet-ridden V8 Ford “Death Car” as it is known, was a popular attraction at carnivals, amusement parks, flea markets and state fairs. It is estimated that it made it various owners millions of dollars. 

Today the car is displayed in a room along with Clyde Barrow’s bloodstained, bullet holed shirt at Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Primm, Nevada just across the border from California. 

Several people who have viewed the Ford over the years state they got a creepy unnatural feeling as they stood near it. Yet again, many people who have taken photographs of this car have picked up strange anomalies in their pictures.

One hotel that Bonnie and Clyde stayed at for several nights during their crime spree was the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. It is stated they haunt two specific areas of the hotel, the Brazos Room and the Ballroom. 

Some feel their ghosts are still present because they are reliving fond memories. Others say that it is several objects the hotel owns that keep their ghosts active. For the hotel once had Bonnie’s 38revolver on display as well as photographs of her and Clyde. The hotel also once displayed a poem that Bonnie wrote for Clyde. 

Some state that a video of a ghostly woman wearing a long old-fashioned gown walking from one pillar to the next in the hotel lobby resembles Bonnie. Unfortunately this video has been made “private” recently.

Death is nothing more than a doorway, something you walk through.

Love Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a red candle
  • a crystal
  • a picture of the person your doing the spell on
  • a picture of yourself
  • a paper clip
  • and a vocal chord

light the candle

chant this three times three (total of 9 times) 3x3x3

I call on forces higher then I,
To awaken the dreams that I hold in inside
Through this connection that knows my need
I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.
May this work for me in the most correct way attracting
the love I need today....
I call on thee in perfect love & trust working
with me sending what?s just...
Harming none and helping all is how it
Shall be
This I make true.

This spell is bested begun when the moon is waxing,but if you cannot wait that long go ahead and do it.Take a photo of your lover and a photo of yourself.Using a paper clip, hook the photos together so that the faces are on top of each other.The idea is that the person cannot see past your face.Take the photos and place them at the bottom of your underwear drawer.The person should soon write, call, or reappear.

Death hath a thousand doors to let out life: I shall find one.
--Philip Massinger

The Haunting of Al Capone

At the height of the Prohibition era an incident of gangland violence stands out above all the rest—the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. These murders that took place in February of 1929 where especially brutal—even for the time. This bloody violence in Chicago resulted in two distinct hauntings. One at the location where the murders took place and one that plagued the man responsible, Al Capone at the end of his life.

In the 1920s violent gang shootings in Chicago were not uncommon as warring fractions battled for control of the cities various lucrative bootlegging, speakeasy, gambling and prostitution operations. Alphonse Capone, a rising gangster who ruled Chicago’s south side and George “Bugs” Moran who controlled the north side where two of the most powerful gangland leaders in 1929. Capone, ever ambitious,decided to hit Moran where it hurt so he could eliminate his only competition.


Moran operated out of a garage, S-M-C Cartage Company on North Clark Street. Capone who had this garage under surveillance for weeks arranged for a man, who Moran trusted, to call and tell him to expect a shipment of bootlegged whiskey on the morning of February 14. On this date, seven of Moran’s men where inside the garage as what appeared to be a police car drove up. Five men, three in uniforms and two in plains clothes got out of this car and entered the garage.Ironically, Moran who was late that morning spotted this “police” car and he and one of his men ducked inside a nearby coffee shop.

Meanwhile, in the garage the fake cops had informed  Moran’s men that they were there for a raid.They ordered these seven to stand facing a wall and to place their hands above their heads. These men thinking they were caught did as they were told. Capone’s thugs then pulled out Thompson machine guns and shotguns and brutally shot them in the head, chest and stomach, killing them.


The bullets they used had been brushed with garlic—a superstition that it was said ensured death. These fake officers then led out their two buddies dressed in plain clothes at gunpoint in order to make it look like they had made arrests. They got in their car and drove off unchallenged. A passerby discovered the slaughtered men inside when he heard a German shepherd owned by one of the murdered men, crying pitifully inside. One man was found barely alive—he had fourteen bullets in him. He was rushed to the hospital where he refused to say who had shot him. He died shortly afterward.

At the time of the massacre Capone was in Florida. Both he and Moran accused each other of the killings.The identities of Capone’s five hit men have never been definitely established. No charges were ever filed against Capone for this massacre. This violence did succeed in breaking a part Moran’s north side operations. But ironically Capone was never to reap the rewards of this power grab for these brutal murders caused a major public out cry. Federal agents headed by Elliot Ness—the Untouchables—were brought into crack down on crime in Chicago. 

The bloodstained garage where the massacre occurred was torn down in 1967 for an urban renewal project. Before the building was torn down countless witnesses heard screams,sobbing, and moaning sounds coming from inside. Today what remains of the site is a grassy area with five trees. It is said that dogs that pass by the area whine, bark and snarl at something unseen. 


Capone and one of his men were arrested in Philadelphia in 1929. They were charged with carrying concealed weapons. Capone was sentenced to one year in prison. When he was released he returned to Chicago but he found the city now was much less tolerant of crime. In 1934 he was nabbed for tax evasion and sent to Alcatraz prison. Finding himself beaten by guards and evading threats on his life from fellow prisoners he spent most of his time in isolation. It is said he played a banjo his wife sent him and wept for all that he had lost.

Suffering from the advanced stages of syphilis his guards reported that they heard him pleading with someone in his cell. It appears that the ghost of James Clark, one of the men killed in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre was haunting him. He claimed that Clark would not let him alone. He was often found in his cell babbling and crying about this ghost that tormented him. At the time he was released one of his mobster compatriots stated Capone was, “nuttier than a fruitcake”. In 1947 Capone died of a brain hemorrhage caused by syphilis.

Haunted Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz first housed prisoners in the late 1850s. These first inmates were military prisoners who were put to work building a new prison. The U.S. Army used the island until 1933 at which point the U.S. Government decided to use Alcatraz or “The Rock” as  a maximum-security prison that could house the most incorrigible inmates.

When a prisoner was bought to The Rock they knew that life was not going to be easy. Alcatraz was structured to only provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care. All other basic needs had to be earned. Some of the incorrigibles that were sent to Alcatraz included famous criminals such as Al Capone, George “Machine-Gun” Kelly, Alvin Karpis and Arthur “Doc” Barker. Unlike other prisons the prisoners could not manipulate special privileges from the guards.

Alcatraz was known for its tough discipline. Any prisoner refusing to follow the rules risked being placed in the Strip Cell. This cell was located on the lower tier of Cell Block D. It  was a steel cell, where inmates were stripped naked and given only water and bread. A mattress was placed on the floor at night and then removed every morning. The cell’s toilet was a hole in the cell floor also there was no sink in this cell. When prisoners where placed in the Strip Cell they had no contact with other inmates and their time was spent in pitch-darkness.

Other punishment cells located on D Block were known as holes they were also located on the lower tier. In these cells prisoners were kept in isolation for nineteen days. They had a sink, toilet, one light bulb, and a mattress that was removed in the morning.

Alcatraz was closed in 1963 because it was found that it would cost too much to repair the crumbling prison. In later years the Parks Service opened parts of the island and prison for daily public tours. At this point rumors of torture began to emerge. It was felt that since Alcatraz was on an isolated island away from public view that the inmates were probably tortured and that their tortured and bitter spirits were now haunting the halls of the prison.

One area that is known to be haunted is the Utility Corridor. It is here that inmates Coy, Cretzer and Hubbard were plummeted with bullets during their attempt to escape. In 1976 a security guard making his nightly rounds reported hearing unexplained eerie clanging sounds coming from this corridor. 

Another active area is Cell 14 D this is one of the original hole cells. Both visitors and employees have reported feeling cold chills along with an intense presence in this cell. It was in this cell in the 1940s that a prisoner who was locked in-- screamed the whole night-- claiming there was a creature with glowing eyes trying to kill him. The next day the guards found this prisoner dead, he had apparently been strangled. Later that day several guards reported seeing this same inmate in line with others and then he just vanished.

The Biltmore's Mobster Ghost

The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables Florida is one of America’s most posh hotels. During the Roaring 20sJohn Bowman of the Bowman-Biltmore Hotel Corp. along with the founding father of Coral Gables, George Merrick had this hotel built. Their goal was to provide a grand resort for the rich and famous.

These two men succeeded because the Biltmore quickly became the place to stay in the 1920s and 30s. Hollywood stars, royalty from Europe, political greats all stayed at the Biltmore.  The construction cost 10 million and the Biltmore was the tallest building in Florida at that time. It is a beautiful building--fashioned after the Giralda Tower in Spain. 

Many were drawn to the Biltmore for its gala balls and fabulous golf course. Others enjoyed the many popular big bands and jazz groups that performed at the hotel. Another leading attraction was its aquatic shows that took place in its grand pool. Johnny Weissmuller before becoming famous for his Tarzan role, worked at the hotel and broke a world record in this pool.

At the beginning of World War ll the Biltmore was converted into a military hospital. Much of the hotel’s charm and beauty were lost at this time. After the war the building was used as a Veteran’s hospital.

In 1968 the University of Miami’s School of Medicine used the historic hotel. It is said cadavers were kept in the building that were used in the gross anatomy classes. This history plus the fact that there over 100 deaths in the building while it was used as a hospital is the reason why most people feel the hotel is haunted.


In 1973 the city of Coral Gables acquired the Biltmore. The building stood empty for ten years while the future of the building was argued over. In 1983 restoration began on the old hotel. After 55 million dollars and three years the Biltmore Hotel reopened in1987 restored to its original beauty.

During the ten years it lay empty many witnesses on the adjoining golf course reported very strange activity. Strains of music and crashing sounds were heard originating from the hotel. Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing eerie lights in the building despite the fact the building's electricity was turned off. 

One incident that occurred in 1979 highlights this activity. Both Coral Gable and Miami police officers entered the building determined to capture what they felt must be trespassers. 

Several officers witnessed windows opening and closing on the top floor. They also heard the sound of glass breaking. They saw dark figures running down the hallways. 

But to their frustration they found no one in the building so they brought in two police dogs to sniff out the interlopers. But their handlers were surprised when these dogs once in the building started to shy. Their tails between their legs one managed to break free and then ran out of the building. 

As mentioned above many feel there are ghosts who still reside at the Biltmore Hotel. The Biltmore today openly acknowledges their presence and the hotel offers ghost tours.

Walsh was a New York mobster who in 1929 ran an illegal speakeasy and Casino on the Biltmore’s 13 th floor. He always had a cigar in his mouth and a beautiful lady on his arm. 

He made a lot of enemies during his time at the Biltmore and he was shot in the head and killed. It is not certain who killed him for his murder was swept under the carpet quickly. His patrons were the hotel’s rich and powerful and no one wanted it known they were associated with Walsh.

The 13 th floor suite where Walsh was murdered is one of the most active areas in the hotel. Lights turn on and off on this floor and doors open and shut on their own without any known cause. The television in this tower suite also often malfunctions.

It appears Walsh, just as in life still likes the pretty ladies. His haunting involves one of the hotel’s elevators. Many witnesses over the years have reported they entered this elevator and hit their floor’s button but the elevator proceeded to ignore this and instead took them directly to the 13 th  floor. They all report that the doors opened to this floor’s suite and then just stayed open. This even happens when this elevator is keyed for the privacy of the person or person’s staying on the 13 th floor.

This unusual malfunction only occurs when pretty ladies are in the elevator. Greg Jenkins in his book entitled, Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore shares the story of one young couple that stayed at the Biltmore. They decided to explore the hotel. They entered the elevator that goes to the 13 th floor suite. They hit the forth floor button but the elevator passed this floor and took them to the top floor.


The doors opened and stayed open so the wife stepped off the elevator curious about what was going on.Before her husband could follow the doors to the elevator shut. He immediately tried to reopen them but the elevator headed down. He hit the 12 th ,11 th and 10 th floor buttons in an attempt to return to the 13 th floor but the elevator did not stop until it reached the lobby. During this time the lights in this elevator flickered on and off repeatedly.

Frightened now, the husband tried to go back up by pressing the 13 th floor button but the elevator didn’t budge. He asked a bellhop for assistance and they both went up to the 13 th floor. As the doors opened his wife rushed into his arms in a panic. She told both men that the suite had been ice cold and that a strong smell of cigar smoke was in the air. She heard voices talking but no other people were in the suite with her. She had sensed that as she moved around the suite someone was following her.

The bellhop shared Walsh’s story with this couple. They did no further exploring of the hotel.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

Birdman of Alcatraz


Robert Stroud’s life story was first told in a book in 1955 and then in a movie starring Burt Lancaster in1962 both entitled "Birdman of Alcatraz." Both portrayed his life story while he served time for murder first at Leavenworth and then later at Alcatraz. Both portrayed him as a ‘kindly’ reformed prisoner who spent years studying bird diseases and how to cure them. But as usual this Hollywood glossy version reflected only small parts of the real truth.

Robert Stroud was far from a‘model’ prisoner.

In 1909 Stroud shot and killed a man in Juneau, Alaska. Stroud pimped for a prostitute who was cheated by a “john”. This “john” had paid her $2.00 instead of the expected $10.00.Stroud angry, because he didn’t get his usual cut, went to this man’s residence and shot him five times and then took his wallet. He was tried and convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to serve twelve years at McNeil Island prison in Washington State.

Two years later at McNeil Island he stabbed a fellow inmate for being a ‘snitch’. He was tried for assault and six months were tacked on to his sentence. During this time he also viciously attacked a prison hospital orderly. This man had reported him for using intimidation and threats in an attempt to procure narcotics. In 1912 he was transferred to the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas—due partially to his ceaseless threats to other inmates.

At Leavenworth, in the spring of 1916 Stroud refused to give a guard his “number’’ which was a minor infraction. The next day a long awaited visit with his brother was cancelled because of this infraction. Stroud during the noon meal that same day in the prison mess hall asked this guard if he had reported him. When the guard refused to respond, Stroud pulled out a concealed knife and stabbed and killed him in front of hundreds of other inmates.

For this crime, he was convicted of first-degree murder. He was to be hanged in 1918. But his mother who had moved to Kansas to be close to him, desperately pleaded for his life.In 1920 President Woodrow Wilson commuted his death sentence to life in prison.The Leavenworth warden because of Stroud’s unpredictable and violent outbursts ordered that he be permanently placed in a segregation unit.

Stroud was an enigma because he had an IQ of 134, but he ate with his fingers, hunched over like an animal.His horrible personal hygiene presented a problem for fellow inmates and prison officials alike. It wasn’t until 1934 that he was formally diagnosed as a psychopath. 

While at Leavenworth, he found an injured sparrow in the yard; he took it back to his cell and nursed it back to health. This started his interest in birds. This interest was his one and only redeeming feature.

The warden at Leavenworth used Stroud’s interest in birds to present a model of  “progressive rehabilitation” to the public.Shroud played along because he had found a way to raise some money for his mother who was fighting for his release. 

Over the next years he raised over 300 canaries, which he sold to visitors at the prison. Stroud’s scientific observations of the canaries he kept did later benefit the research on the canary species. He wrote two books on this subject. He also made a contribution to avian pathology. All of this endeared him to people in the field. 

In contrast to this he allowed his birds to fly freely in his cell, which resulted in quite a mess, which he never cleaned up. The massive correspondence he began to receive also became a burden for the prison for each letter coming in and going out had to be screened—a full-time secretary had to be hired just for this purpose.

Prison officials finally fed up with Stroud’s bird business tried to shut him down. He had Delle Mae Jones,a bird researcher in Indiana, which he had corresponded with alert the newspapers and start a petition drive. A 50,000-signature petition was sent to the President. This worked for the prison even gave Stroud an adjourning cell for his birds and his research. 

Jones became so close to Stroud; she moved to Kansas and formed a business in 1931 with him where they sold his bird medicines under the name “Stroud’s Specific." It was widely debated at the time if these remedies were actually effective.


In 1933 Stroud discovered that there were plans to move him to Alcatraz, he knew he would no longer be permitted to keep birds. Stroud however discovered a Kansas law that forbade the transfer of prisoners if they were married in Kansas. He arranged to marry Delle Mae Jones by proxy, which infuriated the prison officials, who would not let him correspond with his new wife.

The first irony here was Stroud was a violent prisoner —this is one reason that the prison officials kept him from the general prison population. 

The second irony was Stroud lost his business and birds when it was discovered that some of the equipment he had requested for his lab he had actually used to build a homemade alcohol still. 

The third irony is his mother didn’t like Delle—she believed all women were bad for her son. Where once she had been a strong advocate for him, helping with legal battles etc., she now argued against her son’s application for parole, in fact, she became a major obstacle in his attempts to be released. She moved away from Leavenworth and had no further contact with him.

Stroud was transferred to Alcatraz in December of 1942. When he was transferred this note was placed upon the warden’s notebook page with his mug shot. Reason for transfer:

“In view of this man’s homicidal traits and impulsivity dangerous tendencies, he cannot be released in the general population…they feel that it would be possible to confine this man safely at Alcatraz…also wishes to call attention to need for eliminating the insanitary condition…from this man’s bird breeding activities here…Recommend transfer to Alcatraz.”

At Alcatraz, Stroud spent six years in segregation where he did have some contact with other prisoners, but as things worsened he was placed in solitary confinement in an isolated area of the hospital wing for the last eleven years he was at Alcatraz. 

This double cell had no toilet so Stroud used a bedpan. One priest who visited the prison stated he went out of his way to avoid being seen as he passed Stroud’s prison door—even going as far as to duck down. He stated if Stroud spotted him he would endlessly babble on and on.

Stroud having access to the prison library began studying law. He petitioned the government stating that his long prison term amounted to “cruel and unusual punishment”. 

Another contrast—Stroud was a fan of child pornography. He received many letters from people who were fans of his bird knowledge.Some of these fans were children. Prison officials confiscated a few letters from Stroud in response to these children that contained suggestive remarks.

In 1959, Stroud in poor health was transferred to the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri. In 1963 he died at the age of 73, the day before John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

To this day Alcatraz, a very haunted place, has one cell that is more active than all the rest—this is the double cell that Stroud lived in for eleven years in solitary confinement.Full-body apparitions are spotted in this area.

So Robert Stroud was a cold-blooded killer, but the general public because of the book and film "Birdman of Alcatraz” had a totally different picture of him.I remember seeing this film as a child myself and thinking how cruel it was they never released him. The public in general felt the same because after there lease of this film, which Burt Lancaster won an Oscar for best actor, many people protested for the release of Robert Stroud.

One fellow prison inmate who heard about the public outcry for Stroud’s release stated: “They want Burt Lancaster to be set free not Robert Stroud.”

Historic Photos of Salem, Massachusetts

Haunted  Salem for all your Paranormal Needs

Witch Sex

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Candle (any color)

Light a single candle. Hold the candle with both hands. Speak the following words:

''Spirits of the cosmos and all within

Bring your shining stars to the flame

Ignite the fires of the flesh

So that all desires unite

Spirits of the cosmos and all within

Find favor in this spell

Draw close to this place

Let loose your powers

And unleash your will

That all may be satisfied in your grace''.

Having spoken the words, extinguish the candle. Set the candle down. Allow the candle to cool until the melted wax hardens.

Once again recite the invocation without the candle being lighted.Light the candle again. Do not pick it up. Allow it to burn until the wax around the wick melts.

Extinguish the candle again. The spell is done.

Delta Queen

The Delta Queen in Mississippi is considered to be one of the most haunted ships in the United States today. This majestic ship took its first voyage in the year of 1927. Today, this ship still entertains those that want to travel the Mississippi River, as well as the Ohio River. In her lifetime, this particular American riverboat has hosted quite a bit of paranormal activity.

Ma Greene played an important role in the establishment of the Delta Queen. She was one of the founders of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. While she took an avid interest in business, Ma Greene was also named as the first female pilot of such an immense ship. Her name was Mary B. Greene; however, most everyone dubbed her “Ma Greene”. This woman was very much “in tune” to the Delta Queen and took special care to ensure that it was a family friendly place where everyone could enjoy their time. She was also known to hold very strong opinions when it came to the sale of alcohol on her ship. This is something that she definitely did not approve of.

In the year of 1949, Ma Greene passed away. While several worked to uphold the legacy of Mary B. Greene and adhere to her wishes, a group decided to set up a saloon shortly after she passed away on the Delta Queen. The first cocktail was served on board the American Riverboat, and just minutes afterwards, a barge unexpectedly wrecked into the massive ship. When it did, it completely destroyed the saloon. Once they uncovered the barge, the employees of the Delta Queen noticed that the barge was named after Ma Greene – it was called “Captain Mary B” – this was the start of the strange, paranormal events that began to take place with the Delta Queen. The crew firmly believed that this experience was Ma Greene expressing her unhappiness with the saloon.

Throughout history, many of individuals have traveled aboard the Delta Queen. These individuals include military personnel, guests, and crew members. Most of these people will attest to the fact that they still feel as if Ma Greene is aboard her beloved water vessel. Many have claimed to have seen an apparition that resembles this lady. While it may seem startling to many individuals at first, most people who have encountered this real ghost know and understand that she is a kind spirit that means no harm at all. While real ghosts are not often a common occurrence, the shock that most people experience when coming in contact with this spirit wears off quickly when they realize how friendly she is, and that she is just overlooking the activities occurring on the Delta Queen.

Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts

There have been documented accounts of paranormal activity at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts all throughout the history of this structure. It is believed that the three story structure that is designed in a Victorian style architecture still houses the residents who have long since passed from the physical world into the spiritual world. Today, this is the headquarters for the “Berkshire Paranormal Group”.

In the early years of the 1900’s, this spectacular mansion served as a home to the first mayor of the North Adams area, Albert Houghton. Mr. Houghton’s family also stayed in the home with him. A spectacular amount of tragedy struck this family starting in the year of 1914 when the chauffeur was driving several members of the family to the Vermont area. The members of the family who were in the vehicle were Albert, and Mary, who was his daughter. A family friend by the name of Sybil was also in the vehicle.

When the driver reacted to avoid a work crew, the vehicle rolled over an embankment and killed the family friend instantly. Mary was pulled from the scene and taken to a local hospital, but died on the way there. Albert and the driver only experienced minor complications. Unfortunately, the driver was found dead the next morning due to suicide near the mansion, in a barn. In just over a week after the driver was found to have shot himself, Albert died as well. This resulted in ownership being turned over to a family by the name of “Mason” a short time later. This family established a Masonic Temple there, and still remains in a newer area of the mansion.

Many hauntings have been reported at the Houghton Mansion. When the Travel Channel investigated the reports, they deemed this structure as one of the “scariest places on Earth”. Several different types of paranormal activity has been said to occur at this location. The following represents some of these accounts:

•One of the most common experiences when it comes to the Houghton Mansion is the fact that lights and electrical appliances seem to turn on and off by themselves with no apparent cause.

•There are several footfalls heard throughout the structure. While some of these are quite light, like those of a child, others reflect that of an adult.

•Many have claimed that they have been touched by an unknown presence in the area of the basement.

•Several have reported that they can hear a female voice whispering and talking both in the mansion, and on the grounds where the mansion lies.

•Knocks and bangs throughout the haunted Houghton mansion have also been reported.

The St. Louis Cemetery # 1

The most haunted cemetery in Louisiana is called “The St. Louis Cemetery # 1”. Annually, many exciting events take place in the New Orleans area. There is a great diversity in this area of Louisiana when it comes to culture, festivities, music, and more. In the shadows of the ever-popular French Quarter lies one of the most haunted places, as well as one of the oldest places in the area – this is the St. Louis Cemetery which is often referred to as “number one”. This is a beautiful cemetery with carefully sculpted tombs and markers of individuals who played a vital role in the history of the area. Here, you will learn about the fact that it is also the most haunted cemetery in Louisiana.

The St. Louis Cemetery # 1 has so many real ghost stories and legends associated with it, that Hollywood has made good use of it by making it the setting of very popular films. You may have seen the cemetery in the movie “Easy Rider”, or even in the box office hit called “Interview with the Vampire”. While these are two of the most popular movies to feature this spooky graveyard, they are not the only cinemas to feature the location. The entire “look and feel” of this particular cemetery lay way for some of the best of the best when it comes to ghosts and legends that are frightening in nature.

  Not many individuals realize it, but New Orleans is an area that lies below sea level. This means, when it comes time to bury the dead, it is done by building above ground structures that house the dead bodies. These are often referred to as “tombs”. Instead of these grounds being called “cemeteries” or “graveyards”, they are often referred to as “The Cities of the Dead”. This particular “City of the Dead” hosts one of the most notorious tombs of all time – and that is of Marie Laveau. This particular woman is known as the “Grande Voodoo Queen”. Many individuals in the area believe that this particular woman’s spirit haunts the graveyard, and any and all individuals who try to disrupt her rest, or awaken.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

Ghost of The Seven Gables

While touring the historic House of the Seven Gables in Salem, MA. someone snapped this eerie photo. The image of a small boy seems to be in the shrubbery, looking over the wooden fence. The best part of the story is that the image is supposed to bear a close resemblance to the son of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Julian, who had lived in the home .

Draw money to your life spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Green candle 
  • At least one dollar 
  • Bowl
  • Alter ( optional )

Carve a dollar sign into the candle 

Put the dollar into the bowl 

Say these words or similar: 

Dollar signs
To my life
as I preform this sacred rite

Light the candle and say: 

With this fire
Bring me the money I do so desire

Put the bowl and candle on your alter if you have one
If not then just place it on a table

Sweetwater Mansion in Alabama

Sweetwater mansion is  a plantation house located in the area of Florence, Alabama.  It was built by General John Brahan who was part of the Alabama militia during the war of 1812 and who owned more than 4000 acres of land in the area.

The 8 roomed house was first lived in by John Brahan's son in law, Robert M Patton who was a post civil war governor of Alabama and he completed construction on the mansion in 1835.

The mansion is now privately owned and is listed on the national register of historic places.

The number of ghost which linger at the mansion is unknown, as the various paranormal research groups which have conducted investigations of the property have come up with rather varied answers, but it is thought to be around 5. 

The most common ghostly happenings at the mansion seem to be apparitions, especially those of union and confederate soldiers, which would make sense as the house was used by officers of the two armies during their respective occupations of the area.

Activity at the house has been reported for quite a few years, with one live in caretaker refusing to go into some of the rooms. A story told by the caretaker among other people is that of seeing the body of a soldier with a gun shot wound in his head lying in a coffin in one of the downstairs rooms. The caretaker later learned after seeing this apparition a number of times that the son of the house's first occupant, Robert Patton lost his son in the battle of Shiloh and the ghostly coffin was always seen in the exact spot in which the coffin was laid during the funeral.

The last caretaker to live in the mansion was so terrified of the activity going on here that she nailed one of the doors shut in an attempt to isolate the paranormal goings on.

There has been a number of paranormal research and psychic groups who have conducted investigations of the mansion, and there are a number of things which they all found on their separate, independent investigations. The first is the figure of a civil war soldier dressed in his uniform which has appeared both in front of the investigators and on photos. His identity is unknown but he is thought to be the spirit of Patton's son who's funeral was conducted in the mansion.

An episode of "Paranormal State" featured the mansion in an episode shown on April 25th, 2007 where the investigators found some spooky findings. The team were witness's to a roof tile which seemed to fling itself across a room, as well as a board which slid all the way from one side of the floor to the other by itself. Photos taken during the investigation later revealed two small mist like figures which seemed to be that of children.

The Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary was built in Liverpool by a John Brown Clydebank in 1936. It was used as a commercial passenger transport ship and was awarded the blue ribbon, which is an award for achieving the fastest transatlantic crossing.

Queen Mary was awarded the Blue Ribbon in 1936 and from 1938 until 1952. Since the 9th of December, 1967, the ship has had a static role in Long Beach, California, and serves as a luxury hotel.

The ships engine room is said to be one the most haunted areas on the vessel, with at least 3 people being crushed to death by the infamous "door 13". An apparition of an 18 year old man is said to be seen regularly around this area wearing blue work overalls.

Two other paranormal hot spots on the ship are the 1st and 2nd class swimming pools. Apparitions of women wearing 1930's style swimming costumes have been seen walking around the pool, as well as wet foot prints leading to the changing rooms, also a 13 year old girl clutching a teddy bear is also a common sighting.

One of the scariest areas on the ship is room B340 which is no longer rented out to customers due to "unexplained disturbances". The bed has been filmed moving of its own accord as well as violent, strange sounds and voices. Most psychics believe that a girl or woman was brutally murdered by her slightly deranged husband or father.


In the second class poolroom, the spirit of another little girl named Jackie is often seen and heard. The unfortunate girl drowned in the pool during the days the ship was making it's Atlantic crossings, as her voice, as well as the sounds of laughter can often be heard here.

In the Queen’s Salon, a young woman in a white gown has often been seen dancing alone in the corner of the room.

Many other reports of ghostly happenings have been reported throughout various areas in the first-class staterooms. Here, reports have been made of a tall dark haired man appearing in a 1930’s style suit, as well as water running and lights turning on in the middle of the night, and phones ringing with no one on the other end.

In the third class children's playroom, a crying baby has often been heard, which is thought to be the infant boy who died shortly after his birth.

Other phenomenon occurring throughout the ship, are the sounds of distinct knocks, doors slamming and high pitched squeals, drastic temperature changes, and the aromas of smells long past.

The ship holds daily tours focused around the paranormal, a placement on such a tour can be reserved by booking at the ship itself.

What is a Ghost Light

A ghost light can be witnessed in various colors, shapes and sizes and are almost always seen at night. Often, many a ghost light is described as being orange in hue. Some locations seem to be able to produce ghost light phenomenon more than others, and this has allowed for their study in recent decades. It has also pointed investigators to look toward what makes such environments unique and able to produce the. Legends exist around the globe that ghost lights are the spirits of the departed, while others describe them as UFOs due to their ability to move. Ghost lights, by the way, have been reported moving at various speeds, from barely moving to being extremely quick.

Although there are many theories surrounding ghost lights, it is likely there are several explanations. Some ghost lights, such as Will-o'-the-wisps seen over bogs, act more like fireballs which are likely phosphene or methane gas emissions visible at night. Other types of ghost lights, especially those that are luminous, are electrical discharges visible as glowing balls of plasma.

Joshua P. Warren of LEMUR was able to reproduce the effect of ghost lights within a laboratory after investigating the Brown Mountain Lights. He found that electrical charges were created during rainstorms, as the water ran down quartz and magnetite stone that formed the mountain. The electrical charges build up and then release as visible clouds of free electrons...ghost lights!

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.

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Earthbound Spirits

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What Are Earthbound Spirits?

Earthbound spirits are disembodied people who have remained attached to the physical realm, having not moved on beyond it, after their physical bodies have expired. Simply stated, earthbound spirits are ghosts . Some paranormal enthusiasts wish for a ghost to hang around them or their residence without knowing what they are asking for - a ghost is a lost soul, no matter how pleasant the ghost may be.

When the body dies, the spirit of the person should move on and away from the earth plane by entering into the white light, where loved ones and a feeling of peace, love, and joy are experienced. This is also a healthy, cleansing process for the spirit, and the ones greeting the recently departed bring comfort, aiding the newly dis-incarnate to adjust to the spirit world. Let's call it a "reset" or "spiritual vacation" of sorts.

After the initial dying experience, a life-review ensues and life-issues are worked through, bringing closure which further acts as a cleansing process. Spirits choosing to remain earthbound are found void of this cleansing and closure process, and thus, remain with those of us on earth in an unclean state, experiencing little peace, love, or joy. With hell truly being found here on earth, disembodied spirits co-exist and can unhealthily interact with those physically embodied.

A clean spirit may visit loved ones from time to time for various reasons and may become a spirit guide, or messenger. Clean spirits proceed from the light and are of it. In contrast, disembodied spirits (ghosts) are in darkness , meaning they are lost. Darkness does not necessarily mean a ghost will have ill-intent, it simply means the condition of the disembodied spirit is unhealthy.

Those who pursue ghosts need to understand that disembodied spirits are still hurting people, though unseen.If a person does not proceed into the light after death of the physical body, that person will remain earthbound. The condition of the person before passing will be the remaining condition of the disembodied spirit. Emotional traumas, as well as physical pains and afflictions are still felt, even though the spirit is no longer within a body.

If the ghost was addicted to drugs, sex, or alcohol for example, then those same addictions also remain. In fact, these addictions and traumas will drive the disembodied spirit into trying to find relief, even though relief will not be found in the physical realm. As the ghost looks backward to the past by remaining earthbound, the prison is complete, as the future becomes lost and not seen as the way out - the light and loved ones (trying to rescue the ghost) become invisible to the dis-incarnate.

Some disembodied spirits remain earthbound simply to watch over loved ones, possessions or in an attempt to get a final message across to the physically living. Some of the ghosts believe they are actually helping their loved ones, by bringing guidance and strength and seem oblivious to the unintentional harm they may be causing them. In all cases, there is never a good reason for a spirit to remain earthbound, as remaining in darkness is suffering for both those in and out of bodies, no matter how good the intent of the ghost. In comparison, spirits who have moved on unto the light can return and visit those in the earthly realm. They do not negatively affect those who are in physical bodies as ghosts often do, but bring hope, love and encouragement.

Disembodied spirits, however, may actually worsen their condition, either by accident or purposeful, ill-intent, by becoming a possessing spirit. In cases of spirit possession , the darkness is not only experienced by the lost spirit, but by those in physical bodies who have unknowingly become hosts of the disembodied-now embodied spirit.

Second World War Ghost Photo

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This photo is from the Second World War.Shows the spirit of fallen soldier which can be seen in the background.

Old Newgate Prison in East Granby, Connecticut

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Old Newgate prison originally began as a copper mine in the 1700's. In 1773, it was converted into a prison to house serious criminals. The first prisoner John Hinson was committed for burglary in 1773. Later Tories and Loyalists were held here during the Revolutionary War.

It was the first State Prison in America. Newgate ceased operating as a prison in 1827 and re-opened as mine at that time. In 1976 Newgate Prison was declared a National Historic Landmark. The Prison is one of the leading tourist attractions in Connecticut. Newgate is now owned and administered by the State of Connecticut.

This prison has certainly seen its fair share of deaths, when it was operating as a mine, safety conditions were poor to say the least, many miners died within the tunnels from falls and being crushed. Also there were many deaths when it was used as a prison, guards killed inmates, and inmates killed the guards, as well as each other.

Reports of hauntings here include, screams coming from empty areas of the mine, a ghostly face within one of the rooms, and an apparition of a man who appears to be climbing a rope above a shaft as if he were trying to escape. Other stories include unexplainable cold spots, being touched when no one is there, and the feeling of being watched when in empty areas.

There is a story by a visitor to the prison who explains how he went into the mine and was shown around by a tour guide dressed in prison cloths, when he left the mine he thanked one of the other employees for the tour, only to be told that they didn't have anyone working as a tour guide within the mine, could this of been the spirit of a past prisoner?

England Ghost

This picture was taken in 1999 inside the Sefton Church located in England. The church itself is a very old structure. The photographer claimed that there was nobody else present at the time of the photograph. Because the apparition appears to be wearing black, some think that it could be the ghost of a minister.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

Molly Brown House in Denver, Colorado

The Molly Brown house was built in the 1880's, and it is famous for one of its inhabitants in particular, Mrs Brown herself, who was present at and survived the sinking of the famous ship, the Titanic. In 1970, the house was set for demolition, but a group of citizens who formed Historic Denver inc, raised funds and saved the house. It is open today as a museum.

The building is said to be haunted by Molly and her husband. Reports from employees include things such as blinds opening and closing on their own, shadowy figures and sudden cold spots, especially in Molly's bedroom. Probably the most common report is the strong smell of cigar smoke, even though it is a non-smoking house and the smell comes from empty rooms, Molly's husband was said to be regular cigar smoker.

Another apparition of the house is a woman in Victorian dress is said to often re-arrange the furniture, she has even been captured on film.

La Llorona – The Weeping Woman

Urban legends come in all different shapes and colors, with re-tellings of the same legend taking on new aspects, and in some cases the end result is quite different from circle to circle. La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) is the same as all others – there is a central core to the story that goes largely unchanged, while certain details have been embellished or just completely added to for better effect.

This particular legend is told mainly in the southern parts of the United States, but mainly hails from Mexico and South America. It is told as a warning to children to be good, not venture far after dark or else they will meet their doom.

The legend begins with a beautiful woman by the name of Maria. Maria was well known due to her famous beauty, but she had a flaw - her vanity and need to be the focus of all attention. Maria ended up with her love, a rancher who was quite wealthy, and the two were married and had two children.

As time went on and the children began to be the focus of their fathers eye, Maria grew quite jealous. When the rancher began to completely ignore his wife, taking to long stays out in the fields around the house, Maria grew wild.

It was one evening, while walking out with her children that Maria realized what her husband was up to. They were walking along the path by a river when a horse drawn carriage came along side and stopped. There was Maria’s husband in the arms of another woman!

The husband turned around and spoke to his children but utterly ignored Maria. After the husband and his new lady had left, Maria flew into a rage and took her children to the rivers edge and drowned them.

As the children’s struggles gave way to stillness, and their little bodies started to be carried away down stream, Maria instantly regretted what she had done. She dove into the water, but of course it was too late, the children were beyond saving.

Out of despair Maria took her own life down in that same river, no-one knows how she went about it, except that her drowned body was discovered on the river bank the following morning. Many believe that the husband may have come back to talk to Maria and, seeing what she had done, had killed her. Although accusatory words were quietly discussed, it was not right to point the finger until the bodies were interred into the ground.

The funeral was held and Maria was buried in a long white gown. However it was not even one night after the funeral had taken place when the cries were heard by the river…

"Where are my children? Where are my children?" were heard long into the night, and for many nights since. Those brave enough to search out the source will find Maria walking the river banks, attempting to find her children.

Locals say Maria’s spirit has been blocked from progressing to the afterlife until she can find her children and this is where the danger lies. Children who wander down near water sources at night may run into La Llorona – the Weeping Woman - the name given to Maria. If they do, and they even slightly resemble her children, she will take them into the river in the hopes she will finally be able to move on.

Many missing children around Mexico and South America have been blamed on La Llorona.

As with any legend such as this details change over the years. Other versions have Maria and her love never marrying, yet having two children who are murdered when Maria continually presses for marriage. In this version La Llorona appears in a long, white, blood stained dress.

The Hay House in Macon, Georgia

The Hay house was built in 1859 and became a National Historic Landmark in 1974. The house has seen several owners up until 1962, when it was converted into a museum. In 1977 the home was donated to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, which runs the home as a museum, education and cultural event center as well as a tourist attraction. It remains as such to this day.

There have been many reports of hauntings by employees and visitors alike, one of the most common is that of seeing the apparition of an elderly woman dressed in a gown of the mid 1800's fashion roaming the hallways, who she is however remains a mystery.

Other reports include unexplained cold spots on the stairs, footsteps in empty hallways, doors being slammed shut on their own and the feeling of someone breathing over your shoulder. The other common report is to hear the sound of moaning coming from the master bedroom.

There is a story of how one of the residents of the house died from an illness within the room, their identity though, is difficult to uncover. Could this be the elderly lady seen stalking the halls?

Aokigahara Jukai - Suicide Forest

Aokigahara Jukai, Sea of Trees is a 35km square forest that lies on the north-west base of Mt Fuji in Japan. The forest floor is made up of very hard volcanic rock which anchors the thousands of trees securely to the ground. It is a popular tourist destination for its rocky, icy caverns naturally formed over the millennia.

Aokigahara is also popular with those who aim to enter the forest with no intention of ever returning. The density of the trees, and the relative lack of wildlife, gives the forest an eerily quiet yet peaceful presence. Unfortunately, those walking amongst the trees in the serenity more often than not have the peace shattered as they stumble across a body.

Aokigahara is also known as ‘The Suicide Forest’.

For decades, dozens of bodies each year have been recovered from the forest. Prior to 1988 an average of 30 suicides took place within the forest each year. In 1998 the number had risen to 74 and since the start of this century the numbers have reached into the hundreds.

The two main methods people choose to suicide are by drug overdose and hanging.

Every year a small army of police, volunteers and forest workers organize a body hunt in order to recover victims of suicide. This work is also carried out year round by volunteers who enter Aokigahara in order to recover bodies, as well as hoping to dissuade those people they find in the act.

But why is this forest so popular for suicide?

Some have tried to place the blame on several books. One book ‘Nami No To’ ends with two lovers suicide in Aokigahara. This book was published in the 1960’s however suicide within the forest predates this time.

Another book entitled ‘The Complete Manual of Suicide’ says Aokigahara is “the perfect place to die”. This book covers eleven different methods of suicide and places the reference to Aokigahara in the hanging section. This book was published in 1993 and has sold well over a million copies. This does put it in line with the rise in bodies recovered from the forest at that time, but nothing more substantial can link this book with the deaths (although the manual has been found in the possession of some people found within the forest.)

The Japanese government have placed many suicide prevention resources around the forest. Video cameras are located along many of the paths, nearby shops do not sell items such as rope or pills, volunteers approach those camping in the forest to make sure they are okay and a variety of signs can be found along the trails and at the forests’ entrances with suicide hotline numbers.

It is not known how much of an impact these preventative measures have had on the suicide rate, although the best place to ask would be the three local villages that border the forest. These villages are responsible for the bodies that are recovered ,especially those that are unclaimed or unidentified. There are more than 200 bodies, unclaimed, that are held within these villages.

For many, the suicides have taken on a ritual bearing. Many who enter the forest with the intention of suicide will leave a trail of ribbons and streamers to their possessions, bodies and a suicide note.

The streamers will also allow them to find their way back out of the forest should they change their minds.

At other times notes are left in cars with explicit instructions that no one come looking for them.

Aokigahara is said to be haunted but not just by suicide spirits. Japanese history says Aokigahara may have been used for the practice of ‘Ubasute’.

Ubasute is the practice of taking a elderly or infirm relative to a remote or desolate place and leaving them there to die via exposure, dehydration or starvation. Aokigahara is said to be haunted by the angry spirits of those left there to die.

The Stanley Hotel

The hauntings of the Stanley Hotel, which is located in Estes Park, Colorado, has been the subject of interest for many years. Particularly since the famous writer, Stephen King, stayed at the Rocky Mountain resort with his wife for one night and developed the story which he made famous in “The Shining”. This structure was originally constructed by a man by the name of F.O Stanley. This individual was informed by his medical doctor in the year of 1903 that he had tuberculosis. It was advised that if he sought the comfort of the air of the mountains, his six month life expectancy could be increased. Once he and his wife witnessed an improvement in his health, they constructed a home in the beautiful mountains. Just three short years later, he purchased the land on which the hotel now stands and crews began building the Stanley Hotel.

Crews worked long hours daily in order to construct this magnificent hotel in the Rocky Mountains. In the year of 1909, F.O Stanley was able to stand in awe of the completed vision that he had for the land that he had purchased. Instantly, word traveled around the nation speaking of the delightfully large and isolated structure that was now open for business. Celebrities and those who experienced a high degree of financial wealth quickly began flocking to the area in order to reserve their stay in one of the most popular hotels of the time. Famous names such as President Theodore Roosevelt, Jim Carey, as well as royalty from Japan have experienced what it is like to stay at least one night in the Stanley Hotel.

Throughout the years, there have been many discussions revolving around the spirits of the Stanley Hotel. Individuals who have worked at the hotel, or as part of the hotel, as well as those who have stayed at the resort have claimed to witness and/or experience activity that seems to be most associated with the paranormal. It appears that the spirits that seem to linger in and around the facility have no true, malicious intent. It appears as if the spirits simply enjoy the location, or that they are simply attached to the location for one reason or another. While they are startling to the people who experience them, guests can rest assured that they will not be harmed by the spirits of the Stanley Hotel.


Two spirits that are said to reside within the hotel is none other than F.O Stanley himself, as well as his lovely wife, Flora. It is not uncommon for guests and employees to reflect the experience of seeing the happy couple moving along through the corridors together, or to witness them in a room in the structure engaging in activities that they enjoyed while alive. For example, F.O enjoyed playing Billiards and socializing in the bar area of the hotel. Many have claimed to have seen his spirit in these two locations. F.O loved to stand in the lobby area and greet the guests to his Rocky Mountain resort. Today, many have witnessed his apparition in the lobby, attempting to welcome the living that elects to visit him and his prized structure.

Flora, on the other hand, seems to have her own agenda. In life, she thoroughly enjoyed playing the piano that is still available at the building. She would spend hours playing melodies that were delightful to the ears of the guests, or doing performances in the immense ballroom. Today, it appears as if she still loves creating sounds that the guests will enjoy. Many have witnessed the keys of her famous piano moving, with no assistance from anyone or anything else. The faint sounds of delightful music can often be heard throughout the Stanley Hotel, yet there is no explanation. Many have even claimed that they have actually seen the spirit of Flora Stanley sitting at her piano! Even in death, Flora does not seem to have lost her knack for entertaining guests.

On the fourth floor of the Stanley Hotel, there seems to be a wealth of paranormal activity that occurs on a regular basis. Guests and employees alike who have been on this floor to stay or to perform housekeeping and maintenance duties have claimed that they often hear the sounds of children playing. The sounds are not faint sounds, they sound as if they are actually playing in the halls – running, laughing, talking, and even playing ball – but upon inspection, no children are present. Many have even experienced an encounter of a child spirit on the fourth floor. One of the most famous of these incidents is when Stephen King stayed in a room on another floor, in room 217. It is said that he witnessed a small boy who appeared to be in distress, and calling out for his “Nanny”.


In addition to seeing the spirit of a male child, Stephen King and his wife had another interesting experience in room 217. They checked into the hotel, placed their belongings in their room, and then stepped out to enjoy dinner. When they returned, they discovered that their clothing had been placed neatly in the dresser drawers and hung in the closet. No employee of the hotel had engaged in this activity. However, there is a story of a maid that worked for the Stanley Hotel that had an emotional attachment to room 217. She is even sometimes seen walking in the room, and then disappearing into thin air – in front of guests and employees alike.

In the year of 1917, a gas leaked occurred at the Stanley Hotel. The maid at the time had no idea that this leak was occurring. She was making her rounds on the second floor, lighting the lamps that used oil at the time. As she lit the lamp in the room marked 217, an extravagant explosion occurred and the entire room was damaged. A hole developed in the floor of the room, and the maid fell. The lady who experienced this was Elizabeth Wilson. Mr. Stanley did all that he could to make the incident up to her. He covered her medical expenses, gave her a well-deserved promotion, offered her additional pay, and allowed her to stay in the hotel rent free. She continued to work for the hotel for forty more years after the incident, however, it is believed that her spirit continues to work in the hotel, putting the clothes of guests away, cleaning, and making herself known to those who stay and work within the structure.

For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.

Stepp Cemetery in Indiana

If you are in the area of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest in Martinsville, Indiana, you should consider visiting the haunted cemetery named Stepp Cemetery. This haunted cemetery is located relatively close to Bloomington, Indiana. Developed in the early years of the 1800s, this particular plot of land has been known to be haunted by the locals all throughout history.

The first story is that of a mother who had a baby that she loved very much. She was so delighted to have a child that she spent a great deal of time with the baby. Eventually, the child passed away. The mother was struck with immense grief. They buried the baby at the cemetery and it is rumored that she rarely left the grave. It came to pass that the mother passed away and was buried next to her baby. There are several accounts in which individuals who have visited the land that the graves are on have said that they see what appears to be a ghostly figure lingering around the small grave of the baby that was buried there.

Imagine yourself walking through this dark cemetery in the midst of large trees projecting shadows over the graves and hearing the cries of a woman out of no where . As you turn to look around and to try to find the person who seems to be overwhelmed with grief, you find nothing. Believe it or not, many different people have actually experienced this in the cemetery. Not only have they experienced this, but many have claimed that there is a dog that lingers in the graveyard and it seems to project itself over the grave of the young, lost baby….

There was once a religious cult or sect that was referred to as the “Crabbites”. These individuals would often gather in their common religious belief and engage in a multitude of unusual activities. Many have claimed that the Stepp Cemetery was often the location that they met and indulged in the activities that they enjoyed. These activities seemed to have included skyclad, or nude rituals, the delicate handling of snakes, and even sexual activities that consisted of the whole group. In addition to this, it was believed that they spoke in tongues as a means of communication from their gods. Many have claimed that they have heard what sounded like chanting and may have even seen a spirit that may have been part of the group….

As you can see, there are several different stories that are circulating about this particular cemetery. Many individuals who engage in ghost hunting have claimed to capture some unusual phenomenon in this area. If you are interested in visiting a truly haunted cemetery, you should consider taking along some ghost hunting equipment.

Ronnie DeFeo - Amityville

Horror or Hoax?

October 14, 1975 – Ronald DeFeo Jr. goes on trial for the murders of Ronald DeFeo sr., his wife Dawn and their four children Dawn, Allison, Marc and John. On the evening of November 13 the previous year, Ronald entered a local bar and told of his parents being shot and killed in their home. On arrival, the full shocking scene was discovered – the entire family was shot dead in their beds.

At first Ronald Jr said he believed the murders to be a hit by the mob, but he was soon confessing that he was in fact the perpetrator.

Many aspects of the case were confusing – the family appeared to have been shot dead in their beds, most of them while asleep, and without a struggle. No one heard the gunshots even though the murder weapon did not use a silencer. At one point DeFeo also claimed he was possessed and that the devil made him do it.

His attorney argued for an insanity defense, but this was denied, and Ronald DeFeo Jr was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences of 25 years to life. He is still in jail to this day.

Recent investigations (both amateur and professional) have dug up evidence that may suggest he was not alone in carrying out the murders and that a second weapon was used.

The DeFeo’s Amityville home was soon sold to the Lutz family who made claims that it was haunted, which resulted in the Amityville Horror book and movies.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Case

In Christian County, Kentucky, located between the township of Kelly and the small city of Hopkinsville, is a farmhouse that, almost 60 years ago, was the site of a strange and terrifying event. This event, which was well publicized at the time, would become one of the most well-known and significant cases of a close encounter with strange beings from another world or dimension. Today it is still one of the most bizarre stories in UFO lore. Most, if not all, of the adult witnesses to this event have passed away, but the legacy of the Hopkinsville Goblins case still lives on and is just as strong today.

It was August 14th, 1955, that a woman reported to the local press in Dogtown, Indiana, that while on a swimming trip along the banks of the Ohio River, she and her friends had seen a shiny object in the sky, and that they had been grabbed in the river by something with fuzzy, clawed hands. The ‘creature’ attempted to drag one of them into the water. The group did not see what it was that attacked them.

It was exactly one week later that a family gathered on a small farmhouse near Hopkinsville. Billy Ray Taylor was a guest at the Sutton family’s home and was retrieving some water from a well when he noticed what he described as a bright object “falling out of the sky”, and land in a nearby field. His sighting was only one of many that were had by residents nearby that night, of strange lights in the sky. His claim, upon returning to the house, was met with ridicule by “Lucky” Sutton, Taylor’s friend, and the Sutton family.

At around 8 pm the family dog started to bark repeatedly, so Billy Ray and Lucky went to investigate. They soon returned terrified, and grabbing shotguns, told the rest of the family to hide. Over what seemed like hours the family were terrorized as a number of creatures, described as little men with pointed ears, claw-like hands, big round eyes and were silvery or wearing something of metallic origin, appeared from the nearby field. The creatures were said to cling to the outside of the walls and roof and would stare at the terrified humans through windows and a doorway.

A number of shots were fired at the creatures through a couple of windows, and at one point Taylor went outside and his head was grasped by a talon-like hand. Even though it is claimed a number of the creatures were shot, they appeared to not be hurt and just floated away further down the yard. What they could not work out was if they were dealing with a large number of creatures or maybe just two to three, as they seemed to move rapidly and perhaps were vanishing into thin air and appearing again meters away.

Gathering the family together, the group traveled into town in two cars and went to the local police. The sheriff and a number of local and State law enforcement officers traveled to the farmhouse soon afterwards. No evidence of alcohol or drugs were found at the scene, and a number of shotgun shells were found outside, but not retrieved and kept. The local media appeared soon after, and the farmhouses occupants refused to enter the house until the police had conducted their search and investigation. It is claimed that soon after the police and media left, the “goblins” re-appeared and started terrorizing the homestead again, disappearing just before sunrise.

Skeptics have always argued a hoax, but it has also been argued that the many eyewitnesses had no motive for making a story up. It has been noted that Taylor, as well as members of the Sutton family, made very little public appearances and gave very little interviews to media afterwards. The Sutton family sold the property soon afterwards fleeing into oblivion.

The local police at the time were impressed with the almost similar accounts each told of the encounter, and the genuine feelings of fear and anxiety that the family were expressing the night of the reports. It has also been argued that perhaps the family were attacked and held captive by a rare unknown species of monkey; however no remains of monkeys were ever found by police at the scene, nor were any live monkeys seen during the police investigation of the property. 


So what did happen at Hopkinsville in 1955? Were the Sutton family and their guests terrorized by creatures from another world, or perhaps an unknown species of creature science is yet to discover? Or was it all a hoax, perpetrated for some unknown motive or need?

Most of the eye-witnesses are of course long deceased, but the story remains a legend in UFO records. Will we ever know what nearly a dozen people saw and experienced one night in the Fall of 1955?

Donaldina Cameron House

April 1906 saw the great San Francisco Earthquake rock the coast of Northern California, destroying a majority of the city, resulting in at least 3000 deaths. With the rupturing of the San Andreas fault causing much of the damage, it was the resulting fires that saw so many people lose their homes and livelihoods. Split gas mains provided further fuel for the fires that destroyed 25,000 buildings.

During these events, a woman ran back into a burning building, a Presbyterian Home that had been the center for helping to free Chinese sex workers and servants. With there being a Chinese Exclusion Act (essentially preventing Chinese women from immigrating to the United States, unless they were married to someone already living there and of high enough ‘class’) there was a lot of illegal trafficking – poorer Chinese laborers sending for their wives and families through illegal means. Of course there were many unscrupulous persons who took advantage of the situation and many of these women brought into the states were sold into slavery.

This Presbyterian Mission Home was helping to free these abused, enslaved women. They would be taken to the mission, essentially hidden, educated and helped along to a better life – though that life was expected to be ‘Christian’.

As the fires raged through San Francisco, the Mission began to go up in flames. The Superintendent of the home, Donaldina Cameron, ran back through the fire in order to save the records that gave her guardianship of the women in her care. If the flames had destroyed these records, it was very likely those she had saved would be forced back into servitude.

It was to be two years before the new Home was to be built, one that was designed with the missions work at the heart.

From here the information gets a bit harder to divide between what is fact and what is legend. As such, the following might lean a little towards the edge of fiction but the best has been done to not completely delve into pur fantasy.

The new building built at 920 Sacramento Street, was built in a way as to provide the best safety for the women it housed. When removed from their various trades, their employers and those who ran the underground slavery industry would always seek to claim these freed women back.


As such, the new Home was built with many secret sections – passageways, strong doors… even the basement was created so that the entrance was hidden, rather than in the building itself.

This proved to be a blessing for those hidden within, sure with the security their new lodgings provided, until they were safe from the traffickers and sex slavers. Unfortunately it would also prove to be the place where many of them would die.

Tragedy struck the mission again -a fire started in the building and those hidden in the basement were trapped, suffocating to death, as the smoke filled this underground place of safety.

After the fire it was believed that those trapped in the basement still lingered. Voices have been heard in the lower floors and strange moving lights have been glimpsed through the windows. The basement is said to be sealed with Chinese charms to keep evil spirits at bay.

In 1942 the Home was named Donaldina Cameron House after the woman who helped to free thousands from the underground.

In 1947, the house was ran by a Reverend Wichman and legend says that during his reign the basement was unsealed and used as the location where he would perpetrate violent abuse against the boys in his care. It is believed that some of these boys also haunt the building.

Cameron House is often cited in lists of San Franciscos most haunted places. Today it serves as the location for an agency that promotes Christian activities within the surrounding Asian community.

We have no reliable guarantee that the afterlife will be any less exasperating than this one, have we?

Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Many paranormal investigators claim that the most haunted hospital worldwide is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. In the year of 1883, a Major by the name of Thomas H. Hays purchased the land where the haunted hospital now stands in Louisville, Kentucky. Immediately after purchase, he found it a necessity to create a school for his daughter to attend. The school was constructed on what is referred to as “Pages Lane” . It consisted of just one room, which was sufficient for the educational needs of his daughter. In his search for an educator, he hired a female by the name of Lizzie L. Harris. He also allowed her to name the school. Since she was an avid fan of the novels written by Sir Walter Scott known as the “Waverley Novels” , she named the educational facility “Waverley School” . Major Hays took a fondness to this particular name and appropriately named his property “Waverley Hill” . Little did the two realize that this name would eventually spark conversations of spirits, mysteries and paranormal activity.

In the early 1900s, there was a serious tuberculosis outbreak that resulted in the deaths of millions of individuals. Before the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, this was considered to be one of the most serious conditions that affected individuals. Those that were diagnosed with this condition were often isolated as far away from society as possible. The locations that they were placed were designed to allow those plagued by the condition to rest peacefully and have access to the freshest air possible. Most of the hospitals used to care for tuberculosis patients were constructed in regions that were considered to be at high altitudes, such as hills. Most locations were surrounded by beautiful landscapes so that the ill patients could recover in a healthy and serene environment. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was constructed in this manner. Perhaps the individuals who died at this hospital simply did not know their way to the spiritual world. That could be why it is considered to be the most haunted hospital worldwide.

Originally, the haunted hospital only consisted of a frame building that had a total of two stories . The construction efforts started in the year of 1908 and were finalized enough that by the 26th day of July in the year of 1910, the medical facility was opened to patients. This particular establishment was designed to assist up to fifty patients in a comfortable manner suffering from the tuberculosis outbreak. The tuberculosis outbreak became so immense that the small hospital could no longer accommodate all of those that required medical care for their condition. Jefferson County started seeing so many new cases of this particular illness that the City of Louisville started taking measures to create a new medical facility. A total of $25,000.00 was provided to an organization called “Board of Tuberculosis Hospital” so that they may develop an advanced care medical facility. While the plans were being established and put into place on this construction endeavor, several medical tents were placed on Major Hay’s property to treat patients that needed immediate care. Unfortunately, the hospitals in the region were becoming extremely costly and overcrowded. As a result, the construction efforts on the current Waverly Hills Sanatorium started in the month of March in the year of 1924.

The land where the building was constructed was purchased from Major Hays by the organization known at the time as the “Board of Tuberculosis Hospital”. Because of the unique sound of the name that he had tagged on his property, the organization elected to keep the name intact. However, at the time, the name had an additional “e” in the spelling – Waverley. As time progressed, the additional “e” was dropped. Not much is known on the reasoning behind this. However, today, the name stands without the additional “e” – Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This structure was designed to be highly durable, and had the capacity to treat four hundred patients at once. It ended up being five stories in height and functioning at full capacity – sometimes more than full capacity – on the 17th day of October in the year of 1926. In the mid-1940s, the first antibiotic known as “Streptomycin” was introduced. Cases of TB started declining rapidly. As a result, what is now considered to be the most haunted hospital worldwide closed its doors to patients in the year of 1961.

There were many different types of treatments issued to patients that received care at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium during the tuberculosis outbreak. Because of the fact that antibiotics did not exist at the time, many medical professionals and their staff turned to treatments that were considered to be natural. One of the main patient treatments at this medical care facility was placing patients on specially designed porch paths in their beds where they could be exposed to the outside air. It did not matter if it was winter or summer, this particular treatment was used. However, specially designed blankets that provided heat to the patients were provided during extremely cold periods of the year. It was believed that fresh air would enter into the lungs and that the germs that were part of the illness would be effectively carried away from those that were sick.

In addition to the fresh air therapy, many individuals took part in a special type of sunlight treatments. If the weather was favorable, the patient would be placed outside to receive ultraviolet treatment. This form of therapy was referred to as “Heliotherapy” . If the weather was not favorable for a patient to be let outside of the most haunted location, they would receive treatment from sunlamps. It was believed at the time that the sun acted as what many medical professionals call a “Bactericide” , which means that the substances that caused the disease would be killed off. Additionally, the warmth from the sun was believed to be detrimental to the microorganisms that sickened the patient. The patients also received a wide array of fresh meats, produce and vegetation in order to strengthen their immune systems while being cared for at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Many paranormal investigators believe that this is the one of the most haunted places in America because of the fact that several patients died while receiving surgical procedures. The procedures issued at the haunted hospital include “Pneumothorax” as well as “Thoracoplasty” . While these procedures were often used only as a last resort, many individuals that received them passed away during or immediately after the operation. One resource states that less than five percent of all individuals that received these surgical procedures lived. On top of all of the deaths that were occurring on a day to day basis because of the tuberculosis outbreak, this meant that a devastating amount of individuals passed away prior to the most haunted hospitals closure in the year of 1961.

When individuals speak of Waverly Hills Sanatorium being one of the most haunted hospitals worldwide, one of the main regions that come up time and time again is the death tunnel. Many refer to this as the “Body Chute” . This five hundred foot structure was designed to transport the deceased from the medical facility to the lower region of the hill where various types of motor vessels awaited. This structure was designed in a period where there was no electricity, so it is exceptionally dark. Furthermore, it was used to avoid lowering morale on those that remained alive in the haunted hospital. Many paranormal investigations have gathered evidence in the death tunnel that seem to indicate that there are many spirits that apparently seem lost in trying to uncover the spiritual world. EVPs, ghost pictures and even videos that contain unexplained phenomenon have been produced in the death tunnels of the most haunted hospital worldwide.

While the Waverly Hills Sanatorium for the tuberculosis patients experienced many deaths, it appears that their intentions were positive for the patients. However, this does not seem to be the case for the next business that operated behind the walls of this grand haunted hospital. In the year of 1962, the facility known as the “Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium” opened for business. Many individuals also referred to this facility as the “WoodHaven Medical Services” unit. Many unfortunate stories of patients being abused and experiencing various degrees of maltreatment occurred when this facility took over. According to historical documents, the facility was closed in the year of 1980 because of the fact that there was some validity to the reports of abuse and mistreatment. Many believe that the building is considered to be the most haunted because of what occurred within its walls during this period of time.


There are many different instances of paranormal activity at this most haunted location. The following outlines some of the most popular stories surrounding the Waverly Hills Sanatorium:

•At the main entrance of the haunted hospital, many have reported seeing the apparition of an elderly female that often resorts to running from the front entrance. It has been said that she is bonded by chains and that the chains appear to have cut into her skin because of the visibility of blood that is witnessed. In addition to this, many stories have the woman yelling for assistance. All stories reflect the fact that she literally disappears into thin air.

•On the third floor of the structure, reports of an apparition of a young female have been reported. In some instances, she talks to the living claiming that she does not possess eyes. In other instances, she is playing with a toy such as a ball. In other reports, the little girl is looking out of the window from the third floor. Many refer to this ghost as “Mary” .

•It is believed that a head nurse in the year of 1928 committed suicide in the room at the most haunted hospital known as “502” . While many speculate that she could have discovered that she was pregnant and was not yet married, the facts surrounding this case are not precise. In another story that occurred in the year of 1932, a female nurse jumped from the window of the room and died. The details of this incident are unknown as well. However, many state that they see the spirits of these nurses – dressed in their work uniform – on a regular basis.

•Many individuals have reported hearing and seeing children ghosts on the roof of the most haunted hospital playing. It is believed that children who were receiving sunlight therapy would be placed on the roof for optimal exposure.

•The fourth floor of the most haunted facility is believed to be one of the most paranormal active in the entire structure. Shadows are often seen, doors are often slammed shut unexpectedly and angry voices and noises are often heard.

•In the kitchen region of the most haunted structure, many claim to smell the aroma of cooking food and to have observed the spirit of a chef lingering in the region. Many speculate that this is the ghost of a food service worker that caught tuberculosis while working at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

•In addition to the stories highlighted above, many have reported seeing lights and other types of oddities that could be produced by electricity – when electricity was not present in the structure. Furthermore, many have heard disembodied voices, whispers, cries and yells emerging from the corridors of the haunted hospital.

There are several reasons why the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is considered to be the most haunted hospital worldwide. Several patients have been through the doors of the hospital to be treated and never were able to walk out of them because of the fact that they died. Others were severely mistreated while receiving medical care within the walls of the facility. In a location surrounded by sickness, sadness, despair and death, it is no wonder that this hospital is considered to be the most haunted structure worldwide.

Somerton Beach Man

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It all began on 1 December, 1948, when the body of an unknown man was found, resting against a sea wall, at Somerton Beach, Adelaide.

An autopsy showed that deceased had been very fit, with broad shoulders, muscular legs and healthy organs.

He had no identification on him, but in his pockets were found an unused second-class rail ticket from the city to a nearby beach, an Army Club cigarette packet (containing a different brand of cigarettes – which in itself is unusual), a used bus ticket from the city center, a narrow aluminum American comb, a quarter-full box of Bryant & May matches, a hanky and half a packet of Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

He was dressed very fashionably for the time, wearing a singlet and jockey shorts, a white shirt with a narrow, red, white and blue tie, a brown knitted jumper, a brown double-breasted suit coat, socks and highly polished brown shoes. Which was all very well and good, but totally inappropriate for the weather. He was dressed for mid-winter, when in fact, it was the middle of summer.

The investigation into who this man might be then began in earnest. It was reported that a man, fitting the same description, was seen at the beach, in the same place where he was later found dead, the previous night. He was ignored as people thought he was drunk. At one time somebody saw him lift his arm before dropping it. No trace of alcohol or poison was found in his blood.

In attempting to identify the body, the two newspapers in Adelaide posted a photograph of him. That’s when 251 people came out of the woodwork, and claimed to know who he was. Every single lead was squashed by trivialities, such as that he couldn’t possibly be the woodcutter “Mr Walsh” as it was abundantly clear by the state of his hands that he had not cut wood in at least eighteen months. The only real, good clue they had to his identity was the expensive clothing he wore.

Police thought a breakthrough had occurred when the Adelaide Railway station found a suitcase in the station cloakroom. It had been checked in after 11am on 30 November and was assumed to have belonged to the dead man. It contained many things of interest, including clothing, shaving kits, a screwdriver, an American comb and a stenciling brush - among others.

All identifying marks, such as brand tags etc had been removed from the clothing. Well, all except “T. Keane” which was found on a tie. There was also “Keane” mentioned on a laundry bag, and “Kean” on a singlet. It is believed that whoever removed the tags did so purposefully and left the “Keane” tags on, knowing full well that the dead mans name was NOT Keane… yes, quite sordid.

The most intriguing thing of all is what was found in a small, fob pocket of the dead man. It is this which has had code breakers around the world stumped for the past 65 years. On this paper were printed the words “Taman Shud”. Expert translators were called in, and it was found that the words “Taman Shud” is a phrase meaning “ended” or “finished”, and found on the last page of the “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”.

In a bizarre twist, a week before the inquest, a man who wished to remain anonymous came forward to advise he had found a copy of the first edition of the book “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” in the back seat of his unlocked car. At the time, his car had been parked in Jetty Road Glenelg, about a week or two before the body was found. Tests authenticated that the paper had been removed from this copy of the book.

There was also some handwritten text on the back of the book. This text is now referred to as ‘The Taman Shud Code’ (although the proper spelling is Tamam Shud for some reason most places go with the mispelling). It remains unbroken to this day, so if you fancy yourself a code breaker, see if you can make anything of this:


W [or possibly M] RGOABABD
MLIAOI (crossed out)

In another twist, on 6 June 1949, 6 months after the Somerton man had been found, the body for two year old Clive Mangnoson was found about 20 kilometers away from Somerton. His body was in a sack, and lying next to him was his father, Keith Waldemar Mangnoson, who was unconscious when found.

The father, Keith, was sent to a psychiatric hospital after medical treatment from exposure. Apparently both father and son had been missing for four days and it was estimated that young Clive had been dead for 24 hours. They were found by a man named Neil McRae who claimed he had seen where they would be in a dream the previous night.

During the autopsy, the coroner could not find a cause of death for Clive, but did rule out natural causes.

The boy’s mother, Roma, reported that she had been threatened by a man wearing a mask. This man was driving a cream car and he nearly ran her down outside her home. The car stopped, a man with a khaki handkerchief over his face yelled at her to ‘keep away from the police or else.’ Roma fully believed that the entire situation, of being threatened, of her son’s death and her husband’s psychiatric state were all related to her husband’s attempt to identify the Somerton Man. Perhaps he got a little too close?

The secretary of the Largs North Progress Association also received telephone calls, threatening that Roma Mangnoson would ‘meet with an accident’ if he interfered at all. And the acting Mayor of Port Adelaide also received three anonymous phone calls, stating that an ‘accident’ would occur if he ‘stuck his nose into the Mangnoson affair’.

Although the police suspect the phone calls to be a hoax, you never do know! The coincidences are great.

This man, who still, to this day, is unidentified, was buried in a simple grave with the inscription “Here lies the Unknown Man, who was found at Somerton Beach, 1 Dec. 1948.” Theories range from him being a spy, to a mobster, and anywhere in between. Was he Australian? American? We will never know.

Case solved?

In 2011 a woman came forward, in possession of a 1918, US-issued seaman’s identification card. It was for a British man named H. C. Reynolds. According to experts, although the image on the card, and the image of the dead man are not identical (or even very much alike), there are similarities between the two, such as the ear. There also appears to be a mole on the cheek of both men.

Could it be that it was H. C. Reynolds who has created so much intrigue over these past 65 years?

Reality is determined not by what scientists or anyone else says or believes, but by what the evidence reveals to us.

The Hill UFO Abduction Case

Throughout the 1950’s, in the USA, most reported cases of UFOs were restricted to sightings of “strange lights” in the sky, unusual looking aircraft and cases of “Contactees” - people claiming to have had meetings and conversations with the human-like occupants of extraterrestrial crafts.

George Adamski first claimed to have taken photographs of, boarding and flying in ships from space with “Nordic” beings in 1952, helping to popularize a perception that if beings were buzzing about, they must be friendly, intelligent and wise. However, in 1961 a couple named Betty and Barney Hill were to change many of the ideas and notions we had of possible inter-planetary beings and their possible motives.

The couple lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and at the time were active in their local community. Betty was a Social Worker and Barney was employed by the US Postal Service. The couple were an inter-racial couple, Barney being an African-American man, and both were popular with friends and family.

It was September 19th at around 10:30pm, when the happily married couple were returning home from a vacation to Canada when they encountered what Betty at first thought to be a falling star, only it was moving upward like a plane or satellite. Observing the object through binoculars, it became clear they were seeing a multicolored “odd-shaped” craft that they then pursued along the highway. At some point the craft descended and flew in their direction. Having stopped on the highway, the craft sat rotating in front of their 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, reminding them of a huge pancake.

Stepping out of the car, with a pistol, Barney approached the vehicle and saw through binoculars a number of “humanoid” looking men, who peered at him through windows. One communicated to him to “stay where you are and keep looking!”. Barney ran back towards the car and drove away at high speed in a hysterical state, telling his wife to look for the craft, but Betty saw nothing but sky.

Arriving home at dawn, they tried to reconstruct their memories of their trip but they were vague, both drawing a picture of a craft in the middle of the road, but found they could not remember much else. Noticing her dress was torn in certain places, Betty went to discard it, but for some reason kept it.


On September 21st, Betty made contact with Pease Air Force Base and reported the encounter; although at first she held back some of the details. Major Henderson interviewed the couple a few days later and concluded they had perhaps seen the Planet Jupiter and misidentified it.

Ten days after the encounter, and for five nights in succession, Betty would have vivid nightmares, and in November started writing these dreams down, one in which she wrote of being forced from the car by small grey men in military outfits and calling out to Barney who appeared to be in a trance-like state.

In February 1962 the Hills’ began driving along the highway, during the weekends, trying to find the site of the encounter, hoping to uncover memories of the event, but were not successful.

After months of discussing the event amongst themselves and with their church (and the U.S.A.F.), Betty and Barney were referred to a hypnotherapist in Boston by the name of Dr. Benjamin Scott, who met with the couple initially on the 14th of December, 1963. Dr Scott began hypnosis sessions with the couple almost 3 weeks later in January 1964, in separate sessions that would last until June.

Over the months the two gave amazingly near accurate stories of being taken from their car by small beings who separated them in the craft, and both underwent medical examinations. Barney claimed his anus was inserted with a tube-like device. They reported having conversations with these beings via telepathy, and were told not to be afraid of what was occurring. Betty recalled in some sessions seeing a “star map”, a hologram of stars described as a 3 dimensional map. She was only able to sketch, after some suggestion, a small portion of it consisting of twelve prominent stars connected by lines and three lesser ones that formed a distinctive triangle. She said she was told the stars connected by solid lines formed “trade routes”, whereas dashed lines were to less-traveled stars. They were returned to their car afterwards, and for some reason lost all memory of being on the craft.

The couple resumed normal lives up until October 1965 when a Boston newspaper ran a headline story about the encounter; the reporter allegedly having obtained a tape of the Hill’s giving a lecture at a convention the previous year, as well as confidential interviews they had given to UFO investigators. They were rapidly thrust into the international spotlight, and the following year an author, with co-operation from the couple and Dr. Simon, published ‘The Interrupted Journey’, recalling the case. It was an instant success.

In 1968 Marjorie Fish, an elementary teacher and amateur astrologer read the book and concluded that the map was of the star system named Zeta Reticuli. Crop circle enthusiast’s years later concluded that the map actually represents our Solar System.

Psychiatrists and skeptics have for years argued that the Hills had an hallucination brought on by the stress of being an inter-racial couple in the 1960’s, however both Betty and Barney denied this publicly, saying they had a happy, normal marriage free of anxiety. It has also been noted that the hypnosis sessions started months after the initial encounter, with many arguing that they had months to concoct a story. 


Barney died of a stroke in February 1969. Betty claimed up until her death in 2004 at age 85 that after her abduction experience she had witnessed UFOs several times and she had become a “celebrity” in the UFO community.

Were Betty and Barney Hill abducted by occupants of a flying saucer in 1961?

Had they hallucinated the encounter?

Or was it all a down-right fabrication by two people seeking fame and publicity?

Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon

The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland Oregon are said to be one of the most haunted places in America. In the earlier days of Oregon, starting in the year of 1850 and up until the year of around 1941, this city was known by several different names. One of the names often used to describe Portland was "Shanghai Capital of the World". Shanghaiing was one of the most common practices that occurred in the city in this period of time. This was the practice in which people were used as slaves to perform various types of work. The most common work included boarding ships and conducting work while the vessel moved across water. Since many of the boats headed to Shanghai, China, this is how the name got established.

Originally, the Shanghai Tunnels were an area for businesses such as bars, and restaurants to acquire their supplies that would come in from the water in the area. These tunnels typically connected to basements of the structures for the means of convenience. The individuals who practiced in shanghaiing eventually developed trap door systems that they would use when they were passing down the next victim. Typically, these were men who were given drugs and/or alcohol to subdue them. By the time that they woke up from the "state" they were in, they would be in a position where it was too late to go back. Several women were used too! Only it appears that the women were used for prostitution and if they were to age or even become pregnant, they would be murdered.

Naturally, Shanghaiing was not considered to be legal. It is believed that nearly two thousand individuals were taken during the time when this was popular. As a result of the emotional energy that took place in the tunnels, many different reports of paranormal activity have been reported in the popular, dark tunnels. Injury, drugs, disease, and other causes seemed to have resulted in hundreds of deaths in the tunnels themselves. Since this time, several people have reported strange, unusual phenomenon that seems to directly connect to the fact that there are actually spirits that reside in the complex system of tunnels, secret passages, and hidden trap doors.

Many individuals believe that a spirit of a woman by the name of Nina haunts the area that is just below the area of the pizza parlor called "Old Town Pizza". Locals state that this particular woman was once a known prostitute in the area and was sedated by drugs and then thrown down the area of the shaft of the elevator. It is believed that the fall resulted in her death. Many claim that they are able to smell her perfume, and that she is known to tug on the clothing of individuals who pass through the Shanghai Tunnels. Many have even claimed to have seen the apparition of Nina.

Many individuals who walk the tunnels in Portland have stated that they have heard moans, talking, screaming, and even the sound of crying. While it is believed that many of these sounds may be a result of the energy expelled in the area, and may be residual based hauntings, there are many who firmly believe that these are the sounds of truly intelligent hauntings. The opinion is carried that these intelligent hauntings realize that they have been trapped in the tunnels and because most do not know how they got into the tunnels to start with, they have a difficult time finding their way out.

Nine knot Spell

Wear for protection or bury to destroy negativity enjoy!

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -quiet place
  • -2 candles
  • -13 inch cord or string or as big as your wrist
  • -also concentrate on your goal

tie the knots as followed
relax and make a pentacle sign and say-

gracious lady
I ask that you bless this cord
as I perform this rite

now concentrate on the cord and your goal for protection or to banish and say-

by the knot of one, the spell has began,
by the knot of two, my words are true,
by the knot of three, it comes to me,
by the knot of four, may the spell be strengthened more,
by the knot of five, may the spell come alive,
by the knot of six, the spell is fixed,
by the knot of seven, may the power though me be given,
by the knot of eight, may the within be great,
by the knot of nine, may the thing I wish for be mine,
in the name of the lady, the spell is cast so mote it be.

then bury it or wear it for protection or to banish negativity.

All a skeptic is is someone who hasn't had an experience yet. ~Jason Hawes

Lizzie Borden

Shortly before noon on August 4, 1892, the body of Andrew Borden, a prosperous businessman, was found in the parlor of his Fall River, Massachusetts, home. As neighbors, police and doctors arrived at the scene, the body of Abby Borden, his wife, was discovered in an upstairs bedroom. A week later, Andrew’s younger daughter, Lizzie, was arrested for the double murder. In an era when women were considered the “weaker” sex and female murderers were nearly unheard of, the trial—and subsequent acquittal—of Lizzie Borden made her a media sensation. Officially, the case remains unsolved, but Lizzie Borden may very well have taken an ax and ended her parents’ lives on that sweltering summer day. Now, more than 120 years later, explore nine fascinating facts about the long-dead suspect.

Many people might have wanted to see Andrew Borden dead. 

The gruesome murders shocked the community, but many in Fall River were perhaps not entirely surprised that Andrew Borden had met an untimely end. With a net worth of almost $10 million in today’s money, Borden was one of the wealthiest—and most unpopular—men in town. Frugal to a fault, he was a self-made man who had become the head of one of the town’s largest banks and a substantial property owner. The dour businessman had also made many enemies on his rise to the top, and rumors swirled that Andrew and Abby had perhaps been killed as revenge for Andrew’s shady business dealings.

The case revealed some skeletons in the Borden family closet. 

The initial investigation focused outside of the immediate family and included local businessmen, neighbors and even the family maid, an Irish immigrant named Bridget Sullivan. Police soon realized that Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie, had as much to gain as anyone by the death of her father. Andrew’s tightfistedness extended to his own family—despite his wealth, the Borden home lacked even the most basic of conveniences, including indoor plumbing. Andrew’s remarriage to Abby Gray after the death of his first wife had soured his relationship with Lizzie and her older sister, Emma. The women, already in their 30s and considered spinsters by society, grew increasingly frustrated and resentful, with Lizzie in particular often exhibiting signs of mental instability. Lizzie’s actions in the days after the murders also raised eyebrows: She gave contradictory answers to questions and burned a dress that she claimed had been stained while doing housework, which police considered the destruction of evidence. On August 11, Lizzie was arrested for the murders.

The lack of forensic evidence played a key role in the case. 

Despite their belief in Lizzie’s guilt, investigators faced an uphill battle in convicting her. There was no physical evidence linking her to the murders. A hatchet had been discovered in the basement of the Borden home, but its blade was clean and the handle had been broken off—by Lizzie, according to police. The police’s reluctance to use any sort of forensic testing also hampered the investigation. Fingerprint testing was then in its infancy and was never conducted as part of their inquiry. They did, however, establish that Lizzie had unsuccessfully attempted to purchase prussic acid, a highly poisonous liquid, in the days before the murders. Though investigators regarded this as evidence of an earlier failed attempt to kill her parents, they were unable to present it at trial.

Andrew and Abby Borden made an appearance at the trial

The gruesome nature of the crimes, combined with the wealth of the Borden family, proved irresistible to newspaper publishers. Miles of ink were spilled as papers around the world printed hundreds of stories describing the deaths in lurid detail, speculating on possible motives and even alternative perpetrators. By the time the trial began in June 1893, Lizzie Borden had become a media sensation, and the proceedings themselves took on a circus-like air. The prosecution, faced with a lack of forensic evidence tying Lizzie to the murders, surmised that she had perhaps committed the crime while naked to avoid leaving behind physical clues. The presence of the hatchet-riddled skulls of Andrew and Abby Borden shocked those in the courtroom, leading to a dramatic—and perhaps well-timed—swoon by Lizzie. In what turned out to be a key moment, Lizzie’s defense team successfully pushed to have her contradictory testimony at the original inquest ruled inadmissible. Lizzie herself never took the stand, and the jury of 12 men deliberated for just 90 minutes before returning a verdict of not guilty.

The famous rope jumping rhyme got it wrong. 

Children who learn the chant may believe that it took 40 blows to kill Abby Borden, and another 41 to kill Andrew. Well, that’s not quite true. The coroner did confirm that Abby was killed first, but by 19 blows—not the 40 popularized in the rhyme. Andrew Borden received even fewer wounds, but the 10 or 11 blows that finished him off were quite gruesome, focused mainly on the head and completely destroying much of his face. So it turns out the nursery rhyme overstates by half the total “whacks” it took to complete the job. In another inaccuracy, no “ax” was ever found. It seems more likely that the hatchet presented by the prosecution at trial was the true murder weapon, but “hatchet” and “whacks” simply don’t rhyme.

Lizzie Borden struggled in her later life. 

Despite her newfound notoriety—and her neighbors’ whispers about her likely guilt—Lizzie remained in Fall River for the rest of her life. She and Emma inherited their father’s estate, gaining the financial freedom they had long craved. Lizzie bought a large house in one of the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods and spent her time traveling to Boston and New York to indulge in her love of theater. Just five years after the murder, Lizzie was briefly in the headlines again, when she was accused of—but not tried for—shoplifting. In 1905 the sisters became estranged over Lizzie’s relationship with actress Nance O’Neill, which Emma allegedly disapproved of. They rarely spoke in their later years but died within days of each other in June 1927. Both sisters were buried besides their murdered parents in the family plot in Oak Grove Cemetery.

New information may still come to light. 

In March 2012, the Borden case was back in the headlines when researchers at the Fall River Historical Society announced the discovery of the handwritten journals of Andrew Jennings, Lizzie’s defense attorney. The journals, which contain newspaper clippings as well as interview notes Jennings made during his pre-trial preparation, may yield new insight into the crimes. The extremely fragile material is currently being preserved by the museum before its contents are made available to the public.


There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.

What is an Apparition?

Apparitions are considered by ghost investigators to be the least common, rarely seen, of all ghost forms. Some ghost hunters believe apparitions, specifically a see-through human form, to only be the creation of Hollywood cinema. However, given the amount of credible apparition sightings that exist, theater and movie apparitions were most likely derived from real life accounts. Interesting to note, accounts of animal apparitions have also been reported.

When an apparition is sighted, it may be conscious and interactive or it may be non-reactive and appear almost like an animation of a person reliving an event – sometimes, over and over. It is commonly believed that this type of ghost is left over as an energy imprint upon the environment with the cause being unknown.

When viewed, an apparition may be full-bodied, half-bodied (lower or upper torso, typically), a limb or head. Some apparitions are reported to be transparent while some are reportedly solid in appearance. This type of ghost has been seen fading in and out, appearing and disappearing before witnesses.

Some of the best eye-witness testimonies that validate the existence of apparitions (and ghosts) are when multiple accounts of the same ghost are seen, and the descriptions match one another. It is worthy to note that if an apparition appears before multiple people and only one person can see it, it is likely that such a manifestation could be mentally-produced as an illusion or “imaginative vision.”

The Doll That Aged

Objects age, that is simply a fact, they crack, they peel, they get dusty, they degrade. This being known, there are still many who believe that the way this doll has ‘aged’ is something more, something infinitely creepy – something paranormal.

The family in question has never been named due to wanting anonymity but the story is simple enough. They were an average couple who had children and one birthday or Christmas they bought their young daughter a regular, run of the mill doll.

The doll was loved by the young girl but as with most toys and children’s possession, the doll was later largely forgotten as the daughter out grew it. Eventually the children moved out of home and the parents rather than throw the toys and memories away decided to store them in the attic.

Although the doll had been well played with it was still in rather good condition when it was placed in a box and forgotten about.

About eleven years later the family were having a clean out of the attic when they stumbled across a rather odd looking doll. The doll was wrinkled, aged, like that of a very aged person. The arms were stiff and mummified, wrinkles running along their length. It was when they recognized the clothing and other items in the box that their blood ran cold.

It was their daughters doll, once baby faced, it had now aged.

Incredibly it had aged in much the same way a human does, the wrinkles were all in the right areas but it was the eyes that were most haunting, once those of a dolls they now looked human – looking in them they could almost detect a presence, a wisdom… a spirit?

They family got rid of the doll and the new owners soon parted ways with it to a new owner. It is not known where the doll is today or even what it looks like.

There is a bit of debate as to how the doll aged. A few people, doll collectors and the like say that the plastic or organic material had degraded, a kind of rot. However many counter those claims with the fact that ‘doll rot’ generally leaves a doll cracked, brittle but not wrinkled like this.

Those who take the ‘paranormal’ stance in regards to this curiosity believe it possibly has an attachment, maybe some entity has taken up residence from the doll, possibly way back when the daughter would still play with it.

Or maybe there is someone out there retaining their youth and beauty, well past their best before date, as the doll bares the burden of age?

Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts

The haunted history of the Hammond Castle has drawn the interest of several individuals both locally and abroad. Starting in the year of 1926 and all the way through until the year of 1929, Hammond Castle was constructed by a man by the name of John Hays Hammond, Jr. in the ever-popular architectural style of medieval. Hammond had a keen interest in collecting rare and elaborate artifacts that were medieval based. However, he also enjoyed collecting artifacts that were Roman based and also from the Renaissance period. 

On April 13th 1888, John Hays Hammond, Jr. was born to an engineer in the area of mining by the name of John Hays Hammond, Sr. in the city of San Francisco, California. The family moved around to several different places. However, it was in England where a young Hammond, Jr. discovered a fascination with castles. This move occurred when he was twelve years old. Eventually, the family would move back to the United States. This is when young Hammond would meet Thomas Edison for the first time in New Jersey.

Edison was completely impressed with the young boy due to the fact that he was so inquisitive. He decided to become the boys mentor. He continued to thoroughly enjoy castles and all things that were unique as far as artifacts and other types of items, but he developed a fondness for science and inventions. As he grew, he learned to value education. He went into college and then developed an interest in studying how radio waves worked. This is when the young Hammond boy, now a man, received a new mentor. This mentor was Alexander Graham Bell.

His first job once college ended was in the year of 1910. This was at the U.S Patent Office. He intentionally gained this position so that he could become an expert in the field of patents. He sought to learn as much as he possibly could. Eventually, he came to own the “Hammond Radio Research Laboratory”. This was created on an estate in the city of Gloucester in the state of Massachusetts that his father owned. Throughout his lifetime he invented hundreds and hundreds of unique things, and patented them all.

 Starting in the year of 1926, Hammond began construction on the infamous castle. This construction took place in Gloucester. He constructed the castle in a unique style. It was built in sections on Cape Ann. Each of the unique sections was designed to highlight various distinguished periods of architecture that were popular in Europe. These included Romanesque, Medieval, Renaissance French, and Gothic. In addition to this, he integrated many unique features that many refer to as “bizarre”. Examples include passageways that were secret, and even rooms that rained through special devices.

In the year of 1965, Hammond passed away. The individuals that buried him were sure to do so on the property of Hammond Castle. He was actually buried in the same location as his beloved cat. He specified that, in death, he wanted the grounds that he would be buried in to be covered with poison ivy. He did not want to be bothered once he was put to rest. It is believed that the poison ivy was not enough to hold the spirit of Hammond in as many have claimed to have seen his spirit in various locations around the premises.

In addition to the spirit of Hammonds, there are several other spirits that seem to linger around the area. One story tells of a groundskeeper that apparently died during the commission of his work at the castle. It is believed that the spirit of the man still roams around on the property as if he is still trying to care for the plants and all other items that is a part of the landscaping. In addition to this, it is believed that the deceased wife of the popular Hammonds still moves restlessly among the castle.

Then, several individuals have claimed that there seem to be spirits moving about in and around the facility that are not recognized. Several unexplained phenomenon such as apparent ghost pictures, ghost videos, and occurrences seem to indicate that there is a high level of paranormal activity that seems to occur at this grand castle.

Shadow Apparition Ghost Picture

Michelle Spitler sent us her ghost picture and story of a shadow apparition that has appeared to her. Earthbound spirits often appear dark, as it represents their inner condition of being lost. Shadow and darkness does not mean that a ghost wishes to harm another.

USS Constellation in Baltimore, Maryland

The USS Constellation located in Baltimore, Maryland is considered to be a ship that hosts several spirits. Docked at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor at Pier 1, several individuals who have visited this century and a half year old Navy war ship claim that they have experienced paranormal events. The beginning of the ghostly rumors started in the twenty year period in which the massive ship under went restorations to bring out her natural beauty.

From the period of the Civil War to the time of the cessation of the World War II, the USS Constellation had many roles and responsibilities. The most notable occurrence when it comes to this particular ship is that when individuals report seeing what they believe to be “apparitions”, they claim that they look much like the clothing worn in the early 18th Century – even before the USS Constellation was actually constructed and commissioned. These spirits seem to belong to the two ships that emerged prior to the USS Constellation – the Constellation and the Constitution .

One of the spirits that apparently haunt this massive ship is a Captain by the name of Thomas Truxtun. It is said that this particular spirit actually appears in the form of a human. There was a caretaker once that was actually guided through a detailed tour of the ship . This caretaker thanked officials of the ship for the tour, and commented on how helpful the tour guide was. Naturally, these officials were quite surprised as no particular tour guide was on the ship the night that the caretaker claimed to have had a tour. It is believed that this particular spirit is that of Captain Truxtun.

The next spirit that seems to haunt the water vessel is that which appears to be a teenage boy. This particular boy looks too young to have served as a soldier, but many who have seen him believe that he may have served as what was called a “Powder Boy” on the USS Constellation. This is the boy that would carry gunpowder to the soldiers that were in battle. The soldiers often called the boys ages 13-18 that served this capacity “Powder Monkeys”. In the time of the American Revolution, you could see boys as young as eight serving in this capacity. It is believed that one of these boys, in the 1800s was murdered on the ship. In some instances, individuals can hear what appears to be a young boy screaming and struggling for his life. In other instances, an actual apparition of a boy.

Several spirits are said to linger among the USS Constellation. This is because of the fact that many different Seamen died aboard this massive ship. These individuals died while protecting their country, the Constitution, each other, and themselves. Today, many people visit the USS Constellation to pay their respects to the individuals that served on this ship. They also observe the ship in all of her beauty. If you are looking to visit a haunted place that is a bit on the unique side, you may enjoy visiting the haunted ship of the USS Constellation.

Education has failed in a very serious way to convey the most important lesson science can teach: skepticism.

Cashtown Inn in Pennsylvania

The haunted Cashtown Inn in Cashtown, Pennsylvania has been the talk of the area for many years. In the year of 1797 the inn was constructed and opened for business. In the early days of the business, the individual that ran it would only accept cash as a means of paying for lodging, toll fees, and even various types of goods instead of accepting credit and bartering like so many businesses did in that time period. The locals eventually gave it the name of “Cashtown” due to this. Seeing that it was located on the famous Route 30, it ended up getting a lot of business. It was so popular, in fact, that the Confederate Army, headed by the General Robert E. Lee ordered his troops to station at the Cashtown Inn until he rendered notice of the next course of action.

As ordered, the Confederate Army went to the Cashtown Inn while General Lee decided on his next move. Unfortunately, he did not think that his next move would result in the many tragedies that it did. This decision ultimately ended in the infamous “Battle of Gettysburg”. Many men were injured that day, and many men were killed. Emotions ran high as a sense of despair, dread, and loss filled the air like a thick cloud of the ominous events experienced, and those yet to be experienced. The Cashtown Inn helped to house the soldiers, and made a special area where the soldiers who were injured could be taken care of.

Once the war was over, the inn continued in business as always. Unfortunately, business dwindled by the year of 1948. This was largely due to the fact that the town allowed a bypass highway to be constructed. When this occurred, those that would normally pass right through the town of Cashtown would be directed around it. Quickly, business was terribly low. It was so low, in fact, that the owner could not properly maintain it. A woman by the name of Carol Buckley, and her husband, Charles, finally elected to purchase the building in the year of 1987. During the restoration process, there were many paranormal experiences that seemed to occur as well.

Hauntings seem to emerge at every corner in the Cashtown Inn. One of the rooms where a General by the name of A.P Hill lodged during the battle is said to be haunted. In many instances, visitors to the inn have reported that the rocking chair in the room will start to move on its own, with absolutely no explanation. In addition to this, several have been frightened because of the fact that it felt as if someone was on the bed with them while they rested. In other cases, knocking and other unexplained sounds have been experienced in the room.

Many individuals who work in the inn and have visited the inn have been surprised to see a man in the hallway, and also in the area of the bar. While under normal circumstances, this would not be an issue, the man that they see is transparent and is dressed in one of the old Confederate uniforms that were standard issued during the Civil War. This same man has been seen in the area that is near the bar as well. It is unknown as to whether the spirit has attempted to interact with the people he has shown himself to, or if he hasn’t. However, the experience was frightening to the witnesses, regardless.

There are many other types of unexplained events that have happened in the haunted Cashtown Inn. Employees and visitors have heard strange sounds that resemble that of someone or many people walking at once when no one else was around. Even personal belongings of some of the guests have been altered, such as suitcases being packed with no explanation.

Sarah and John Makin – Baby Killers

Notorious baby farmers John Makin and Sarah Jane were among the worst baby killers of all time. John Makin was born in Dapto, New South Wales, Australia on 14th February 1845. Sarah Jane, daughter of convict Emanuel Sutcliffe, was born in Sydney, Australia, on 20th December 1845. Before Sarah and John married on the 27th August 1871, Sarah was married to mariner Charles Edwards and they had one daughter.

In his duties as a drayman at a local brewery, John suffered an injury preventing him from performing his normal work. This left the Makin’s without any income and in an impoverished state. This was when John responded to newspaper advertisements for carers, and would negotiate with unwed parents and single mothers for a meagre payment of 3-5 pounds to take the babies in.

A Mr J Hill (John Makin’s alias) responded to Miss Amber Murray’s advert for someone to kindly take charge of her (illegitimate) three month old son. Amber was told that her son, Horace, would aid Mrs Hill greatly, as she had recently lost her own son and was in a melancholy state. Amber paid Mr Hill 3pounds believing that she would be able to see her son at pre-arranged times, and he was being left with a caring, loving family. Amber Murray, in fear of shame but also good faith, left her son at Mr and Mrs Hills’ George St Sydney address. She never saw her beloved Horace again.

The only way to make it in the baby farming industry was to be as conniving as possible. The Makin’s had this down pat. To prospective mothers about to give up their babies they made promises that they could even visit their babies once they were placed in loving homes. To wealthy childless couples the Makin’s presented as doing the community a much needed service, and covering their costs along the way.

Inside the Makin household it was a whole different story, that of prospering on the misfortune of others. It was not unusual for there to be up to 6 babies in the house at any given time. Collecting around 10shillings per week for each baby would make a fair income for the Makin’s. Not to mention they continued to collect the weekly payments for the dead and buried. Sarah was found to have pawned the clothing of the deceased to add to their blood money income.

The Makin’s moved over 15 times in 20 years. This made it hard for the mothers to track them down. However, John would make the effort to keep his schedule and turn up like clock work to collect money from the mothers. When they inquired about arranging a visit with their babies, John would often make varied excuses. John told Amber Murray that he and Sarah were moving out west, and he would arrange a visit when they settled in six weeks. He still went to Amber’s house weekly to collect the money, but his story meant that she wouldn’t bug him to see her baby. The Makin’s did a midnight run from their Redfern address to Burren St, Macdonaldtown where their baby farming operations continued.

The Makin’s often did not pay their rent, so another midnight run saw them move to Chippendale. The owners took over the Macdonaldtown address, cut their rental losses and began renovations. On the 11th October 1892, James Hanoney was assisting the owners with drainwork, as there was a blockage. It wasn’t long until the cause was discovered. Wedged in tight were two separate bundles of clothing - babies clothing. The stench was wretched as James pulled the material out.

The smell was that of two decomposing babies.

He immediately called the police and the yard was thoroughly searched. They uncovered a further five babies in various states of decomposition. Tenancy records traced the Makin’s back to their Redfern address, and the investigation continued with the discovery of the remains of three more babies. The George St address was also excavated, and a further three tiny corpses were removed. A total of twelve bodies were recovered, although some have the count at thirteen.

The sensational trial gained many spectators. The newspapers covered the unfolding case closely, and had runners set outside the court to get the updates quickly to print. Sydney’s Supreme Court was packed to overflowing, with crowds spilling into the streets.

The Makin’s two daughters Daisy (11) and Clarise (16) both testified against their parents. Daisy recalled that when the family moved to Macdonaldtown, they had with them two baby girls, but no Horace Murray. Clarise testified that she recognised clothing belonging to one of the deceased infants as she had seen it in her mothers possession whilst that child was in her mothers care.

Another couple stated that they left their illegitimate child with the Makins’ handing over a considerable up-front payment, then agreeing to pay them 10 shillings a week. Within days the baby had died of supposed natural causes. The grieving parents gave the Makin’s two pounds towards the cost of the funeral.

Justice Stephen looked at the pair in the dock and in reference to baby Horace Murray, said –

"You took money from the mother of this child. You beguiled her with promises which you never meant to perform and which you never did perform having determined on the death of the child. You deceived her as to your address and you endeavored to make it utterly fruitless that any search should be made and finally, in order to make detection impossible, as you thought, having bereft it of life, you buried this child in your yard as you would the carcase of a dog… No one who has heard the case but must believe that you were engaged in baby farming in its worst aspect. Three yards of houses in which you lived testify, with that ghastly evidence of these bodies, that you were carrying on this nefarious, this hellish business, of destroying the lives of these infants for the sake of gain."

Last letter written by John Makin, 14th August 1893. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday 16th August 1893

"I, John Makin, sincerely and solemnly declare that the body of the infant found in the yard of the house at Redfern, for the murder of which I was tried and am being executed, is not the body of Horace Amber Murray, nor the child of Amber Murray. Nor was the clothing found on the body, the property of Amber Murray, and which Mrs. Patrick swore they themselves had prepared and put on, ever worn by Horace Amber Murray. The clothing was never in their possession, nor did they see it until it was produced in the Coroner’s Court for their identification. My wife, Sarah Makin, did not murder the child supposed to be Amber Murray’s , the body was buried in the yard four or five weeks before we got her child, and I also solemnly declare that the child that I and my daughter Blanche took to the door of the residence of Mrs. Patrick, with whom Amber Murray resided in the month of July, 1892, was the child of Amber Murray and no other, although Mrs. Patrick said it was not."

John and Sarah Makin were sentenced to the death penalty for the murder of Horace Murray. After two appeals and a plea for clemency were denied, John was hanged on the 15th August 1893 at Darlinghurst Gaol. Sarah had her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment at Long Bay Gaol State Reformatory for Women. After a hard campaign by her daughters, Sarah was released in 1911, having served 19 years. She faded into obscurity and died on the 13th September 1918. She was buried at Rookwood Cemetery.

St. Bernard's Abbey Ghost Priest Picture

In the first photograph, the head and shoulders of a robed individual (eg. ghost priest) appears to the left in front of the black post. In the second ghost photo, the ghost is not fully manifested, and the white anomaly is in front of the post. So, we can tell that the ghost is not a light reflection but an apparition that moved from one place to another, then full appeared.

Hampton Court Ghost Video

The Riddle House in Florida

There are several hauntings that are said to occur in and around the Riddle House that is located in Yesteryear Village.

In all actuality, it is not at all surprising that this particular structure is said to be haunted. This stems mostly from the fact that the building itself holds a long history of exposure to death.

In the early part of Florida’s history, around the onset of the 1900’s, the Riddle House was built in an effort to provide the West Palm Beach area with a funeral parlor for families who lost loved ones. There was a cemetery in the area that was called “Woodlawn”. Many crimes occurred in this resting place for the dead. Bodies were consistently exhumed by criminals seeking to acquire the possessions that the deceased were buried with. For this reason, there was a call for security. This is when the original structure was built. It was called the “Gatekeeper’s College”.

In the early days of the home , there was a tragic death that occurred as a result of an argument between a person that worked in the cemetery and an individual of the community. The worker’s name was rumored to be “Buck”. Once the man passed away, it was said that the locals could still see him walking along in the cemetery, as well as around the actual home itself. Buck never appeared to be vengeful or angry. In fact, it often seemed as if he simply went on in the afterlife, conducting his work just as he would in the physical life. However, encountering this spirit was quite frightening for the locals that came face to face with it.

Approximately two decades later, a man by the name of Karl Riddle acquired the position of manager of the city. The city had a special need for someone to oversee the cemetery, and they also wanted to provide him with a home to live in. This is when the original “Gatekeeper’s Cottage” was opened up to him. Riddle thoroughly enjoyed the home, until an employee tragically ended his own life in the attic of the home to remove himself from economic woes and depression . It was after that in which several individuals experienced phenomenon that seemed to be related to the paranormal.

It was not uncommon for one to witness apparitions out of the corner of their eye, or in the shadows of the home. When darkness fell on the home each night, it seemed to take on a life of its own. Many could hear what appeared to be distant conversations, and strange noises that were very frightening and completely unexplained. Examples include the sound of chains moving up and down the decorative staircase, knocks, and other noises of the same caliber. Riddle, unfortunately, lost may of the people that conducted work for him. He also fell to despair due to fright from living in the structure.

Eventually, the Riddle House no longer served as a home to Karl Riddle. He and his family left the premises and several different businesses attempted to start in the structure. However, they too, were plagued with paranormal phenomenon and frightening experiences. A local college, Palm Beach Atlantic, even attempted to use the structure as a dorm for the female students that attended the school. This failed to work as well. In the year of 1980, the city of West Palm Beach elected to destroy the structure. However, Karl Riddle’s nephew, John, decided he wanted the building in order to preserve the historical value it had. He decided to have the structure moved so that it could be enjoyed as a historical monument for the public. This is how it came to stand in the Yesteryear Village.

As the building was being reconstructed, the carpenters and other workers experienced many strange events. These events included tools being moved, broken windows, and personal experiences. Many of the workers quit before it was decided that construction should be stopped for a short amount of time. John Riddle was really worried that if he did not provide the workers with some sort of break, that he would lose all of them. Eventually, work would continue to take place and the building would be completed.

There was a social gathering held for the community in which the home would be displayed and individuals could enter it for the first time. By this time, everyone had heard the rumors of hauntings and was very excited to get the opportunity to experience it for themselves. They ended up getting a bit more than they ever bargained on – a couple apparently from the earlier part of the 20th century. Unfortunately, many were not aware that they may have just witnessed spirits until the pictures revealed showed no traces of the couple!

Death is not the end, it is simply walking out of the physical form and into the spirit realm, which is our true home. It's going back home.

Crow's Connection to Death

Crows for centuries have been closely connected with death. The main reason for this is crows feed on carrion--the flesh of the dead. Because of this many cultures associate crows with death and dying. Some cultures in the past believed that crows were messengers of death. How this reputation came about is certainly understandable but is unfair.

If we look at examples in history around the world it becomes clear why so many cultures have a tradition of associating crows with death. In mans' early history bodies were not buried, it was a common sight to see crows feasting upon human corpses. 

For centuries crows during times of war have been observed following soldiers onto battle fields where they wait patiently for the battle to be over so they can feed upon the fallen.In medieval Western Europe during an outbreak of the Bubonic plague people noted crows feeding upon the victims’ stacked bodies.

Because of this association with death crows over time gained a bad reputation. But not all cultures viewed them in this light. 

Some Native American cultures see crows as a positive symbol because they believe the crow acts as a communicator or liaison between this world and the next. They are viewed as assistors that help the deceased cross over. 

The Tibetans held a somewhat similar belief-- they once placed pieces of bodies on top of temples so that crows could carry them to the next life. 

The early Celtics viewed crows as the mediators between the human and spirit worlds. They believed that crows were oracles which god used to speak to them. This belief probably came about because crows can be trained to talk. So to some cultures crows are spiritual or supernatural in nature.

Over time this belief that crows were connected to death was used to teach lessons.

In the 13 th century Talmud, a vast collection of Jewish laws, there is a story where a crow teaches Adam and Eve to bury the body of their son. Adam and Eve being confronted with this first dead body on earth after creation did not know what to do with it. The story states the crow then kills another crow and buries it in front of Adam and Eve as a demonstration.

In an early Buddhist tradition monks would sit in a graveyard and concentrate on decomposing bodies,again in a time before bodies were properly buried, later this was done through imagery and mediation. At one point during this guided meditation the monk would see the image of a crow feasting upon his own corpse. The idea behind this was to keep death always in the forefront.

In a similar western tradition the Benedictine monks founded by St. Benedict, who once claimed a crow saved his life by warning him about a piece of poisoned bread, believed death should be kept always before the living. 

The reason these two groups used the crow and its scavenging ways was to remind them that the presence of death is apart of the natural cycle of life. When we can see and understand the ephemerality of our lives we learn to appreciate life on a daily basis.

The false belief that crows bring death has resulted in a variety of myths and superstitions being passed down from one generation to the next.  One of the most prevalent of these myths is about crows in graveyards. People say they hang out in them because of their connection to death. After all crows are big, black, and spooky. 

In reality crows just find graveyards an ideal habitat. There is a nice mowed expanse of lawn where they can easily spot earthworms to eat etc. There is abundant water with plenty of trees to keep watch from and graveyards are quiet which crows like. There is another myth about crows flocking together in graveyards; they do this for protection not for any supernatural reason.

The Greeks felt that crows were a bad omen often foretelling death. Because of this belief they would say to the birds, “Go on your way, and bring me good news.” One term used for a group of crows is “murder” this comes from Greek mythology as well. 

The Irish for generations believed that when a crow caws three times they are announcing the death of an individual. It was also believed if a crow flew in a house and couldn’t get out it was a bad omen.

Some superstitions state that a crow must fly into the house to foretell death. If the bird flies in a house in the morning the person will die in a better manner than if the crow flies in at dusk. If the crow is covered in mud or injured the person will have a long illness.

Today in our urban world, it is still almost impossible to avoid seeing crows along the highway picking at road kill. I think this is why so many myths and superstitions persist about the crow being a symbol of death. 

In reality crows are not to be feared, in fact when they are observed closely people note they are vibrant and alive.They are always doing something creative and they are very playful, which means they are highly intelligent. 

In a recent Nature episode entitled “A Murder of Crows” on PBS it was shown crows make tools that help them retrieve food. Recent research indicates they are among the brightest animals in the world.

What is amazing is that crows seem to understand their own mortality. When one of them dies people have observed the following phenomenon. They often fly around the deceased bird cawing; in fact they seem to hold their version of a crow funeral. They are seen landing and forming a circle around the deceased bird’s body. They stand still and silent for anywhere from a few minutes to over thirty minutes. 

The people who have witnessed this event state that it shocked them for it was obvious to them these crows were not just standing around.

Hells Gate in Oxford, Alabama

Reports of paranormal activity at the bridge seems to be mostly folklore. There have been two confirmed deaths at this location, which were of a couple who died in an accident. The most popular local tale tells that if you stop on the bridge and look behind you, the road appears to look like the fiery gates of hell.

Another tale includes that if you stop your car on the bridge and get out for a few minutes, then there will be a wet patch on the seat, thought to be from the ghost of a member of the couple who died in the accident.

The last most common story of the bridge includes that if you walk up the road from the bridge towards the nearby mansion, then you will be chased by a ghostly car that wont disappear until you reach the bridge again, this to me sounds a little hard to believe. However, the tale about the road appearing to look like the gates of hell has been reported by many people, as has the ghost car. I leave it up to you, the reader to make of these stories what you will.

Oliver House in Bisbee, Arizona

Oliver house was built in 1909 by Edith Ann Oliver, the wife of a mining tycoon. It was originally built as a planning center and boarding house for the Arizona mining company until it was purchased in 1986 by a Dennis Schranz who was warned at the buying meeting that the place was haunted, at the time he didn't believe in ghosts and went through with the sale. He does now however after living in and experiencing the house's "other worldly" residents. The building is still open to this day as a bed and breakfast.

Oliver house has had a violent history, being in a "wild west" area, several people have died within the house. One of the first recorded murders was that of a Nat Anderson, who was shot at the top of the second story staircase on the 22nd of February, 1920, his killer was never caught and it remains an unsolved murder case.

There is a certain room in the house which was used by Dennis Schranz the first night he spent there alone, he claims to have heard footsteps walking down the hallway and straight into his room and up to his bed, even though the door was locked, could this be the ghost of Nat Anderson?

One of the most common experiences within the building is said to be in the grandma room, were an old lady passed away, guests have reported seeing the apparition of an old lady standing over them while their in bed. Other often reported happenings are to hear the sound of running water late at night through pipes that no longer exist, as well as the feeling of being watched and footsteps.

 Orbs have been seen on occasion in the attic on both still and infra-red film. It appears that from guest statements and past happening's that the second floor is by far the most haunted.

Bloody Bucket Road in Wauchula, Florida

A century ago, there was a former slave woman serving the folks of Wauchula as a mid-wife. She became concerned that people where having more babies than they could afford to feed. To ease her concerns, she began to smother the babies and bury their bodies near the Griffin Road Bridge. With Your content goes here...o many babies in her care dying, people began to get suspicious. The townsfolk began to refuse her services, and the woman went crazy.

As the legend goes, the souls of all the murdered babies began to plague her by filling her bucket with blood. She started hauling all the buckets of blood to the bridge to empty them into the river. On one such trip to the bridge, she fell into the river and drowned. They say the river ran red with blood for days after her death, hence the name Bloody Bucket Bridge.

Some claim that to this day, when the moon is full, the river still runs red with blood of all the babies she murdered. A few people claim they have heard babies crying in the river, and the sound of thrashing in the water as if someone is drowning!

There are those that say the whole story was made up by an amateur horror writer for a Halloween contest, and others say the road got its name due to an old bar that used to sit by the bridge called the Bloody Bucket. The only way to know if the legend is true is to visit the bridge during the full moon! It’s easy to find, it’s the only bridge on Bloody Bucket Road in Wauchula, Florida!


The first Mothman reports seem to date from the mid 1960s. Mothman has been sighted many places in Virginia and West Virginia, but the largest number of sightings happened in or near a place known as “the TNT Area,” an abandoned ammunition's dump dating from World War II that is near Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The TNT Area is mostly forest, dotted with numerous grassy clearings and concrete domes. It is also riddled with abandoned tunnels, most of which have collapsed, been sealed off, or became flooded with water. A wildlife sanctuary adjoins the TNT Area, and the whole region in and near the TNT Area is sparsely populated, with a great deal of nearly impenetrable wilderness. The system of dirt roads in the TNT Area form a popular hang out for hunters, lovers and naughty teenagers.

Mothman is described as being gray (or possibly brown) in color. He does not wear clothing, or if he does, it is tight-fitting, exactly the same color as the rest of his body, and blends in perfectly with his skin.

Mothman’s insect-like face and huge red eyes are central features in most reports. This is copyrighted by those who own the copyright to the book cover art for ‘Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend’ by Jeff Wamsley and Donnie Sergent Jr.

He looks like his body is generally human in shape, with two notable exceptions. He has huge wings instead of arms, and he has gigantic red eyes that glow. The details of his face and his feet have never been adequately described. Only one witness ever saw the face clearly, and she could only say that the details were horrible and monstrous. She had terrible nightmares and nearly suffered a nervous breakdown. Anyone who gets a close look at Mothman seems to suffer from extreme fear and psychological distress, sometimes lasting for months or years afterwards, all out of proportion to how scared they ought to be. In particular, people say that a sense of pure evil overcomes them when they see Mothman’s eyes.

Mothman is perhaps four or five feet tall when standing. He can fold his wings and walk with a weird shuffle that many witnesses compare to a penguin. When he flies, he unfolds his wings and shoots straight up with great speed, then levels out to go wherever he wants to go. He has never been observed flapping his wings, not even on take-off. He just holds then straight and stiff. He can fly much faster than any bird should be able to fly, as measured by those victims who suffered from what seems to be Mothman’s favorite activity: chasing cars.

Mothman sightings have been associated with at least two other cryptids. Gigantic thunderbirds with gray bodies and red heads were sighted in the same area at the same time by a few witnesses. There was also a bizarre hairy humanoid of the type that researchers call big hairy monsters or hairy bipeds. This big hairy monster was quite weird because it was headless. The only footprints that have ever been associated with Mothman sightings are very bizarre, consisting of footprints that are unmistakably those of a dog mixed with a few classic Bigfoot footprints. However, these dog footprints have two abnormal characteristics. They are far too big for any known dog, and are pressed into the soil so deeply that they suggest the animal must have weighed several thousand pounds. So far, nobody has claimed to see the giant dog that is suggested by these footprints.

There is no mystery greater than that posed by the poltergeist. The noisy ghosts of folklore and legend represent some of the most complex phenomena known to science.

Albino Farm in Springfield, Missouri

In Springfield, Missouri, lays an old abandoned farm, according to local legend it goes by many names.

Originally the property was named Springlawn farm, but many have named it Albino Farm, derived from local urban legend surrounding the property. It has also been called the Sheedy farm, Sheeny was the name of the last known family to care for the property. Now the farm sits in ruin nestled behind a shroud of overgrown forest and plant life.

The property is located north of Greenlawn Cemetery, as soon as you pass the cemetery take a left. Following the road you will see a low rock wall hidden behind overgrown plants. You cannot turn into the driveway due to large boulders covering it, designed to keep out local trespassers. Make sure you keep your eyes open when looking for it because it can be easily missed in the overgrown landscape of the abandoned area.

The name Albino Farm originally came from a caretaker said to be hired by the 3 spinster Sheedy sisters. It was said that they hired an Albino caretaker that would roam the property shooting his shotgun at local trespassers. Some tales talk of the albino caretaker brutally mutilating 2 people passing by on a local bridge with a hatchet. The old iron bridge is said to no longer be standing and has been replaced with a cement Springlawn fire structure to let water pass. Other talk of a secretive hospital built under the property. They say there was a mad doctor performing experiments on several Albino people brought from a nearby town. It is said that the experiments made the albinos insane leading to kidnapping and cannibalism of unexpecting people passing by.

There are more tales of Mike Sheedy committing suicide on the property and now his ghost is still seen haunting the farm. The only true tales of spooking beings seen on the property were local teens dressed in black trespassing on the property. Some say they tagged the property and others say it is now used for dark rituals. Though there is no proof of any of the tales that surround the property, or that any albinos ever lived there, the legends are still told to locals in the area. Probably the 3 reclusive sisters hired the albino caretaker because it was all that they could afford. Townsfolk thought they were strange which lead to these creepy tales. There is now a horror movie based on the urban legend.

Mary Eveyln Ford

Pilots Knob is located in Marion, KY and it looks like local citizens do not recommend going to the area! It all began when in the late 1900’s a woman and her five year old daughter were charged with being witches. No legal hearings that would take too long. So they were both burned to death.

Can you imagine burning alive a little girl? Her name was Mary Evelyn Ford.

Now no one knows where the remains of her mother were placed. But, Mary Evelyn’s final resting spot is why no one goes to Pilots Knob at night.

The frightened town’s folk were afraid that little child would come back and haunt them and likely cast spells on them. So, she was buried in a cemetery at Pilots Knob in an unusual way. She was buried in a grave lined with steel.

The casket was covered with concrete and gravel. Around the grave, which one can see to this day, they placed a white metal fence with interconnecting crosses. During the day time all is well, but at night Mary Evelyn is believed to rise from the grave and walk on her grave; some have reported seeing small footprints. But, she can’t climb over or through those crosses! But, if you happen to be standing too close, she can reach out and grab the unsuspecting individual and pull you into her grave, supposedly giving her more strength. She is reported to make faces at people to lure them closer so she can grab them.


Legend says that there is also a Watcher on the other side of her grave. It is thought to be some sort of an evil presence who keeps trying to get to the little girl, but he can’t cross over the crosses either.

Investigators were determined to view this cemetery and the grave and they made a mistake of being there at night. They report that they did not see any ghosts but some of the iron bars of the fence were bent strong steel. A big old tree overlooks the cemetery that looks burned. Likely from lightning of course but the trunk of that tree is rather spooky in itself. And though the investigators never saw one single unusual thing, there was something in the woods because they could hear it. Clomping footsteps and a feeling that something someone was watching.

Suddenly the night air turned very cold. Deciding to leave, immediately, the temperature became very warm as they neared their car.

Who is this Watcher?

Some say it was a man who was murdered at the swinging bridge and haunts the little witch’s grave. Other strange things include tree branches around the cemetery that look like crosses right side up, sidewise or upside down. When the little girl appears, she looks like any 5 year old child. She’s wearing a white dress, which is scorched at the bottom. She has long blonde hair.

People are warned not to lay down on her grave because she is strong enough to pull you down.

House of Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts

The House of the Seven Gables is located at 54 Turner Street in Salem, Massachusetts. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The house is also known as the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion, named after the two families who lived there. It was built in 1668 by the Turner family, it is the oldest surviving 17th century wooden mansion in all of New England. After one of the Turner sons lost the family fortune, the Ingersoll family purchased it. Susan Ingersoll lived in the house until she was 72 years old – she was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s cousin. He visited her often, and his experiences at the house inspired him to write the novel The House of the Seven Gables.


The House of the Seven Gables has the reputation of being haunted. Many people claim to see Susan Ingersoll’s ghost roaming the hallways and peering out of the windows. There have also been reports of a ghostly boy haunting the attic area. He can be heard running around the attic, and playing with his toys. In addition to the apparitions seen, many visitors and employees also hear strange sounds – the toilets sometimes flush on their own, and the faucets turn on and off by themselves at times.

The Custom House in Salem, Massachusetts

The Custom House is located on Derby Street in Salem, Massachusetts. It is part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, which was the very first historic site maintained by the National Park System.

The Custom House is now a museum that is open for guided tours. All of the furnishings are original, which is pretty rare to find. The Custom House was built in 1819 and was run by the United States government. The inspectors who were employed there were responsible for weighing and inspecting cargo, as well as filling out all the documentation that goes along with those duties.

A story circulating about Hawthorne’s employment reveals that Hawthorne was actually terminated from his position of Customs Surveyor due to his constant claims of seeing ghosts walking the halls of the Customs House. It didn’t help that he spent most of his time on the clock writing his celebrated novel, The Scarlet Letter. Visitors and surreptitious maritime employees have spoken of ghostly experiences such as hearing ghosts of ship captains discuss the treasured items, or popular, desired trades aboard their ships. Haunting hollow footsteps are a common experience as are off, flickering lights that seem to disappear if you get too close to them. The tour guides do not discuss ghosts at the Custom House, but you can rest assured that if Nathaniel Hawthorne witnessed them, they do exist.

Magnolia Lane in New Orleans

Magnolia Lane Plantation in New Orleans is a haunted place steeped in death, voodoo and evil spirits. It was built back in 1835 at a time when slavery was a way of life.

The slaves at Magnolia Lane practiced voodoo, using their magic to place curses on the plantation owners. Today, many people are afraid to set foot on the property because it is still rumored to be cursed. Most of the buildings have mysterious black X marks painted on the walls.

A man named Mr. Miller was the Overseer on the plantation during the civil war. When troops came to burn down the plantation, Miller begged them to spare it. The troops shot and killed him in the front yard and buried him in front of the house. Ever since, people have heard ghostly footsteps, disembodied voices and unexplained shouts coming from Miller’s old bedroom.

There is a room in the main plantation house that the family sealed off and everyone is forbidden to enter it. They call it The Dying Room because many of the Plantation family members died there under mysterious circumstances. It is rumored that their deaths were caused by the voodoo curses placed on them by the slaves.

In front of Magnolia Lane Plantation house, there is a voodoo altar. Anyone who visits Magnolia Lane must leave an offering on the altar for the spirits to avoid a curse.

Also out front of the plantation house, there is The Hanging Tree where slaves were tortured and killed in the olden days. Evil spirits are said to haunt the tree and it is dangerous to go near it.

If the dead can't rest in peace, how on Earth can the living?

Face of Dead Mother-In-Law in Ultra Sound!


A pregnant woman was shocked when she viewed the results of her ultrasound. The face of her dead mother-in-law was staring back at her from within the picture. Upon returning home and showing her husband, he immediately recognized the ghostly image as his mother. Mom had died just four months earlier. And now she seems to be back and watching over the baby from within the womb. The photo below of the mother had been taken within months of her dying. They say the ghostly image looks too much like her to be a coincidence. Compare the photos below for yourself. The daughter is now three years old and both family and friends believe Grandma is still watching over her and their family.

Bonfire Summons Entity?

I took this picture with my cell phone. My friend and I had started a small bonfire and we were playing around a bit while taking a few pictures. In this particular photo we noticed a human like figure leaning out from behind me. To us it looks like some type of creature that is miserable and sad. What gives us the chills is that my friend and I were alone. There was no one else there that could have been in the picture with me. Maybe the underworld thought we were practicing a summoning ritual. Anyway, we are a bit scared that we might have inadvertently unleashed something from beyond. If there is a reasonable explanation for this, please let us know. It would be a relief to have it explained. Thanks for your time!

Submitted by:  Joe Robbins


The legend of Cropsey the escaped mental patient who lived in the abandoned tunnels of the Willowbrook mental hospital in Staten Island, NY, and came at night to snatch children off the streets. Cropsey remained just that, an urban legend, until the summer of 1987 when a 13-year-old girl with down syndrome disappeared from her neighborhood. Five weeks later, she was found buried in a shallow grave on the grounds of Willowbrook.

The name Cropsey is most commonly heard being whispered around the campfires of boy scouts, or in bunk beds of Jewish Sleepaway campers, up and down the Hudson Valley. It is the tale of the Cropsey Maniac, and it has been around for longer than anyone can remember, scaring children, parents, and anyone else in between, for more than a century. Folklorists have dedicated an extensive amount time researching this urban legend, from innocuous campfire tales to its reemergence as an overriding theme in the modern day Slasher film. It is a classic urban legend, a cautionary tale pervasive in both our oral traditions and mass media. And for some, it seems so rooted in our collective consciousness that it must to hold some a grain of truth, if not more.


However, something very strange happened. Children really did vanish, and a man was eventually arrested for the disappearance and murder of four local kids. The Cropsey legend dates back to at least the 1930s. Actual events, however, have at the same time made legend flesh to some degree. Given the nature of urban legends it is likely that, in time, this aspect is likely to become truth and will further fuel the Cropsey Maniac legend for decades to come.

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is for certain: Cropsey Lives!

General Dodge House in Council Bluffs, Iowa

What is known as the general dodge house was built in 1869 by Mr Dodge, who was a civil war veteran, it was built at 605 Third Street at the cost of $35,000, a lavish sum for that day. The fourteen-room, three-story mansion stands on a high terrace overlooking the Missouri Valley, and displays such architectural features as parquet floors, cherry, walnut and butternut woodwork, and a number of "modern" conveniences quite unusual for the period.

The ghost at this building is said to that of Mr Dodge himself, he was not thought to of died in the house, but a common belief is that ghosts are not bound to the location of their death. He has been seen numerous times by visitors to the house, appearing as an apparition in the form of a ghostly shadow, walking the hallways of the residence.

Lights, described as bright orbs have been seen in the house at night, as well as outside the building in its grounds. The other report of paranormal activity at this location is that of hearing two men argue within empty areas of the house, who they are and why their there seems to forever be wrapped in mystery.

Can a Ghost Touch You?

Probably one of the biggest fears people have about ghosts is being touched by something unseen. Many wonder if a ghost can touch them. The answer is “yes,” but let's take a deeper looking into how ghosts may touch people.

Stories of ghosts touching people go back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Some of the ghost stories we have received affirm that ghosts are able to touch human beings.

Occasionally, ghosts may touch us in a way that can be considered negative, but most touches by specters are felt as tingles or goose bumps. People, myself included, have also experienced the presence of a spirit breathing or touching the back of their neck. Is this something to fear? No, it really isn't.

There are stories of ghosts whose touch may have gone a bit too far. Sometimes, an innocent push to gain a person's attention may be perceived as ill-intent. Other times, ghost behavior can be purely negative and vicious.

Although an attack by a negative, earthbound spirit is possible, it is not typical ghost behavior. Most ghosts want to be heard, so their desperate attempts at communication can lead to innocent touching of the living. Their touch can be misunderstood as being rude behavior. 

Occasionally, ghosts may choose to touch people or things to let people know they are there. It is not uncommon for hair to be lightly caressed to make a spirit's presence known. Ghosts sometimes want to express love to those around them through their touches, especially family members.

If we should be surprised by the touch from a ghost, we need to learn to remain calm and not make a rash judgment about the experience. Take a moment and let's consider the entire event. Could the ghost's touch have been something playful or loving?

Even though the experience might have been frightening, did the ghost have a reason behind the behavior, such as wanting someone to know he or she was there?

Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit

Many witnesses of a death-bed, have reported the dying person seeing deceased loved ones waiting for them, before the person crosses over from earth to the next plane. When one passes (the physical body dies), it is well known that they are usually greeted by someone that is known to them or someone who is kind who assist them in the crossing-over experience. It is believed that their presence, wisdom and love helps to calm the dying person while relieving some fear of what lies in store on the next plane.

Most near death experiences share this common thread as well as a reportedly overwhelming presence of light and peace. A tunnel of light, or at least some form of light, is typically experienced either before or after these spirit guides are met. After a “reunion” with known people who have died and gone before them, a review of the newly departed's life occurs; this is then followed by the person gravitating to the level (a plane of either light or darkness) that matches the maturity or condition of their soul. We use the term, “soul,” because we feel the soul to be the individual - their unique personality, what makes a person who they are. As all of us are (and everything is) comprised of spirit, (all existing within one great spirit and spirit existing within all - a part of the whole of spirit, that some might call god), the soul is a label sometimes used to define an individual spirit within the one, whole spirit.

One might equate the word soul as being either the spirit, the person or the mind within the one, greater spirit's person or mind that is also spirit. There really is no difference between a soul and spirit as it is just “word play” for better understanding of the individual within the infinite spirit. Envision yourself as thoughts, memory and emotions moving within the one great mind of spirit, or energy or god (if you are religious). In that light, all individuals could be summed up as being thoughts, ideas, feelings and memories within the whole of divine energy.

The realm of spirit, or “spirit world,” consists of many planes of existence, that which we shall try to describe based upon what we think is most plausible. There could be multiple levels of darkness. Some would call these, “ hells.”

They are temporary places that mirror the condition of a soul lost within the mind absorbed in self-condemnation in all forms. These hellish planes would be where "ghosts" dwell. The earth plane would run parallel to these lowest levels, allowing for (lower level) ghosts to be known in our world, from time to time. In contrast, we envision there are most likely infinite levels of heavens or planes of light that are also equal to the condition of one’s understanding. The heavens would hold those of a higher place of knowing. 

We might call these planes of enlightenment or elevated being. Therefore, the plan for all humanity will be to continue the ascent, ever growing; while descending would only occur if it were necessary to assist others in ascending out of darkness, their own personal hell, to join others in higher understanding (peace). One day, it is likely that we will comprehend that everything is connected and in unity - joined, and a greater peace, love, joy and truth will be understood. All of these spirits of light will most likely share in the task of bringing the whole of creation into the light of this peace, joy, love and truth. These are spirits.


We use the word “spirits” to indicate those who exist in, and visit from, the other side of “light.” Spirits could be loved ones such as family members, friends, unknown people, spirit guides, angels, etc., that come to visit people on this side of the grave for a purpose. What purpose might they have? I have come to believe that all of us are surrounded by spirits who speak to us messages of guidance, encouragement and love. Also, spirits may come to observe, watch over, and share experiences with us on this earthly plane. These individuals, or spirits, come from a higher place of understanding, thus living in light which is truth. This enlightenment is present in their countenance and presence. An enlightened spirit will be light and always bring a presence of peace and joy. If a message is delivered, then it is received from an angel. “Angel” means “messenger,” thus anyone that brings a message may be considered a messenger - an angel.


In contrast, ghosts are individuals who have not undergone the tunnel of light experience or life review. Their condition is one of darkness or lack of understanding, as they struggle with the present, past or future fears. Yet, other ghosts have been witnessed to be non-interactive with the physical world. Could this “residual-haunting” be recordings of prior events on the environment somehow, or could they just be disembodied people who are in the lowest depths of hell, completely lost in their mind through tragic events of the past? Could some ghosts even be unaware that their physical body has passed? Most ghosts have attachments to this world, such as emotional trauma, unfinished business, and fears that have held them to an existence among the physical world.

This self-created prison, no matter what the reason, must be undone in them. If possible, those of us who are embodied need to speak peace and blessing to ghosts, should we encounter them. We can ask their loved ones to assist them as we speak words of comfort to them. Many ghosts seek only acknowledgement of their existence. They need to know that turning toward the light (and loved ones) will bring peace, love and joy to them that there is no eternal damnation and that facing the future is a positive thing. Hell, or darkness, can only be a place to work through lack of understanding, traumas, negative emotions and other mis-thinkings contrary to truth. Truth is light, and light removes darkness. Certainly, loved ones on the other side will assist ghosts in getting free from such ignorance and help them in ascending toward freedom. Does love know any boundary? Can love overcome all obstacles in life? Surely it can, and surely would those who are enlightened assist those who are lost and suffering, due to a lack of love and wisdom.

Knowing a ghost is one that has not gone to the light and progressed through the life review, could it be that ghosts are the shadow people we have photographed? Could darkness, represented in shadow ghosts, indicate the inner condition of an individual, such as hatred, anger, lack of knowledge, being lost, void of truth, etc? I must state that just because a shadow ghost is dark and lacking light does not mean it is bad or evil; and ghosts that are behaving badly are still only people who are hurting and have lost their way in life. They have sought hiding in darkness, and fear coming forth to the light, which will expose their deeds. Light always indicates enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge – truth. Therefore, could light anomalies that many have captured in photographs, such as orbs, energy, ectoplasm mists, etc, also be indicative of the condition of spirits that have come to us from the light? Have they come to our plane to observe, bring a message, guide, or protect us?

Ghost Photo: White Knights?

It seems a father snapped a photo of his daughter at Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire, England and captured two ghosts in the background.

“I can’t quite make out what they are, but it looks to me like two figures,” said Richard Jones, 38. “It could be two knights carrying a shield – which would make sense as it was by the castle. What’s so strange to me is that there is absolutely no color – it’s all white.”

Legend has it a 9th-century nun haunts the historic structure, while tales of disembodied footsteps, swirling mists, and mysterious figures are also common.

What do you think appears in the photo above?

Sexton House in Russellville KY

Sexton house, which is located at the edge of Maple Grove Cemetery, was built in 1870. A sexton is the outdated term for the caretaker of a cemetery. The house has only had a small number of owners in its time and has always been privately owned. Today the building is a privately owned residence.

The tales of this location are quite famous locally, and there are various versions of what happened here. The most common tale is that of a young girl who lived there with her father.

One day she was looking out of the second story window when she was struck by lightening which killed her and etched her portrait into the glass of the window, no amount of scrubbing could remove her image from the glass and in the 1920's the tale had become so popular and was attracting so many visitors to the house that the owner painted over the window and boarded it up.

Years later, another care taker by the name of Kelly Williams decided to remove the paint and see for himself, before he could complete the task however he died from a heart attack in the kitchen.

Many locals believe that the reason the young girl was struck by lightening was because she cursed God, others believe it was because of a freak lightening strike which just happened to kill her, and others believe she died from medical reasons, the truth of her death seems to be forever lost in folk tales.

The more you expect, the more you get disappointed in life.
-- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Robert the Doll

A wealthy family moved into Key West, Florida in 1896-1897. 

Mr. and Mrs. Otto were well known to be cruel and abusive to there servants. 

There youngest child, Robert Eugene (Also called Gene and born in 1900) was always watched by a certain older Behamian servant girl.

This girl was treated the worst of all servants, because Gene adored her and thought of her as a best friend.  Because of the abuse, the girl was planning revenge on the Otto family.

She stayed up late at night, secretly creating a special "present" for Gene for his 6th birthday.

The Otto family didn't know that this servant girl practiced voodoo. 

And this is were Robert the doll was born.

The servant girl sewed the doll by hand and adding a porcelain head to it. 

It was believed she has put a curse on the doll. 

Filling the doll with evil relics and very tiny animal bones.

At the time, it was a very nice doll. 

New, shiny, and sewn with a lot of craft work.

The next day, she gave Gene the doll with hugs and smiles, and Gene was very happy for the wonderful gift. He was after all, a playful little boy.

Gene decided to call the doll by his real name. Robert. And the name has stuck ever sense. 

As time went on, the Otto's noticed something very strange and wrong with there son.

Gene was so fascinated with his new doll. 

Gene would spend hours long in his room, all alone, talking to Robert. 

What puzzled the Otto's even more, was that they could hear answers. 

A voice that was completely different from there sons.

When Gene went to sleep in the evening, he would always awake the family with his screams of fright. 

When Mr. and Mrs. Otto got to his room, they would find Gene's furniture overturned, and Gene in his bed, trembling in the center of it all. Robert, would be sitting upright at the end of Gene's bed, glaring at Gene's parents.

The little boy shouted: 

"Robert did it! Robert did it! Robert did it!"

Then, things got worse. 

As conflict became frequent in the house, or if Gene ever misbehaved, the little boy would always have the same person to blame.

"It was Robert," he sobbed. "Robert did it! Robert did it!"

When Gene's father died, Gene got the will of the house and he moved into his family home. 

He got married and had a wife named Annette, otherwise known as Ann, and becoming a famous artist. Now just calling himself his middle name, Eugene Otto.


Eugene Otto always preferred to do his artwork alone, secluded, with Robert at his side. 

Talking to it as if the doll could speak back.

Eugene's wife, Ann, never liked the doll from the first time Eugene introduced it to her. 

It gave her the chills just to look at it, and she hated how obsessed her husband was with it.
It frightened her in some way.

Eventually, even though it deeply upset Eugene, Ann told her husband she was going to give Robert a room of his very own, in the attic.

Which is were he stayed for a few years.

Those years later, Eugene spoke up. He repeated over and over again. Warning his wife "how angry Robert was."

Eugene even demanded that Robert have his own room. A proper room with a view. The guest room that looked out above the street. Ann disagreed greatly, but gave up the fight to please her husband.

Kids walking by Eugene's house to school always looked straight ahead. 

For each day, they saw Robert leaning face down up against the guest room window on the 3rd floor. Glowering at them, mocking them, and dancing around!

Inside the house, Eugene and Ann's marriage was slowly deteriorating. Eugene was screaming and lashing out at his wife. Smashing things and running around the house like a mad man. 

And then...all of a sudden he was fine, back himself again. And he always apologized with the same statement.
"It was Robert, Ann. Robert did it!"

Ann had finally began to question her husbands sanity.

A plumber working on the house, who was allowed to take a rest in the upstairs guest room, ran screaming from the house.

He said he heard "the doll giggling and saw him scowling at him."

In the early 1970's, Eugene became ill. Instead of spending time with his wife and excepting her comfort, he locked himself all alone in the guest room. 

With Robert by his side.

In 1972, Eugene died. In the guest room. Obviously, with Robert beside him. 

Ann, relieved but heartbroken, quickly sold the house, and left. But not before leaving Robert behind stored buried under what seemed like a million boxes.


Several years later, another family bought the home. Shortly after moving in, the new family discovered Robert. Nearly squashed beneath the boxes. Which probably resulted in one of his broken off ears.

The couple of this new family took one look at Robert and knew that they didn't want something like this in there new lifestyle and home.

The 10 year old daughter of the family, surprisingly, liked the doll and added it to the collection of her china dolls and stuffed animals! 

It didn't take long for the family to realize that was obviously something very wrong with the doll.
Like, Eugene, the little girl would wake up in the middle of night screaming a crying. She said she saw Robert running and jumping up and down around her room. Then climbing on her bed and attacking her.

To his day, after more than 30 years, this woman now in her 40's still claims "that the doll WAS alive and wanted to kill her." 

Shortly after this occurrence, the family got rid of it for good and brought it to the Key West Florida Martello Museum. Now, Robert is displayed in a glass case for all visitors to see his scary face.


Robert is still at the museum, in his little sailor suit, holding a little stuffed lion that he,  appears to be attached too. Employees always remember to introduce new recruits of the museum to Robert. Some visitors laugh at the stupidity of being afraid of a stupid doll, but many change there mind....when they see Robert's angry look starring back at them. 

Others try to take pictures of Robert in his case, and there cameras will not turn on. They replace the batteries thinking that was the solution, but the new batteries are not working either! When they leave the museum, there cameras turn on and the batteries fully charged.

One male visitor, who didn't believe the curse was true, videotaped his entire day at the museum. When they got to the area were Robert was, the sound on the camera turned off and couldn't be turned back on! He turned around to talk to a employee close by, and the sound on the camera was turned up all the way. Blaring in his ears.

Ann's ghost has been sighted in Eugene Otto's old house. Guarding the house in case of the return of Roberts evil spirit. A man who dose the tours of the house claims he has seen her. He says she frequently descends the staircase to the attic. Were Roberts evil form was stored for so long.

Other employees say that when they lock up for the night, they leave peppermint candy's in his case as if to bribe him to be good and not disturb anything during the night. They swear when the return in the morning the wrappers are left behind at Roberts feet.

The guest room where Eugene died is haunted too. A large bluish-green orb is seen floating throughout the room. The tour guide believes its Ann.

A psychic who visited the museum tells the employee's and manager that the energy of the spirit inhabiting Robert is slowly dying. Maybe she's right. Because Robert appearance is indeed becoming worn and old. As I said before, one of his ears is broken off, his face has chips and tiny holes from being moth bitten, the paint that was added to his lips and eyebrows has faded drastically, his hair is actually turning white!

Haunted Salem for all your paranormal needs

Villisca Axe Murders

A brutal, unsolved murder case from last century still attracts morbid visitors to the crime scene that is now unabashedly named the Villisca Axe Murder House. 

Sometime after midnight on June 10th, 1912, six children and two adults were found bludgeoned to death by an axe that was left at the scene. Accusations regarding the culprit spread quickly throughout the small town of Villisca, Iowa, sparking suspicious glances among neighbors that would lead to friendships torn asunder. Unfortunately the crime-solving technology of 1912 was not sophisticated enough to identify the murderer, and the case has gone unsolved to this day. Amateur detectives ranging from historians to psychics have tried their hand at solving the case, but a verdict has never been reached. 

The Moore family consisted of parents Josiah B. (aged 43), Sarah (née Montgomery) (39), and their four children: Herman Montgomery (11), Mary Katherine (10), Arthur Boyd (7), and Paul Vernon (5). An affluent family, the Moores were well-known and well-liked in their community. On June 9, 1912, Katherine Moore invited Ina Mae (8) and Lena Gertrude Stillinger (12) to spend the night at the Moore residence. That evening, the visiting girls and the Moore family attended the Presbyterian church where they participated in the Children's Day Program, which Sarah Moore had coordinated. After the program ended at 9:30 p.m., the Moores and the Stillinger sisters walked to the Moores' house, arriving between 9:45 and 10 p.m.


At 7 a.m. the next day, Mary Peckham, the Moores' neighbor, became concerned after she noticed that the Moore family had not come out to do their morning chores. Peckham knocked on the Moores' door. When nobody answered, she tried to open the door and discovered that it was locked. Peckham let the Moores' chickens out and called Ross Moore, Josiah Moore's brother. Like Peckham, Moore received no response when he knocked on the door and shouted. He unlocked the front door with his copy of the house key. While Peckham stood on the porch, Moore went into the parlor and opened the guest bedroom door, where he found Ina and Lena Stillinger's bodies on the bed. Moore immediately told Peckham to call Hank Horton, Villisca's primary peace officer, who arrived shortly thereafter. Horton's search of the house revealed that the entire Moore family and the two Stillinger girls had been bludgeoned to death. The murder weapon, an axe belonging to Josiah, was found in the guest room where the Stillinger sisters were found.

Doctors concluded that the murders had taken place between midnight and 5 a.m. The killer or killers began in the master bedroom, where Josiah and Sarah Moore were sleeping. Josiah received more blows from the axe than any other victim; his face had been cut so much that his eyes were missing. The killer(s) went into the children's rooms and bludgeoned Herman, Katherine, Boyd, and Paul in the head in the same manner as their parents. Afterward, the killer(s) moved downstairs to the guest bedroom and killed Ina and Lena.

Investigators believed that all of the victims except for Lena Stillinger had been asleep when murdered. They thought that she was awake and tried to fight back, as she was found lying crosswise on the bed, and with a defensive wound on her arm. Lena's nightgown was pushed up to her waist and she was wearing no undergarments, leading to law enforcement speculation that the killer(s) sexually molested her or attempted to do so.

After changing hands a number of times since the crime, the house was eventually sold to local museum operator Darwin Linn in 1994. Linn immediately began renovations on the home, restoring it to a near perfect replica of its condition at the time of the murders, and gave the site a grisly new name: Villisca Axe Murder House.

McRaven House in Mississippi

The McRaven house was built in 1797 by a man named Andrew Glass in the town of Vicksburg, which was called Walnut hills at the time.

The house started off as a single room above a kitchen and functioned as a halfway house for travelers on their way to Nashville in Tennessee, this section became known as the pioneers section.

The house was originally called the Bobb house during its civil war years and was later named as the McRaven house after the street it was built on, Mcraven street, which was later renamed Harrison street.

The house had many modifications during its years including the building of a middle dining room and a bedroom after it was bought by a local sheriff, Stephen Howard in 1836.

John H. Bobb bought the house in 1849 and made a number of other modifications to it. The house was then passed to a number of different owners over the years until in 2007 the house stopped doing tours and was put up for sale.

One of the former owners of the house, John Bobb, was murdered by union troops only 100 yards from the house after getting into an argument with 5 of them who were picking flowers from his garden. He was shot in the back and face and died instantly. It is thought that he is the apparition that people have seen standing in the garden of the house admiring the flowers before fading into nothing.

Ghosts of confederate soldiers have also been seen around the outside of the house, and are probably those that died here while the house was used a field hospital during the war.

The main ghost in the building, or at least the most active seems to be that of Mary Elizabeth Howard who died during childbirth at the age of 15 in the middle upstairs bedroom. It is thought that she is responsible for the lights in the house turning themselves on and off at will.

Many people and neighbors have reported the lights within the building turning on at all hours, even when they know no one is inside.

Her apparition has been seen on the flying wing staircase in the house, were she has been seen walking up or down the stairs before disappearing when reaching the last step. Another interesting thing about Mary, is that her wedding veil is still within the house and various guests have reported various things while holding it, from feeling ill or an unexplainable heat coming from the veil, to it jumping straight out of their hands.

Who or what the other ghosts that reside in the house seems to be something that will forever remain unknown, but their activity can be felt all over the house, from the bottom of the garden right through every room and into the attic.

A child’s ghost or greenery in the distance?

The story behind this pic is that two women went camping in the woods and had a experience straight out of Blair Witch . According to an article in the Metro, Lola Swan and Kate Channon went camping outside Bristol, England but left after hearing footsteps in the middle of the night and the sound of a child’s laughter. Not only that, but when Kate whistled, something in the dark whistled back. Lola noticed this pic the next day.

What are Orbs?

Orbs have awed people since being witnessed, usually at night, in the natural environment. Orbs are transparent, balls of light commonly found in photos but can also be seen with the naked eye if light-emitting plasma. These "light balls" appear in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. They have been captured outdoors, indoors, in churches, schools, businesses, homes, construction sites, burial grounds and more. Videos of orbs are quite common, showing light anomalies moving across the frame. They appear as circular lights, either floating or moving, and sometimes, traveling at a high rate of speed.

Orbs are also known as "ghost orbs" or "spirit orbs" and are often thought to be the souls of people. Most orb images, however, are caused by the camera flash, or light of some sort, reflecting off of something such as glass, mirrors, metal, walls, dust, pollen, lint, moisture, snow, hair, or even insects. The rise in the "orb phenomenon" became especially prominent with the increased use of digital cameras. Digital cameras capture a higher amount of dust orbs in photos than do older, film cameras that typically have a protruding lens or flash unit that is further away. With pocket, digital cameras, the placement of the flash near the camera lens allows dust and other particulate to be more easily illuminated. Consequently, some orbs in photos are easily proven to be dust, especially when spokes radiating from the center are apparent, being the source of the light reflection.

Some orbs are definitely energy, and energy is spirit. However, no one knows what this energy is, for sure. Plasma balls of light, or ghost lights (orbs), have been proven to be electrically charged. Some of them are a naturally occurring phenomenon created through static discharge. True (plasma) orbs will normally have a more solid center, without any spokes radiating from the center, and emit their own light. Whether or not plasma-type orbs are only unintelligent, electrical discharges remains to be discovered and better understood. It's possible that some plasma orbs are intelligent spirit energy that manifests similarly.

Good indications of real orbs are those that have been photographed without the camera’s flash or those that are seen with the naked eye and self-illuminated. Eye-witness accounts of moving balls of light at night on the Gettysburg battlefield have been reported, for example. Video recordings of these lights did not require any artificial light source. We must also consider that some orbs have been video taped floating with purpose, intelligently moving around objects, etc. Whether moving fast, moving slow or standing still, orbs are spiritually intriguing. Orbs have been known to, sometimes, “hang around” people. This would tend to cause some to believe that orbs might be angels, spirit guides or deceased relatives.

Not surprising, orbs have been seen with psychics and mediums while they work. Sometimes, the orbs are said to be within or emanating from their auras. It is also claimed that any spiritual ritual, such as prayer, worship or healing services can bring forth spirit orbs in photos. Accordingly, some have asked if orbs could be an indication of the presence of enlightened spirits or if orbs could be halos?

Orbs have been reported above fields with crop circles, at funerals, births, death scenes, religious services and around every facet of every day life. Interestingly enough, orbs have been followed and even played with by animals, such as cats and dogs. Cats seem to be particularly adept at seeing orbs, and some people claim that animal friends who visit from the other side are occasionally seen as orbs.

It is very intriguing that people are finding faces inside of orbs. At first, one might think this to be silly, but some of the orbs we have received with facial features are astounding. Orbs have been captured with both human faces and animal faces in them, as well. If that wasn’t mind blowing enough, people have also shared photos with multiple faces, even crowds of people within the orbs that were photographed. And what’s even more amazing are the orbs we have seen that contain buildings within them! This has led some to believe that orbs may be some sort of time warp. With orbs being explored even deeper, we’re sure to see some other amazing things.


A banshee, in some folklore, when heard, is said to be a bad omen, a sign of impending doom -- definitely not something or someone you want to bump into anytime soon.

Legends of the banshee seem to have originated in Ireland, rooted in the custom of “keening,” where it was common for women called “keeners” to cry and sing at funerals for the dead – an Irish custom. A “bean shee” was known as a “woman of the faeries,” the very best of the keeners who would sing for the dead. The bean shee eventually evolved into the folk tale of the “banshee” we know, today.

In lore, the “banshee” is often said to be seen before a tragic death or, at least, heard wailing in advance of a soul about to die. In this sense, beliefs in banshees may be associated with legends of the grim reaper or even ghosts and spirits that are seen before one’s passing. Banshees are sometimes viewed as being a messenger of death from the underworld, a ghoul, or even an old hag. 

The spirit-like depictions of the banshee equate them with ghosts. And the legend that banshees are the ghosts of past keeners adds an interesting spin to their tale.

Are banshees real or just lore? It is possible that both non-paranormal and actual paranormal happenings are misidentified and labeled as acts of a banshee. The power of a ghost story passed down through generations and supported by a unexplained experience just may keep legends, like these, alive and well.

Do not do unto others as you expect they should do unto you.
Their tastes may not be the same.
-- George Bernard Shaw

Ouija Boards

Also known as a spirit board or talking board, it is usually a flat board marked with letters, numbers, and symbols, which people believe are used to communicate with spirits. It uses a planchette which is a small heart-shaped piece of wood, or some kind of movable indicator to show the spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a seance. The fingers of the people participating in the seance are placed on the planchette or indicator, which then moves about the board to spell out messages. Supposedly the movement of the indicator is greatly influenced by the spirit in which the group are trying to communicate with. This is said to be done by either the spirit directly influencing the indicator or by channeling itself through the people placing their fingers on it and mildly controlling them to move it to certain letters or numbers.

Well, it seems that no one is actually sure of this although there are various theories. The common belief is that the name comes from the French and German words for yes ("oui" is French for yes, and "ja" is German for yes), personally though this doesn't seem to make sense to me, why would you call an instrument for communicating with the dead a yes yes board? It seems this name is just something that sprung up through time, there are many names for the instrument, such as a spirit board, a weegee board, talking board, dead board, the list goes on.

This question is along the same line as "do ghosts exist"? Which it seems no one will be able to provide indisputable proof either way. But even some of those who believe in ghosts deny that it works. The most popular argument against its effectiveness is that one of the group taking part physically pushed the indicator to say what they wanted it to say. But again, this is along the same lines as "that ghost photo is fake, you edited it".

A massive part of this question all comes down to personal beliefs. There are some very convincing people who hold seances though that have converted many non-believers.

Wolfe Manor in Clovis, California

Wolfe manor was originally built in 1922 by an Italian immigrant named Anthony Andriotti as a private residence. Its thought the home was built in the grand design it was as part of the owners obsession to keep up with the other people in the neighborhood, which may explain the ceiling murals and swimming pool in the basement. The manor also had 5 bedrooms and a very impressive ballroom.

It would seem that Anthony's obsession with having a more impressive home than his neighbors would be the downfall of the building as only 4 years later he went bankrupt and was forced to sell the home. It seems the loss of his home started the ball rolling for his downfall and he died at the age of 36 from an alcohol induce liver disease.

In 1935 the building was bought and turned into Hazelwood Sanatorium to help treat people who were terminally ill, especially those who contracted tuberculosis. The establishment changed its name again in 1942 to Clovis Avenue Sanatorium but maintained the same function, and shortly after in 1950 it became licensed by the department of mental hygiene and had a wing added to treat people with mental disorders.

As with pretty much any other sanatorium of the day it didn't have a very good reputation when it came to patient care and this is thought to be the reason for the present day paranormal activity that goes on there. This would be the reason that the building seemed like it would make the perfect place to have a Halloween attraction and this was its next function after it closed as a sanatorium in 1992.

Today Wolfe manor is in such a state of disrepair that there is an ongoing battle between the local council and the owner who has to either make some very costly repairs or have it demolished. Its in such a bad state that the local fire department is instructed to not go inside if they are called to a fire there.

The ghost stories of Wolfe manor has the same foundation as pretty much any other sanatorium of its day. There are tales of patients laying in the hallways naked or being tied to their beds or the toilets. Also overcrowding hit this sanatorium hard as it did with many others and at one time an official report found there to be one nurse to every 20 patients.

Talk of suicide and even murders came from the building, with tales of a patient killing a visiting priest by stabbing him in the throat with a pair of scissors and an angry doctor who murdered some of the patients he didn't want to treat or if he became sick of the sight of them.

As for tales of the paranormal activity that goes on here there pretty much everything that you can expect. People make claims of apparitions of doctors and patients and even the original owner who had the house built is thought to still roam the decayed corridors.

The basement is said to be the hot spot of the building, and since it was used as a body storage area is certainly has the basis for it. Up to 8 bodies were stored here until someone came to take them away and tales say the storage area was almost always full up.

Dead My utterance is mighty, I am more powerful than the ghosts; may they have no power over me.
-- The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Ghost Pictures

Uploader Writes:

This came from a friend of a friend. This is his girlfriend and kid. They were moving into a house and she decided to take a picture with the kid. This shows up on the wall behind her and she freaks out. Starts crying as soon as she sees it, leaves the house, calls the boyfriend. Apparently, there was nothing in the room besides them.

Uploader Writes:

My brother took this picture when I was in 10th grade and squatting this was the result… To this day still can’t explain what or who this is.

Uploader Writes:

This photo was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests.

A photographer set up a camera at the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, OR and let it run on its own for a few hours. What he wanted was a nice time-lapse of the sunset. What he got was a strange image that appears only in one frame and then disappears.

Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death.
--Erik H. Erikson

Springer Opera House in Columbus, Georgia

The Springer opera house first opened its doors on February the 21st, 1871. The opera house was converted into a movie theater in the great depression of the 1920's but was converted back into an opera house again in the mid 1960's. It's regarded as one of the finest opera houses in America. The building remains as an opera house to this day.

The Opera house is said to be one of the top ten most haunted locations in America. The most famous ghost at this location is said to be that of Edwin Booth, brother to John Wilkes Booth. He is known to be quite helpful to the actors, by moving missing pieces of wardrobe into plain sight amongst other things.

In the upstairs dressing room the sound of children's laughter is said to be heard when the room is empty. Another popular story of a haunting at this location include seeing an apparition dressed in theater costume appearing in the center of the stage. Other reports include many cold spots and glowing orbs all over the building.

Gilson Road Cemetery in New Hampshire

There seems to be no official documentation for the beginning of Gilson road cemetery. Its thought the cemetery was built on an area used to bury a number of bodies before it was officially made into a cemetery and there are a number of unmarked graves on the site.

One particularly odd thing about the location of the cemetery is how isolated it is as there was no settlements in the surrounding area when the first graves were thought to have been placed there. Though the first graves which were placed in the area are thought to be Native American and then later on settlers placed a number of unmarked graves close to if not at the site of the cemetery.

The cemetery is still operating as such and can be found at Gilson Rd, Nashua, NH 03064, United States.

The cemetery is thought to be one of the most haunted places in New Hampshire and with good reason. There have been an alarming number of paranormal experiences here, and perhaps this is due to grizzly tales about its past.

There are several tales which are thought to be the reason the cemetery is so haunted, but whether these are true or not seems unlikely to ever be proven one way or another.

A lot of the hauntings in the area are thought to be because of Native American dead who were buried in the area which was blessed ground, and when outsiders started to use the area to bury their own dead, this angered the spirits and have made some restless. Apparitions of native Americans have been seen on a number of occasions. 

Also another commonly sighted apparition is a lady in a white dress who is seen walking from an unmarked grave towards the wall at the back of the cemetery where she disappears, almost as if she is stuck in some kind of animated time loop.

The lady in white is not the only spirit that lingers here, as people have claimed to see apparitions of all kinds, from men and women in various attire from the early 1800's onwards.

One of the other notable hauntings at the cemetery is the appearance of glowing lights, from faintly glowing orbs to more brightly glowing blue and white lights.  Zigzag shaped mists, with almost a lightning pattern to them are the other commonly encountered phenomenon, especially in photos where they were not seen in person at the time.

Shadow  Creatures

Shadow creatures, also called shades, shadow people, shades, shadow beings, and a host of other names are a mysterious, and often frightening apparition.

Tales of these creatures have been around for almost as long as humanity has dwelt upon the planet. They always appear as a dark shadowy form, often in the peripheries of people’s vision, as well appearing in full view. If they become aware of being noticed they will simply disappear, or fade away into the dark and shadowy corners of rooms and closets.

They seem to be drawn to places where violence has been perpetrated, or is immanent.  Many theories abound as to what these creatures are and why these things are drawn to violence, sorrow, and other forms of suffering, but none have been proven to be fact. Most of the time we see them on those nights when, in spite of there being an almost full moon and plenty of security lights burning, the night is unusually dark and feeling extremely tense and creepy. They will dart through the shadows of the trees and have even raise right up in front of us…seemingly from the very ground itself.


Reports of shadow creatures are very common. People sensitive to the  supernatural world seem to see these creatures on a pretty routine basis, but even folks who have never seen a U.F.O or have not so much as a hint of psychic ability about them report seeing these bizarre beings. The reports about these shadow beings differ in one respect from the usual spirit or ghost sightings in that these creature have no human features like spirits or ghosts.

Shadow creatures are never reported wearing either modern or period clothing, nor do they make any attempt to communicate with the observer.  There have been a few reports of people being chased by shadow creatures, and even more rarely, of people being attacked by  shadow beings. There have been numerous reports of shadow creatures just popping right into being in front of witnesses, linger for a few seconds, and then disappear just as fast. Most people report that these encounters  almost always leave them with feelings of a heavy sadness and dread. 

The numerous accounts given by countless witnesses about these shadow  beings usually describe them as being a dark, solid black, humanoid shape having little or no facial characteristics.  There are also several reports of these beings appearing to be child-sized, or shapeless, dark, black or gray mass that will often shift to a more human like form. Sometimes these creatures are reported as having glowing red eyes.


Some other, much more frightening accounts are given by people describing what appears to be a dark, humanoid shaped phantom with the outline of a cloak, and the outline of a flat wide-brimmed hat. This last type is sometimes called the “hat-man” and  is often a terrifying and malevolent apparition that is accompanied by paralysis, bone-chilling coldness, and a feeling of fear for one’s life.

The Hauntings of The Hot Lake Hotel

Nestled next to the sulfur waters of Hot Lake Springs in La Grande, Oregon is a seemingly idyllic slice of Old West Americana.

The red brick building with its stately white columns echoes back to an earlier time, when healing waters were all the rage and ladies carrying parasols strolled the grounds. But lurking beneath the serene exterior is a history colored by elements of supernatural and strange.

Once known as “the Mayo Clinic of the West,” Hot Lake Hotel was constructed in 1907 and purchased in 1917 by Dr. W.T. Phy, who added modern medical facilities, including a hospital, surgery, and X-ray room, to the hotel and created a popular resting spot renowned for the supposed medicinal properties of the spring’s thermal waters. People came from throughout the country to partake of the spring’s purported healing properties, and patient ailments ranged from rheumatoid arthritis to fatal cases of syphilis and tuberculosis.

After Dr. Phy’s death in 1931, the hotel fell into decline, and in 1934 the wooden structures of the building burnt down, leaving only the red brick exterior. Although rumors that the hotel served as an insane asylum after 1934 are unsubstantiated, that it was used as a nursing home in the 1950s is well documented. It was ultimately abandoned in the 1970s, until it was purchased privately in 2003. Following substantial restoration work, and the collapse of the entire west wing in 2008, the hotel finally reopened in 2010 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Among the most commonly reported supernatural phenomenon are numerous reports of unearthly piano music. In its early days, the hotel acquired a piano owned by Robert E. Lee’s wife—a piano which was already reputed to play by itself before the hotel’s acquisition of it. In the early days, guests would report hearing the eerie music, and though the piano was later removed by a former owner (who committed suicide), the music can still be heard.

Another popular story involves a gardener who committed suicide on the grounds. It is said that he hung himself behind the hotel, and to this day reports circulate that he wanders the grounds.

A gazebo located near one of Hot Lake Spring’s many lakes is frequently the subject of reports of voices whispering—perhaps the voices of long-ago lovers finding a stolen moment alone? Along the lakes’ shores, many people report seeing the shadowy figures of long ago guests strolling.

Along the highway leading to the hotel, a thick fog oftentimes appears, and stories abound of ghostly apparitions emerging from the mist. Prior to the highway, the hotel was connected to the town of Richmond by a four-mile rail line built by Chinese workers who may still lurk along its path.

In the hotel, doors open and close by themselves, footsteps pound across the upper floors, and strange voices echo down the halls. Stories to explain these ghostly occurrences range from claims of vacationers who passed away to patients who were the victims of horrendous experiments to the departed spirits of the building’s former nursing home residents.

Although the current owners of Hot Lake Hotel eschew all mention of the hotel’s supernatural reputation, many residents of La Grande have their own anecdotal evidence to add to the more infamous stories of the hotel’s ghostly denizens. A visit to the site is sure to leave the guest with the unearthly impression of sulfur-laden hot springs, swirling mists, and the sense that the door between the past and the present swings open at Hot Lake Hotel with unnerving frequency.

Ghost of Flight 401

Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was one of the deadliest plane crashes in the history of the United States. Of the 163 passengers and 13 crew members, 101 died when the plane crashed in the Florida Everglades on December 22, 1972.

The flight had left John F. Kennedy International Airport and was nearly at its destination of Miami International Airport when things started to go wrong. As the aircraft approached the airport, the landing gear was lowered, however, the landing gear indicator, which lets the crew know that the gear is properly locked in the “down” position, did not light up.

As the Pilot circled the area and the crew tried to determine why there was no confirmation light indicating the gear was down, the plane somehow got switched to autopilot. The plane began to descend, but the distracted crew did not notice. The final report on the crash stated it was completely due to pilot error.

For some time following the crash, employees of the airline reported seeing the ghosts of dead crew members on other planes. Many believed this was due to the fact that parts from the Flight 401 plane were salvaged and refitted on similar models of plane. The employees specifically spoke of seeing the spirits of Captain Bob Loft and Second Officer Don Repo.


One story claims that on a 1973 flight, a Flight Attendant saw Captain Loft on her flight and questioned him as to who he was since she had not seen him board. He did not reply, so she went and got the captain to accompany her to talk to him. The captain immediately recognized Captain Loft. When the flight captain called out Loft’s name in shock, Loft immediately disappeared, apparently in front of dozens of passengers.

On a 1974 flight, the Pilot claims to have seen Don Repo sitting in the Flight Engineer’s seat. The pilot said that Repo told him that he and Loft would not allow another crash like Flight 401, and then he vanished into thin air. A crew member of another flight said that Repo appeared to him and said he had completed the pre-flight check.

Another time, a Flight Attendant saw a Flight Engineer fixing the plane’s microwave oven. While speaking to the Flight Engineer later, she asked what was wrong with the microwave. He replied that had no idea what she was talking about, and he had not known anything to be wrong with it. Repo also appeared several times in the electronics room beneath the cockpit. Usually it was to crew members who went to investigate knocking sounds they heard coming from the room.

The stories were so common and spreading so fast that the management of Eastern Air Lines warned its employees that spreading theses stories could result in their dismissal. In 1976, a few years after the ghost sightings stopped, John G. Fuller published a book titled The ghost of Flight 401, which detailed the events leading up to the crash and the stories of ghosts told later. Much of the information in the book came from his wife, Elizabeth, who had been an Eastern Air Lines Flight Attendant.

Human beings must be known to be loved; but Divine beings must be loved to be known.
-- Blaise Pascal


Roadside Ghosts

All across America, and in many other parts of the world, there are haunted highways and back roads and many people report encounters with the spirits and ghosts who roam these often lonely roads.

Seemingly seeking a way home, or trying to hitch a ride to the destination they were heading for when death severed them from their mortal bodies.  Still, other people report seeing phantom cars that disappear as they reach a certain curve or area of a road, or even ghostly wagons being pulled by wispy horses and driven by spirits dressed in period clothing.  Many folks have reported picking up a hitchhiker only to have the shock of witnessing the seemingly solid, living person transfigure into the image of a rotting corpse before completely fading away.

One such place is in Tompkinsville, Kentucky.  Tompkinsville is located in the south central part of Kentucky, about twenty miles southeast of Glasgow, Kentucky.  There is an old road outside of Tompkinsville that is called the Meshack Road.  Tompkinsville is a small town itself is located just a few miles north of the Tennessee border.

For many years, people who have lived in the area, and even tourists who know nothing of the area’s history, have been reporting encounters with a ghostly young girl associated with this road. One of the many similar reports tells of two young men were on their way to a local weekend dance that was always held in town on the weekends back during the 1950s. One Friday evening while they were on their way to the dance they saw an attractive young woman walking along Meshack Road. They offered her a ride into town and she accepted. She looked liked she was dressed for a night out on the town, although the dress looked somewhat old-fashioned, and they decided to invite her to go along to the dance with them. Reportedly, she danced with both of the young men that evening, and there were witnesses who remembered seeing the woman, noting that she was a stranger to the area.

As the dance ended, the young woman agreed to let the boys drive her home, but only if they would let her out at a certain area. It was pouring the rain when they left the dance hall and one of the boys offered her his coat. He told her that he would pick it up later.

The two young men dropped the strange girl off at a small, somewhat run down house along Meshack Road and a few days later, the young man went back to pick up his coat. He walked up on the porch and asked the middle-aged woman for the girl he had dropped off a few nights earlier. The woman told him that while she had once had a daughter, she had died in an accident on the road a few years earlier. She told the confused young man  where her daughter’s body was buried and he went to the churchyard. There he found his coat draped over the gravestone.

There is another strange phantom that is also reported to haunt Meshack road. For many years, people who have traveled along this road have reported that they have felt an unseen presence holding tightly to the waist of a person riding a horse or riding a motorcycle. This unseen entity holds onto the rider’s waist for about a mile and then disappears. No one seems to know who or what could be behind this strange occurrence.

There are many other such tales all across America, and such places always seem to have been the site for traumatic and/or violent, unexpected deaths.  Perhaps, one day, these poor lost souls may find their way to their destinations, or perhaps, they will forever walk the lonely roads and byways where they met their end, forever reliving their last moments. Perhaps, one day you will meet one of the roadside ghosts of America.

The Ghost lights of Marfa

The ghost lights of Marfa are still just as strange and mysterious as they were when they were first seen 126 years ago by the early settlers and the cowboys who drove their cattle herds into the Marfa area in 1883.

When Robert Ellison came to Marfa in 1883 to drop off some of his cattle before driving more of the herd further on west, he never expected anything out of the ordinary was going to happen. On his second night camping just outside of Paisano Pass, he saw some odd looking lights off in the distance. Ellison ‘s first thought was that these lights could be the signal fires from a roving band of Apache warriors, and decided to investigate. Ellison saddled up and rode all over the countryside looking for the source of the mysterious lights. He found no Apaches, no fires, and no explanation for the lights. Many of the other settlers in the area told him that they had also seen the lights on many occasions and they too had never been able to identify their source.

The strange, unexplainable became known as the Marfa Lights because they always show up near the small town of Marfa, Texas. The town of Marfa has been a little ranching community that sits on the Chihuahuan desert plateau area of west Texas. Due to the now famous Marfa Lights, this small community that is surrounded by beautiful mountains now can add tourism to the list as a means of local community income.

Anyone who has seen the Marfa Lights says they range from 1 foot to 10 feet in size. They look like balls of reddish-orange light and have been reported with the ability to vary their size and move at very high speeds. There are plenty of documented photographs and video footage that show these unexplained lights in action. There has never been a report of the Marfa Lights ever causing harm to anyone and there is a tale of these lights having helped save a man who got lost in a blizzard by keeping him warm and guiding him safely to his home.

The Marfa lights have appeared in various ways to folks.  Sometimes splitting into multiple colored balls, or appearing to jump up and down. Anyone who has seen the lights will say that they will glow as gently as a candle or be as bright as a megawatt flood light. They have been observed to blink off and on like Christmas tree lights and have been known to follow people on occasion. There has never been a daytime sighting of the Marfa lights–which would seem to make it purely nighttime phenomenon.

There have been countless attempts by various scientists to explain this strange phenomenon, all to no avail.  This is partly due to the fact that surround terrain is extremely treacherous and that the land is where these lights seem to dwell is private property.  Over the years the ranch owners have become quite reluctant to allow anymore people on their property and getting permission has become a bit more difficult due to the high amount of people requesting access.

What are these strange and mysterious lights? Where do they come from and where do they go?

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts


The Hawthorne Hotel is located in the city of Salem, Massachusetts which is also known as the witch city due to the infamous Salem witch trials that took place in the year of 1692. The hotel was constructed after over five hundred thousand dollars was raised through the sale of stocks sold to various business men and individuals located in and around the city of Salem to build a modern hotel for Salem. The hotel was named after Salem’s famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne who wrote the novels “The Scarlett Letter” and “The House of the Seven Gables”. The hotel officially opened for business on the 23 of July in the year 1925.

In the year of 1830, the site where the hotel stands today became the meeting location for the Salem Marine Society which made a deal when the hotel was constructed that their original structure could be torn down and that their meetings would then continue at the location in a new room built on top of the hotel. The Salem Marine Society’s function was to aid the mariners if they became disabled as well as the family members of the mariners such as the widowers of the deceased. The Salem Marine Society also worked to improve the local navigation and safety of the vessels traveling in the New England area. The Salem Marine Society is still active to this very day and still hold their meetings at the top of the hotel; however, this meeting room is not accessible to the public. 

Over the years, there have been many reports of paranormal activity within the hotel and much of it has been attributed to the now deceased captains who participated in the meetings of the Salem Marine Society. At one time, the restaurant that is now called “Nathaniel’s” was called “The Main Brace” and contained a large ship’s wheel as part of its nautical theme. Numerous individuals have reported seeing this wheel turn on its own with no apparent source behind the movement and have attempted to stop the wheel only for it to resume once again to turning on its own.


In a room of the hotel referred to as the Lower Deck, an employee of the hotel who was responsible for setting up the room and arranging the tables was quite startled after performing his duties then leaving the room only to return and find this room rearranged. It has been reported that this particular employee then refused to work any night shifts after his experience. Many guests of the hotel have also reported strange occurrences particularly in room 325 and suite 612. In room 325 guests have reported the water and lights turning on by themselves, and wandering in the hallway just outside of room 612 there have been reports of an apparition that appears to be a woman.

It is also thought that the original land beneath the hotel was once an apple orchard that was owned by Bridget Bishop who was the first individual to be hanged at Gallows Hill after being convicted of the practice of witchcraft. There have been many reports made that the strong smell of apples are experienced from time to time within the hotel. There are also many reported hauntings in the city of Salem itself including the Danvers State Hospital, Gallows Hill, the Salem Jail, and the Joshua Ward House.

If you are looking for a haunted place to stay while exploring the city of Salem, one of the top places on your list should be the Hawthorne Hotel. The Hawthorne Hotel in the City of Salem Massachusetts was officially opened on the 23rd day of July in the year of 1925. Throughout the history of the structure, there have been many stories that surround unexplained phenomenon and apparent paranormal activity. While it has not yet been established that this particular hotel is, in fact, haunted, the individuals that have experienced the unusual events in the building do believe that there is more than meets the eye occurring.

Baker's Island

At the mouth of Salem Harbor, closer to Manchester than to Salem, and inaccessible to the public, is an enchanting, 60-acre tract of land known as Baker’s Island.

Where Baker’s Island got its name is not known. It dates back at least to 1631 when the island was claimed by the newly organized Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its governor, John Winthrop.

Baker’s Island remained in the hands of the Colonial government until 1660, when the General Court granted a request by the town of Salem to annex both Baker’s and Misery islands. Attached to the legislation was a stipulation that fishermen be allowed to use any of the islands for curing fish and harvesting wood to build houses or fishing stages.

In 1670, Salem acted to prevent men from neighboring Marblehead from cutting and removing wood from Baker’s Island. Francis Collins was given the right to build houses on the island for himself and his son. In return, they were to protect Baker’s Island from encroachment by trespassers looking to harvest wood without the approval of the selectmen.

Despite this attempt to protect its timber, Baker’s was soon deforested. Gradually it became used as pasture land by Salem farmers who transported their livestock there for the summer.

In 1678 and 1679, the town leased Baker’s Island to John Turner, a successful Salem merchant, for 3 pounds a year. Turner then erected a summer home there.

The town retained the right to use the island for its own purposes, and in 1685 the Salem selectmen decreed that all cotton imported from smallpox-ravaged Barbados should be off-loaded at Baker’s Island to prevent the spread of the disease.

Baker’s Island stayed in the Turner family until 1770, when John Turner III sold it to John Erving of Boston. For the next century, Baker’s Island was used by a succession of owners and their tenants for a summer retreat, farming, or a combination of the two.

While the island may have been viewed by the Turners and later owners as a delightful summer sanctuary, to local mariners Baker’s, the Miseries, and the reef- and ledge-filled waters surrounding them were threats to navigation. Finally, in 1791, after some intense lobbying and fund-raising on the part of the Salem Marine Society, a 57-foot warning beacon was erected on Baker’s Island.

One of the main ghost stories resolves around the island’s lighthouse. It is not clear who is actually haunting the lighthouse but it certainly seems to have a mind of its own. The fog bell sounds by itself and odd flickering lights can be seen when the lighthouse is empty. Years ago a horse died near the old lighthouse and to this day people smell the horse of a scent and can hear its whinnying and thumping of his hooves on the ground. The ghost of Naomi Coyler visits the island often. She used to swim from the island every morning to buy fresh lobsters from nearby sellers on boats, but in the early 1960s, she never returned from her swim. Her body was indeed found floating, lifeless, on the ocean’s surface, but her love of Baker’s Island has kept her spirit alive and well. Witness say they have heard clanking sounds coming from where Naomi lived on the island and once someone even saw her milk jug being placed under the water pump as the handle moved on its own and pumped water into the jug.

A Jewel thief is another famous ghost on the island. The Thief hid his treasure on the island and in the light of a New England full moon, his ghost can be seen searching for the loot on certain nights. Sounds of a party from yesteryear, including music, laughter and the clatter of dishware is heard coming from the empty Chase House.

The Garner-Pingree House in Salem, Massachusetts

The Gardner-Pingree House is located at 128 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Gardner-Pingree House is now owned by the Peabody Essex Museum. It was built in 1804-1805 by John Gardner, Jr., who was a local merchant. It was later owned by Captain Joseph White. He lived in the house with his family until they were brutally murdered in the house in April 1830. In 1834, David Pingree owned the house. He and his heirs lived there until 1933.

On the night of April 6th, 1830, Captain White was brutally murdered after Crowninshield entered the house through a window that had been left open by Joseph earlier in the day, went to the bedroom where Captain White was sleeping, and fractured the Captain’s skull with a club as well as stabbing him thirteen times with a long dagger.

The murder shocked the town of Salem and even inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne to write about it in his short story, Mr. Higginbotham’s Catastrophe.

The court case that followed is actually a rather interesting one as the Knapps were prosecuted by the great Daniel Webster, one of the most successful lawyers of the era, who was primarily a defense lawyer but also known to serve as a prosecutor from time to time. Webster’s courtroom skills and persuasive oration eventually set legal precedent and the two brothers were found guilty and hanged for their role in the crime. Their hired-man Crowninshield had already committed suicide early on when he realized he had no hope of getting away with the murder.

Today many believe the house is haunted by the White family. People claim to see ghostly faces looking out of the second floor windows, and many hear ghostly footsteps while touring the house. Some even claim that the grisly murder is reenacted on the anniversary of their death.

For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.

-- William Penn

Phantom Phone Calls

Is it possible for those who have passed from this mortal coil to make contact from the spirit world through electronic media?

Can a loved one make contact through the humble telephone to say one last good-bye or even give warning of impending disaster?

As odd as it may seem, this phenomenon is not an unusual one and occurs quite frequently, usually with in the first 24 to 48 hours after someone has died. However, many people have reported getting phone calls from deceased loved ones years after they have passed on.  These calls are nearly always filled with heavy static and the caller’s voice sounds faint, as if it is coming from a great distance.

Countless people have reported receiving telephone calls that seem to have come from a deceased relative or friend. These strange calls usually happen not more than once or twice and are nearly always brief messages. 

For some, these phone calls can be frightening, but for others they are a source of comfort and help grieving loved ones move on with their lives.

Often when a person receives such a phone call he or she may not realize, at first, that the person that they are talking to is someone who has passed on from this world and thinks that he or she is talking to corporeal person.

Man people have reported receiving phone calls from a person that they never knew directly in life, but receive an urgent message to relay to another person he or she and the deceased both know/knew. These types of phantom phantom phone calls are more rare. Often, the recipients of such calls say that the voice sounds odd, almost mechanical or unreal in some way.

In most of these phantom phone call cases, people reported that the ring sounded different than it usually did. The tone would be different and the rings would come in shorter than usual bursts.  Considering that paranormal investigators use all sorts of electronic equipment to detect spirit activity due to the fact that spirits do indeed seem to be able to communicate through electronic means; then it is not at all far fetched to think that the spirits of departed friends or loved ones could conceivable use the telephone as a medium to make contact between this world and theirs.

If this is indeed the case, then it is quite possible that one day we may find a way to develop such a device that is specifically designed to be able to allow direct interaction with the spirit world using the basic telephone technologies and developing them to a whole new level.  Not only would this enable people to talk to their loved ones, but it would invariable prove that we continue to live on even after physical death. Perhaps we could gain new insights as to what happens after we die and remove the fear and uncertainty from this seemingly inevitable process. 

Until such a time comes, the mystery of these phantom phone calls will continue to be just that, a mystery.

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"Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts,for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. "
~Arthur C. Clarke 2001:A Space Odyssey

Truth Spell

You will need the following items for

  • Nail
  • Bananas
  • Parchment (paper)
  • Red string or yarn
  • Palm oil

Start ritual on Friday; buy bananas using the surname Chango; write what truth you wish to know on parchment and fold towards self; slip paper to fit tightly between bananas; rub palm oil on bananas; wrap banana bunch with red string or yarn until you no longer see the folded paper. Hang banana bunch on nail outside door. By the time that bunch is withered or black, the truth will be revealed and known to you.

Residual Hauntings

Many ghost sightings are very similar. In fact, some witnesses report seeing the exact same ghost in the exact same place at different times. This is referred to as a “residual haunting,” which is like a past event being played back over and over again

It’s believed that the “ghosts” involved in residual hauntings aren’t really ghosts at all, and what the witnesses are seeing is actually a “recording” of a past event.  It’s as if the witnesses are seeing a “glimpse” of the past, at a time when the “ghost” or “apparition” was still alive. The event plays itself over and over again throughout time. 

The Tower of London is well known for its residual type hauntings.  Anne Boleyn has been seen over and over again throughout the centuries, as well as Catherine Howard.  Another place famous for residual hauntings is Gettysburg.  There have been many reports of witnesses seeing Civil War soldiers. Some believe that the soldiers are still “fighting” as if they don’t know they’re already dead, while others believe it’s all part of a residual haunting.  Some paranormal experts believe that what is actually being witnessed is the battle itself as it happened, because the event has been “recorded” and is being replayed over and over again for all time.

So why are these events being played back for us to watch?  And how is it that we can still catch a glimpse of the past, so to speak?  Perhaps the only answer we have is that, during traumatic events, a lot of energy and emotion is given off and is some how “stored” in the material surroundings.  But why are some people able to see the play backs and others aren’t?  It could depend on a number of things: maybe some people are more sensitive or psychic, maybe it depends on the circumstances or time, etc. 

If you ever find yourself witnessing a residual haunting, don’t be afraid.  Remember, what you’re seeing isn’t really a “spirit” or a “ghost”.  You’ll be seeing an event from the past, at a time when the apparition gave off enough energy to stand through the tests of time.  It’ll be almost as if you’re watching an event on the news, only with residual hauntings, there is no television involved.

Lincolns Phantom Ghost Train

Is There a Ghost Train That Still Haunts the Tracks From DC to Illinois?

We often hear about haunted ships and houses, but what about trains?  Trains have been around for a long time now, and many people have always found them to be fascinating.  They are often associated with folklore, so it’s not surprising that some are believed to be ghost trains or haunted trains.

One of the most famous ghost   trains of all time was Abe Lincoln’s burial train, which took him home for burial in April 1865.  It’s also been referred to as “Lincoln’s Phantom Train”, and is one of the most intriguing supernatural events in American history.  After his assassination, President Abraham Lincoln’s body was placed on a special funeral train to be taken to Springfield, Illinois for burial. 

Going through New York state, it went the exact same route that Lincoln took from Illinois to DC years earlier as President-elect.  It stopped a few times along the way, so that onlookers could pay their respects to Lincoln before arriving at the final destination in Springfield.  Some say that all the clocks in an area stopped whenever the train stopped.

Every year following, in April, a phantom train can allegedly be seen traveling the same route.  It leaves from Washington DC, travels through New York, and heads toward Springfield, traveling slowly and eerily. Some alleged witnesses over the years claim to see a team of skeletons manning the train.  A flag-draped coffin could also be seen, surrounded by spirits of soldiers dressed in blue Union uniforms.  It never arrives at its destination.

There have also been claims of a ghostly whistle and train smoke, but no train.  This always seems to happen in April, on the anniversary of Lincoln’s final train ride.  Many track-walkers, section hands, and other railroad workers have claimed to have see or head the Phantom Train for many, many years.  They have described the air along the tracks becoming “keen”.  If a real train goes by at the same time, the ghost train is replaced.  A real train doesn’t seem to effect the ghost train any, or vice versa.  Some even claim that watches and clocks still stop whenever it goes by.

Whether any of this is true or not, nobody knows, although there have been a lot of alleged witnesses over the past 144 years.  Do the railroad tracks become haunted by Lincoln’s ghost train every April since the anniversary of his last route?  Is there still a phantom train crew that can be seen accompanying his body halfway across the country, never reaching the destination?

There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.
--Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Mysterious Ghost Horse Caught on Video in Egypt

Ghost Photo: The Man in the Rig

The story behind this pic, taken in Alberta, Canada, is that the oil rig was empty at the time of the photo but that a man had died there recently.

The Tie Between Kids And Ghosts

There is a tie between kids and ghost because kids are innocents and do not have a fear of things they do not understand.

Their innocent is why ghosts seek out the children. They have no fear and show no signs of threat towards a ghost. Many will say that this is untrue, but the facts are true. A ghost  is more apt to visit a child than an adult. The adult will display fear and act upon it, where a child will be relaxed and not have any animosity towards the ghost.

People have thought this way for years. Many people question whether a child can actually see ghosts or rather are they making it up, like an imaginary friend. This has been challenged for years. However, many kids and ghosts have communicated and the kids know things that no one else can possibly know. This makes everything more challenging. How could these kids know the things they do if it was not told to them by the ghost in question. Yes, kids can see ghosts that many adults cannot. One has to believe this if they have no other logical explanation as to why kids know things that only a ghost could tell them.

You have heard about ghosts that play with kids when the parents are out of the room. One such case was a ghost that was in a home lived in by a family of two adults and two children. The children would wake up at night because someone was tickling their feet. Since no one was in the room but the kids who were asleep when it happened, who could it of been. The only logical reason is a ghost was doing it. It happened to both of the kids. People find this hard to believe, but kids are innocents and do not threaten or feel threatened by the unknown.

There are ghosts it seen everywhere. Kids and ghosts are a combination that should not be dismissed for any reason. If a child says that they see something or feel someone touching them, you need to investigate. You need to know if it is a friendly ghost or a ghost that could cause harm. Yes, ghosts are a reality and adults do have to listen to what children are telling them. For those who think ghosts do not exist, how can you explain some imaginary friends that actually play with your kids and keep them occupied? Is it really just the imagination or is your child seeing a spirit that has adopted them as a friend or even a foe.

The ghosts may be kids from the past. These ghosts may not be harmful ghosts, but rather playmates. Not all ghost watchers believe in bad child ghosts, but then again, can you afford not to find out who your child is playing with and what their names are for reference.

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

The Winchester Mystery House was built by Sarah Winchester, whose husband William Wurt Winchester invented the Winchester rifle, reports The Early Show correspondent Melinda Murphy.

When both he and their infant daughter died, Sarah, grief-stricken, visited a psychic.

The psychic told her she was cursed by the spirits of all the people killed by the Winchester Rifle, and in order to appease them, she had to move west and build a house for them.

So began the construction of the Winchester Mystery House in 1884 in San Jose, Calif.

Sarah was told that she had to build – and never stop building – a house for the spirits. She bought an eight-room farmhouse, and started to add room after room, until at one point the house was seven stories tall.

The top three fell off after the great San Francisco Earthquake. Sarah thought it was a sign from the beyond and did not rebuild those floors.

Not only was the Winchester Mystery House – all 160 rooms of it – supposedly built for the spirits, but they say it was built with the guidance of ghosts, too.

It’s huge, with 2,000 doors to 160 rooms, and a whole mansion full of quirks.

“We call this the goofy staircase,” says mansion employee Cheryl Hamilton. “There’s 42 steps on here. And it makes seven complete turns. And it’s about 100 feet of walking, but it’s only going to go up nine feet to the second floor.”

For 38 years, room after room was added, destroyed, and constructed again. There’s a staircase that leads to the ceiling. And on the second floor, there’s a door to nowhere.

General manager Shozo Kagoshima is skeptical that there are any ghosts.

However, employee Jack Stubbert says he saw a ghost 15 years ago in a hallway.

“And he turned around. And he looked at me. And he – you know, it was the type of image that was like, looking through a fog,” Stubbert says.

It’s said that Mrs. Winchester would come to the seance room every night and talk with the spirits of the people who had been killed by the Winchester rifle.

According to legend, the spirits gave Sarah Winchester building instructions. That might explain the 47 fireplaces, or the extensive use of art glass, or the reoccurring number 13.

“She used the number 13 wherever she could. Thirteen windows, 13 panels, 13 skylights, 13 bathrooms, 13 steps. Wherever she could incorporate the number 13, she used it,” says Kagoshima.

Did Sarah Winchester know something we don’t? Well, Jack Stubbert now thinks she did. He says he never believed in ghosts before he saw one.

The Mysterious Ghost Blimp

The mysterious ghost blimp has caught the attention of paranormal enthusiasts since the year of 1942.

It was in this year, on the day of August 16th that two men literally seemed to vanish into "thin air" with absolutely no logical explanation . The blimp that the pilots were on when this occurred was referred to as the "Navy Airship L-8" . The airship was scheduled to do a patrol that was considered to be routine just off the California coast near San Francisco. The goal of the mission was to identify if there were any Japanese operated submarines in the area of the Pacific Ocean. Just a few hours into the mission, the mysterious blimp floated back to the shore that it originated from – carrying no pilots at all.

Originally, the blimp was to be used by Goodyear. However, when it was constructed in the year of 1941, the Navy took an immense amount of interest in it and purchased it. This type of airship was extremely popular when it came to defending areas that rested on the coastal areas of the United States. They had the capability of locating and tracking submarine vessels, often carried highly technological machine guns, and had many other features that made them idea for the Navy.

Two experienced pilots started their mission on the L-8 blimp that day, and both pilots would be lost forever from that day forward. Their names were Ernest Cody who was twenty seven years of age and Charles Adams who was thirty eight years old would start what is considered one of the most mysterious blimp voyages of all time at 6am on the morning of August 16th in the year of 1942. They departed from the bay of San Francisco in an area called "Treasure Island" . They were intending to travel to the Farallon Islands. This was an area located just thirty miles due west from the popular Golden Gate Bridge.

An hour passed with no incident. Once the hour was up, Ernest Cody called into the flight controller and informed them that there appeared to be some sort of oil on the water. He informed the base that he was going to investigate the area. This was the last time that communication was made with the ghost blimp. Individuals on a beach near the area of San Francisco stated that they saw a blimp flying exceptionally low. They gave statements that said that the vessel apparently got stuck on some rocks and then was able to dislodge itself from the predicament.

The ghost blimp continued to travel east. It simply moved with no motors on. Eventually, it hit a total of two cars and even a house. It eventually came to rest in a street located in the popular Daly City located in the State of California. As onlookers and emergency care workers worked to locate the pilots of the craft, they realized that it was a lost cause. There were no pilots anywhere. The door had been opened and the life vests were missing, but no other accessories were missing. Additionally, no calls for help were initiated from the missing pilots.

A massive search started for the pilots, but they were never located. The L-8 airship was referred to as the "Ghost Ship" and the "Ghost Blimp" soon thereafter. There were many theories surrounding the events that included the pilots being subjected to harsh water conditions, an UFO abduction, and other strange phenomena but nothing ever explained the mystery behind their disappearance. While the ghost blimp continued to operate until the year of 1982, it still possesses the secret of what happened to the two pilots in the year of 1942. To this day, it is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of Naval history in the United States.

There is not a grain of dust, not an atom that can become nothing, yet man believes that death is the annhilation of his being.
--Arthur Schopenhauer


Bobby Mackey's in Wilder, Kentucky


Many know the stories about Bobby Mackey’s nightclub ghosts, but most do not know about the history of the club. Many years ago the now nightclub was a slaughterhouse.

Many people have reported strange happenings inside the club including one man that was attacked in the bathroom, but no one was there. This alone would make the average person never go back. However, the haunting has made this the hottest nightclub to be at late in the evening. There are many ghosts that haunt the nightclub including a woman named Pearl. Pearl was rumored to have been decapitated for a satanic sacrifice.


Many people have reported strange happenings inside the club including one man that was attacked in the bathroom, but no one was there. This alone would make the average person never go back. However, the haunting has made this the hottest nightclub to be at late in the evening. There are many ghosts that haunt the nightclub including a woman named Pearl. Pearl was rumored to have been decapitated for a satanic sacrifice.

Over the years, there are many deaths that occurred inside the walls of the now country music nightclub. This nightclub does have a reputation, but it is not for the music, it is because of the ghosts that haunt the club. Some investigators have experienced some horrific ghosts while in the nightclub. If you believe that ghosts do exist, then you can believe that ghosts do not always show. Some days the nightclub has no problems and other days, it is one thing after another. The demonic nature in the club is chilling according to many.


We have to believe that ghosts are here for a reason. One reason could be that there has been no justice served for the killings. Many haunted places are the scene of murders in which no suspects were caught and tried. Why do ghosts haunt places? Is it because they are looking for revenge or someone to find their killers. If you look at other haunted places, you will see that the ghosts are of people that were murdered and no one was ever caught and tried. The Bobby Mackey’s Nightclub has ghosts and all died within the walls of the build over the years.

One would have to look into the deaths of all the ghosts to see how they died and if anyone was arrested for their murders or deaths. Maybe this would help understand why the ghosts are so vindictive. The ghosts in the nightclub are not your typical ghosts, they are mean and try to cause harm to the people that enter the building. There have been some incredible activity in the club and no one knows why. Some day, maybe the ghosts will find justice or maybe someday they will succeed in killing an unsuspecting customer.


Marilyn Monroe Death Facts

While ruled a "Suicide" , the Marilyn Monroe death facts seem to indicate that she may have actually been a murder victim.

Born in the year of 1926 on June 1st, this famous movie star's original name was Norma Jean Mortensen. From the year 1935 to the year of 1937, she lived in an orphanage. However, immediately following these years, she was moved from one foster home to another until she married at the age of 16. In the year of 1944, she appeared on her first magazine cover and it was just four months later when 20th Century Fox offered her a position on film. It was at this time that Norma Jean transitioned into the glamorous Marilyn Monroe.

In order to understand the Marilyn Monroe death facts, you must first understand a little about her personal life. In the early part of the 1950s, it was believed that she was having an affair with the notable political figure John F. Kennedy. Once Kennedy became President of the United States, Peter Lawford, who was his brother-in-law allowed him to secretly meet with the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, it is believed that the Mafia of the time had bugged the home of Lawford as well as Marilyn's home in Hollywood. On the 19th of May in 1962, the affair ended but Monroe’s connection with the famous Kennedy's did not.

As time progressed, Marilyn became very close to Robert Kennedy, John's brother. Their relationship became so strong that it was said that Robert was going to file for divorce so that he could marry Marilyn. The beautiful actress was told many secrets. When reviewing the Marilyn Monroe death facts, there is a strong belief that these secrets could have lead to her demise. Mostly because of the fact that she had told close friends about the secrets. There were people that did not want secrets being told about them, and people that should not be made aware of the secrets. On the 27th day of June in the year of 1962, the housekeeper that worked for Monroe stated that Robert Kennedy visited her home.

Throughout the day prior to her death, Marilyn Monroe engaged in many activities. In the middle of the morning, she scheduled a dinner at her home. Several close to her reported her as being depressed and sick. They felt as if she may have taken pills or another type of drug. In the early afternoon hours, it was reported that Robert and what appeared to be a doctor entered her home by a neighbor close by. This same neighbor apparently received threats and directions to keep quiet about what they witnessed. This is a very important detail in reviewing the Marilyn Monroe death facts. Once the two men left, Monroe's doctor, Dr. Greenson, was called to the Hollywood home. His report stated that she was "Anxious" and "Somewhat Drugged". He remained in the home for nearly three hours.

Between the hours of approximately 5:30pm and 6:30pm, the son of the famous baseball player, Joe DiMaggio, called to speak with Marilyn but the housekeeper informed him that she was not at the residence. At nearly 8:00pm, Monroe called Dr. Greenson. She informed him that she had finally taken the call with Joe DiMaggio Jr. He reported at that time that she seemed in a much better mood altogether. Around 8:00pm, Monroe informed her maid that she would be retiring for the evening and she went into her bedroom with a telephone. At 11:00pm that night, a man informed Monroe's press agent that she was dying or could be dead. He dropped his wife off at their home and went to the Hollywood home immediately. He failed to return home for over 48 hours.

At the same time in which this occurred, it is said that Marilyn called Peter Lawford and said her goodbyes. When he arrived at the home, he apparently discovered what to be a suicide note that had been destroyed. By 2:00am, an emergency response team was summoned to Monroe's home. When reviewing Marilyn Monroe death facts, this is the point in which things get really interesting. The paramedics claimed she was alive and received treatment at the hospital in Santa Monica – but there are no physical records to indicate this. At 3:00am the housekeeper contacted Dr. Greenson as she did not receive a response from knocking on the actress's door. He told the housekeeper, Eunice, to call the doctor Hyman Engleberg and stated he was on his way.

Greenson called emergency personnel workers. He looked through her window and saw her in her bed, so he broke the window to gain entry into her bedroom. This is when he found her dead. Over the course of an hour, the Marilyn Monroe death facts inform us that the other doctor arrived, one of her popular lawyers called Peter Lawford, and then the police were finally called to the scene. A SGT. Clemmons found the story to be very curious. While it appeared that she had taken approximately 50 pills from her prescription bottles, there was no glass of water anywhere in sight. Furthermore, there was no suicide note – which is very common in such cases. In the autopsy, no pills were found in the body – only a substance called "Chloral Hydrate" and "Nembutal". A large bruise was found on her back too. Despite this, her death was ruled "Suicide".

Interestingly enough , two days following her suicide, she was scheduled to have a press conference in which she was to release all sorts of information to the press. The police report and other documents, including her diary, that contained vital information and Marilyn Monroe death facts was moved and still has not been found. Was Marilyn Monroe murdered or did she commit suicide? This may be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time when it comes to unsolved crimes in the United States.

Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia is considered to be one of the most popular unsolved murder mysteries of all time.

The individual that is referenced using this nickname is an American lady by the name of Elizabeth Short. She was born on the 29th day of July in the year of 1924. She died on the 15th day of January in the year of 1947. Her untimely death came as a result of murder - which was publicized widely within the United States. When her body was discovered in Los Angeles at the Leimert Park, it had been mutilated and severed to extensive degree. In this guide you will learn about the Black Dahlia.

Elizabeth Short had a very interesting life. Her parents were Phoebe and Cleo. As a child, she was often called "Betty", but as time progressed, she desired to be called "Beth". In the year of 1929, her father came up missing. His vehicle was located near where a bridge was located. Many individuals determined that he had committed suicide. Eventually, Elizabeth’s mother received a letter from her father. He begged for her forgiveness, but her mother never allowed him to return to their home. As a result, Elizabeth was placed in a position in which she had to mature quickly.

By the time Elizabeth turned nineteen , she was living with her dad in an area of California known as "Vallejo" . It seemed that she had some bad habits that her father did not approve of, such as not being as responsible as she should have been and staying out past the curfew that was put in place for her. As a result, an argument evolved and the Black Dahlia moved out of her father's home. She was arrested shortly after this event due to the fact that she was drinking while a minor. She returned to Medford, where she originated from. However, she had a passion from becoming involved in acting, so she went to California to the city of Hollywood.

She eventually stayed at the Biltmore Hotel. A man met Elizabeth and they departed. This would actually be the last time that Elizabeth Short would be seen in person. Elizabeth’s body was found a short time after this. However, due to the lack of evidence in the case and the limited amount of information that investigators had on her life as a whole, this case remains to be one of the greatest unsolved murder mysteries of all time. Who killed the Black Dahlia? We may never know, but it does not hurt to research the case and to reach the most reasonable explanations. Once her death occurred, she was given the name "Black Dahlia" based on the story called the "Blue Dahlia". They dubbed her the "Black" version due to the fact that she always wore the color black in real life.

D.B. Cooper

Many unsolved crimes still intrigue the minds of investigators, victims, witnesses, as well as the general public. One of the most popular of these crimes is the one that involves a man by the name of D.B. Cooper. While the crime that this man committed was mysterious in implementation, it is not what draws interest to the case. It is the fact that the true identity of the presumed D.B. Cooper was never established. It was the fact that he was never located. It is the fact that the money that was taken by the man never resurfaced…it was the fact that it seems as if he dropped off the face of the earth just as quickly as he dropped out of his flight after committing the crimes. In this study on unsolved solves that are considered some of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world; you will learn many facts pertaining to the infamous and mysterious D.B. Cooper.

Flight 305 out of Washington DC began as any other uneventful ordinary flight, but it would end on a note that was nothing short of incredible. Stops were scheduled to take place in Minnesota, Montana, Portland Oregon and Spokane Washington. That stringent schedule too, would not pan out quite as planned. While the people of the flight took the time to say their goodbyes to loved ones and prepare for their flight, one man stood alone. He reviewed the plan that he had reviewed in his head so many times prior to arriving at the airport. He watched at the unsuspecting victims boarded the plane – not realizing that their lives would change forever and knowing that their fate rested in his hands. D.B Cooper was not only considered evil, he was considered one of the most notorious criminal masterminds of his time based on the events that were about to transpire.

What took place on the Northwest Airlines flight--on that giant 727-- literally rivals anything that the best mystery or crime writer could have written in their heyday. In one of the most daring and amazing skyjackings ever recorded, a non-descript middle aged man who was billed simply asperformed something heretofore unknown. He foiled all attempts to capture him, and walked away with more than two hundred thousand dollars from Northwest Airlines, floating off into the clouds over the southern part of Washington State. Naturally, he planned out his criminal adventure in full detail – even with complete documentation that he would submit to the flight attendant upon entering the air vessel.

D.B. Cooper boarded the flight dressed in a suit and tie, dark glasses covering his face and hiding part of his features. He handed a note to the flight attendant, Florence Schaffner, who assumed that he was attempting to make an assignation. She stuffed the note into her handbag when the passenger politely told her that she might want to take it out. The note was clear and concise. When they arrived in Seattle, D.B Cooper wanted two hundred thousand dollars and four parachutes. Naturally, this was quite frightening for the flight attendant and her mind scrambled on ways to appropriately handle this situation so that all of her passengers would safely reach their destination.

The man then showed her his briefcase, which held cylinders that were wired together, and told her again very calmly that if the airline did not meet those demands that the plane would be blown up. The president of Northwest said - without any consideration - that his demands were to be met immediately. They circled in the skies over Seattle until the air pirate was happy with the arrangements and believed that his demands had been met and the plane touched down for him to collect his reward. The level of control that D.B Cooper held over that flight and the fact that so many lives were subjected to his criminal insanity have resulted in this story becoming one of the most popular among all unsolved crimes.

Once the plane landed, the passengers did not debark but sat quietly. The silence that filled the airliner was often described as being literally deafening until he determined that it was time to permit some to leave the plane. The money and the parachutes were brought aboard the plane and the hijacker permitted the passengers - as well as some of the flight attendants - to leave the plane. One flight attendant was kept with D.B Cooper as his assurance that no one would attempt to stop him and he requested that he be flown to Mexico. He was told that it was impossible and that they would head to Reno to refuel and then fly on to Mexico, but Cooper had no intention of ever going to Mexico and knew precisely what he needed. In fact, he insisted on certain things during the flight.

Cooper requested that the plane fly at under two hundred miles per hour and that it fly under ten thousand feet. He locked the hostage into a cabin and was not seen again. At some point, the hijacker jumped. Oddly, there were chase planes behind the Northwest flight and none saw him leave the flight; however, given that it was dark, had he chosen to free-fall, it would have been possible that he could jump unseen and open parachute lower to the ground. Many theories developed on how he could have exited the flight while remaining unnoticeable to crew members of the chase plans. This too, contributes to the fact that this is considered to truly be one of the most mysterious of all unsolved crimes to date.

The FBI began a manhunt, all the while assuring people that he could not possibly have survived the fall. The area was thick timber, the hazards it presented were such that unless he were a very seasoned parachutist, it would be impossible to jump from a 727 into this kind of terrain and live… yet no parachute was every found. Despite the fact that the investigators searched diligently for a body, none was found in any of those four state areas… sky and ground searches turned up nothing. This was highly unusual. It was common for at least some evidence to show up, but amazingly, this criminal mastermind covered his tracks well enough that not even a shred of concrete evidence was present in any of the areas where he could have jumped.

The FBI again reopened the case just a few years ago, seeking - at the least- an identity. Did D.B. Cooper survive? It seems likely that he did. While the thickly forested terrain could have hidden a great deal, the parachute would have been seen from the air or at the least found in the years that passed between then and now. D.B Cooper was never seen again. Investigators have continued to search for traces of a body that could be identified as the mastermind that succeeded in this unusual crime, but have recovered nothing more than a few traces of DNA that was located on a tie that was used during the investigation. Also, it has been suspected that a small amount of the money that was used for the ransom that he requested was located, but the confirmation of such evidence still remains ambiguous.

Did D.B. Cooper die on his headlong jump from the plane or did the audacious hijacker get the second chance at life he seemed to be seeking –with two hundred thousand dollars to help him to start over? As one of the most popular unsolved crimes, this is still considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. On the 1st day of November in the year of 2007, the F.B.I developed a renewed interest in this mysterious crime. By the 31st day of December the same year, this organization blasted a detailed press release to the public with interesting facts and even an assortment of photographs in order to assist those that were involved in the case in recovering any type of information that they could remember. Unfortunately, this effort to pull in new leads proved unsuccessful and this is still considered to be one of the most popular unsolved crimes.

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.

-- Neil Armstrong

Eastern State Penitentiary

Constructed in the year of 1829, this structure was designed in an eerie, Gothic fashion. It had enough space for two hundred and fifty inmates, but at one point in history, it was said that nearly eight times that amount was held. As a result, many inmates fell ill due to unsanitary conditions, others suffered due to severe and cruel punishments, and many experienced high levels of anxiety , depression , and anger. As a result of the emotionally charged conditions when it was used to house criminals, the penitentiary is now said to withhold many paranormal mysteries that frighten even the strongest.

One of the haunted mysteries that surround Eastern State Penitentiary surrounds the inmate known as Al Capone . In the year of 1929, this individual was arrested and placed in the prison due to the fact that he was caught in possession of weapons that were considered to be illegal. During the time that is known as the vicious "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" it is said that Capone murdered a man whose name was James Clark. It is said that while he was at the penitentiary that the spirit of Clark tormented him relentless. Many individuals believe that many souls in which Capone had a direct connection to remain in the haunted prison searching for the notorious criminal and expressing their anger from beyond the grave.

Many paranormal investigators have witnessed a shadowy spirit in the guard tower at Eastern State Penitentiary. It is believed that the guard lost his life while providing professional services at the haunted prison. In all actuality, there are many different stories that surround the identity of the individual. There are many shadow people or shadow spirits that are said to be within the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary. For example, in the area of the cell block identified as "6", many are often seen. The same holds true for the cell block identified at "4" and the dungeon like areas within the prison. If you are interested in studying ghosts or shadow people, the mysterious shadows within this haunted prison are sure to fascinate you.

Individuals that have walked through the penitentiary have stated that they feel as if the air is very "heavy". Individuals that tour the facility never feel as if they are alone. If you are interested in ghosts, or exploring presumed haunted places, then you will likely experience an interesting session at this haunted prison. Perhaps, while you are there, you may figure out the answers to the questions surrounding the paranormal mysteries that so many before you have tried to figure out.

The USS Cyclops Unsolved Mystery

The USS Cyclops unsolved mystery continues to stump individuals interested in U.S Naval history and mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle zone, as well as the many individuals affected by the loss of the individuals that were on the ship.

Many years prior to the onset of World War I, the USS Cyclops was one of the ships constructed for the Navy of the United States. It was given the name "Cyclops" after the race of massive giants that is often discussed in the mythology stories from the Greeks as it was a very large ship. While this massive water vessel was the second to actually display the identification of "Cyclops" , it is the one that is remembered the most. This is because in the beginning of March in the year of 1918, the entire ship along with 306 individuals disappeared forever.

The loss of the USS Cyclops has been deemed as the largest loss that has ever occurred as far as ships directly under the control of the U.S Navy is concerned. This is especially true considering the ship was not engaged in any type of combat when it disappeared. Despite tremendous efforts from a large assortment of organizations worldwide, there has never been any trace of evidence that the ship wrecked. This ship was originally commissioned on the 1st day of May in the year of 1917. She traveled extensively to various locations of the world including France, Nova Scotia, and across the waters of Brazil. In February of 1918, the ship left from Rio de Janeiro.

Four days after setting sail from Rio de Janeiro, the water vessel arrived in Bahia. A couple of days later, a large supply of manganese ore were stocked on the ship and it left from the port in Bahia for Baltimore, Maryland. No stops were scheduled for the USS Cyclops. It has been established that the vessel was nearly 3,000 tons over her standard capacity. Additionally, it was established that the cylinder of the engine had a distinctive crack and it was not as functional as it should have been for standard operation. However, the crew elected to wait until their arrival in the United States to undergo repairs. A large tanker by the name of "Amolco" reported seeing the massive ship on the 9th day of March near the area of Virginia. That evening, a vicious storm was stated to have occurred in the area of Virginia Cape.

The USS Cyclops failed to arrive in Baltimore as scheduled. Naturally, an extensive search operation was put into place and failed. No wreckage was discovered - none at all. There were no traces of human life or loss on the waters that the ship traveled. The investigation performed rendered a final statement by the Naval Administration of the United States. It stated:

"Many theories have been advanced, but none that satisfactorily accounts for her disappearance"

One of the most common theories surrounding the disappearance of the ship involves the Bermuda Triangle zone. Many individuals claim that if the vessel was in danger in the area of the Bermuda Triangle that the navigational crew would have contacted someone with a call of distress. Unfortunately, the year that this happened was 1918. Naturally, the communication systems on board ocean liners were not as technologically advanced of those we have today. Speculations state that the ship may have sunk due to being overloaded and malfunctions occurring with the engine. Others believe that the magnetic issues that are known to the Bermuda Triangle zone may have resulted in the ship to travel on a course that was incorrect and something strange and unusual occurred. We may never solve this mystery, but two things are certain - the USS Cyclops disappeared without a trace and it was traveling across the mysterious Bermuda Triangle Zone.

The Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane

The story of the Headless Sleepy Hollow Horseman and Ichabod Crane , an educator from the State of Connecticut, is hailed by many as one of the most popular urban legends throughout the world. This urban legend originates from a fictional short story created by the American Author named Washington Irving, titled, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” , which is contained in his collection book entitled, “The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent” . While the Sleepy Hollow Horseman originated as a fictional character, many individuals throughout history have claimed that they have observed the headless paranormal entity in various regions of the world. Most that have read the story by Irving feel that it is based on some degree of truth – especially those that have eye witness accounts of this terrifying entity. It is a known fact that all urban legends are based on some degree of truth. Is the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman real?

The Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman originates in the Village of Sleepy Hollow, which is located in Tarrytown, New York and is part of Westchester County. Originally, this village was called “North Tarrytown”; however, in the year of 1996, the residents elected to change its name to honor the story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” , by Washington Irving. In this village is the popular, “Sleepy Hollow Cemetery” where the famous American Author named Washington Irving, is buried. In addition to this, there are several other notable individuals that have been laid to rest in this historic burial ground, which was included on the registry called, “The National Register of Historic Places” in the year of 2009. These individuals include – but, are not limited to – Andrew Carnegie, Walter Chrysler, George Jones, William Rockefeller, Elizabeth Arden, and Francis Pharcellus Church.

The Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman is believed to be a male German soldier from the eighteenth century. During this period of time, these soldiers were often called, “Hessians”. The Hessians were hired directly by the individual rulers that were part of or associated with the British Empire. While the Hessians fought in numerous wars and conflicts, the majority of the battles that they were part of were directly related to the American Revolutionary War. During this war, a fight took place which is referred to as either, “The Battle of White Plains” , or, “The Battle for Chatterton Hill” . During this fight, at least fifty different Hessians lost their lives. It is believed that the entity known as the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman was one of the individuals that lost his life. According to information passed on throughout history, this individual was killed when the Americans shot a cannon. It is believed that the cannonball emerged from the weapon and then hit him and severed his head.

Once the fight was completed that resulted in the death of the Hessians , clean-up efforts began. The soldier with the severed head was found and then put to rest in a local graveyard that was near the outside of the churches that were located in the region. According to locals, the Headless Horseman never rested. Not too long after the decapitated soldier was buried, individuals that lived in the region started reporting unusual sightings that appeared to be the Hessian soldier’s spirit. The descriptions of the paranormal entity included the fact that he was dressed like a soldier, he rode on a dark-colored horse, and his head was resting on the back of the horse as he rode it. Those that witnessed this malicious paranormal entity often described feeling anger, and that they were in danger. Those that have presumably come in contact with this angry spirit stated that he uses his head as a weapon against the living. Many reports claim that the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman carries a sword, while others claim that he carries an axe.


In order to gain a full appreciation for the Headless Horseman urban legend, it is important that you are introduced to the educator from Connecticut, named Ichabod Crane. It is said that this particular schoolmaster was highly superstitious. The man often traveled from one location to another in order to provide an education to the children of the farming families. He often shared tales of witchcraft, cults, and legends on his travels. It is said that he eventually took a liking to a woman named Katrina Van Tassel. Katrina was an exceptionally beautiful eighteen year old daughter of a farmer that had experienced a great deal of wealth in his lifetime. It is said that Katrina’s parents found Ichabod Crane exceptionally appealing and fully supported the fact that he was courting their daughter.

Unfortunately, Ichabod Crane had competition for the affections of the young lady. The other individual pursuing the young woman was named Abraham Van Brunt, who was commonly referred to among the locals as “Brom Bones” . He was given this name by the locals because of the fact that he had a physique that was Herculean in nature. He was widely popular among the town for several reasons. He was often displaying his immense strength throughout the town, he often engaged in pranks that were considered to be a bit on the wild side, and he was considered to be extremely reckless as far as his horseman abilities were concerned. However, despite the fact that Abraham Van Brunt was quite the character, most individuals throughout the town viewed him in a favorable manner.

Abraham eventually learned that Ichabod Crane was making advances toward Katrina. Under normal circumstances, there would not have been an issue with this. However, Abraham also wanted to draw the attention of this female. One night, there was a party at Katrina’s house. Naturally, Ichabod Crane and Abraham were invited to the event. The evening eventually progressed to the point where Ichabod Crane was given the floor to share his superstitious tales. Upon doing so, he elected to share the story of the Headless Horseman. Later that night, it is believed that the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman approached Ichabod Crane on his ride home. The next day, the man was missing but his hat and other belongings were found next to a pumpkin.

Many believe that the Headless Horseman that Ichabod Crane encountered was a prank by Abraham, who threw a pumpkin and made him believe it was his head. Others believe that Crane was taken by the horseman. Still, there are some that believe that Ichabod Crane survived and moved immediately to another region because he feared that what he encountered was the true Headless Horseman.

While it is true that the Headless Horseman is part of a fictional story, there are still many that actually believe that this story is based on real experiences. Whether or not the story of the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman is fact or fiction is considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time, but several still search to uncover the truth of this mystery. However, for those that have personally witnessed this malicious paranormal entity, there is absolutely no doubt, whatsoever, of whether or not the Headless Horseman Sleepy Hollow legend is a real entity.

We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgment of the intellect is only part of the truth.

-- Carl Jung


St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida

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Throughout the years, many ghost facts have been established about the St. Augustine Lighthouse that sits on the Atlantic Coast. When it comes to haunted places in Florida, this particular lighthouse is considered to be one of the most popular. The main reason for this is the location. This structure is located in what is referred to as the “Nation’s Oldest City” or the “Ancient City” . St. Augustine is a location with a violent and extensive past. Due to the age of the city itself, there are many ghost facts surrounding many of the historical buildings and locations throughout the area. All in all, the city as a whole is considered to be the most haunted out of all haunted places in Florida.

The lighthouse in St. Augustine is considered to be one of the tallest among lighthouses located throughout the United States. It is one hundred sixty five feet past sea level and contains an amazing two hundred nineteen steps that visitors must climb in order to reach the observation deck that oversees the Ancient City. The land that the lighthouse rests upon has had a sea guiding structure on it since the early 1500s. However, the lighthouse that currently stands has only been on the property since the 15th day of October 1874. Prior to this, the lighthouse that guided the sea ships in the Atlantic Ocean was only forty feet tall and was constructed of wood, contained only a lamp, and displayed a large number of flags.

In order to understand the ghost facts associated with the St. Augustine Lighthouse, it is important to gain an understanding of the history of the location. By knowing a bit of the history of the area, you will be better able to appreciate and understand why this is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Florida. Despite the fact that the current lighthouse was finished in the year of 1874, the actual construction originated in the year of 1871. Shortly after the completion of the lighthouse, work started on a home that would serve as a residence for the lightkeepers and their families. This was designed to house up to three individual families. This structure was designed using Victorian architecture and was completed within the year of 1876. It was common for a head keeper to oversee the structure and operation and for that keeper to have up to two additional assistants to assist in the responsibilities. In the year of 1955, lightkeepers were no longer necessary – only lamplighters were required. These individuals did not live on the grounds.

The ocean is often associated with many tragedies. This is particularly true of the Atlantic Ocean. Tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the years have caused many ships and liners to sink and many to lose their lives. In addition to this, many ships have been unable to withstand the harsh waves and currents of the open waters. As a result, many water vessels have collapsed under pressure and have sunk into the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the ghost facts associated with the St. Augustine Lighthouse is that it appears – throughout history – that the light emitted from the tower not only attracts the living, but also the souls of those that lose their lives at sea. For well over one hundred fifty years, many ghostly tales have been told about these lost souls by those that worked at and lived around the St. Augustine Lighthouse. These stories have contributed to its reputation as one of the most haunted places in Florida.

The next story associated with this haunted Florida lighthouse surrounds a little girl dressed in clothing that is appropriate to the era of the early Twentieth Century. Upon investigating deaths that occurred in the late 1900s, it was found that a small girl was killed by a train that often ran near the grounds of the lighthouse during the time period. The documentation surrounding this child’s death is not at all specific enough to give a set age, but the individuals that have claimed to have seen her spirit tell that she looks as if she is ten to eleven years of age. Many witnesses to this real ghost claim that she is often seen walking around the structure that the lightkeepers resided in as well as the tower itself – just behind the bushes. Paranormal investigators feel that this young girl could be a residual haunting, or a recording of past events that occurred during her lifetime. She is believed to be connected to the St. Augustine Lighthouse in some way or another. 


When researching ghost facts associated with this haunted lighthouse, there is another story associated with children. While there are many different versions of the story, the most basic story is that in the 1870s, when the current lighthouse was being constructed, two children of a lightkeeper as well as another girl that may have been the daughter or a maid or slave were playing on a railcar that was used to bring construction supplies in from the ships on the ocean. Unfortunately, the railcar crashed into the violent ocean. It is believed that the African American child was able to successfully escape the violent sea, but that the other two girls were not successful and died. Since then, many reports have been made of a small girl lingering in and around the lightkeeper home, as well as the tower itself. Today, many still claim to see this young girl staring out of the window of the lightkeeper residence.

While the stories of children spirits are the most commonly expressed ghost facts associated with the St. Augustine Lighthouse, several other spirits are believed to haunt the grounds as well. One tale involves a man who lost a large fortune in the stock market crash that occurred in the year of 1929. It is believed that he was so shaken over his financial loss that he took his own life by hanging himself. However, it is important to understand that no documentation actually supports this claim.

Gettysburg Ghosts

The Gettysburg Ghosts have made their presence known time and time again to the many visitors of the area.

There is an apparent connection between death that is considered to be untimely and violent and the presence of a haunting . Untimely deaths seem to leave a type of emotional imprint on a particular area. It is believed that the imprint is a type of energy that must manifest itself until it no longer exists. This is referred to as a "Residual Haunting" . Most of the Gettysburg Ghosts are believed to be emotional imprints from the violent and tragic events of the past.

On the first day of July in the year of 1863, the troops that were being led by the General of the Confederate Army, Robert E. Lee, made their arrival to the town that is called Gettysburg. To his surprise, the Union Army which was led by the General named George G. Meade was already in the town. Naturally, when the two armies met up, an immense battle started. The battle would last three long days. Little did the soldiers know that the battle would be considered one of the most violent, bloody, and tragic battles in all of history. Amazingly, there were an estimated fifty one thousand deaths that occurred in the Battle of Gettysburg. An amazing forty miles of land where used during the course of the battle. Today, it is believed that every inch of the forty mile span has its own share of Gettysburg Ghosts. 


There seems to be one location among the vast span of land that has more paranormal activity than the other areas of land. This area is known as the "Devil’s Den" . The rocks of this location are laid in such a way that a secret sniper was able to successfully shoot hundreds upon hundreds of the soldiers in the bloody battle. As a result of so many individuals dying in the general location of the rock formation, it appears that the spirits continue to reside there to this day. Those that wish to take pictures of the location, or film video footage for documentaries or for the purpose of capturing ghost videos often discover that full charged batteries are quickly drained. This prevents them from capturing the location on film.

Many individuals have witnessed strange phenomenon such as foggy patches, lighted orbs, and other unusual apparitions. There are quite a few people who have actually witnessed humanoid apparitions. Those that have witnessed these ghosts often describe the beings as engaging in the same act over and over, and acting as if they are not aware that anyone else is there. This is often typical in residual based hauntings. These hauntings are not believed to be intelligent, although there have been some run ins that suggest there could be a few intelligent hauntings present. While the concept of residual energy based recordings in certain areas remains to be an unsolved mystery, the Gettysburg Ghosts are an even bigger unsolved mystery.


Post-Mortem Portraits

In Victorian times, it was a common practice to photograph the dead, particularly at the end of the 19th century. Post-mortem photography was an inexpensive way for the lower classes to immortalize lost loved ones, especially children and infants. Childhood mortality rates were significantly high during the period, and post-mortem portraits were usually the only portraits a child would have. The corpses were usually posed into natural positions such as sitting in a chair or on a couch, and the eyes were opened to give the illusion of life. If the subject were an infant, the mother would often be photographed with the corpse, sometimes even holding the body in their arms. In some circumstances, the corpse’s eyes remained closed, and the corpse was lying in bed, as if they were in a deep sleep. 


Despite the morbid nature of the photographs, these portraits were the usually the easiest for a photographer to take. The corpses proved time and again to be suitable subjects, still enough to eliminate the blurred movements of the living and retain the intricate details of the face. This effect, combined with the lifelike posing of the corpses, sometimes outshined the living in the portraits. However, there were always exceptions. In 1899, for example, a photographer named Louis Desmond had to re-shoot the corpse of a young girl six times.

The girl’s body was propped up in a specially designed chair for the dead, with a hidden frame that keep the corpse absolutely still for the portrait. Yet, despite the elaborate frame and the still clarity of the girl’s face and body, her right hand was always inexplicably blurred. The photographer blamed the mother for the blur, convinced that her slight movements were making the loose floorboards of the studio tremble and cause the chair to move. The portraits, however, proved otherwise, in the photographs where the mother stood next to the girl’s corpse, the girl’s hand remained perfectly still.


Where'er we tread 'tis haunted, holy ground.

-- Lord Byron

Highgate Cemetery

It is believed by many that the Highgate cemetery was haunted by one or more vampires throughout the 1970's. Sean Manchester and David Farrant are the two individuals that are attributed with spreading the news of the Highgate vampire. During the year 1970 both men claimed to have encounters with an entity that they believed was of supernatural origins. In an interview that Manchester gave in February 1970, he stated that he believed the figure he had seen to be that of a medieval nobleman whose remains had been transferred to the area in the beginning of the eighteenth century. This nobleman was buried on the grounds that would later become the Highgate cemetery. He had been reported to have practiced black magic and Manchester believed that the Satanists practicing in the area during the late 1960's had aroused the "King of Vampires."

While Manchester in subsequent interviews stated that the "King Vampire of the Undead" was a phrase coined by a journalist trying to make the story more interesting, he did speak of the eighteenth century nobleman as part of his personal theory in the version of his book from the mid eighties. Manchester's original interview had a side note from the paper that stated his stories could not be backed up and had no physical proof to go with them but just a week later the same paper used comments from Farrant regarding dead foxes as possible collaborative proof.

David Farrant stated in interviews and within a book that he authored in 1991 that he spent the night in the Highgate cemetery on Christmas Eve of 1969 and that during his stay he had seen a grey figure that was not human. This figure according to Farrant had two red glowing circles where a human‘s eyes would be. Farrant did not conclusively state that what he had seen was a vampire and changed his terminology during different interviews. He would sometimes state that it was a ghost, specter or other unexplainable phenomenon. He did at times speak of it as possibly being amongst the vampires that were wandering the earth.

In articles posted on David Farrant's website he describes his experience as having "felt like he was being watched and then seeing a tall figure, approximately eight feet high that was dark and had glowing red eyes". He felt as if this figure was draining him of all his strength and required time to re energize afterwards. His subsequent investigation immediately caught the attention of media and the curious around the world. He felt as though many of the information and tales that came after his were more imagination based and even those that did have some truth to them were exaggerated to ridiculous proportions.

Manchester and Farrant were not the first to claim to have seen vampires or strange occurrences in Highgate cemetery. There were two episodes that were documented in 1967, up to three years before Farrant or Manchester started their search for the Highgate Vampire or brought such publicity to the stories. One of the accounts given in 1967 was of two young ladies walking home past the cemetery when they reportedly saw "bodies rising from the graves." One of these sixteen year olds complained that she was visited on many occasions at night time and even experienced blood loss because of the vampire's visits. The second account of the Highgate Vampire was reported by an engaged couple that were walking down the same path as the girls just a few weeks after. They are said to have seen an evil spectral figure that paralyzed them with fear when entrapped in its gaze.

There are many reports of dead animal bodies being sprawled throughout the Highgate cemetery. Some of these accounts say that the animals had no visible sign of how they died while others state that the bodies were drained of their blood and had vampiresque wounds on their necks. Of all the haunting tales and vampire stories available the Highgate vampire has been debated and believed more than any other. There are no real answers given but true believers in the existence of vampires will most certainly use the Highgate Vampire as a story with some merit.

Ramtail Factory in Foster, Rhode Island

Perhaps the oldest and most haunted place in Rhode Island is the Ramtail Factory in Foster. It was even put in the 1885 State Census Record as a haunted location. In 1799, the Potter family started operating a mill. William Potter expanded the mill in 1813. At this time, William took his son-in-law Peleg Walker as a partner. The Potter’s ran the mill by day and Walker was the night watchman at night, walking from building to building holding on to his lantern.

This went well for several years, until one day Walker and Potter were seen having an argument. Walker preceded to say that if something kept up, he’d walk in one day and grab the keys from a dead man. On May 18, 1822 Walker’s words came true. Potter walked in and saw that Walker had hung himself from the bell rope with the keys hanging visibly from his pocket. The Potter’s then buried him in the family plot. However, this is when the strange events started to happen. 


The night of Walker’s death, the bell tower struck at the stroke of midnight. The Potter’s went to go investigate this but no one was there pulling the chord while it was happening. This went on for a few days until the Potter’s then replaced the bell with a new one. Now it got even more interesting that night. The town awoke to the loud sound of the mill running at full service. Everyone in the town went to the spot to watch in shock as the mill was running without anyone operating it and the water was flowing in the opposite direction of the stream.

Most of the town villagers left after this for fear of the mill. The people who remained in the town would see the apparition of Walker going from building to building with the lantern in his hand.

Later on in the 1880s, the factory mysteriously caught on fire. The remains of the factory still lie in the woods of Foster to this day and is a hot bed for paranormal activity.


Boyington Oak Tree in Alabama

In the early 1800s in Mobile, Alabama, a man by the name of Charles Boyington and his good friend Nathaniel Frost for some reason, liked to spend some of their afternoons in the Church Street Graveyard on Bayou Street. Whether they liked the serenity of the graveyard setting or liked to pass time reading the tombstones, it is unknown. However, the two would forever be remembered by this location and would become permanent residents sooner than expected.

One day Nathaniel Frost was found stabbed to death in the very cemetery that he and Charles Boyington like to spend so much time in. Authorities having no other leads, assumed that Frost’s killer was Boyington since they spent so much time together in that location. Boyington of course pleaded his innocence, declaring that it was not he who committed the crime. The authorities were not convinced and Boyington was slated to be put to death for the crime.

On his day of execution in February 1835, Boyington proclaimed that a mighty oak tree would rise from his grave as proof that he was an innocent man. Charles Boyington was hung to death and his body placed in a grave in Potter’s field which was a portion of the Church Street Graveyard. A few months after he was lain to rest, an oak tree began to sprout from Boyington’s grave.

Potter’s Field is now a playground located near the public library, but the oak tree stands to this day surrounded by wooden posts, enduring extreme hazards that wrecked many other mighty trees in the neighborhood. The tree is known as Boyington Oak and many claim that when the wind blows through the tree’s branches you can hear the voice of Charles Boyington on the wind crying his innocence.

Mystery Man From Taured

It’s July 1954 and a hot day. A man arrives at Tokyo airport in Japan. He’s of Caucasian appearance and conventional-looking. But the officials are suspicious.

On checking his passport, they see that he hails from a country called Taured. The passport looked genuine, except for the fact that there is no such country as Taured.

The man is interrogated, and asked to point out where his country supposedly exists on a map.

He immediately points his finger towards the Principality of Andorra, but becomes angry and confused. He’s never heard of Andorra, and can’t understand why his homeland of Taured isn’t there.

According to him it should have been, for it had existed for more than 1,000 years!

Customs officials found him in possession of money from several different European currencies.

His passport had been stamped by many airports around the globe, including previous visits to Tokyo.

Baffled, they took him to a local hotel and placed him in a room with two guards outside until they could get to the bottom of the mystery.

The company he claimed to work for had no knowledge of him, although he had copious amounts of documentation to prove his point.

The hotel he claimed to have a reservation for had never heard of him either.

The company officials in Tokyo he was there to do business with? Yup, you’ve guessed it, they just shook their heads too.

Later, when the hotel room he was held in was opened, the man had disappeared.

The police established that he could not have escaped out of the window because the room was several floors up, and there was no balcony.

He was never seen again, and the mystery was never solved.

All that we see is but a dream within a dream.
--Edgar Allen Poe

Girl in Window Ghost Photo

This picture made the  local newspapers  in Indianapolis,  Indiana . It is a picture of the mansion (also called the Hannah house by locals) being moved. As you can see the house was boarded and there was  nobody  in the house. Yet, there is an image of a girl looking out of the window. The house is reputed to be very haunted and is on the top ten haunted places in USA.

The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

Frederick Valentich was an Australian pilot who disappeared on October 21, 1978. His disappearance is surrounded by mystery, controversy and skepticism. The reason for this is that his disappearance seems to be connected to an unidentified flying object that Valentich himself claimed was ‘playing games’ with him in the minutes before radio control lost all contact with him. He was twenty-years-old at the time.

On October 21, 1978, at 6:19 p.m., Frederick Valentich left Melbourne, Australia to begin a 125-mile training flight to King’s Island. It was only Valentich’s second solo night flight. He was flying a single engine Cessna 182L. At a little after 7:06 p.m., Frederick Valentich made radio contact with air traffic controllers in Melbourne to inquire if there were any other aircraft known to be flying in the area. The answer from Melbourne was no, an answer that was confirmed again during the odd communication that followed.

From Frederick Valentich’s six-minute exchange with air traffic control, we can piece together some information about what it is that he saw, claimed he saw or thought he saw in the sky over Bass Strait that night. After receiving information that he was supposed to be the only thing in the sky at his location, Valentich told controllers in Melbourne that something was flying near him. When asked if he could confirm that it was an aircraft, he said that he could not, a statement that he repeated several times during the exchange. He described the object as having at least four lights and one green light, he said it was elongated (many sources say cigar-shaped, but Valentich made no such statement.) and “all shiny on the outside.” 

At one point, Frederick Valentich said that he was unable to tell what it was because of the speed at which it was traveling. However, the unidentified flying object supposedly went out of sight and then approached him from different angles several times, so he was able to ascertain the above information, but nothing more. Near the end of the exchange between Melbourne air traffic controllers and Frederick Valentich, Frederick complained that his engine was coughing. Not long after, radio communication was lost.

Interestingly, some sources claim that the exchange went on after this and that Valentich said his Cessna was engulfed in a green light and he was burning. I have found no proof of this in my research. Another claim is that the end of the transmission contained a loud noise like metal scraping on metal. This claim seems more valid and may very well be truth. It is hard to know because audio of the exchange is difficult to find. The last words that air traffic controllers officially heard Frederick Valentich speak were “It is not an aircraft.” Extensive searches for the pilot were conducted. No sign of Frederick or the Cessna was ever seen again.


Interestingly, there appear to have been numerous UFO and/or strange light sightings in the King’s Island and Bass Strait area on the night that Frederick Valentich disappeared. There also may have been sightings both in the weeks before and after the event. The number of reported UFO sightings in the area range anywhere between 11 and 50, depending on the source. Some sources even claim that all of the sightings were reported after Frederick Valentich’s disappearance was made public. At this point, the information has become so convoluted that it would be nearly impossible to come up with a definite number of sightings and verify each of them.

One interesting fact that is worth mentioning here is that Frederick Valentich had studied UFOs in the past and had a particular interest in them. Does this mean that he made it all up? Of course not. Does it mean that aliens targeted him because of his interest in UFOs? That is highly unlikely. Frederick Valentich may very well have encountered a UFO on his flight that fateful Saturday evening. However, whether said unidentified flying object had anything to do with his disappearance is impossible to ascertain. The most likely of scenarios is that he encountered engine trouble (with or without the help of a UFO) and crashed into the ocean, where the plane, and possibly his body, remains to this day.

Several theories have been set forth regarding the disappearance of Frederick Valentich. All of them are rooted in some truths, though all are speculations, due to the fact that we cannot verify what happened to Valentich that night. One theory is that Frederick was playing an elaborate practical joke, yet his father later said that Valentich would have taken such a thing very seriously. Another theory is that Valentich committed suicide, but wanted to go out ‘with a bang.’ There is nothing to suggest this, apart from the fact that he disappeared. Another is that he was either killed or taken by aliens. There is no way to prove or disprove that suggestion.

Lastly, there is a theory that Frederick Valentich’s engine troubles came from ‘interference’ from the unidentified flying object, whether intentional or not. This is yet another theory that cannot be proven, but it is supported by the fact that Valentich reported engine troubles during his encounter with it. However, this is hardly evidence of the truth of the theory. The fact is that we may never know and theories may simply get wilder and wilder given time.

Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.
-- Lord Thomas Dewar

Bell Farm in Adams, Tennessee

Bell farm is one of the oldest known haunted places in the USA. Located in Adams Tennessee, strange things and ghosts have been appearing since the Bell family built its home there in the late 1800′s.

Between the years of 1817 and 1821, the Bell Family was terrorized by some sort of entity, mostly said to be a woman, who became known as the Bell Witch or, more personally, "Kate." She is said to have perturbed and tortured John Bell (the father of the family and victim of a nervous system disorder) so much that it lead to his inevitable death. He was unable to sleep or recuperate and the ghost's antics worsened his condition. It is also said that a vile with a strange black liquid was found at John Bell's deathbed and that Kate herself claimed she gave it to him. Supposedly, in order to test the liquids validity, a drop was placed on the family cat's tongue and it immediately killed the animal. Though the haunting of the Bell Farm has been sensationalized many times over, it is still inarguable that something happened there during those three years. A family and a community were terrorized by an entity of some kind, and residents still believe Kate is up to no good.

Group Photo Ghost Picture

A squadron of the Royal Air Force assembled to take a mundane photograph, but after the picture was developed the squad quickly realized that this was no ordinary picture. Standing behind one of his mates was the two days deceased Freddy Jackson. Jackson was a mechanic for the Royal Air Force and served on board the H.M.S. Daedalus. He had been working when we was killed in a freak-accident by an air plane propeller, but Jackson did not let his death get in the way of him showing up on time for the group photo two days later. Several of the other men in the photo confirmed that it was in fact Jackson’s face in the background of the picture.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

-- Henri Bergson

Stigmata Phenomena

Stigmata is a Catholic phenomenon, used to describe the appearance of the wounds of Christ on a pious saint or Christian believer. It has been long debated by many who believe stigmata is instead a psychosomatic effect brought on by intense prayer. Stigmatics themselves are the main source of mystery for thousands of Christian believers.

Stigmata can exists in two forms, visible and invisible. Invisible wounds are those covered by the forces of God for the inner comfort of the sufferer. Visible wounds appear on the side, palms, feet and head, and often appear and disappear in the space of a few hours. They can appear in one area alone, or all areas at once. Often, intense bleeding accompanies them, and the period before they appear is characterized by depression and weakness. Some stigmatics report feeling whips across their backs.

The first recorded case of these wounds was in the year 1222, by a man names Stephen Langton of England. St. Francis of Assissi, a famous follower of Jesus, experienced wounds in 1224. The wounds can be experienced by both men and women. One of the more famous female stigmatics was St. Catherine of Siena, who experienced invisible wounds on her hands and feet. An interesting fact about stigmata is that it corresponds with the Passion and Death of Christ. Many wounds appear during the Last Supper, and the holy days of Easter. They disappear on Easter itself. Stigmatics reportedly speak to visions of Christ and angels during their trials, and smell strange scents. There are even reported cases of the blood types not matching between stigmata and wounds.

Stigmata has been reported everywhere from America to Italy. There are cases in France, Spain, England, and Germany. The count of these victims has stopped at 345. It is believed that there are many more, however. Among this count are some of the most famous saints, such as St. Frances of Rome, St. Gertrude, St. Collette, St. John of God, and St. Marie of the Incarnation. They span many religious orders, including Dominican priests, Augustinian monks and the Poor Clare nuns.

One of the more interesting theories to explain this phenomenon is the idea of "theological placebo effects." According to this line of thought, stigmatics are so emotionally and physically tied to their belief that they experience a state of mind similar to raptures. It is a fact that the immune system can be controlled by the waking mind, and in some cases, a heartbeat can be consciously slowed. It is this belief that leads some to think that the wounds of the stigmata are personally, albeit unconsciously, produced.

Stigmatics still exist today. There were a reported 20 in the nineteenth century, and their numbers are diminishing. One of the most famous current stigmata is Georgio Bongiavani, who has stigmata on his hands and forehead. His religious wounds cannot be explained by any sources, and according to several news reports they appear and disappear at will.

Successful Career Spell

This spell will help you be successful at whatever career you have chosen.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 green candle
  • 1 blue candle
Light both candles and visualize yourself being successful at your chosen career. Chant while meditating and visualizing:
''I am a highly successful, brilliant, (career)''
Repeat this twelve times. Let the candles continue burning for exactly one hour after you are done chanting then blow them out.

Brown's Palace in Denver, Colorado

The Brown Palace in Denver, Colorado is reputed to be haunted by many locals, as well as many who visit the location that are professional paranormal investigators. This immense structure currently serves as a hotel for the traveling public. In the year of 1892, a man by the name of Henry Brown opened the hotel. It is a known fact that, throughout the history of the building, it was never closed for business. However, it has been brought up to date through its history through numerous renovations. It is believed that this structure serves as a resting place for the living, but is anything but restful for the spirits that are said to linger there.

The haunted history of this hotel is a long and rich one. It is understood that up until around the year of 1985, there were several people who made this luxurious home their permanent home. This was made possible by the apartments that were constructed in the top area of the structure. There was one resident, in particular, that seems to draw on the attention of historians and those that are interested in the haunted history. This resident was the lady by the name of Louise Crawford Hill. This lady was a largely influencing person when it came to the society of Denver in the fifteen years that she lived in the Brown Palace.

Unfortunately, Louise suffered from tremendous heartbreak in her life. As the hotel gained popularity, historical tours were given within the structure. When the tours reached the room of 904 where Louise resided, the stories of her devastation were expressed. Shortly after this, despite the fact that there were no lines for a telephone in the room, the individual who worked as the operator in the building began to receive calls that were filled with nothing but static from the room. It is believed that Louise’s sadness was ignited by the historical tours and that she still resides in the building.

At one point in the hotel’s history, there was a room where train tickets were sold to the public who desired to travel from one location to another. In many instances, the conductors of the trains that were served here would frequent the ticket office. There have been numerous stories revealed about visions of spirits that appeared to be railroad conductors walking straight through the walls of the room that sold the tickets. In addition to this, a visitor or an employee of the hotel may catch images of individuals in old time attire that are carrying luggage and appear to be traveling

There is a room in the hotel that was once referred to as the “ San Marco Room ”. It was a room that was known to provide entertaining social gatherings and music to guests. Eventually, it was transitioned into a hotel dining room. In today’s world, it is referred to as “Ellyngton’s”. Many bands performed in this room throughout the history of the structure, and it appears that one band has elected to stay. When going through the building one evening, an employee identified noises emerging from the room. He went to inspect it, ensuring that everything was in order. What he discovered was a musical band that appeared to be practicing an assortment of musical pieces. While a bit surprised by his findings, he calmly informed the band that they had to dismiss themselves from the location. They appeared to be solid and real, and not ghosts. The spirits then informed him that they lived at the establishment. Shortly thereafter, they simply vanished!

Brown's Palace Ghost Photo

Robert Brown`s wife and daughter were watching a Travel Channel special on haunted places in the US. The Brown Palace Hotel was one of the places that was documented on the program. They were going to Denver in June and his wife suggested that they check this place out. Well, Robert Brown being skeptical and all said jokingly if they found the place maybe they could get a picture of an orb or something.When They arrived in Denver on June 19, 2005 he picked up a rental car and asked where this Hotel was and they said pointing down the street at some flags that that was it. Now he was committed to going. he took 3 pictures outside and 12 pictures inside.Then taking the pictures he did not observe anything unusual. they got home on June 22 and before going to bed he downloaded all my pictures from his camera. he use a Kodak Easy Share CX6445 camera. They then viewed the pictures and to our amazement they saw this in the picture. He has no clue as to what this is. The ships in the window behind the object are not distorted and he does not believe it to be a reflection. The object goes beyond the window into the molding area at the bottom. The only conclusion he can come up with is that it is a GHOST!!! He now is a believer!

Walking Corpse in Toraja

Stories of the dead rising from the grave have haunted our dreams since the dawn of time. To some cultures, the concept of raising the dead is not merely the stuff of nightmares. In some regions, this practice still takes place, and to the people involved, it is very very real.

In this photo we see what appears to be a corpse standing upright. Next to her is a coffin full of layers of cloth. Some say that this is an image of a reanimated corpse being led to her new burial spot.

Toraja people do practice something akin to the rising of the dead. It seems that the people believe that death is a long process, sometimes taking years as the deceased gradually works their way toward Puya (the afterlife). Very elaborate measures must be taken during the funeral to ensure that the loved one makes it safely to that destination.

Because the funeral arrangements are so extensive, they are also very expensive. For this reason, a body is sometimes placed in a temporary coffin. During this time, the family can accumulate the necessary funds to pay for a proper funeral, which includes a cave or hanging casket, a multi-water buffalo slaughter, chanting, singing, music, stone and wooden effigies to protect the soul during travel, and so on. 

Once the funds are raised, so is the dead. It seems that the Toraja genuinely believe that the dead are able to walk themselves to their new burial site. More likely, and what we are seeing depicted in the picture, is that the somewhat mummified corpse is removed from its temporary coffin and transported upright to the permanent site. As “corpse walking” is part of the tradition, the body is held in the standing position to simulate ambulation.

Jailers Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky

There is said to be a haunted bed and breakfast in Bardstown, Kentucky. This establishment is called “Jailer’s Inn”. This particular piece of property has served as the location for the jail that served the community since the tender year of 1797. In the year of 1819, the building that now stands on the property was constructed. Later found to be too small for the purpose that it was suppose to serve, the establishment was expanded in the year of 1874. The structure served as a jail until the year of 1987. It was at this time it was transformed into the Jailer’s Inn, a bed and breakfast.

For over two hundred years, the building that is now known as the Jailer’s Inn Bed and Breakfast housed some of the most notorious criminals. These individuals committed several different types of crimes, but the most common criminal in the population of the establishment at any given time was the criminal that committed violent crimes. Strange and unusual events have occurred all throughout history in and around the structure where prisoners served, prisoners fought for survival, prisoners died, and prisoners were murdered. Today, it is said that this particular haunted bed and breakfast contains a large number of spirits that seem to haunt virtually every corner of the property.

One of the most popular hauntings that is said to occur at this haunted bed and breakfast consists of a female apparition that is believed to be one of the original jailers of the jail. Her name was Ms. Mckay. Her husband originally started as the jailer of the facility, but he eventually passed away. When this occurred, she ran for the position. Seeing that the members of the community knew her so well, and respected her professional abilities to run the jail, she won the position with ease. In today’s Jailer’s Inn, there are several accounts by employees and visitors alike that state that they have seen this woman. While she is considered to be a friendly natured spirit, many have been frightened to awake to this spirit staring upon them while they sleep.

The next area of this haunted bed and breakfast is that which is referred to as the “courtyard”. Here, many men have lost their lives at the jail due to the fact that they were hung from a noose for their crimes. There is an account that a guest told that consisted of him having a conversation with what appeared to be a regular man. They actually had a decent conversation, but then the living individual turned his head ever so slightly for just a short amount of time and turned back to continue the conversation to discover that the individual that he had been speaking to had actually disappeared! Many have felt odd sensations – as if they are walking with someone or being watched in the courtyard area of Jailer’s Inn.

There are many different stories surrounding this haunted bed and breakfast. However, in today’s world, the owner and other employees have come to accept the spirits. In turn, it seems as if the spirits have also accepted them. Visitors today can still experience unexplained phenomenon and strange events that seem to be paranormal based.

'Tis true; 'tis certain; man though dead retains Part of himself; the immortal mind remains.
-- Homer

McPike Mansion in Illinois

There are many haunting takes of the McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois. Once declared as “One of the most haunted small towns in America”, Alton, Illinois is especially popular for the McPike Mansion. This particular structure gives a new meaning to the phrase “haunted house”.

Originally constructed in the year of 1869 for the owner of Henry McPike, this home contains a large amount of supposed “haunts” that attracts paranormal investigators, those curious about the after life, and even the local residences of Alton. 

• The current owner of this particular haunted mansion, named Sharon Luedke, has had a number of haunting experiences. In one instance, she was performing some basic lawn care, and happened to notice a tall male standing at a window, peering out at her. When she observed a photograph of the late owner, Paul Laichinger, she noticed that the man that she saw at the window had the same clothes and appearance.

•The owners of the home have apparently experienced hugs and affection from one of the spirits that haunt the home. This is a lady by the name of Sarah Wells. In addition to the physical hugs, there is often a strong, overwhelming scent of lilac on the third floor of the McPike haunted mansion.

One particular group investigated the home, and explored the ever-popular wine cellar. One particular individual, a female, wanted to return to an upper level floor due to discomfort in the small space. The group had another lady that assisted the first. Within minutes, everyone could hear the second lady returning and observed the door being open – but to their surprise, there was no physical presence.

•Many individuals have expressed the fact that they have heard the sound of children playing, laughing, and interacting in a social manner. Upon investigation, it was discovered that there were no children in the McPike Mansion when this was experienced.

•One study of the home caught a mist that would move from room to room and then swirl around the guests. There was no rational explanation for this. This video actually made the news when it was released just for the simple fact that it could not be explained or debunked.

•Many that have visited this haunted mansion have claimed that they have seen a number of individuals in and out of the home that did not even seem to notice them – it was as if they simply were still living!

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Clapham Wood Mystery

Clapham Wood Mystery is represented by a large collection of strange occurrences which take place in the Clapham Wood, West Sussex, England. It is said that people have encountered numerous strange apparitions in the woods; that they disappeared in there; that many of their pets went missing there, and so on. Since the 1960s the area has experienced a rash of UFO sighting, reports of people, experiencing nausea or the sensation of being pushed by unseen forces, or of witnessing patches of strange grey mist developing suddenly on pathways through the woods. Some people have also reported a strong sense of being followed. Studies with a gieger counter have revealed slightly elevated levels of background radiation in the area, which is surprising since the area is situated on chalk which is normally low in radiation. Early photographs of the wood appear to show a large crater or depression somewhere in the wood, though now the area is highly wooded and difficult to search.

Clapham Wood, unfortunately, is directly linked to four human deaths:

  • In June 1972 police officer Peter Goldsmith vanished and his body was discovered 6 months later.
  • In August 1975 Leon Foster’s body was discovered after a three weeks search.
  • Clapham vicar Reverend Harry Neil Snelling vanished in 1978. Three years later his body was found in the wood.
  • Finally, in September 1981 the homeless schizophrenic Jillian Matthews vanished and her body was found 6 weeks later in Clapham Wood.

The Allen House in Arkansas

The Allen house was built by a local businessman named Joe Lee Allen in 1906. He wanted the house to be the most impressive house in the whole town, which it certainly was at the time it was built, boasting impressive Queen Anne Victorian architecture and many other unusual features for the time such as multistory turrets and huge porch columns.

Joe Allen died in 1917 but the house remained with the Allen family until 1986, though it was divided into apartments in 1956. In 2007 the current owners bought the house and it is now a private property, though it does hold private historic tours by appointment and also opens for a couple of days in October for Halloween tours.

There is quite a well known urban legend surrounding the house which is told all over Arkansas. The legend is about the Allen's second daughter who was called Ladell. During the week leading up to 1949 she tried to commit suicide by drinking mercury and cyanide laced punch. Though it did not kill her immediately like she had hoped instead she suffered for a week until she passed away in the master suite of the home.

Suicides always seem to induce ghost stories, but what happened next was simply very odd. Her mother sealed off the room and it wasn't opened for almost 40 years, not even once.

This in itself has seemed to create a ghost story which has certainly been exaggerated, but there does seem to be a definite paranormal presence in the home. A ghost hunting team came to the property to investigate and on their first visit a large branch fell onto a power line and ripped the electrical meter off the house. Though on the second visit they recorded a number of EVP's and captured orbs in many photos.

Ladell is thought to be the only ghost at the house and she likes to make presence known by making knocking sounds on the top floor and especially in the master suite were she died. Also the soft muffled sound of crying has been heard coming from the room when it's empty.

The only other odd occurrences around the house seem to be the house's hunger for swallowing objects. The current owners have commented on how the object likes to move things or just make them vanish all together. Whether something in the house has been hiding things in a place the owners have not yet found is still to be discovered.

San Haven Sanatorium in North Dakota

San Haven Sanatorium was opened in November of 1912 to deal with the rising number of tuberculosis sufferers.

Originally known as the North Dakota Tuberculosis Sanitarium it was built on the south slope of the Turtle Mountains because of the high altitude, less snowfall, drier atmosphere, and favorable conditions for patients with tuberculosis.

Roughly around 50% of all tuberculosis sufferers died from the disease before the introduction of antibiotics a common method for dealing with the illness was for a lung to be surgically collapsed while it healed.

Thousands of patients received treatment for the disease up until the tuberculosis epidemic came to a close at the end of the 1940's. The Sanatorium was turned into a home for the mentally disabled until in the 1980's its door shut for good and it has remained abandoned ever since.

The Sanatorium has a very uneasy atmosphere. Being so secluded and high up in the mountains there is a very uncomfortable feel to the whole area, and that combined with the sight of the very decayed building makes for one creepy location.

Exactly how many people died in the area is unknown, but in its life time there were thousands of people treated here and it had a cure rate of around 50%, meaning the other 50% more than likely passed away in the building.

Much pain, suffering and death have taken place within these walls at the hands of the illness which put people here, and the early methods of treating the disease didn't help people have the most comfortable experience either.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many spirits chose to linger here. A number of different ghost hunting groups have visited the site and non have been able to find even a rough number of different spirits which remain here.

As for the ghostly experiences you can expect to encounter here they are really very varied. People have reported everything from orbs and apparitions to being touched and sudden nausea striking them without explanation.

Faces in the windows and the corner of the eye sightings of moving objects are also common here, but there is really one very creepy thing which stand out here.

There are a number of buildings within the sanatorium complex which are all connected by underground tunnels which were built so staff and patients could move between the buildings without having to suffer the harsh weather. It is within these tunnels that you are most likely to encounter an apparition, seemingly stuck in some sort of time lapse. Patients of days past have been witnessed walking silently through the dimly lit tunnels before fading into nothing.

The artist alone sees spirits. But after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

G old Brook Bridge in Vermont

Also known as Stowe hallow bridge or Emily's bridge after the popular ghost story, it was built in 1844, and added to the National register of historic places in 1974 and is still standing strong and in regular use.

Emily's bridge isn't thought to be one of the most haunted places in Vermont, but it is probably the most well know. The story of the bridge being haunte d is thought to have been started in the late 1950's or early 60's. It was first made public by a high school journalist who heard the story and featured it in her high schools paper.

Since that point the story has spread like wild fire round the state and the tale has been changed many times to the point were it is unknown what the very version of the story is. The most commonly heard tales about Emily are listed below:

Emily is thought to have hung herself on the bridge after a huge row with her father, who didn't approve of the man she was seeing. She arranged to meet him at the bridge before running away together and starting a new life, but when the time came to meet her partner wasn't there and fearing he had changed his mind and left her she hung herself from a rafter.

The next version says Emily was killed on the bridge by horses, though this version has split into two. One says it was her own horse who got spooked on the bridge and flung Emily from its back, with her dying instantly in the fall. The other version of this claims a pack of run away horses bolted across the bridge when she was on it, trampling her to death.

The last common tale of her demise is said to be because her father made things very difficult for Emily and her boyfriend. He never approved of them being together and after she fell pregnant he demanded they get married. For whatever reason this led him to hang himself on the bridge and after Emily gave birth to two children she hung herself on the bridge to.

It is very likely that the original story will never be known, or if the manifestation is even that of Emily as there is no proof of any of the deaths. A near by grave does have the name of Emily on it who died around the time the story would have started to spread, but it isn't an uncommon name and more than likely a coincidence.

Which story if any have truth in them seems to never be known, but the number of reports of paranormal activity from this bridge cannot be ignored.

The most common claims to come from this place include that of a violent ghost as people have said they have been scratched or pushed by an unseen force. Also cars which have stopped on Gold Brook bridge have heard noises on the roof such as banging or something being dragged over it.

A number of unexplainable noises have been heard here, with anything from a girl screaming to footsteps coming across the empty bridge. Noises such as ropes tightening and vehicles being hit from the outside when in the middle of the bridge are also commonly heard.

There have been a huge number of people who claim to have experienced something paranormal here, but since there is no solid evidence of the death of Emily on the bridge, and considering the nature of local spooky stories such as this it is likely people have blown the whole tale out of proportion. But then again, if you yourself experience something like a scratch on the arm from an invisible force it may just convince you there really is a reason to run in fear from Gold Brook bridge, as so many have done before.

Paranormal Case of Margaret Schilling

On Dec.1, 1978, a female patient named Margaret Schilling disappeared from one of the active wards at the Athens Mental Hospital in Ohio. On Jan.12, 1979, 42 days later, they found her lifeless body in the abandoned top floor of ward N. 20. The ward at the time, abandoned and closed down for years, was used for sick, infectious patients. A search was done when the women went missing, but apparently the only floor not checked was ward N. 20.

A maintenance man found her body, lifeless, cold, and unclothed; she had been dead for several weeks. The official cause of death was heart failure, but why still remains a mystery. A stain in the shape of a human figure can still be seen on the floor where she died. It is said that her spirit can be seen peering from the window of the room in which she spent her final moments.

People have also said to hear disembodied female voices, lights, shadow people and the sound of squeaking gurneys.

Those who still worked in Athens Lunatic Asylum, say that they can still sense her presence. They see her walking around the halls sometimes. Some reported seeing random scrawls appear on the wall, one of which contained the message "I was never crazy."

The Mystery of the Moving Coffins of Barbados

This story is one of the most famous ghost stories and is featured in most books about the paranormal. The story revolves around the Chase family Vault near Oistins, Barbados. 

The crypt was built in the early 18th century by the Waldrons, a wealthy sugar plantation family. The vault was cut from the rocks that form the island. On 31st July 1807 the crypt received its first occupant , Mrs. Thomasina Goddard. She was buried in a wooden coffin and a large marble slab was used to seal off the entrance. Soon afterwards ownership of the crypt passed to the Chase family, who were another wealthy plantation family. The family patriarch was Colonel Thomas Chase, a man with the reputation of having a bad temper and a propensity for cruelty to his slaves and family alike. 

The first Chase burial was that of Mary Anna Maria Chase, who died at age 2 and was interred on 22nd February 1808 in a leaden coffin. Dorcas Chase, her older sister, followed on 6th July 1812, also in a leaden coffin. It was rumored that she had slowly starved herself to death due to stress from her overbearing father. A month later, Colonel Chase himself died. He was buried in the vault on August 9th in a wooden coffin placed inside a leaden one.

When Colonel Chase’s coffin was taken down into the vault, the pallbearers noticed that the two leaden coffins already in the tomb were not where they had been left a month earlier. Mary Anna’s coffin was lying upside-down in the opposite corner from where it had been placed. The workers returned the coffins to their side-by-side positions and left that of Colonel Chase next to them. The smaller coffin of Mary Anna was placed on top of one of the larger ones and the resealed with its heavy marble door. 

At this point the moving of the coffin was blamed on the slaves who had assisted in the burials. The alleged cruelty of Colonel Chase toward his servants offered an easy revenge motive. 


The crypt was opened again on the 25th of September 1816 for the burial of Master Samuel Brewster Ames and again on 17th November for Samuel Brewster.The Reverend Thomas Orderson, Rector of Christ Church, was on hand along with a magistrate and two other men. On both occasions the coffins had been moved, the second time with such force that Mrs. Goddard’s coffin was almost destroyed. 

The Reverend Doctor ordered the vault thoroughly inspected for cracks in the walls, floor, ceiling, or hidden entrances and the crypt proved to be as solid as the day it was built. The coffins were put back how they were and the door sealed with mortar. 

On the 7th July 1819 the tomb was reopened to receive the body of Miss Thomasina Clarke. Word of the moving coffins had spread and many people turned up to witness the opening, including the Governor, Sir Stapleton Cotton, Viscount Combermere. When the heavy marble door was removed, once again the coffins had been rearranged.

Again, the structure was examined and proved to contain no secret passages, cracks in the walls or any other way inside apart from the main doorway. 

This time the coffins were rearranged with the addition of Miss Thomasina Clarke and the floor sanded with fine white sand. The door was placed back into its position and mortared in place. When the masons had completed their task, the Governor made several impressions in the mixture with his own seal, and many of those attending added various private marks in the wet mortar. 

Over the next year there were numerous reports of rumblings inside the crypt, and on 18th April 1820 an impatient Governor Combermere decided to open the crypt and resolve the matter once and for all. The crypt was examined from the outside, with no obvious signs of tampering, weakness or entry. The mortar seal was examined and was intact and those who had made marks in the mortar were satisfied that they too were untouched. As the door was being pulled away, a coarse, grating sound came from within the crypt. As they leaned in to look, they saw the coffin containing the body of Dorcas Chase leaning against the door. The small coffin of Mary Anna Maria Chase, inside the tomb for 12 years, had been flung so violently against the left side wall that it had chipped away a piece of it. The rest of the coffins had been disturbed in a similarly chaotic manner. The sand covering the floor offered no trace of anything at all.

When you make the finding yourself - even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light - you'll never forget it.
--Carl Sagan

Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory was a rambling, chaotic and dingy late Victorian building in the quiet rural heartland of Essex. It came to be known as the “most haunted house in England”.

The Rectory was built in 1863 for the Rev. Henry Dawson Ellis Bull, a local clergyman . Reputedly the chosen location for Borley Rectory was once the site of an ancient monastery. Some locals were already claiming the area to be haunted, long before the Rectory was constructed. Undeterred, the Reverend Bull, moved into the new premises, with his wife and their 14 children. Almost immediately, strange occurrence began. Mysterious foot steps, ringing bells and even organ music were heard, objects appeared and disappeared, writing on the wall would material before the occupants’ eyes and apparitions were witnessed.One daughter was awakened by a slap in the face; another saw a the figure of thin old man in a tall hat standing by her beside when she awoke suddenly one night. A headless man was seen wandering the grounds and would occasionally be spotted walking through the walls of the rectory and a sad looking nun was often spotted on both floors of the building.

The Bull family remained within the Bull family until 1930. Throughout their residency, the supernatural phenomena just continued to grow. A cook reported that no matter how carefully she locked the door to a pantry , it would always be open the next morning; another servant claimed to have been woken in the night by a figure sitting astride him, which promptly evaporated in nothing as the terrified teenager called out in horror. A phantom coach was also observed by several of the rectory’s inhabitant. The coach was pulled by two enormous, galloping shadowy forms and driven by the figure of very short and pale man.


In 1930, the rectory fell into the hands of the Reverend Lionel Algernon Foyster, who moved in with his wife and teenage daughter. This seemed to usher in a new era of activity within the house, with an increased emphasis on communicative events and fewer sightings of silent apparitions. Strange smells would waft under the noises of the occupants, especially lavender and writing would regularly appear on walls, in books and on manuscripts. Some of this writing appeared to be communicating ominous messages to the Reverend’s wife, Maranna. This gave way to disembodied voices and eventually a physical attack on Marianne in which she was seriously hurt. An attempted exorcism resulted in the clergy men present being attacked with a barrage of stones.


In 1937, the founder of Britain’s National Laboratory of Psychical Research, Harry Price decided to conduct an experiment at the Rectory, which was to become famous throughout the ages. Price put an advertisement in the Times Newspaper asking for intelligent professionals to volunteer for an observation rota at the rectory. Of the 800 who applied, Price chose 40, who were drawn from respected and high ranking professions. They included Dr C.E.M. Joad, the philosopher, who claims to have experienced extreme changes of temperature within a matter of seconds in certain rooms within the building. A former British forces Commander recorded that he had been hit in the face by a small soap when on a vigil. No one else was present in the room.

The Rectory was destroyed by a mysterious fire in 1939. Many locals had rushed to the scene, where they claim to have seen the figure of a young girl at the window of the burning building. Despite the destruction, the occurrences continued. Throughout the second world war, local wardens were perplexed by constant reports of lights being seen in the burnt out building during blackouts. Upon arrival at the building, there would be no such lights and no sign of any human habitation. This became such a matter of concern to authorities, that in 1943 the site of the Rectory was excavated on the orders of the British Government. Human remains were discovered less than three feet below the grounds surface and these were laid to rest in proper fashion. This led to a decline in phenomena, but not an outright disappearance. Electrical abnormalities in particular are said to be a regular occurrence, even down to today. This has caused some researched and theorists of the supernatural to speculate that the old site of Borley Rectory is in fact a spiritual gateway or cross roads , between this life and the next.


Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.
--Shakti Gawain


The Great Amherst Mystery

Famous poltergeist case which took place in 1878-79 in Amherst, Nova Scotia. The focus of the case was 18-year-old Esther Cox, who lived in the overcrowded Teed home with her sister Jennie, her other sister Olive and her husband Daniel Teed, her brother William, Daniel Teed's brother John, and the two Teed boys.

About a week after Esther's boyfriend, Bob MacNeal, tried to rape her at gunpoint, scratching noises were heard in Esther's bedroom, and she screamed to her sister Jennie that there was a mouse in the bed with her. As Jennie rushed to her aid, she saw a cardboard box move by itself--and of course, no mouse was found. The next night, Esther's face turned bright red, and her body swelled to twice its normal size. While Esther cried that she was dying, a loud booming noise was heard outside. 

A few days later, Esther was still alarmingly swollen. Her bedsheets were torn off her while she was sleeping and thrown at John Teed, who immediately left the home, swearing never to return. The rest of the Teed family sat on Esther's sheets to try to keep them in place. When the local doctor visited to examine Esther, plaster flew off the walls, and, chillingly, the words "Esther Cox, you are mine to kill!" appeared on the wall above her bed. When the doctor prescribed morphine the next day, he was hit by a volley of potatoes, which struck so hard that he was actually knocked across the room. 

Loud noises continued for weeks, and the lurid story hit the newspapers. A local minister witnessed a bucket of cold water come to a boil while sitting on the kitchen table. Esther fell into a trance and told that Bob MacNeal had tried to rape her. Jennie proclaimed that the haunting was Bob's fault, and the poltergeist began rapidly knocking on the walls, as if in agreement. In future messages the ghost wrote on walls, it would often sign itself "Bob". 

When Esther caught diptheria, the haunting ceased, but it started back up again when she recovered. She got a job at a restaurant owned by a neighbor, but while she was at the restaurant, she was hit on the head with a scrubbing brush, oven doors clanged open, and things stuck to her like she was a magnet. She was given special shoes with glass soles in an attempt to reduce some of the phenomena, but she said the shoes gave her headaches and nosebleeds. She also began to hear voices in her head which threatened to stab her and burn the Teed home down - lit matches sometimes rained down on her from the bedroom ceiling, and one of her dresses once caught fire while it was hanging in the closet.

When a magician came to Amherst, hoping to make some money exploiting the phenomena, the poltergeist threw carving knives, an umbrella, and a chair at him. Pins were jammed into Eshter's hand, fires broke out in the house, and a trumpet was heard playing in the home (later, a small silver trumpet was found--no one could remember seeing it before). Esther's brother George found himself forcibly undressed in public three different times by the poltergeist, and the family cat was levitated five feet in the air. 

Concerned that the poltergeist trouble would affect the property's value, the Teed's landlord asked Esther to leave the house. She went to work on a local farm, but when items disappeared, she was accused of theft, and when the barn burned down, she was accused of arson and sentenced to four months in jail. During her time in the big house, the poltergeist activity stopped entirely and never returned. Esther was able to return to a normal life - unfortunately, that included whispers about whether she engineered the poltergeist herself and a lifelong drinking problem.

Floating Home

In 1899, while touring Texas, Canadian actor Charles Coghlan fell in and died in the city of Galveston. His body was placed in a lead coffin, which was sealed and the interred in a vault.

A year later, a severe hurricane hit Galveston, causing much destruction, including the cemetery where Coghlan was buried. His coffin was washed out of the vault and out of the cemetery by the raging waters and was carried out to sea.

The coffin drifted for years on the ocean currents, out of the Gulf of Mexico, along the Florida coast, and into the Atlantic Ocean where the Gulf Stream carried it north. Coghlan’s body had drifted more than 5,600 miles when it was finally discovered in 1908 by fisherman on the shores of Prince Edward Island, Coghlan’s home! His body was reburied in the churchyard of the parish where he was baptized.

Dream Manifestation

To realize your goals

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rain water
  • Hematite
  • Bowl

Collect enough rain water to fill a small bowl

On the night before the full moon, place a hematite crystal in the bowl with the rain water.

Leave outside for that night, the full moon night, and the next night.

Each night, gaze upon it and visualize your dream coming true.

In the morning following the third night, hold the crystal in your hands and visualize again.

Be sure your goal is realistic. Keep believing!

Mercy Brown

New England was the center of vampire folklore in the United States, especially Rhode Island. During the 1800s, consumption or pulmonary tuberculosis plagued the townspeople of Exeter. One out of four people died from it. Unfortunately, the Brown family didn’t escape it. The disease first took Mercy’s mother, Mary Brown. The next victim was her sister, Mary Olive. Edwin was the next to contract consumption, but fearing for his only son’s life, George Brown sent him to live in Colorado, to stop or slow the disease. He returned in late 1891 because it had progressed. However, Edwin wasn’t the next the person in the Brown family to die. Mercy had the galloping variety of consumption and her battle ended within a few months. She was only 19. Mercy didn’t die as a vampire, but she would soon be labeled one. But why?

We know during these times vampires were to blame for almost anything that couldn’t be controlled or cured. It was a way to give an explanation for the unexplained. You add that to ignorance and fear and vampire (along with other mythical creatures) folklore is born. Mercy became the scapegoat. George Brown wasn’t the type to believe in such superstitions. However, three members of his family were dead, one was sick and he had two other daughters to think about. He began to think his family was cursed. It took the persistence of his friends and neighbors to convince him to exhume their bodies. Mary and Mary Olive’s bodies were decomposed but Mercy’s looked too well preserved.


Everything we know about decomposition explains what they saw. There was no signs of decomposition because the cold of winter preserved her body. Blood can coagulate and become liquid again which explains why there was blood in her heart and liver. These misconceptions led them to believe she was the one responsible for draining the life from Edwin and other consumption victims. The townspeople felt the only way for the spell to be broken and Edwin to get well was to cut out her heart, burn it, mix the ashes with water, and have him consume it. Too bad it didn’t work. Edwin died two months later on May 2, 1892.

After Edwin, the deaths stopped. Did their desperate act work? Was Mercy to blame for it all? Of course not. They discovered in 1882 tuberculosis was spread by bacteria. As a result, embalming became a common practice thus leaving the vampire theory behind.

Now, her grave site is believed to be haunted. Many witnesses have reported seeing lights in the graveyard, including a descendant of the Brown family. She has also been seen dressed in a torn black dress disheveled and dirty. Could the violation of her grave cause her to forever haunt her burial ground?

Cor Stoop's False Teeth

In 1994, a 60-year-old Dutchman named Cor Stoop took a cruise, became seasick and lost his false teeth overboard. Later a fisherman caught a cod which had swallowed some false teeth. Upon hearing about it on the radio, Mr. Stoop contacted the fisherman and was reunited with his missing teeth.

Old Charleston Jail

In 1680, the city of Charleston set aside four square acres of land for public use. Over the years it was a hospital, poor house, and workhouse for runaway slaves before being turned in to a jail in 1802. The original building consisted of four stories with a two-story octagonal tower. Robert Mills, America’s first native-born architect, designed a fireproof wing with individual cells in 1822 which was replaced in 1855 by a rear octagonal wing by Charleston architects Barbot & Seyle. The 1886 earthquake damaged the tower and top story of the main building so severely they had to be removed. The gallows remained in the courtyard until being destroyed by Hurricane Hugo. The jail never received indoor plumbing, electricity, running water, or glass in the windows.

The jail remained operational until 1939. During these 137 years, it house Confederate and Federal prisoners of war including the 54th Massachusetts Regime upon their capture and Charleston’s most infamous criminals such as John and Lavinia Fisher were convicted and executed for robbery and murder 30 or 300 people. They were imprisoned in the jail from 1819 to 1820, maintaining their innocence until the day they were publicly hanged.

While they awaited hanging, the last of the 19th-century high-sea pirates were jailed there in 1822. Denmark Vesey plotted a slave revolt in 1822 to take over Charleston. Before the plan could be carried out he was imprisoned and later hanged in the Old Charleston Jail along with over 170 free blacks and slaves and four white men for their involvement and support. Because of the Vesey plot, increased restrictions were placed on slaves and free blacks including a law requiring all black seaman to be kept at the jail while they were in port. The jail also saw bootleggers, gangsters and debtors.

The jail remained vacant for 61 years after it closed. The American College of the Building Arts acquired it in 2000 and began the preservation efforts. Today, the Old City Jail is an official Save America’s Treasures project of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the White House Millennium Council. It also hosts the Bulldog Tours’ Haunted Jail Tour.

The jail is reportedly haunted by the spirits of deceased prisoners that died in the jail. One of the spirits is believed to be Lavinia Fisher who is often seen in the white wedding dress she wore to court. Cell doors move on their own. Doors slam shut. Shadow people are often seen. Many visitors have been touched, grabbed and scratched.

Charleston Jail Ghost Photo

Charleston’s Old City Jail is over two hundred years old, and thousands of prisoners have died within the structure’s imposing walls.

No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.

-- Minor White


The Walker House

In 1842, a man named William Caffee was living in Mineral Point. There was no question that Caffee was an arrogant and violent man. He was known as a notorious alcoholic, a brawler and a thief.

During an argument with another man outside Walker House, Caffee pulled out a gun and shot the man in the heart, killing him instantly.

Caffee was charged with murder. The jury found him guilty and the judge sentenced him to hang. The sheriff had to hire 4 men to guard the jail because Caffee had threatened to kill everyone in town if he got loose.

When they asked him what he wanted for his last meal, Caffee asked for a slice of the judge’s heart. Word of Caffee’s antics spread throughout Wisconsin and generated a lot of interest.

The morning of the hanging, a scaffold was erected outside Walker House and a crowd of 5,000 people came from all over the state to watch. Armed guards tried to bring Caffee out of the jail, but he refused to budge. They had to put him in a coffin and carry him out themselves.

As they carried to the scaffold, Caffee sat upright in his coffin and drummed out the funeral march with empty beer bottles on the wooden casket. When the sheriff put the noose around his neck, Caffee told him he wasn’t doing it right. He was an arrogant man to the end. But that wasn’t the last Wisconsin would hear of William Caffee.

The tavern lay vacant for many years, but when it was purchased by a new owner and renovations began, strange incidents started to occur. The owner heard strange sounds, heavy breathing, voices that came from nowhere and mysterious footsteps walking down the halls.

In 1981, the owner saw Caffee’s headless ghost sitting on a bench on the back porch. It was wearing a rumpled gray suit of miner’s clothing, The apparition was visible for several minutes until it suddenly vanished.

A few weeks later, a waitress saw the same ghost, this time with head, walking on the 2nd floor. The house is now closed to the public.

Devil's Chair

We have all heard tales of the Devil’s Chair. Some believe to this day that furniture can become possessed by strange forces. Be it from the dead, Death himself and even the lord of hell Satan himself. These infamous seats of evil power are said to be all over the world and many newspaper and oral traditions will tell you of these horrid wooden wrought iron or stone seats to avoid.

Death chairs have long been associated with a reportedly real urban legend that whom ever sits in them will either die on the spot or within hours of doing so. Some of these haunted chairs often surface on eBay or in antique shops where they are most often discovered because someone just sits in them and dies on the spot.

Haunted actual Ghost chairs are said to be chairs that are haunted by a ghost. These chairs are said to be able to move or tip over the person who sits in them if the ghost that haunts them does not like you. Many will also tell you that if you sit in such a chair you run the real risks of becoming possessed by the ghost who haunts it.

Satan’s throne is said to be made of the living souls of those that he punishes. And it is made of the most horrid of people that are so deemed to barr his evil and immense weight and despair.

To sit in a Devil’s Chair and nothing happens to you when witnessed by other means that you are a disciple of the devil. Only those in his fold are granted immunity from the evil that befalls the innocent who sit upon it.

1. Never let a single drop of your blood fall upon it. To do so means that the Devil can and will drag your soul to hell when he wants.

2. Never sit upon a Devil’s chair for it can cause you to become emotional and mentally incompetent in the blink of an eye. Stories tell of people sitting on such chairs and being struck dead or robed of all their mental faculties.

3. Never defy a Devil’s Chair or cuss the Devil to appear. Old tales say he will come to you in a short time after and collect your soul. Your body will then be possessed by a demon or a ghost that will murder your family one by one.

4. Never sit a infant or small child, Mentally challenged individuals, elderly or sick family member on a bench or chair in a cemetery. To do this they will become possessed by the dead in a short time. Or live a forever a very cursed life.

5. No woman should ever sit on a Devil’s chair if she is having a menstrual cycle. Blood is supposedly in any form should not to touch or come near such a chair. To do so spells danger and great loss of all you love and hold dear.

6. Pregnant woman should never sit in a Devil’s Chair because their child will be either one of the devil’s disciples when they grow or forever cursed. It is said by in hushed tones that the Mother of a serial killer once sat upon a Devil Bench. And this explains his demonic behaviors.

7. What ever you do never have sexual relations of any type on top of a Devil’s chair. The child you might conceive might just n="be" the Anti- Christ incarnate. One should also not change a baby, or put electronic equipment on top because the person will be hurt by that item in the future either physically or their reputation! Never defecate on the Devil’s Chair. If you see a woman sitting upon a Devil’s chair then you know they are his concubines. And she will surely lure your ass to hell!

8. Young men should never sit on a Devil’s chair for any reason. If an under aged male sits on such a devil Chair they will die before they reach 21 years of age.

9. If you sit on a Devil’s chair and Mock the Devil you will die with in 7 days. A deep depression immediately will take you over. Many people have been found dead after committing suicide in such Devil’s chairs around the world.

10. To sit in the Devil’s Chair on a dare will not curse the person who does but it will curse the person who dares them. And most of all never have your photo taken while sitting in the Devil’s Chair to do so means it will be the last photo of you ever taken.

Old Seaview Hospital in New York

This site hides its secrets well. The history is exceptionally hard to dig up. Apparently a monastery once stood at this location in the 19th century. From our best research this hospital opened its doors in November of 1903 as a tuberculosis sanitarium. It quickly became one of the country’s most prestigious TB hospitals serving over 2,000 patients at a time by the 50′s. This hospital was one of the facilities foremost in eventually finding a cure for this hideous disease. We have been unable to find an exact date for the closing of the hospital but its safe to assume it was sometime in the 70′s or 80′s as TB had been controlled by this time. There is still a functioning Seaview Hospital across from this location as well that specializes in rehabilitation. The abandoned location is surrounded by a fence.

There are also rumors that we could not substantiate that this location was also used as an insane asylum.

Apparitions of former patients and staff, feeling of being watched, apparition of a monk who apparently went mad and slaughtered his fellow brothers in the monastery, feeling of being followed, phantom footsteps, screams and cries for help, figures in the empty windows, disembodied voices, light anomalies and bangs and other loud unexplained noises.

Mary's King Close in Scotland

Like most streets of the time“the Close” had buildings several stories high that closely hemmed it in. In the 1600’s it was common practice to throw human waste out the windows onto the street below--so the upper and middle classes lived on the top tiers away from this filth while the poor lived on the street level.

Alexander King who was an advocate to Mary Queen of Scots named this Close after his daughter Mary. He owned several properties in the Close. Mary had a stall on the street where she sold lace.

When the bubonic plague hit in 1645 this street was ravaged. Families that had a sick person in their homes had an “X” chalked on their door. Food was dropped off on their doorstep. No contact was allowed for six weeks--except for the plague doctor--  until the ill person either died or recovered. When possible the ill were moved to a plague hospital.

When many of these victim’s bodies were burned to prevent the spread of the disease it is said that their ashes were mixed with horsehair and dirt and then was used to construct ceilings in the Close. 

Many years after this outbreak when no one lived in Mary King’s Close it was walled up and closed for the next 100 years.  But the street had so many dark mysteries connected to it that a myth started to circulate that the Close had actually been walled up during the plague outbreak and that many people who were ill were closed within its walls. To the chagrin of many this myth still persists today.

Because this street was walled up it is well preserved. The visitor today--250 years later-- can still see the original buildings and layout.

Mary King’s Close most famous ghost is that of a little girl nicknamed, Annie. In 1992 a Japanese psychic was startled when she entered a small room in the Close. She immediately felt sickness, hunger and a bitter cold envelop the room. She then felt the presence latch onto her leg.

Others have received the message that Annie is sad because she lost her favorite toy. So countless visitors have left Annie gifts in the small room that is now named after her.

Most believe that Annie’s family probably left her behind when she became ill with the plague.

Other activity in the Close includes phantom footsteps walking up and down the empty street and visitors and guides have seen a ghost of a lady wearing a black or grey dress. The ghost of Mary--Alexander King’s daughter is seen.

Witnesses have also reported seeing masculine figures in the Close that just disappear when approached. In fact, some of these sighting were reported back before the street was walled up.

In one particular chimney strange noises are heard. When people have put their hands inside they are sometimes scratched.

In 2008, a photo taken by accident is now considered solid proof that the Close is haunted.

Late one Saturday night, the general manager, Stephen Spencer was checking an infrared camera installed to take pictures of tour groups as souvenirs.

As Spencer stood in the street he snapped several photos, he then returned to his office to turn the computer system off. He looked at the photos he had taken and realized that one of them had captured an interesting image.

A translucent rotund figure was standing in the background--the street was closed for the night and Spencer was the only one there when he took the photo. Since, several reliable ghost investigators have examined this photo and they all conclude it is very compelling.

What is even more interesting is many visitors over the years have described seeing this rotund ghost in the same area.


Some speculate this ghost is Major Thomas Weir, who was known as The Wizard of West Bow . He was strangled and then burnt at the stake in 1670after publicly confessing to witchcraft, Satanism and incest.

Yet others think this ghost is Andrew Chesney, a saw-maker who lived in Mary King’s Close and operated his business in 1892. He is believed to be the last person who lived in the Close.His workshop is highlighted in one of the tours given.

Mary King Close Ghost Photo

Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland has long had a reputation for being haunted. This photo from The Real Mary King’s Close, a company offering tours of the underground street, reportedly shows a ghost after hours.

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Old Woman at the Pub Ghost Photo

Taken at the New Bell Inn pub in Harwich Essex, England, this photo reportedly shows the ghost of an old woman sitting near the fireplace.

The Ladd School in Rhode Island

Built on more than four hundred acres of farmland, the Ladd School opened its doors as a mental rehabilitation hospital in 1907. In the beginning the building was quite empty; only caring for eight patients after it had been open for two years.

By the year 1915 the population had expanded to some one hundred plus patients. However, by 1923, they had more than three hundred patients and they were considered over crowded.

More buildings were later added and the patients kept rolling in. By 1950 the population reached nearly one thousand. At this point they were over crowded again and on top of that they were ill equipped to take care of their ever-growing populace. In fact, the school had no dental care, no morgue, no recreational facilities, no chapel and no functional hospital apparatus. Also, there was only one certified doctor on the staff; Dr. Joseph H. Ladd. The remainder of the staff was either uncertified to care for the patients or they had little training.

In 1956, Dr. Ladd gave up on the school and retired and Dr. John G. Smith took control of the facility. Two years after that an investigation was launched due to numerous allegations of patient abuse and neglect. The inquiry into the schools conduct and facilities showed that allegations were true, to a terrifying degree.

Due to the overcrowding factor, it was found that patients slept head to feet, side-by-side, on cots that were placed only nine inches apart. Many patients had been beaten routinely due to disruptive behavior. Many of the patients’ rooms were not equipped with a sink and toilet. The entire facility was infested with vermin; including the kitchen and dining areas. Patients were given incorrect prescriptions, wrong dosages and medications administered by unqualified personnel, causing many deaths.

One female patient was impregnated twice but it is unclear whether or not it was caused by another resident or hospital staff. A nine-year-old boy was found asphyxiated in one of the shower stalls after someone had stuffed him into a laundry sack. An elderly man died after being shoved down a stair well by another patient.

In 1983, after a lawsuit was brought against the state of Rhode Island and the Ladd School, Dr. George Gunther was brought in. Dr. Gunther tried his best to straighten out the mess, moving patients, demolishing old buildings but his efforts were lost when the Governor of Rhode Island decided to have the school shut down in 1993.

Today, locals and curious trespassers swear that the place is haunted. Many have reported hearing moaning, phantom footsteps or shuffling and crying throughout the main building and other surrounding buildings. Many have also claimed to hear disembodied voices murmuring, whispering or crying out. Doors have been seen opening or closing without explanation; these same doors also seem to lock at times even if there is no lock on the door itself. Also heard in patients’ former rooms is an eerie growling sound when no animals are present. Some visitors here have also claimed they were touched, shoved or they’ve had items knocked out of their hands by some unseen force.

Outside of the facility, visitors have claimed to see human-shaped shadows moving across the field and into the woods. Voices have been heard out there as well and many have photographed glowing orbs. Also, car radios are said to go haywire or stop working all together and a few people have claimed that their car alarms or horns have gone off for no reason.

All in all, the Ladd School was a living nightmare for its many patients. It is no wonder that many of these residents still roam the halls even after their death. Unfortunately, these poor restless souls will probably always remain here; wandering the desolate halls alone and crying out for help that will never come.

The Glenn Dale Hospital in Maryland

The Glenn Dale Hospital is a sprawling abandoned complex that sits on 216 acres of Maryland’s Prince Georges County. It was originally built as a tuberculosis hospital with two main buildings, one for adults and one for children, plus many smaller outlying facilities. After tuberculosis epidemics were largely curbed, the complex remained in operation as a general hospital. Glenn Dale opened its doors in 1934 and remained in operation for roughly fifty years, finally closing down for good in 1982 due to questions of structural integrity and the presence of large amounts of asbestos. Today the hospital’s many buildings sit crumbling and decaying, full of furniture and equipment left over from the facility’s years of operation. Among the still standing buildings are the original children’s hospital, the massive main adult hospital, as well as laundry buildings, guard buildings, and nurses’ quarters. Many of the buildings are connected by underground tunnels that were used to transport patients and materials over the vast complex without having to go outside, especially during the cold winter months.

The buildings have been vandalized heavily in the two decades they have been abandoned. Many of these vandals are thrill-seekers who have explored Glenn Dale after hearing the dozens of legends surrounding the buildings.

One of the most enduring rumors about Glenn Dale is that during its later years it was used as a hospital to house the criminally insane. Stories are told that upon the hospital’s closing, some of these deranged lunatics were simply released onto the streets. With no family to speak of and no idea of where to go, they found their way back inside the abandoned buildings and now call them home. In the darkest recesses of these ramshackle structures reside some truly insane individuals, or so the stories say.

Another tale claims that the hospital had to be abandoned due to an overwhelming epidemic of tuberculosis that killed most of the patients and staff of the hospital and infected the very building itself. Explorers should be careful, the story says, as touching any of the remnants of the building’s past could expose them to this deadly disease. While this is untrue, it is once again worth mentioning that the buildings are in fact overrun with asbestos and do pose a threat to the health of adventurous visitors.

Many late night explorers to Glenn Dale report hearing strange noises and even seeing ghosts. Many say that the spirits of those patients who died while residents of the hospital remain today, haunting the halls of the now abandoned buildings. Not surprisingly, many people report experiencing odd occurrences in the vicinity of the morgue, located in the bowels of the main adult hospital building.

Glenn Dale hospital is a no trespassing area regularly patrolled by Prince Georges County police as well as park police that live in a facility on the grounds.

We do not die because we have to die; we die because one day, and not so long ago, our consciousness was forced to deem it necessary.

-- Antonin Artaud


The Kobenhavn  was used as a naval training vessel and became the world’s largest sailing ship when she was laid down in 1913. The ship’s final voyage took place between Buenos Aires and Melbourne, and a dispute at port meant setting sail without any cargo on board.

The ship exchanged a single all is well message with another ship 8 days after departure, and was never heard from again. Two years after the disappearance, continued sightings of a ghostly five-masted vessel were reported in the Pacific, suggesting she may still be afloat. Finally, wreckage bearing the name Kobenhavn was found on the Western Shore of Australia, and an alleged diary of a crewman was found in the south Atlantic, suggesting the ship had been sunk by an iceberg.

No other wreckage was ever found, though a lifeboat containing human remains was found buried on the South-West coast of Africa in 1935, which were speculated to be from the stricken vessel.

The Teighmouth Electron

Donald Crowhurst was a talented inventor with severe money troubles, looking for ways to promote his navigator marine radio-navigation device. Like many people in dire financial straits, Crowhurst decided the answer lay in entering a one-man yacht race around the world, earning himself both prize money and free advertising.

Setting out in his trimaran the Teignmouth Electron, Crowhurst almost immediately ran into trouble, he had little experience sailing the open ocean, and the Electron’s semi-experimental design was difficult for even veteran yacht racers to handle.

A desperate Crowhurst decided to cheat by loitering in the south Atlantic falsifying logs and navigational records until everyone else had finished, then limp in at last place hoping nobody bothered to check a loser’s records that closely.

Unfortunately for Crowhurst, he hadn’t counted on everyone else in the race having just as much trouble. Out of nine contestants, six had retired and one wrecked as they approached the final leg of the journey, leaving Crowhurst in the position of finishing second or even first overall and subject to a detailed analysis of his logs.

Crowhurst ended radio communications on June the 29th and stopped writing his increasingly bizarre journal entries on July 1. The Teignmouth Electron was discovered adrift and abandoned nine days later.

Willard Library Ghost Photo

Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is reportedly haunted by a spirit known as The Grey Lady. The photo above came from one of the library’s four ghost cams.

Truth is more of a stranger than fiction.

-- Mark Twain

The SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the United. The SS Great Britain is a passenger steamship complete in 1845 which was hailed as being highly advanced for her time: the first ship ever built entirely out of iron along with a screw-propeller system, the first great ocean liner. Changing owners several times, the SS Great Britain sailed the seas until 1886 when she was retired to the Falkland Islands where she was used as a warehouse, quarantine ship, and coal hulk until scuttled in 1937. In 1970, she was brought back to the Bristol dry dock where she was constructed and has served as a museum ship ever since.

One of the most famous ghosts on board the Great Britain is the ghost of Captain John Gray. Gray had first come aboard the Great Britain in 1852 as the second officer on the ship’s first journey to Australia. He was promoted to first officer for the second journey and became the ship’s captain in 1854, a position he held for eighteen years until 1872. On the night of November 25 th , 1872, he simply disappeared, never to be seen again. He was last seen leaving his cabin, despite having been ill the previous day, and was walking on deck in the middle of the night. In the morning he was gone, no trace of him was ever found. The only clue to this mysterious disappearance was an open transom window in the Lower Saloon that had been screwed closed the previous night. Some claim he committed suicide and others claim he was murdered. Whichever way, it is believed that the sound of mysterious footsteps of hobnailed boots that are often heard on the deck belong to him. Around 1992 or 1993, a 17-year-old student named Sonny Graffo saw John Gray’s ghost sitting on a beam of wood going across the gantries thirty to forty feet below him, starring back at him.

There have been other ghostly encounters, such as a phantom piano being played on the promenade despite the lid being closed. The ghosts of a thirteen-year-old crew  member who died in the rigging in front of his father, a seventeen-year-old bride who died just weeks after her wedding, and a ghoulish Victorian woman on the promenade have all been encountered. The promenade in particular is haunted by multiple ghosts. In May of 2008, investigators of the British TV show Most Haunted conducted an investigation of the haunting. In just the 24 hours they spent on the ship, the crew encountered multiple phenomena of sounds, things thrown at them, and even the aforementioned Victorian woman. Even the presenter Yvette Fielding was struck with a mysterious illness.

The Taos Hum

Do you hear that strange hum that just will not go away? Chances are if you live in the Southwestern United States or parts of Britain you do. This is a phenomenon being called The Taos Hum. There are researchers who are doing their best to find out what is causing it. However, so far they have been having no luck.

It seems that the Taos hum was first reported around the mid nineteen seventies. It seems that people started to take it very serious around the year 1990 when more and more newspapers started to pick up on it. No one is sure what causes it. Some people claim to hear it and other people never hear it.

Many people have several theories including space ships, the crust of the planet and much more. Some citizens say it gets louder and some say it vanishes at times too. Will we ever know what is creating the Taos hum? This might be one of those mysteries that will always remain unsolved but, that does not mean that scientists and research teams will stop trying to figure out what is going on with this unique sound called the Taos hum.

This sound is often heard in Taos Mexico and the surrounding areas. It seems to be a low pitched sound that is easy to hear in a natural and quite environment. There have been reports of the Taos hum in the USA, The UK and Europe. No one is sure if the sound is spreading or why some people hear it and others don’t.

Many who have heard the sound describe it like the noise associated with thunder out in the distance or a running diesel engine. You might or might not hear it yourself but there are many people who are sure that it is there and will tell you they hear it.

There are a many people who feel that the government has been lying to use about the Taos hum and that it is something our own government has been working on. Could this be a top secret government project? Perhaps it is a generator that is making this low frequency noise. Could this generator be keeping aliens alive or is it something else our government is keeping secret? Perhaps we will never know.

Coins Left on Tombstones

While visiting some cemeteries you may notice that headstones marking certain graves have coins on them, left by previous visitors to the grave.

These coins have distinct meanings when left on the headstones of those who gave their life while serving in America’s military, and these meanings vary depending on the denomination of coin.

A coin left on a headstone or at the grave site is meant as a message to the deceased soldier’s family that someone else has visited the grave to pay respect. Leaving a penny at the grave means simply that you visited.

A nickel indicates that you and the deceased trained at boot camp together, while a dime means you served with him in some capacity. By leaving a quarter at the grave, you are telling the family that you were with the solider when he was killed.

According to tradition, the money left at graves in national cemeteries and state veterans cemeteries is eventually collected, and the funds are put toward maintaining the cemetery or paying burial costs for indigent veterans.

In the US, this practice became common during the Vietnam war, due to the political divide in the country over the war; leaving a coin was seen as a more practical way to communicate that you had visited the grave than contacting the soldier’s family, which could devolve into an uncomfortable argument over politics relating to the war.

Some Vietnam veterans would leave coins as a down payment to buy their fallen comrades a beer or play a hand of cards when they would finally be reunited.

The tradition of leaving coins on the headstones of military men and women can be traced to as far back as the Roman Empire.

Leaving Stones on Graves

If you spend much time in a cemetery, you’re bound to see them, those stones left on graves. There are several explanations as to why visitors leave small stones or pebbles on someone’s grave. And it is not strictly a Jewish tradition. For thousands of years, people were buried in tombs or directly in the earth where they had fallen. Stones were then rolled in front of a tomb as a way of sealing it from scavengers and keeping evil spirits from escaping out into the world.

For those buried in the ground, rocks and stones were placed on top of the usually shallow grave to keep animals from digging up the body. These stacks of stones were known as cairns. Cairns can be found all over the world and vary in size from a few rocks to man-made hills.

Cairns were built not only as funeral monuments but also for ceremonies and defense. Today they are still constructed to mark trails, as seamarks, as sculpture, and as memorials.

Another reason rocks were left on the grave was based on an Eastern European folklore belief that the dead could haunt their burial place, or return to their family and cause trouble. Stones and rocks were used to prevent the deceased from rising up and escaping the body as a spirit, to torment others.

It is also a Jewish custom to place a stone or pebble on a headstone to indicate that you have visited the grave and to indicate respect for the deceased. Adding a stone was also seen as taking part in the Mitzvah of Matzevah or the setting of stone.’

Today, leaving a stone of remembrance is viewed more as a way of continuing this tradition of commemoration. The more stones found at a grave, the more the deceased has been visited and remembered by others. An example would be the scene in Schindler’s List when the people that Oskar Schindler saved visit his grave and honor him by placing stones upon it.

Symbolically, the stones can indicate many things; that love and remembrance are as strong and as lasting as a rock. That as a stone lasts forever so to does love. Even a belief that the deceased is with God, since the Old Testament refers to God as a rock, as in Psalm 18:2 — “The Lord is my rock…”

Regardless of how the custom came about, it is still an incredible way to remember and respect those who have passed on. Leaving a stone or pebble is a gesture of appreciation for the strong and lasting impression they have made on your life. Stones left by others show a long-term influence in their lives as well. What a wonderful way to leave a lasting tribute of love and honor at the grave site.

The Hooded Monk Ghost Photo

Reverend  K. F. Lord snapped this famous photo at North Yorkshire, England’s Newby Church in the early 1960s. Is it the spirit of a 16th-century monk?

Humankind cannot stand very much reality.
--T. S. Eliot

The 7th Barn

The 7th Barn is a scary urban legend about a wealthy farmer who owned a lot of land and built a new barn on his property every time his wife had a baby. He named each barn after each of his kids and by the time this story takes place, they had 6 kids and were expecting number seven.

But the farmer’s wife died in childbirth and so did the unborn baby. The farmer went insane with grief and couldn’t tend to his farm. The family had no money and the farm started going under.

They say the farmer, in his madness and despair, took and axe one night and led his children out to the barns, one by one, and murdered them. He buried their bodies in the seventh barn.

It was in the seventh barn that the farmer hung himself. Eventually, as the story goes, all the barns were torn down and the land was sold off. All except for number 7. Nobody would buy the land because of what had happened there. It was abandoned and soon fell into disrepair.

They say if you go to that barn at night you can see the ghost of the farmer hanging from the rafters and swinging in the wind, dwelling on his terrible crime for all eternity.

No-one was ever really sure where the seventh barn was located. It was definitely in Ohio and some say it was the Cranz farm in Cuyahoga Valley or at Top O’ The World in Northampton.

In 1997 a local Ohio teacher claimed that he had found the infamous barn’s real location. He said that none of the barns had ever been torn down, they had simply been incorporated into neighboring farms.

According to the teacher, he pinpointed the location because barns on neighboring properties all had nameplates on their door with the names of children engraved on them. The teacher and his son set out at night to visit the barn, hoping to capture some paranormal activity on video.

The next morning, the teacher’s wife reported her husband and son missing. Police found their abandoned car by the roadside. While searching the area, they entered a barn in a nearby field and found the dead bodies of the teacher and his son hanging from the rafters.

Can People Foresee Death?

There are actually many stories told about this phenomenon. In some cases people see another person’s death and in others they see their own. The people who have these experiences do not have precognitive visions normally and they do not consider themselves physic.

Some speculate these experiences are just coincidental but the problem with this conclusion is these visions often include vivid details that the person would not normally know. Others state these visions are a form of mental telepathy or even the ability to see a person as a ghost before their death. Regardless, how and why these experiences occur is still very much a mystery.

The following is a case The British Society for Psychical Research studied. The names of the witnesses have been changed. A Mr. Bartlett went out for a long walk one afternoon. Finding himself tired, he approached the bank of a river and sat down to rest. At first he was at peace watching the water flow by but slowly he started to feel a different mood overtake his thoughts. For some indiscernible reason he began to feel very nervous and frightened.

He tried to rise from where he was sitting but an unseen force held him in place. A thick black mist appeared before him. Within it he saw a figure of a man wearing a brown suit. Suddenly this man jumped into the water and disappeared beneath the surface. Horrified, Bartlett slowly came out of what he described as a shocked daze and managed to regain his feet. He wondered if what he had seen was just an hallucination.

Once home, he shared his strange experience with his sister. She the more practical of the two cautioned him that no good would come from harping on such a thing. But for the next few days Bartlett found himself reliving what he had seen over and over again. The following week a man by the name of Epson put on his best brown suit and went to the river and jumped in. He left a suicide note stating that he had been thinking about killing himself for some time. He jumped into the river at the exact spot that Bartlett had sat the week before. The two men had never met.

Abraham Lincoln envisioned his own death on several occasions before he was assassinated. Shortly before he was shot and killed in 1860 he saw two images of himself in a mirror. In the first image he appeared healthy in the second he appeared pale and seemed to be fading away. He saw this double image several times. He felt the first image was of him during his first term as president; the second image he felt represented the fact that he would not survive his second term in office.

Just ten days before he was assassinated he wrote about a prophetic dream he had.

I retired late. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a deathlike stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number of people were weeping. I thought I left my bed and wandered down-stairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I passed along.

It was light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning of all of this?

Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious and shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered. Before me was a catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there was a throng of people, some gazing mournfully upon the corpse, whose face was covered, others weeping pitifully.

“Who is dead in the White House?” I demanded of one of the soldiers. “The President,” was his answer. “He was killed by an assassin.” Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which awoke me from my dream. I slept no more that night; and although it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by it ever since.

The night before he was shot in the head and died Lincoln told one of his cabinet members that he dreamed he would be assassinated. He also confided in his bodyguard, W. H. Crook that he dreamed for three nights in a row that he would be assassinated. Crook pleaded with him not to go to Ford’s Theatre but Lincoln explained that he had promised his wife Mary that he would attend.

In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Australia

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum has been reported haunted by all the patients, that have died. There have been reports that people have heard, people walking, screaming, and doors opening and closing. The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum currently resides in Australia, and has been shut down since 1995.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria is reportedly haunted by several ghosts of departed p atients. The asylum was open from 1867-1995. 

One of the ghosts most often seen at Beechworth is that of Matron Sharpe her apparition has been seen in several different parts of the hospital. Matron Sharpe’s ghost has been seen in the former dormitory area, which is now part of Latrobe University’s computer rooms. Witnesses have seen her walking down the granite staircase and into one of the classrooms. Matron Sharpe was apparently very compassionate toward the patients, which is uncharacteristic of the era.
One patient whose ghost is thought to haunt Beechworth is Tommy Kennedy. Tommy was well liked at the hospital and was given a job as a kitchen hand. Tommy actually died in the kitchen which is now part of the Bijou theatre, it is here that people have said they have felt the sensation of someone tugging at their clothes or poking their ribs. The Reaction Hall was an area where patients could sing, play music or perform in plays, on Sundays the hall doubled as the chapel. In 1939 the hall became a cinema, where inmates could come in to watch movies.

There are two common sightings in the hall, one is of a young girl, who approaches women and desperately tries to communicate with them. The other ghost has been seen in a window that was once part of the Bell Tower; the apparition of an elderly man facing away from the window is often seen. The Grevillia wing was the section of the hospital all patients feared, it has been closed for 13 years, and now in a derelict state. As medication wasn’t introduced until the 1950s, restraints such as straightjackets and even shackles were commonly used as well as electro-shock treatment. Electro shock treatment was widely used in the hospitals early days and there are stories of mass treatments in which almost the entire patient population was shocked in one session.

When the shocks were administered the patient’s bodies either splayed out backwards with force or contracted inward into a fetal position, which ever position ligaments would snap, bones were often broken and teeth shattered.

There are two common sightings in Grevillia, one is thought to be that of an unknown male doctor, his apparition has been seen wandering the corridors at night. The other is Matron Sharpe whose ghost was often seen in this area by the nurses who worked at Mayday Hills. They would report seeing the Matron sitting with patients who were due to have electro-shock treatment. Those who say they’ve witnessed this say the room was icy cold, but her presence was comforting, and seemed to bring a sense of reassurance to the patients.

Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind.



SS Edmund Fitzgerald

It has been almost 40 years since the iron ore freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald, the largest ship on the Great lakes in the 1970s, gave up its battle against ferocious seas and slipped beneath Lake Superior’s cold tumultuous surface.

On November 9, 1975, a storm was brewing as the Fitzgerald left Duluth, Minnesota., bound for the Zug Island docks in Detroit, Michigan. But without today’s more precise GPS tracking systems she was unable to pinpoint her position, which put her in harm’s way.

The freighter, Arthur M. Anderson was 15 miles behind her when the two crews radioed each other about the brutal gale force winds. Within minutes the captain of the Fitzgerald, Ernest McSorley radioed that his ship was damaged and had a list, it was taking on water. McSorley requested the Anderson be its radio eyes for the rest of the trip to Whitefish Bay. The last radio communication from the Fitzgerald came at 7:10 p.m. just nine miles short of safety. McSoley stated:

“One of the worst seas I have ever seen. We are holding our own.”

Five minutes later the Anderson’s radar lost the Fitzgerald. All of the 29 crew members perished when the Edmund Fitzgerald went down. No remains were ever recovered. Rogue waves or what are known as Three Sisters which are huge 90 ft. plus waves sunk the Fitzgerald.

Ten years after the Fitzgerald sank it was spotted once more on Lake Superior by a commercial vessel. This crew stated that they saw this large ship on a foggy night. They reported a strange eerie atmosphere at the time they spotted this ghost ship. The Edmund Fitzgerald remains at the bottom of this lake, 500 feet down in two pieces.

USS The Sullivans

Many of you may know that Steven Spielberg was inspired by the story of the five Sullivan brothers to make his epic film, Saving Private Ryan (1998).  In the aftermath of the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, five brothers from Waterloo, Iowa enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served together on the light cruiser, USS Juneau.  Their names were George, Francis, Joseph, Madison and Albert Sullivan.  Their story is tragic because in November 1942, the Juneau was sunk by a Japanese submarine and all five men perished.  Their story is also immortalized in the movie The Fighting Sullivans (1944).

In 1943, the U.S. Navy honored the Sullivans by naming a destroyer after them, USS the Sullivans.  The ship served during the rest of World War II, the Korean War and other engagements afterwards.  After it was decommissioned in 1965, no one wanted to maintain and clean the ship as the spirits of the Sullivan brothers were apparently haunting the ship.

Not active while the destroyer was still on active duty, but the ghosts made themselves known when the ship was retired.  What did the workers see and hear?  The workers on the Sullivan at it retirement reported seeing flying objects, weird sounds and terrifying moans.  They witnessed fleeting glimpses of young men dressed in World War II-era naval uniforms.  An electrician’s mate refuse to come aboard on Friday the 13th as he claimed the last time he was on board on that date, an unseen hand had reached out from the bulkhead, grabbed him by the ankle and tripped him. (Did he just want a Friday off of work?

After the Friday the 13th story became known, others felt it was safe to come forward with their frightening stories.  Here are what was reported:

  • A toolbox snatched out of the hands of another electrician’s mate by an unseen hand.
  • Five glowing spheres passing in a darkened hallway.
  • Chills and a sense of dread upon boarding the ship.
  • A skeptic had trouble breathing and buzzing in his ears after boarding.
  • Most of the reported events occurred while the ship was docked in Philadelphia but when it was relocated, the activity slowed dramatically.

In 1977, the USS Sullivan was donated to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park (Buffalo, New York).  In 1986, the ship was designated as a National Historical Landmark.

The story of the five Sullivan brothers and their deaths led to immediate policy changes within the U.S. Navy regarding family members serving together.  The story of the haunting is not well known outside the small group of people who worked on board and experienced the spirits of George, Francis (Frank), Joseph (Red), Madison (Matt) and Albert (Al) Sullivan.

The Man With Two Faces

Edward Mordake was from a noble English family.  He was an accomplished musician, a scholar and a recluse.  That’s because Edward, who was otherwise a handsome and healthy young man was plagued with a rare disorder known as Diprosopus.

Diprosopus, also known as craniofacial duplication, is an affliction of the SHH protein.  It results in a duplication of parts of the face (or even the whole face) on a person’s head.  It is not a result of a conjoined or parasitic twin as many believe.

Animals who are born with this affliction and survived have become quite a pop sensation.  The most popular are probably Ditto the Pig, who lived well into adulthood, and a cat who, at 12 years old, is the oldest living Janus Cat in the world.  Diprosopus cats are known as Janus cats, after the two-faced Roman God.

Unfortunately, humans born with craniofacial duplication rarely survive.  Most are stillborn, and a few live births only live for up to several hours. Edward Mordake, however, beat those odds.  Mordake, which was an alias, was first written about in the 1900 text Anomalies And Curiosities of Medicine, by W.B. Saunders.  Saunders wrote that Mordake’s extra face was actually the face of a beautiful female.  Yet, Mordake was convinced that his devil twin was evil.  When Mordake would weep, his second face would smile and sneer.  It could blink and its eyes could follow you about the room.  The lips constantly were in motion, as if spewing a never-ending barrage of gibberish, but no sound was ever observed at least not by the physicians who attended to Mordake or the few family members who were allowed short, infrequent visits.

Mordake was harassed each night by the devil twin’s whisperings.  It kept him awake with the terrible, nasty, vile things it would say.  Finally, Mordake reached his breaking point.  He secured some poison and committed suicide at the age of 23.  His last wishes were that the devil face be destroyed before his burial and that his reclusive lifestyle be honored in death.  Mordake was buried in an unmarked grave with only a few close family members in attendance.

Ghost Hunting Equipment: A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal investigators use a variety of equipment to hunt ghosts. From basic cameras and recorders to ghost boxes and laser grids, there’s certainly no shortage of gear. Not sure what equipment investigators truly use and why? Here’s a beginner’s guide to ghost-hunting equipment.

Cameras and Camcorders

It should come as no surprise that cameras and camcorders top paranormal investigators equipment list. No gear is more important for recording potential evidence, be the evidence a full-blown apparition or unexplained activity. Nearly any camera or camcorder will work, though high-quality equipment is generally best.

Digital Recorders

Paranormal investigators use digital recorders to capture electronic voice phenomena also known as EVPs. EVPs can’t be heard at the time of the recording but are audible during playback. Theories abound as to the hows and whys, but many investigators believe ghosts are behind the voice phenomena.

EMF Meters

EMF meters measure electromagnetic fields and are another ghost-hunting staple. Paranormal investigators believe spirits can manipulate magnetic fields and that EMF spikes indicate the presence of a ghost.


When a spirit is near, electromagnetic fields reportedly spike and the temperature reportedly plummets. That’s why many paranormal investigators bring thermometers to haunted locations. Ambient thermometers measure the air surrounding the device while infrared thermometers measure the temperature of distant objects.

Motion Detectors

Some ghost hunters use motion sensors as part of their investigations. The idea is that unseen entities will set off the sensors and alert investigators to their presence. However, not all investigators are fans as natural occurrences can set off the device.

Laser Grids

Laser grids are another way paranormal investigators search for ghosts. Investigators who use this device hope the grid of laser beams will make a ghost easier to spot. Several paranormal investigation shows have featured laser grids, causing amateur groups to begin using them.

Ghost Boxes

A ghost box, otherwise known as a spirit or Frank box, is typically a modified portable radio that continuously scans local AM/FM bands.

Static and snippets of speech come through, and some paranormal investigators believe that spirits can manipulate this audio to create words or sentences.

Truth or Legend? A Mother's Ghost Saves Her Son

In the wee hours of June 10, 1994 Deborah Hoyt awoke with a start. She and her husband were sleeping at a relative’s house in Sacramento, CA, when she sensed they had to leave immediately. The winding mountain road between Sacramento and the Hoyts’ own home in Lake Tahoe made Deborah uneasy, especially at night, but the urge to leave was overwhelming. “I just felt like there was something pulling me up the mountain,” Hoyt said in an appearance on Paranormal Witness.


At a section of Highway 50 known as Bullion Bend, near Placerville, Deborah spotted a nude woman lying near the shoulder of the road. The woman was positioned on her side, bent legs together with an arm over her head. She was ghastly pale and looked dead.

Horrified, Deborah and her husband drove to the nearest phone and called the police. Sheriff’s deputy Rich Strasser arrived at the scene, but found no trace of a woman, nude or otherwise.

Four days earlier Christene Skubish, 24, and her son Nick, 3, left her parents’ home near Sacramento to embark on a new life. Bound for Southern California, Christene was excited to begin a new job and provide a better life for her son. However, the pair never made it to a friend’s house as planned. The concerned friend eventually phoned Christene’s father who alerted authorities. The police brushed off the report at first, saying Christene and Nick would likely show up.

Meanwhile, Christene’s aunt began having strange dreams. In one, she was riding in the backseat of a car and saw the silhouette of a woman and a young boy riding up front. It was night, and the car was traveling in a heavily wooded area. In another dream, Christene and Nick stood in a yard as hurricane-force winds whipped around them. Christene tried and tried to reach her son, but the howling wind repeatedly pushed her back. The aunt asked Christene if she was okay, but a haunted-looking Christene said no.

The aunt’s dreams had come true in the past, and she was sure something terrible had befallen Christene and Nick. Frightened, she called Christene’s father and then left to look for the missing pair.

Back in Placerville, Deputy Rich Strasser couldn’t forget the sighting of a nude woman near the road. Deborah Hoyt seemed like a credible witness, and Strasser was certain she’d seen something. After learning about Christene and Nick’s disappearance, Strasser wondered if the two incidents were related. On a hunch, he returned to Bullion Bend to scour the area.

The deputy found nothing out of the ordinary at first, but he soon came across a child’s shoe. After peering into the brush, Strasser spotted a demolished car at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment. He raced to the vehicle and found Christene and Nick inside. Christene was dead, her body fully clothed in the driver’s seat. Nick was curled up nude in the passenger seat, alive, but in critical condition.

Nick ultimately survived his injuries, though he’d gone five days without food or water. Authorities believe Christene fell asleep at the wheel, leading her car to plunge off the highway and roll down the steep embankment. The coroner determined that she’d died upon impact or shortly thereafter.

Though he was only three at the time, Nick says he remembers the accident and the long nights after. He remembers climbing up and down the embankment. He remembers a glowing white light hovering near the mangled vehicle and a shadowy figure standing nearby. Once at the hospital, he’d told nurses family members about the angels that had watched over him.

Christene was fully clothed when Strasser found her, and authorities believe she died soon after the crash. So who was the dead woman on the roadside? Hoyt believes it was a spirit sent by God to save Nick before it was too late. Christene’s friends and family believe she watched over her son, even after death, appearing as a nude apparition to get the attention of passing motorists.

“I absolutely think something special happened here,” Deputy Strasser said on Paranormal Witness . “I think it is a miracle. It’s a whole series of events that I can’t explain. I’ve often thought about it. I just don’t have the answers.”

Unlike many paranormal tales, the facts of this case have been well documented. Christene Skubish indeed ran off the road near Bullion Bend, and Deborah Hoyt indeed reported a naked woman near the accident site BEFORE anyone knew about the accident. So who, or what, did she see?

The most intriguing theory is that Christene’s ghost remained near the wreckage and appeared nude to draw attention to Nick. Some versions of the tale claim “numerous motorists” called authorities about seeing a naked woman near Bullion Bend. However, mainstream coverage of the event only mentions Deborah Hoyt’s report.

Another theory is that Deborah saw Nick on the road, not Christene. After all, police did find him naked in the vehicle and he does remember climbing up and down the embankment. It was also dark and Deborah may not have seen the figure clearly. Could she have confused the three-year-old boy with a grown woman?

The other paranormal elements of this story – Deborah Hoyt’s sudden urge to leave, the aunt’s premonitory dreams, the light and figure watching over Nick in the car – are interesting, but of course impossible to prove.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe something supernatural occurred or is there a more logical explanation?

It is wonderful that five thousand years have now elapsed since the creation of the world, and still it is undecided whether or not there has ever been an instance of the spirit of any person appearing after death. All argument is against it; but all belief is for it.


S treet L ight I nterference Phenomenon

They call these people: SLIders. They are people who have no particular interest in the paranormal events and are unwilling to tell others due to being ridiculed in the past. They are often relieved to find that others share their ability. This phenomenon doesn’t occur with all street lights but it seems more are susceptible than others. The general rule of thumb is about 20 meters away from street lamps and electrical devices.. Many skeptics claim that this is a normal process of lights to cycle on and on.. Another idea is that the light sensors are being triggered by on-coming cars.. Scientists believe that many of these occurrences are nothing but a coincidence but the believers of this phenomenon believe that something is happening that cannot be explained by our incomplete science!

A List of Unexplained Occurrences

  • Appliances such as lamps and TVs go on and off without being touched.
  • Light bulbs constantly blow when the SLIder tries to turn them off or on.
  • Volume levels change on TVs, radios, and CD players.
  • Watches stop working.
  • Children’s toys start by themselves
  • Credit cards and other magnetically encoded cards are damaged or erased when in their possession
  • Haunted Titanic Exhibit

    One of the most tragic maritime disasters happened on April 15, 1912. The passenger ship Titanic was on its maiden voyage crossing the North Atlantic Ocean when it struck an iceberg and sank.

    More than 1,500 hundred passengers and crew members perished with the ship. In the years since this tragedy many strange stories have been told. The most recent involves the belief that the Titanic Exhibit is haunted.

    This exhibit is housed in the Georgia Museum. It contains over 5,000 artifacts taken from the ocean floor. In recent years, 125 artifacts from this exhibit have been on tour across America.

    As this exhibit has toured more and more witnesses have come forward to report the odd activity they experienced while they viewed this exhibit. Many have reported hearing disembodied voices, other stated they felt an eerie presence around them as they moved from one artifact to the next.

    It is not uncommon for spirits to attach themselves to objects. Considering the trauma these passengers and crew faced it is not surprising that some of these items might be haunted.

    One female visitor who brought her daughter and grandson to the Titanic Exhibit agrees. While they viewed the display of the 1st class quarters, her grandson pulled on their hands and questioned, “Who is that lady?” He then asked. “What is she doing?” The two women at first thought he was just referring to a dress that was displayed across a loveseat. Later hearing other people’s stories they realized that he most likely saw a ghost.

    Many others have reported feeling as if someone watched them as they moved around the various exhibits. They reported that they felt this presence strongest when they stood next to certain items. Later in comparing these reports it was discovered that the same artifacts had been the cause for these feelings. An old leather bag was just one of these.

    The Ghost of Bugsy Siegel

    One of the few original hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada that remains today is the Flamingo Hotel. This hotel has a very famous ghost residing in its Presidential Suite. At 10:30 P.M. on June 20, 1947 Benjamin Bugsy Siegel a well-known gangster was shot and killed at his girlfriend’s home in Beverly Hills, California.

    Siegel rose from the poverty-ridden slums of Brooklyn, New York to become a famous racketeer. Ben as he liked to be called, was tall, charming, athletic and handsome. He had the gift of gab, was a sharp dresser and it was said his piercing blue eyes were fearless. From his early teens Siegel was a successful criminal.

    Siegel was also the classic textbook sociopath. He took what he wanted without a thought for his victims. He was a master manipulator of people. He had a long history of robbery, rape and murder. His fellow criminals dubbed him Bugsy because he was known to take jobs others wouldn’t take. He became the mob’s most feared hit man. Bugsy is a fitting nickname because Siegel often would go bugs with anger if others crossed him.

    Yet Siegel is not remembered for his crimes but for his flamboyant lifestyle, which included many mob connections and Hollywood friends. He is also remembered because he was one of the first to see the opportunity that Las Vegas, Nevada presented. Because of this his name is synonymous with gambling in Las Vegas. But it would be his association with this town that caused his death.

    Siegel seeing Vegas’ potential convinced his mob and Hollywood friends to invest in a project that he assured them would result in quick profits. He started to build a hotel/casino called the Flamingo. The project turned into a money pit costing over 6 million dollars. This drained his mob friends treasury dry. To add insult to injury his mob friends back east, including Meyer Lansky, learned that Siegel was skimming money from the building budget and putting it in numbered Swiss bank accounts.

    The mob decided to put a hit out on Siegel. Lansky, who was a close friend of Siegel because Bugsy had saved his neck on several occasions in the past convinced the Syndicate to hold off. He convinced them that the Flamingo was going to be a moneymaker therefore they could get their money back. At its first opening the Flamingo flopped but months later when Siegel reopened the hotel it was a success. But this did not save his life. To this day it is not known if the Syndicate fulfilled the hit contract they had out on Siegel or if other enemies had him killed. His murder was done mob style. The Syndicate did take over the Flamingo after Siegel’s death.

    Las Vegas is no longer owned by the mob. The Hilton Corporation owns the Flamingo Hotel and Casino today. In 1997 the Flamingo celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is the fourth largest hotel in the world with more than 3,500 guest rooms. Siegel was not mentioned during the anniversary celebration. As one writer put it:

    “…the lesson that the life of Benjamin Bugsy Siegel imparts on us: a killer with a good idea is, after all, just another bum.”

    But the sightings of Siegel’s ghost indicate that he is pleased that his predictions for Las Vegas came true. Since his death, many witnesses have seen Siegel’s ghost at the Flamingo Hotel. For four years before his death in Beverly Hills, Bugsy lived in the Presidential Suite at the Flamingo. Guests that have stayed in this room have reported many strange encounters.

    Moving cold spots are reported and objects vanish or are moved around the suite. Witnesses have seen his apparition in the bathroom and near the suite’s pool table. It is reported that he appears to be happy and content to still be present. Some witnesses state he looks to be pleased about something. Maybe he is happy that Las Vegas turned out how he envisioned it.

    Haunted Salem for all your paranormal needs

    Pennsylvania Ghost Car

    In the 1950s Newton Square, Pennsylvania was a sleepy farming community. The local newspaper reported mostly items about dogs killing sheep or escaped cows. One December in the mid 1950s this local paper reported a particularly bad traffic accident. A local family driving home from Christmas services on West Chester Pike shortly after midnight were struck by another car. Unfortunately, this family,a mother, father, and their teenage son were killed instantly.

    It was determined that a young male driver who was drunk and driving recklessly caused the accident. He and his one male passenger survived the accident unscathed. The two were out late joy riding in hopes of finding more booze and a party. This young man’s family was well connected politically so he avoided persecution. It was stated this drunk driver felt no remorse for what he had done. In fact, he joked about the accident and the deaths he had caused on several occasions.

    A year later, this young man with his same friend were out driving drunk and reckless, on West Chester Pike, early Christmas morning. The 1938 Plymouth hot rod the young man drove overturned near the spot were they had hit and killed the family twelve months before. Both men died. These coincidences are spooky enough but what happened next is even spookier.

    Shortly after these two young men died officers from the local municipal and State Police started to report an unusual sight. They all recounted seeing a ’38 Plymouth careening down West Chester Pike recklessly. They also reported when they attempted to pursue the vehicle they were not able to keep up with it.

    As the years passed these reports became even more interesting because to see a ’38 Plymouth hot rod on the road was no longer a common occurrence. But officers continued to report spotting an early model Plymouth speeding recklessly down West Chester Pike. The reports were all the same, they either couldn’t catch the hot rod or the car appeared to just disappear. Officers even set up roadblocks in an attempt to catch this vehicle but it never appeared at the roadblock after being spotted heading in their direction.

    Many of the witnesses stated that they most often spotted the car in the early morning hours. The car is often seen around Christmas but there have been reports written of sightings at other times of the year. More recently, two officers did manage to pull alongside the speeding hot rod. They saw two occupants in the car.

    “… two young men in strangely out-of-style slicked back duck-tail haircuts, with expressions of absolute and abject terror and pain, as though they were seeing Hell and knew they could never escape.”

    There are a few of the open-air spirits; the more domestic of their tribe gather within-doors, plentiful as swallows under southern eaves.


    Fleeing From The Fire Ghost Photo

    Shows a ghostly woman and child near the site of a raging fire.

    Spirits At The Silver Queen Hotel in Nevada

    Built in 1876, the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, NV is a historic landmark with a haunted reputation. Staff, guests, and countless paranormal investigators are certain that ghosts roam the 138-year-old property. Could they be right?

    Like many haunted hotels, the Silver Queen is allegedly haunted by a tragic woman who died on the property. In this case, a prostitute named Rosie reportedly slashed her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11 and now wanders the hotel, tapping on doors and frightening guests. Rosie seems to have a preference for men as the rooms she visits are primarily occupied by males. The photo below, taken by a guest, may also show the  tragic figure.


    According to Silver Queen lore, Room 11 and Room 13 are particularly prone to paranormal activity. Guests describe loud noises at night, sounds that include tapping on walls, jingling doorknobs, sudden bangs, voices in unoccupied rooms, and the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. The footsteps are particularly odd considering the hotel is completely carpeted. Many guests assumed other visitors were responsible for the noise, but talked to front desk staff and learned they were the only guests on the floor. So who, or what, was responsible for the late-night sounds?

    Though most online accounts mention odd noises and bumps in the night, other guests have had more dramatic encounters. A contributor for Yahoo! claims an unseen entity chased her down the hallway in the middle of the night. She writes:

    “We tiptoed down the long hall and descended a few steps toward Room 11. There was a heavy feeling at that end of the hall. At one point a growl was heard by the door. I decided to go midway down the hall from my room. As I stood there, suddenly I felt and heard a figure running quickly towards me. It made me take steps back and gasp…The incident happened in repetition.”

    Is the Silver Queen Hotel truly haunted or is the legend of Rosie just another example of the tragic female ghost theme? .

    May-Stringer House in Brooksville, Florida

    The 158-year-old May-Stringer House in Brooksville, FL is one of the oldest homes in the area, not to mention the most haunted. Legend has it up to eight ghosts roam the property which today serves as a historical museum. The most famous ghost, however, is that of Jessie Mae, a lonely little girl longing for her mother’s touch.

    In 1855, a contractor named John L. May purchased the Brooksville property and built a home for his family. John lived in the simple four-room house with his wife, Marena, and their daughters, Matilda and Annie, until tuberculosis took his life three years later.

    Marena remained in the home throughout the Civil War and eventually married Confederate hero Frank Saxon. She died giving birth to the couple’s child, a girl named Jessie Mae, in 1869. Jessie survived her birth but died of unknown causes three years later. Marena and Jessie were buried on the property, as were John May and the infant son of Frank and Marena, a detail which fuels many rumors about the May-Stringer haunting.

    After Marena died, Frank Saxon sold the home, and the property eventually made its way to Dr. Sheldon Stringer. The doctor added ten rooms to the house which he shared with his wife and three children. The estate also served as the doctor’s practice, and, some say, a sanatorium catering to victims of smallpox and yellow fever. After the death of the Stringers, the house passed from one owner to another until The Hernando Historical Museum Association acquired the mansion in 1980 and began extensive restoration work. Today, the May-Stringer House is a museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    According to docent Bonnie LeTourneau, weird things started happening at the home right away. Restoration volunteers heard footsteps and voices in empty rooms. Workers noticed cold spots, mists, and eerie shadows. On more than one occasion, the sound of children’s laughter rang throughout the home, though kids weren’t allowed at the work site. The strange events persist today, with guides reporting moving shadows, glowing orbs of light, and the sound of a wailing child. Many believe the child is Jessie Mae, a lost spirit calling out for the mother she never knew. LeTourneau has heard the wails herself, a sound she describes as chilling.

    A doll on display at the May-Stringer House is rumored to be little Jessie’s. One day, volunteers removed the doll from its cradle for review by an appraiser. When they went to return the antique they were shocked to see the disassembled cradle scattered across the floor . The docents quickly reassembled the bed and returned the doll to its place of honor. There have been no other incidents since that day. Was Jessie behind the mysterious event?

    The May-Stringer House is a popular site for paranormal investigators, and many believe its one of Florida’s most haunted homes. Other ghosts rumored to haunt the historic structure include Marena May, Dr. Stringer’s patients, a shooting victim, and an angry spirit known as Mr. Nasty. Though there’s no proof of Mr. Nasty’s existence, he’s said to be a soldier who hanged himself in the attic after learning of his fiance’s infidelity. This betrayal reportedly caused Mr. Nasty to hate women, and one team of ghost hunters had to cut their investigation short after women in the group became violently ill.

    Is the May-Stringer House truly haunted? Or does the old home with a tragic past merely cause imaginations to run wild?

    Elizabeth Ann ‘Ma’ Duncan

    Elizabeth Ann Duncan known as Ma was born in about 1904. Her early life was very transient; she traveled a lot and married more than 20 different men for financial gain, all illegally and bigamous. When she wasn’t living off the livelihood of her husbands, she was the Madam of a brothel in San Francisco. When she gave birth to her son Frank she claimed that there was an instant connection between the two. A soul connection. She vowed nothing would ever come between them.

    In 1956, 27 year old Frank began his career as a lawyer in Santa Barbara, California, and shared an apartment with his mother. He was described as being a very intelligent, nice young man, and a very capable lawyer. Many of his friends believed that once he left the clutches of his mother, he would thrive.

    His mother, on the other hand, was petrified that one day he would leave her. She followed him from courtroom to courtroom, applauding when he would win a case, cooking his dinner, cleaning up after him, acting in most ways as a wife would. Although the subject of incest was never raised directly, there have been many oblique references to it over the years. Whether or not Frank and his mother had a sexual relationship went with Ma to the grave, but it seems very likely.

    Frank tried to break out of his mother’s clutches. He threatened her that if she didn’t loosen her hold he would move out. This petrified her so much that she took an overdose of sleeping pills, purely to scare her son, and was rushed to hospital to have her stomach pumped.

    While in hospital she was cared for a pretty young nurse named Olga. When Frank would come to the hospital to visit his mother he would make sure he spent some time with Olga as well. A lovely romance was obviously blossoming between the two of them, and Ma did not like it. Not one little bit.

    For the next three months, while the relationship was developing, Ma was said to telephone Olga on a near daily basis, threatening her with all kinds of violence if she didn’t leave her son alone. But love is love, and on one occasion Olga mentioned to Ma that she and Frank were talking about getting married, and Ma’s response was “you will never marry him, I will kill you first”.

    Olga won the first round though, and on 20 June, 1958, Frank and Olga were married in secret. Ma eventually found out about the marriage, and adamantly declared that she would not allow the married couple to live together. Ma had such a hold over Frank that at first he went along with the sham, staying at home with his mother and visiting his wife at her apartment. One night while Frank was spending time with his wife, his mother showed up on Olga’s doorstep, banging on the front door and demanding angrily that Frank leave immediately. An argument ensued, and although Frank left with his mother, he and Olga moved in to a different apartment again a few days later, and Frank did not give the address to his mother. Again, he did not last long in wedded bliss before hearing a rumor that his mother was sourcing a hit-man to get rid of Olga, so moved back in with his mother to save his wife’s life.

    In August that same year Ma paid an ex-convict named Ralph Winterstein to act as her son, while she pretended to be Olga. Together they faced the court and received an annulment to the marriage. Obviously this woman would stop at nothing to have her son by her side. She also approached Ralph, asking him if he would consider killing Olga. He refused, and did not report the matter to the police for fear of being caught out due to the fraudulent annulment.

    When Ma found out that Olga was pregnant, she knew she had to finish her once and for all. After many indiscreet enquires she finally met 21 year old Luis Moya and 26 year old Gus Baldonado. She told the men that Olga was blackmailing Frank, and that she needed to be gotten rid of. She agreed to pay $3,000 to them upfront, and another $3,000 within six months of the job being done.

    So all was arranged! They would get rid of Olga.

    Frank had no idea what had become of his wife, and when money started to go missing in the house, he confronted his mother, she told him she was being blackmailed. He went to the police and told them he suspected his mother was being blackmailed, and that it had something to do with his wife, and an investigation was opened. This resulted in the two murderers, Moya and Baldonado being arrested, and Olga’s body being found.

    During the course of the investigation Ma was also arrested, although she claimed she was innocent during the trial, and Frank supported her to the end. In a sensational court-case the jury found all three guilty of murder, and sentenced to death. The two men were executed via the gas chamber, next to each other.

    Elizabeth Ann “Ma” Duncan was executed via the gas chamber on 8 August, 1962. Frank was not at the execution, as he was in San Francisco fighting her case in the Federal Court. Ma’s last recorded words were said to be “Where’s Frank? I want to see my son.”

    Ghosts are a metaphor for memory and remembrance and metaphorically connect our world to the world we cannot know about.


    The Ghosts of Hotel Monte Vista

    A phantom bell boy, murdered prostitutes, and a booze-loving criminal are just a few of the ghosts said to haunt the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, AZ. In fact, John Wayne himself encountered a spirit at the 87-year-old landmark.

    Built in 1927, the Monte Vista boasted over 70 rooms and was the tallest building in Flagstaff. The hotel also harbored the city’s most popular speakeasy before the end of Prohibition as well as the only slot machines ever operated within city limits. Celebrity guests throughout the years include Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and John Wayne, among others. However, it’s the Monte Vista’s more permanent guests that make the hotel famous among paranormal enthusiasts.

    The legend of the phantom bell boy is perhaps Monte Vista’s most famous ghost tale. Legend has it the ghostly boy will knock on doors and call out “room service.” However, when puzzled guests open the door no one is around.

    Other guests have seen the bell boy standing outside Room 210, also known as the Zane Grey Suite. Actor John Wayne saw the bell boy ghost during a stay at the Monte Vista. He reportedly felt at ease around the spirit and thought it seemed friendly.


    Another famous legend involves a trio of men who robbed a Flagstaff bank and decided to celebrate at the Monte Vista Lounge. One of the men had been shot in the robbery and bled out in the hotel’s lounge. Now, the robber’s ghost allegedly appears to guests in the form of a hazy mist. Drinks and bar stools also move on their own.

    The robbery allegedly occurred in 1970, so it should be easy to verify the robber’s unusual death. However, as far as I know, there is no official record of such an incident.

    In the early 1940s, two prostitutes paid a visit to Room 306, also known as the Gary Cooper Suite. Someone killed the women and tossed their bodies out the third-story window. Now, guests staying in Room 306 awake in the night with the eerie sensation of being watched. At times, male guests have trouble breathing and feel an unseen hand covering their mouths or throats.


    According to the hotel’s website, Room 305 is the most active room at Monte Vista. Guests claim to see an old woman sitting near the window in a rocking chair, even when the room is unoccupied. Reports from staff claim the chair rocks on its own and even slides across the room. Legend has it an elderly woman was once a long-term boarder of the room and spent countless hours in the chair. Perhaps she is responsible for the strange events. Unsolved Mysteries featured the rocking chair tale in an episode of their show.

    Letta The Haunted Gypsy Doll

    In the early 1970′s, Kerry Walton, a man in his early 20′s, had to return to his home town in Wagga Wagga NSW, in order to attend a funeral. It was at about this time that he recalled a childhood fear he had had growing up about a old abandoned house located down the street which was said to be haunted.

    Feeling that now was the perfect time to finally face his childhood terror, Kerry ventured to the house in the middle of the night, in order to explore and settle his nightmares. Finding an opening to the buildings cellar, Kerry lit the gloom with the ull shaft of light emitted from his torch. Thick whirls of powder were present as he kicked up the dust collected after years of disuse.

    The building’s supports, brick, stone and timber passed into light and shadow as he made his way through the gloom. Suddenly Kerry was startled to find a set of eyes looking back at him, from what appeared to be a small dead child, sitting on its own.

    However, it was not a child at all, but an old and quite grotesque looking marionette. Having been creeped out enough for one night Kerry grabbed the doll and left. when he returned home, he left the doll in the lounge room and went to bed.

    Kerry could not stop thinking about the doll and felt a little uncomfortable knowing it was laying not too far away. He got up, placed the doll in a bag and put it under the house.

    Soon enough Kerry was offered some money for the doll, and he was more than happy with selling this creepy souvenir from the old abandoned house. He and the doll took a journey to where it was to be sold, but upon arrival Kerry could not bring himself to part with it. He broke the deal and took the doll back home.

    With the doll having some sort of hold on him, he wanted to get some information about it. With its old antique look a trip to the museum for some advice on where to get information was decided upon. However the museum was able to give quite a lot of information. The nails used to keep the dolls feet to the legs aged the doll at about 200 years old and the style of it made it almost certain to have come from Eastern Europe.

    The dolls hair was also discovered to be real human hair and under the scalp was the likeness of a human brain.

    The history of the doll grew when several psychics provided more information about its background. A doll maker had carved this particular doll in the likeness of his young son who had died, drowned at the age of six. Dolls were strongly believed to be able to harbor a human soul after death, providing it with a new worldly home.

    The doll, the marionette, still contains this soul. It is not malicious or dark, but rather just that of a child who had drowned over two centuries earlier.

    Kerry was also told he will never be able to part with it.

    The doll, now named Letta, due to its European Gypsy origins, brought out curious reactions in many that saw it. Dogs would go into hysterics, snapping and barking at the doll, attacking it should they be given the opportunity. People let out a gasp of shock when first laying eyes on it, something about the eyes bringing about strange emotions of fear and sadness.

    On more than one occasion women have broken out into weeping, screaming hysterics or just fainting all together.

    Letta is also said to be able to move of its own accord, changing positions, or at times pulsing when being held.

    The doll still remains in Kerry Walton’s possession.

    Although still quite spooky, Kerry has gotten used to Letta and will never let it go for fear of the misfortune that has been predicted by many psychics should he ever do so.

    Robert Liston's Surgical Record

    In times before anesthetic’s the faster a surgical procedure could be carried out the better in terms of a patients suffering. Back then a few shots of hard liquor was all you would get to numb the pain and maybe a good knock on the head. Other than that you would have to grit your teeth through the pain, no doubt fighting the surgeons assistants who were holding you down until sweet unconsciousness took you away.

    Robert Liston was known to be fast, very fast, at his work. He could amputate an entire leg in under three minutes. He didn’t even pause to put his tools down, the bloody knife would be held between his teeth as he reached for the bone saw.

    However at times this could lead to accidents such as the time during one leg amputation that he took the patients testicles as well.


    But it is his record of the 300% mortality rate that he is quite well known for. The leg amputation was complete in two and a half minutes but during that time, a assistant lost a finger or two to Liston’s knife.

    He and the amputee ended up dying in the same hospital from gangrene.

    A spectator also died during the procedure when Liston’s knife slashed through his coat tails. Although the knife did no physical harm the spectator though otherwise, that his internal vitals had been pierced, thus he died from terror and shock there and then.

    Still, asides from those mishaps he is considered a pioneering surgeon and the first in Europe to perform an operation utilizing modern anesthesia.

    The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.


    Catfish Plantation Spirit

    This photo comes from the Catfish Plantation restaurant in Waxahacie, TX. Built in 1895, the restaurant is a former Victorian reportedly haunted by several spirits. Strange activity in the business includes levitating objects, eerie blue lights, and a ghostly bride that stares forlornly out the window. Is that her in the pic?

    Is Ellis Island Haunted?

    On January 1, 1892, Ellis Island opened to begin processing U.S. immigrants. The U.S. Bureau of Immigration processed 12 million immigrants at Ellis Island before the facility shut down in 1954, but not everyone found their happy ending. Over 3,000 immigrants died on Ellis Island during its 62-year run, and rumor has it some of them still haunt the historic property.

    According to one frequently quoted report (which no longer exists online), several National Park Service employees have had eerie experiences on Ellis Island. Dean Garrett, former chief ranger, reportedly heard children’s voices emanating from the Great Hall (pictured above) and the sound of doors opening and closing on their own. Naturally, no one was around. Technician Martha Blitzer and an unnamed reporter also heard children’s voices in the Hall. The children, they said, sounded scared and confused. Many sounded as if they were crying.

    One evening, Youth Conservation Corps worker George DuRan was walking in a hallway under the Great Hall when he thought he heard people moving furniture above. When DuRan went to investigate, however, the noises suddenly stopped. No one was around and no workers were on Ellis Island that day.

    Frances Knorr - Baby Farming Murderess

    Born into a highly respected, god-fearing family, Minnie Thwaites entered the world on the November 6, 1867. This Chelsea hat maker’s daughter became known as the Baby Farming Murderess.

    Minnie emigrated to Australia in 1887 as Frances and settled in Sydney. She was employed in domestic service and soon became acquainted with Rudolph Knorr. Rudi was a German immigrant working as a waiter. He was known as a petty criminal with his specialty being a swindler. They married on the November 2,1889 and moved to Melbourne. They were blessed with the birth of Gladys in 1892 but this soon turned sour when Rudi was sent to prison in Adelaide for selling furniture on hire purchase.

    This was a time of great financial depression and it was very difficult for a lone woman to make ends meet. Frances turned her hand to dressmaking but failed. She was finding herself almost destitute with a small child so she stole some money and made her way back to Melbourne. Frances took in with one Edward Thompson whom was a fishmongers assistant. Their union was not to last long and Frances moved yet again and found her way into baby farming.

    The Baby Farming racketeering was open to any woman with a child/children of her own. She could get away with claiming to be a nurse and could take babies on a long-term basis. The mother would pay an initial down payment of up to 20 pounds and then pay a smaller monthly payment. In return her baby would be cared for and she could visit at pre-arranged times. Often the mother would arrive for a visit only to find that the baby farmer had vanished, her child sold to a childless couple at an exorbitant cost. The baby farmer would normally change her name and set up business in another town or state. During this time a commission was held where it was found that post mortems on over 500 such babies found that in over half, murder was the cause of death. In 1893 there were 60 inquests into babies that had been found dead or whom had died through neglect. Many babies simply vanished without trace and were presumed to be on-sold. With no legal binding contract in place its a wonder such atrocities occurred.

    Given that this was now Frances choice of income she moved around a lot using variations of her known names. There were many mothers hunting Frances down wanting a word with her over their missing babies. The mothers did not report their babies as missing as they were frightened at being exposed as a single mother with an illegitimate child. The baby farming industry was rampant in Victoria. So it seemed highly likely that Frances had babies in her care that she could not re-farm or sell that had possibly been disposed of.

    Rudi was released from prison and reunited with Frances and they moved to Sydney. It was during the birth of her second child that the police came to arrest her for murder. The police had to wait for the child to be born before they could escort Frances to Melbourne. Little did Frances know but a tenant in one of her old residences had been gardening and found the decomposing remains of a baby girl, she still had a length of rope around her neck. When the police arrived at the scene, neighbor’s let them know that the same tenant had also lived in a nearby house. That garden was also upturned and the remains of two baby boys were found. Autopsy found that the cause of death for the girl was strangulation and both the boys were suffocated.

    During the inquest, 33 witnesses were called and their evidence was damning. One witness stated that Frances Knorr had uncountable dealings with unwed mothers and the swapping and re-farming of babies was so large in numbers it was hard to keep track of. Francis was charged with three counts of murder but even with the mountain of evidence against her she pleaded her innocence, denying she murdered and buried the babies.

    The knot in her noose came when a letter from Frances to Edward Thompson was intercepted. In the letter Frances was trying to have Edward falsify evidence and have him blamed for the burials and that the children were theirs and not those of unwed mothers and that the babies had died of consumption. If this was to be her saving grace it failed miserably. After a five day trial a guilty verdict was delivered. Judge Holroyd passed the mandatory death sentence. Frances, still in denial screamed from the dock “God forgive you and your sins Ted. God help my poor mother, God help my poor babies”.

    It wasn’t until the days leading up to her execution that she confessed her sins.

    “Placed as I am now within a few hours of my death, I express a strong desire that this statement be made public, with the hope that my fall will not only be a warning to others, but also act as a deterrent to those who are perhaps carrying on the same practice. I now desire to state that upon the two charges known in evidence as number 1 and number 2 babies, I confess to be guilty.”

    Frances Knorr was hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol 1000hrs on the January 15,1894. Before the trap door opened and she dropped seven feet, six inches to her instantaneous death she stated “I have peace, perfect peace”.

    Thomas Jones was to be Frances Knorr’s hangman. With public divide over the execution of women there was tension in the Jones household. Newspapers of the time provided scathing details of the baby murderer, yet the public knew how hard it was for lone women to survive and what lengths they had to go to just to keep themselves afloat. Mrs Jones was outraged that her husband was to be employed to hang Frances, so outraged that she threatened to leave him if he went through with it. The pressure became too much for Thomas and he committed suicide two days before the execution date.

    The Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe

    On October 7, 1849, renowned author Edgar Allan Poe died at Washington Medical College. Two days earlier, a man had encountered Poe “in great distress and in need of immediate assistance” on a street in Baltimore, MD.

    Poe, who wasn’t wearing his own clothes at the time of his discovery, repeatedly called out the name Reynolds, but died before he could explain who he was talking about or what had made him so ill. Newspapers at the time claimed Poe died of “congestion of the brain” or “cerebral inflammation,” common euphemisms for alcoholism, but it’s uncertain how the author truly died as his medical records are long lost.

    Though Poe’s records might be gone, some people believe the author still lurks around his former home at 203 North Amity Street in Baltimore. Several people in the 1970s felt taps on the shoulder but turned around to see no one behind them. One actor was spooked when a window sash appeared to fly across the room and land at his feet. Reports of “creepy feelings” and “an eerie presence” are not uncommon.

    When haunting at home gets too boring, Poe floats on over to the Horse You Rode in On pub, also in Baltimore. Bartenders attribute swinging chandeliers to the author and believe he’s behind a cash register that repeatedly pops open.

    Do you believe Edgar Allan Poe haunts his former home and pub 164 years after his death?

    St. Valentines Day Massacre

    St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Site
    2122 N. Clark Street
    Chicago, IL. 60614

    During the 1920′s and 1930′s the city of Chicago was almost completely taken over by gangsters and even the police and politicians were on the take. Warring factions broke up the city by gang territories and doing business outside your respective territory was dangerous and surely had serious repercussions. Long before people like Alphonse “Scarface” Capone and George “Bugs” Moran came on to the scene mobsters like Dion O’Banion, Johnny “The Fox” Torrio and “Big” Jim Colosimo ruled the gangs with an iron fist. Eventually however through the process of elimination, Al Capone ruled the south side while Bugs Moran was in charge of the north side.

    A series of violence beginning with the killing of Big Jim Colosimo, Dion O’Banion, Johnny Torrio, Angelo Genna, Hymie Weiss and the police killing of Vincent Druchi catapulted the likes of Capone and Moran to the head of their respective gangs. While Al had designs on becoming the top boss, Moran didn’t want any part of it but was elevated by proxy.

    The SMC Cartage Company Garage at 2122 N. Clark Street was Moran’s headquarters for bootlegging operations. Al Capone decided once and for all to wipe out the competition in the north and take over all the illegal gambling, prostitution and bootlegging citywide. He employed lookouts in boarding houses across the street at 2119 N. Clark and a better vantage point from 2139 N. Clark. They kept the garage under surveillance for weeks waiting for the perfect opportunity.

    Capone, using a fellow gangster from Detroit to make Moran a phony offer promising an intercepted shipment of liquor was the bait. Moran jumped at the offer to make some money and put a dent in Capone’s bootlegging operation. At 10:30 am on February 14, 1929, Moran and a crew of his lieutenants were to be at the SMC Garage to accept the shipment.

    Moran and his two other associates, Willie Marks and Teddy Newbury were running a bit late and seeing what appeared to be a Chicago Police car pull up to the front of the garage, they ducked into a nearby coffee shop. Four men climbed out of the sedan, two in plain clothes and two in police uniforms.

    Inside the garage were: Adam Heyer, John May, Albert R. Weinshank, Albert Kachellek (alias James Clark), brothers Frank and Peter Gusenberg and Reinhart Schwimmer. They were all top Moran hoods except Schwimmer who was an optometrist and a self-professed “gangster groupie”.

    The two uniformed hoods entered first and announced that this was a raid and ordered the seven men to face the wall with their hands over their heads. Then the two plain-clothes gangsters reached into their topcoats and extracted two Thompson sub-machine guns and shotguns. The Moran gang never had a chance and was killed by over seventy sub-machine rounds and shotgun blasts to the head. According to gangster tradition, the bullets had traces of garlic to assure death.

    Their dirty work completed the two plainclothes were lead out by the two uniformed officers looking much like a bust and arrest had just been made. Frank Gusenberg was somehow still barely alive. He was transported to Alexian Brothers Hospital where he died at 1:40 PM. When asked who shot him and his brother he answered, “Nobody shot me.” There was one eye witness though who was never able to tell the true story, John May’s German Alsatian, Highball had seen everything and was found howling mournfully amid the carnage. “Only Capone kills like that,” Moran would later remark. The murder car, a 1927 Cadillac seven-passenger sedan was later found stripped in a rented garage on North Wood Street. The SMC garage was torn down in 1967 as part of an urban renewal program.

    Today a small grassy area just to the south of a housing project for the elderly marks the site. There are five trees like the five spots on a playing card and where the middle tree is located all the way to the bushes in the rear of the property is where the north wall once stood; the wall where those men were lined up and killed.

    In the years since the massacre people have heard sobbing and moaning sounds emanating from the site of the murders. Animals also react strangely to the site. Even the highly trained K-9 Patrol from the Chicago Police Department has been observed barking, snarling and growling at something unseen. Others will aggressively pull away apparently seeing or sensing someone or something their handlers cannot.

    Sounds of automatic fire and shotgun blasts have also been reported in the years since the massacre. A most unusual story relates to the bricks of the old SMC Cartage Company Garage. When the garage was pulled down, souvenir hunters descended on the site and carted away loads of bricks. Some were still spattered with blood or contained bullet holes. It seems that those who had quite a number of the original bricks have met with some form of bad luck. Either sickness, bankruptcy, divorces or other forms of bad karma. Maybe some force still lingers in the inanimate bricks? Could the animals be reacting to something they see or are they simply sensing the misery, pain and suffering of this most vicious act? This area shows no sign of going away any time soon.

    Ghosts seem harder to please than we are; it is as though they haunted for haunting’s sake -- much as we relive, brood, and smoulder over our pasts.



    Karolina Olsson – Sleeping Beauty of Okno

    Karolina Olsson was returning home to her village of Okno, Sweden, crossing the ice of a frozen river when she fell. Some say she fell through the ice, nearly drowning but being pulled to safety at the last moment, where others say she tripped and hit her head, knocking a tooth, resulting in a tooth ache. Whatever the truth she did make it home and with a sore face.

    When the toothache got worse her father, a fisherman, and mother thought it was due to witchcraft. It was 1886, superstition was high and the village of Okno was quite isolated. Knowing there was nothing they could do that evening Karolina was told to go to bed and see what took place the following day.

    Karolina went to sleep age 14 and when she did wake up she was 45/46 – she had slept for 32 years and the year was 1908.

    In the meantime her parents had gone through quite a lot of worry. When their daughter did not wake up after a few days and they were unable to rouse her they sent for medical help. Karolina was visited by several doctors all who could not definitively explain her state of torpor and all attempts at rousing her failed.

    Pins were inserted into her fingertips for a response, nothing. Later in 1892, when she had been asleep for 14 years she was put in a hospital for a month where more attempts at waking her took place. Even electricity was used, passing a current through her body, nothing.

    She was returned back home and as she slept life passed her by. Her mother passed away in 1905 and later two of her brothers. What is mysterious is that after these deaths Karolina was said to have broken into fits of crying, yet she was asleep.

    After the death of her mother the family took on a housekeeper to look after the families home and Karolina. Everyday Karolina was fed two glasses of sweetened milk by having it spooned into her mouth, luckily her swallowing reflex was intact or she will have likely wasted away.

    Several times she was seen to sleep walk or crawl. Her father had also witnessed her in a kneeling, praying position next to her bed saying a few mumbled words before returning to her bed.

    When Karolina eventually woke up her world was changed. She must have known something was wrong as the first anyone saw of her she was inconsolable perhaps because she had seen herself in a mirror, the 14 year old girl now looking quite a lot older. What is remarkable is that although she was now firmly in her middle aged years she only looked to be in her mid 20′s at most, her prolonged slumber having preserved her youthful beauty.

    And beautiful she was. When word got around that this sleeping beauty had awakened, people traveled from far and wide to visit. She was a instant celebrity and rather than being shy she seemed to have enjoyed the attention.

    When asked about what she could remember she replied she remembers everything before her sleep and all that she could remember about the sleep itself was constant visions of blue faces submerged in water. Curious as her brothers had died by drowning.

    However not all was good and well. Many thought Karolina was a fraud and that the 32 years of sleep had been staged, helped along by the family. No-one believed she could have been kept alive on just milk and sugar. Many believed it was possibly for her protection, her mother having strongly believed her daughter had been bewitched all the way back in 1876.

    Karolina was examined and there was no lasting physical damaged found. Her mental acuity was still that of a young woman, intelligent but, obviously, knew little of the history of her country… understandable as she slept through it.

    Karolina lived out a quite happy life afterwards and passed away in April 1950 aged 89.

    It is still not entirely known why she had slept for so long and as such still regarded as a medical marvel.

    The Ghosts of Captain Jack's Stronghold

    On October 3, 1873, the U.S. Army hanged Modoc Indian chief “Captain Jack” Kintpuash for the murders of General Edward Canby and Reverend Eleazar Thomas, both leaders of a Federal peace commission. Though Captain Jack and three of his tribesmen died 140 years ago today, some believe the spirits of these men live on.

    The trouble started in 1864 when settlers encroached on Modoc territory and officials relocated the Indians to the lands of a rival tribe. The Modoc people fared poorly there, and in 1865, Captain Jack led the tribe back to their native lands in the Tule Lake region near the California-Oregon border. The Army sent the Modoc back to the area of resettlement, but Jack and nearly 200 of his tribe returned to their ancestral lands in 1870.


    Over the next three years, the Army skirmished with Captain Jack’s band of warriors who managed to hide in the caves and trenches in what is now Lava Beds National Monument. Today, people report feeling ill in the area known as Captain Jack’s Stronghold (right) with some visitors experiencing a deep sense of sorrow and unease.

    “I felt my heart racing and didn’t know why,” one man told of his childhood visit to the site. “I also felt incredibly sad, particularly when sitting in Captain Jack’s cave. There were pictures carved into the stone there. I felt that if I had lain down, I would not want to get up. I remember asking my parents to leave as I could not overcome the feeling that I wanted to cry. This feeling lasted about a half an hour after I left the site.”

    At the suggestion of his advisers, Jack met with members of the Federal peace commission on April 11, 1873 and fatally shot General Edward Canby. Another Modoc known as Boston Charley killed Reverend Thomas. The Army responded in force, and Captain Jack surrendered to authorities on June 1. His execution by hanging came four months later.

    Is it possible that the spirits of Captain Jack and the warriors he led still dwell in the former stronghold?

    Dusseldorf Vampires Head

    When you read the final words of Peter Kurten you might wonder why or how the sound of his “own blood gushing from the stump of my his neck” could constitute pleasure.

    Well Kurten had a sexual fetish for flowing blood. When he was interviewed about his crime by Dr Karl Berg, he admitted that the murders were for sexual pleasure and the more stab wounds in some victims was because it took him longer to achieve orgasm.

    He went to the guillotine July 2, 1931 at the age of 48. He had been found guilty of 9 murders but confessed to 68. After he was decapitated, his head was dissected so his brain could be studied to see if there were any abnormalities present that could have caused him to become the monster that he was.

    His brain was normal.

    Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato

    The relatives of Ignacia Aguilar look down at her still body hoping that her heart would start to beat again. Aguilar suffered from a rare condition that causes her heart to appear to stop and this loss of apparent life sign can last for up to a day but this time the signs have ceased for longer than that.

    Eventually their fear is realized as the body remains motionless. Funeral arrangements are made and Aguilar is interred into the ground in Guanajuato Cemetery, Mexico.

    Sometime later, decades down the line, Ignacia Aguilar is disinterred and when she is uncovered, the coffin lid opened, something is not right. Aguilar, like many of the other bodies removed from the ground after family had not paid the ‘grave tax’ was mummified, the heat of the surrounding soil and possibly the ground minerals drying out the body, preserving the flesh, hair and clothing.

    But what is different from this mummy compared to the others is that Aguilar’s hands are up over her head, her mouth is filled with dried blood and there are scratches on her forehead.

    Aguilar had been mistakenly buried alive. She had rolled onto her stomach and placing her arms underneath she had tried to push her way out. Unable to escape and despair obviously becoming too much she bit into her forearm drawing the blood that was found dried and preserved in her corpses dried mouth.

    Her body was stored in a building along with the other ‘accidental mummies’ where people could pay a fee to visit and look upon her with pity. Some say the story of her live burial is just that, a story, but others believe the evidence speaks for itself.

    There are many other stories concerning the accidental mummies of Guanajuato but Ignacia Aguilar’s is the one that stands out. The reason we know so much about her story today is because unlike many of the other mummies that are aged in the thousands of years, the Guanajuato mummies are not even two centuries old.

    Many of the bodies are from those who died during a cholera outbreak in the city of Guanajuato in the early to mid 1800′s. Due to the contagious nature of cholera and the lack of complete understanding of the disease, bodies of those who had succumbed were buried quickly after death – many prematurely. As such many of the mummies are believed to be those who were buried alive.

    As the cemeteries filled and more needed to be opened, a ‘grave tax’ came into place, that ordered families to pay for their loved ones rights to stay buried, should the tax be unpaid, the bodies were dug up and cremated, providing new room for bodies to be buried.

    The bodies began to be dug up in 1865 and soon it was apparent that there was some more money to be made by the cemetery. Inexplicably a percentage of the bodies were mummified. About 2% were found in a preserved state and instead of being cremated they were stored in a building and people could pay a small fee to look upon them.

    Soon the small room began to be filled with mummies of all ages – ranging from a preserved fetus of 24 weeks all the way through to the elderly. The bodies of both the rich and the poor are on display, as about 120 mummies were found before the ‘grave tax’ was abolished in 1958.

    Today the Guanajuato Mummies Museum is one of the cities biggest tourist attractions and is not without its ghost stories.

    Footsteps have been heard during the night when the only person present is the caretaker and whispered chatter can be heard when no one else is near. Some people swear the museum is haunted by those whose eternal rest has been disturbed, though more than a few are happy to blame the supernatural happenings on a witch whose mummified remains are also on display.

    Psychoanalysis has taught that the dead -- a dead parent, for example -- can be more alive for us, more powerful, more scary, than the living. It is the question of ghosts.


    The Haunted Lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park

    Hunting Island is a beautiful coastal park located about 15 miles east of Beaufort, SC. Here visitors can camp near the beach, paddle around a scenic lagoon, stroll along the marshland boardwalk, and view varied wildlife such as alligators, bald eagles, and loggerhead turtles. Some locals say visitors might also encounter a ghost. A 138-year-old lighthouse is also among the park’s many attractions, and like nearly all lighthouses around the world, the Hunting Island light has a reputation for being haunted.


    Officials erected the original Hunting Island Lighthouse in 1859, but destroyed it during the Civil War to keep the Union Army from using the lighthouse as a point of navigation. Residents built a replacement in 1875, but beach erosion forced them to dismantle the lighthouse in 1893 and move it further inland. This is where the lighthouse stands today, and visitors may still climb to the top and enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding marshlands.

    My husband and I visited the lighthouse last Saturday to participate in an evening climb and watch the moon rise from the ocean. Someone asked if the lighthouse was haunted, and sure enough, it is.

    There are several legends regarding the lighthouse haunting, but the tour guide and park ranger we met only knew of one: the former lighthouse keeper who tried, and failed, to save a boy from drowning in the ocean. Legend has it the keeper still paces up and down the beach, searching for the child he couldn’t pull from the waves. Whether the story is true or not, the threat of drowning certainly exists. Rip currents are common on Hunting Island Beach, and the churning water has claimed several victims. In July 2013, Three family members died after a current pulled them away from shore.


    According to another legend, related by a woman in our tour group, the spirit of a former keeper hates being shut out and will sometimes bang on the door when it is locked. Guests and modern-day caretakers have reportedly heard violent pulling and banging sounds as they ascend the winding stairs, but when someone goes to investigate, the sounds stop and the area around the lighthouse is empty. The park ranger we met was skeptical of this story, saying he was from the Beaufort area and never once heard the tale.

    A third legend claims the daughter of a former keeper leap from the top of the lighthouse after hearing some bad news and now haunts the historic structure. One park visitor camped atop the lighthouse overnight, and heard a girl's moan on the spiral staircase . He also saw a blue orb zip up from the third-floor landing. The visitor says he heard the story from a Hunting Island park ranger in the 1970s.

    Is the Hunting Island lighthouse truly haunted? Or are the stories nothing more than the usual lighthouse legends? My husband and I didn’t see or hear anything unusual while we were there, but it’s easy to see how one could imagine ghosts ascending the winding staircase or roaming the darkened beach.

    The Dibbuk Box

    A Dibbuk Box is a wine cabinet which, according to Jewish folklore, is said to be haunted by a restless, evil spirit that is capable of haunting and possessing the living. One particular Dibbuk Box became famous when it was listed on eBay along with a terrifying back story.

    The story began in September of 2001, when an antique buyer and refinisher attended an estate sale in Portland, Oregon. The auction was held to sell off the belongings of a 103-year-old woman, and her granddaughter informed the antique dealer of the woman’s past when she noticed that he had purchased a simple wooden wine cabinet. The old woman had been Jewish, the only one of her family members to have survived her time in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. When she immigrated to the United States, the wine cabinet and two other items were the only things she brought with her.

    The woman’s granddaughter explained that her grandmother had always kept the box hidden away, and said that it should never, ever be opened because it contained a malicious spirit called a dibbuk. She requested that the box be buried with her, but since doing so went against Jewish tradition, her family did not oblige. When the antique dealer asked the granddaughter if she would like to keep the box for sentimental reasons, the woman vehemently refused, becoming very upset and saying, “We made a deal! You have to take it!”

    The dealer took his purchase back to his shop and placed it in his workshop in the basement. Immediately, strange and frightening things started happening. He was called by his frantic shop assistant, who said that the lights had gone out, the doors and security gates had locked, and she heard terrible sounds coming from the basement. When he investigated, he discovered a terrible odor of cat urine lingering in the air, and every light bulb in the place had been smashed.

    The dealer gave the wine box to his mother as a gift, and the woman immediately suffered a major stroke. In the hospital, she spelled out, H-A-T-E G-I-F-T as tears spilled from her eyes uncontrollably. He attempted to give the gift to several more people, but it was always returned to him within a few days, usually because people just didn’t like it, or because they felt that something about it was evil. He began suffering from a recurring nightmare, and he later found that all of his family members who had been around the box were having the same dream. He started seeing shadow figures darting around in his peripheral vision, as well.

    After finally admitting that there was something paranormal happening, he went online to research and fell asleep at his computer. When he woke up, he felt like something was breathing on his neck, and when he turned his head he saw a huge shadow figure dashing away from him down the hall. He then decided to list the item on eBay, along with a detailed account of what had happened to him since obtaining the box.

    Jason Haxton, the curator of a medical museum in Missouri, purchased the box from the eBay auction. He later wrote a book detailing the strange story of the dibbuk box, and in 2012, a horror movie based on the book entitled The Possession was released.

    Apparitions are often confused with hauntings. The difference is that apparitions are "live" (intelligent consciousness) and hauntings are "recordings."


    Myrtles Plantation Ghost Photo

    Taken at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francsiville, LA, this photo reportedly shows the spirit of a former slave named Chloe. Legend has it Chloe poisoned her master’s daughters and now haunts the plantation with her two young victims. A couple of problems, though: there’s no record of Chloe at the Myrtles Plantation , and the daughters in question weren’t poisoned. One died of yellow fever, and the other lived well into adulthood. What do you think of the image?

    The Man They Could Not Hang

    Throughout the past 100 years, the myths surrounding John ‘Babbacombe’ Lee’s story have taken on a life of their own.

    Urban legends, ghostly sightings and tales of supernatural intervention have grown far beyond what anybody in 19th century South Devon could have imagined for the lowly manservant.

    Lee, nicknamed The Man They Could Not Hang, came to prominence when he was convicted of murdering his employer, Emma Keyse, and setting fire to her Babbacombe home, called The Glen.

    Mike Holgate, of Torquay, an expert on John Lee, said: “During his trial, the prosecution portrayed Lee as a depraved lunatic capable of smashing an old lady’s head with an axe, then slashing her throat with a knife.

    “The judge, in passing sentence of death, remarked how calm Lee’s demeanor had been throughout the trial.

    “Lee is said to have leaned forward in the dock and replied firmly: ‘The reason why I am so calm is that I trust in the Lord, and He knows I am innocent.’

    “In the days leading up to the date of execution, Lee read the Bible prodigiously and proclaimed his innocence.

    “It is said he told the prison chaplain the real culprit was the lover of his half-sister, Elizabeth Harris, who was cook at The Glen and expecting a child which was later delivered out of wedlock in Newton Abbot Workhouse.”

    The prison governor’s logbook states on the morning of the execution, as Lee approached the gallows trapdoor, he told two prison guards he had dreamt ‘three times the bolt was drawn, and three times the bolt failed to act’.

    Lee was a lonely figure on the gallows, but each time an attempt was made to open the trapdoor, it stuck. After each failed attempt the trapdoor was tested and it opened normally, but when Lee stood on it again the door would not open. Three times this happened, each with the same outcome. It is rumored that throughout the ordeal on the scaffold, a white dove perched on the gallows until the condemned man was led safely back to his prison cell.

    The Home Secretary told Parliament he could not expect a man to ‘twice face the pangs of imminent death’. Lee began a 23-year prison sentence in Exeter, and from that day the myths about his life spread across the world. Witchcraft and devilish incantations were often talked of when people tried to reason Lee’s escape from death. Friends of Lee claimed they had paid a white witch handsomely to save him from the noose.

    Other people told stories of how Lee’s mother had visited the church graveyard near her home at Abbotskerswell, recited the Lord’s Prayer backwards and summoned the Devil to save her son. Also, an old woman called Granny Lee, from Ogwell, is said to have told locals ‘they shall not hang him’ as she walked to Exeter on the morning of the execution and cast a spell on the gallows from a spot overlooking the prison.

    In 1905, the witchcraft theory gained credence from a surprising source, the Archdeacon of Westminster, Basil Wilberforce. At the time of the murder he had been a regular visitor to Babbacombe, where he addressed temperance meetings organized by a distinguished neighbor of Emma Keyse, Lady Mount-Temple of Babbacombe Cliff. The churchman was chaplain to the House of Commons and vehemently opposed a growing campaign for Lee’s release. He informed the Home Office that he ‘knew the Lees well’ and said they were ‘a well-known witch family on Dartmoor’.

    Whether miracle or sorcery, the events on the scaffold cast doubt in many people’s minds about Lee’s guilt. The editor of The Times, who poured scorn on the Home Secretary’s decision to eventually reprieve Lee, said Lee’s story would ‘encourage foolish and superstitious people to believe, in spite of evidence as clear as noonday, that Lee was wrongfully convicted’.

    Mike added: “The Home Office didn’t help themselves, because they refused to release details about the trapdoor malfunction for 100 years, so the myths grew. “There were even questions asked in Parliament at the time. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t announce the details, and they had all the speculation to go through again when he left prison 23 years later.”

    After his release, Lee went to London, where he then eloped with a barmaid, abandoning his wife who was expecting their second child. He then seemingly disappeared without trace, having reportedly visited Australia, America and Canada and Mike Holgate only recently discovered that Lee died in 1945.

    Mike traced the grave to a cemetery in Milwaukee, America. Records show Lee died, aged 80, on March 19, 1945. The legend certainly did not die with Lee, however, because Mike recently recorded a number of spooky tales about The Man They Could Not Hang. He said: “A strange event added to the mystery more than a century later when a pub named the John Lee opened on Babbacombe Downs at Easter, 1989. “At the beginning of June, the swinging pub sign bearing the logo of a hanged man fell to the ground on three consecutive nights for no discernible reason.

    Of all ghosts, the ghosts of our old loves are the worst.



    Many believe that the Chair of Satan belonged to Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. And from sitting in this chair he made a evil dark pact to the Devil to give him his powers and control over the Royal Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his wife the Tsaritsa Alexandra, and their only son the Tsarevich Alexei. Rasputin had often been called the Mad Monk, while others considered him a strannik and even a starets, believing him to be a psychic and faith healer.

    Some believed him to be the Devil incarnate himself. Rasputin was wandering as a pilgrim in Siberia when he heard reports of Tsarevich Alexei’s illness. This disease was widespread among European royalty descended from the British Queen Victoria, who was Alexei’s great-grandmother.

    Rasputin soon became a controversial figure, becoming involved in a paradigm of sharp political struggle involving monarchist, anti-monarchist, revolutionary and other political forces and interests. He was accused by many eminent persons of various misdeeds, ranging from an unrestricted sexual life to undue political domination over the royal family. Many believe it was because he obsessed the Devil chair as to why he was compelled to commit such evil crimes.

    When Doctors could not help Alexei, the Tsaritsa looked everywhere for help, ultimately turning to her best friend, Anna Vyrubova, to secure the help of the charismatic peasant healer Rasputin in 1905. He was said to possess the ability to heal through prayer and was indeed able to give the boy some relief, in spite of the doctors’ prediction that he would die. Every time the boy had an injury which caused him internal or external bleeding, the Tsaritsa called on Rasputin, and the Tsarevich subsequently got better. This made it appear that Rasputin was effectively healing him.

    Skeptics have claimed that he did so by hypnosis. However, during a particularly grave crisis at Spala in Poland in 1912, Rasputin sent a message by telegram from his home in Siberia, which is believed to have eased the suffering. His pragmatic advice include suggestions such as “Don’t let the doctors bother him too much; let him rest”. This was thought to have helped Alexei to relax and allow the child’s own natural healing process might take place. Others have made the less likely suggestion that he used leeches to attempt to treat the boy. As leech saliva contains anticoagulants such as hirudin, this treatment would most likely have exacerbated his hemophilia, not helped it. Diarmuid Jeffreys has pointed out that Rasputin’s healing suggestions included halting the administration of aspirin, then a newly-available (since 1899) wonder drug for the treatment of pain. As aspirin is also an anticoagulant, this intervention would have helped to mitigate the hemarthrosis causing Alexei’s joint swelling and pain.

    The Tsar referred to Rasputin as “our friend” and a “holy man”, a sign of the trust that the family placed in him. Rasputin had a considerable personal and political influence on Alexandra , and the Tsar and Tsaritsa considered him a man of God and a religious prophet. Alexandra came to believe that God spoke to her through Rasputin. Of course, this relationship can also be viewed in the context of the very strong, traditional, age-old bond between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian leadership. Another important factor was probably the Tsaritsa’s German-Protestant origin: she was definitely highly fascinated by her new Orthodox outlook, the Orthodox religion puts a great deal of faith in the healing powers of prayer.

    The legends recounting the death of Rasputin are perhaps even more bizarre than his strange life. According to Greg King’s 1996 book The Man Who Killed Rasputin, a previous attempt on Rasputin’s life had been made and had failed: Rasputin was visiting his wife and children in his hometown, Pokrovskoye, along the Tura River, in Siberia. On June 29, 1914, he had either just received a telegram or was just exiting church, when he was attacked suddenly by Khionia Guseva, a former prostitute who had become a disciple of the monk Iliodor, once a friend of Rasputin’s but now absolutely disgusted with his behavior and disrespectful talk about the royal family. Iliodor had appealed to women who had been harmed by Rasputin, and together they formed a survivors’ support group.

    Guseva thrust a knife into Rasputin’s abdomen, and his entrails hung out of what seemed like a mortal wound. Convinced of her success, Guseva supposedly screamed, “I have killed the antichrist!”

    After intensive surgery, however, Rasputin recovered. It was said of his survival that “the soul of this cursed muzhik was sewn on his body.” His daughter, Maria, pointed out in her memoirs that he was never the same man after that: he seemed to tire more easily and frequently took opium for pain. Others will tell you it was because the Devil Chair that protected him was stolen in the night. and because his precious Devil Chair was stolen he lost his great seat of power.

    As many Devil chair stories of old go. As long as the cursed chair is in your power the owner can never die a death by the hands of another man.

    The murder of Rasputin has become legend, some of it invented by the very men who killed him, which is why it becomes difficult to discern exactly what happened. It is, however, generally agreed that, on December 16, 1916, having decided that Rasputin’s influence over the Tsaritsa had made him a far-too-dangerous threat to the empire, a group of nobles, led by Prince Felix Yusupov and the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, and the right-wing politician Vladimir Purishkevich, apparently lured Rasputin to the Yusupovs’ Moika Palace, to the basement , where they served him cakes and red wine laced with a massive amount of cyanide. According to legend, Rasputin was unaffected, although Vasily Maklakov had supplied enough poison to kill five men. Conversely, Maria’s account asserts that, if her father did eat or drink poison, it was not in the cakes or wine, because, after the attack by Guseva, he had hyperacidity, and avoided anything with sugar. In fact, she expressed doubt that he was poisoned at all.

    Determined to finish the job, Yusupov became anxious about the possibility that Rasputin might live until the morning, which would leave the conspirators with no time to conceal his body. Yusupov ran upstairs to consult the others and then came back down to shoot Rasputin through the back with a revolver. Rasputin fell, and the company left the palace for a while. Yusupov, who had left without a coat, decided to return to grab one, and, while at the palace, he went to check up on the body. Suddenly, Rasputin opened his eyes and lunged at Prince Yusupov. When he grabbed Prince Yusupov he ominously whispered in Yusupov’s ear “you bad boy” and attempted to strangle him. As he made his bid to kill Yusupov, however, the other conspirators arrived and fired at him. After being hit three times in the back, Rasputin fell once more. As they neared his body, the party found that, remarkably, he was still alive, struggling to get up. They clubbed him into submission and, after wrapping his body in a sheet, threw him into the icy river Neva, and he finally met his end there, as had both his siblings before him.

    Three days later, the body of Rasputin, poisoned, shot four times and badly beaten, was recovered from the Neva River. An autopsy established that the cause of death was drowning, due to the presence of water in his lungs. His arms were found in an upright position, as if he had tried to claw his way out from under the ice. In the autopsy, it was found that he had indeed been poisoned, and that the poison alone should have been enough to kill him. Yet another report, also supporting the idea that he was still alive after submerging through the ice into the Neva River, is that after his body was pulled from the river, water was found in the lungs, showing that he didn’t die until he was submerged.

    Subsequently, the Empress Alexandra buried Rasputin’s body in the grounds of Tsarskoye Selo, but, after the February Revolution, a group of workers from Saint Petersburg uncovered the remains, carried them into a nearby wood and burnt them. As the body of Rasputin was being burned, he appeared to sit up in the fire. After being poisoned, shot, beaten, drowned, and officially verified as dead, he thoroughly horrified bystanders in his apparent attempts to move and get up. This legend is attributed to improper cremation. Since his body was in inexperienced hands, his tendons were probably not cut before burning. Consequently, when his body was heated, the tendons shrunk, forcing his legs to bend, and his body to bend at the waist, resulting in it appearing to sit up. This final happenstance only poured fuel on the fire of legends and mysteries surrounding Rasputin, which would continue to live on, long after he had truly died.

    When Rasputin was murdered by a group of noblemen in 1916, some accounts say he was also sexually mutilated and his penis was severed. Since then, a number of people claiming to be in possession of his severed penis have come forth, although none of them have been able to prove it definitively.

    Many believe that in his pact with the devil that his sexual conquest were very much a part of his deal.

    Some histories of the Russian Revolution comment on Rasputin’s sexual skills and on the reputed size or other unusual characteristics of his penis.

    One woman confessed that the first time she made love to him her orgasm was so violent that she fainted. Perhaps his potency as a lover also had a physical explanation. Rasputin’s assassin and alleged homosexual lover, Felix Yusopov, claimed that his prowess was explained by a large wart strategically situated on his penis, which was of exceptional size.

    In another recounting of Rasputin’s assassination, his member is described as notorious in Petrograd, but disappointingly, the conspirators apparently found the dead Rasputin’s penis of ordinary size and character.

    Russian noblemen feared Rasputin’s significant and increasing influence on the tsar’s wife, and so, on December 29, 1916, he was murdered. Some accounts say that his killers also sexually mutilated him, severing his penis. The official report of his autopsy disappeared during the Stalin era, as did several research assistants who had seen it.

    According to some, a maid discovered the severed organ at Rasputin’s murder site, keeping it until it was somehow acquired in the 1920s by a group of female Russian expatriates living in Paris. The women worshiped the organ as a fertility charm, storing it inside a wooden casket. Upon learning of the women, Rasputin’s daughter, Marie, demanded that the item be returned to her. She maintained custody of the object until her death in California in 1977.

    A man named Michael Augustine purchased the object, along with a number of Marie Rasputin’s other personal items, at a Santa Cruz storage-locker sale following Marie Rasputin’s death. Augustine consigned the artifact to Bonhams auction house, but officials quickly realized that the item was not a penis, but was in fact a sea cucumber. It is unclear if the sea creature was the same item worshiped by the Russian women in the 1920s. Augustine accepted the conclusion of the expert from Bonham’s. The auction house later auctioned the manuscripts, letters, photographs and the strange looking ‘penis cucumber’ from Marie Rasputin’s estate.

    The actual Devil Chair of Rasputin was said to be a modest chair. The only thing sinister about it in appearance was that the seat was made of the skin of a hanged man.

     Stirling Castle Spirit Ghost Photo

    The former home of Mary, Queen of Scots, Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s greatest historical sites. But is it also haunted?

    In 1956, an architectural photographer visited Stirling early in the morning to snap a few shots of the empty castle. The photographer saw no one inside, but when he developed the photos he was shocked to see the image on the right. Does it show a ghost?

    Like most castles, Stirling has a haunted reputation. Staff and guests have heard disembodied voices, laughter, and footsteps in empty rooms. Other visitors have spotted a kilt-wearing apparition that vanishes into a wall or fades when they approach. The castle is also reportedly home to a Pink Lady and a Green Lady, ghostly women who roam the halls and then disappear. Some people believe the Pink Lady is Mary, Queen of Scots herself, while the Green Lady is rumored to be a servant who saved Mary from a fire.

    The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri

    The Lemps made their fortune in beer, dominating the St. Louis beer market with the Lemp Brewery and Falstaff brand beer. However, depression plagued the prominent family, and three Lemps committed suicide in the family home between 1904 and 1949. A fourth Lemp shot herself in a separate residence. Today, the Lemp Mansion is a restaurant and inn, not to mention one of America’s most haunted homes. Tales of ghostly knocks, phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, and sightings of a deformed spirit in the attic are just a few of the strange events said to occur at the historic property.

    The Lemp family story began in 1838, when Johann Adam Lemp immigrated from Eschwege, Germany, and settled in St. Louis, opening up a mercantile store. One of the products he sold was his own homemade, lager beer. Because people loved it so much, he started serving it out of a pub attached to his little plant. By 1845, his light, golden beer was really popular, so much so that he got out of the mercantile business and opened a brewery to just make and sell beer. This was the start of a hugely successful beer venture, Lemp's Western Brewing Co.

    He discovered limestone caves near Cherokee and DeMerit place, a perfect location to let the lager process "take it's course." When Johann died, in 1862, he left a fortune and a thriving business to his son, William J. Lemp Sr. a great choice to succeed him. William greatly expanded the brewery, and by 1870, controlled the beer market in St. Louis, as well as having national distribution. Needless to say, the Lemp family had money and power, and of course wanted an estate to show their prosperity, and create a place where they could enjoy the good life.

    William J. Lemp, Sr.'s father in law, Jacob Feickert built the mansion in 1868, with the help of Lemp money, at a location which was close to the brewery which encompassed 5 blocks. William Lemp bought the place in 1876, and further improved the mansion into a Victorian manor. Also, From the mansion through the limestone caves to the Brewery a tunnel was built to connect it all. When refrigeration was invented, some of the cave space was converted into an auditorium, a theatre, a swimming pool and a bowling alley.

    By 1892, the brewery was incorporated into the William J. Lemp Brewing CO, reflecting the business empire built by William J. Lemp Sr., which existed until 1919 prohibition, though the company began to go down hill much earlier in 1911 because William Lemp Jr. wasn't much of a businessman. He didn't keep the equipment updated or keep up with the newest industry techniques. Thus, when the smaller breweries melded into one large entity in St. Louis, bringing competition that William J. Lemp Brewing Co. wasn't prepared to deal with, profits trailed off, putting the business in a slump. During this time, William Lemp Jr. remodeled the mansion to include offices on the first floor, and built a house in the country.

    In 1922, William Lemp Jr. sold everything involved with the brewery for just a fraction of what these assets were worth the year before Prohibition.

    After William Lemp Jr, died, his brother Charles transformed the mansion back into a family dwelling and lived there with two servants and the Downs Syndrome boy, known only as "Monkey-faced boy". Charles still had money from his dad's beer empire, and traveled a lot throughout Europe, before and after the war, taking up the family tradition of buying works of art. Charles, as he got older, showed signs of having a obsessive/compulsive disorder, exhibiting some really odd behaviors. The boy died in the '40s at the age of 30, and Charles followed in 1949.

    In 1949, the mansion was sold and became a boarding house for many years in a deteriorating neighborhood. It became harder and harder to get tenants due to the hauntings which started during this time. In the mid -1960s, a large part of the grounds was taken for the new Hwy 55. By this time, the Lemp Mansion turned into a flop house, probably on the path to a tragic end provided by the wrecking ball.

    In 1975, the mansion was rescued, renovated, restored and turned into an upscale Bed and Breakfast, a fine restaurant and a place to hold events. Every Sunday night they also have Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.

    The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans

    Madame Delphine LaLaurie was a New Orleans socialite who had a nasty habit of torturing and murdering black slaves. However, no one knew what Delphine was up to until a fire broke out in her Royal Street mansion. When bystanders entered the home, they found mutilated slaves chained to the walls of the slave quarters. A mob stormed the house, destroying almost everything in sight, and the LaLauries fled the city, never to be seen again. Authorities later found bodies buried in the yard, including one belonging to a small child. 

    In 1832, Dr. Louis LaLaurie and his wife, Delphine, moved to their splendid quarters at 1140 Royal Street. They were wealthy Creole socialites who entertained on a grand scale, and Madame LaLaurie was reportedly both beautiful and intelligent. Louis, a native of France, was her third husband. New Orleanians who attended affairs at their home were wined and dined with the choicest food and wine, on the finest china, linens, and silver imaginable. What was unimagin